Friday, December 21, 2012

Need last Minute Gifts?

There's is no way I could not share these with you~
I went to bed last night after watching a pretty awful movie..(Solitary Man) instead of a Christmas Movie..or a Netflix French or Foreign movie..
Very disappointing..did nothing to get me into a more festive spirit..
However..right before turning off the light..I checked my mail..then  Pinterest..Foodgawker and Tastespotting..
And there they little inspiration..for a wee batch of special cookies.
I like going to sleep this case..these were all it took..
I have to tell you ..I read and reread the recipe many times until it made sense..I started this morning..and as I was about to make a very final decision..I asked my engineer husband to just come and read it through with we got it figured out..I must have had morning brain fog..
I did them..and they are as cute as buttons..
I added vanilla bean paste..cause they're very basic..they could even use more oomph..wish we could do this with a shortbread type cookie..A sugar cookie is not my husbands favorite..but they are good..and honestly could they be any cuter?

The blogger in question has the cutest blog..go see..
That is where you will find the ingredients and the directions in full~
So as I mentioned..if you need any last minute gifts?
Try them:)
You still have time.
They are here.. at Hungry At Midnight~
Thank you Hungry at Midnight~


  1. What adorable little cookies, Monique! Little gift boxes to give :) Anyone would welcome those presents. I'll definitely be visiting that website to see how they are done. You did them beautifully!

  2. I thought of you when I was making them:)
    Your little wreaths are like gifts:)

  3. They ARE adorable! I love the way you think...I sort of work on the same wave length! I spent all afternoon yesterday in the kitchen but was making my gluten/sugar free goodies for the freezer and my healthy/acquired taste flax bread to keep me on track during the holidays. The good news was that I went through the entire SIX episodes of Downton Abbey (yet again ;)). I would love to hear some of your movie recommendations Monique, in the future of course, when time permits!
    Love and good thoughts to you and your family for a lovely Christmas.

  4. I LOVE Downton Abbey..Cannot wait until Jan for the next season..

    I have enjoyed watching old series of Upstairs Downstairs..



    My Afternoons with Marguerite..(again)

    We Bought A Zoo..

    Love Actually for now

    It's A Wonderful Life for now

    If you want French Foreign on Netflix:) I can make a little list..that is what we watch mostly..and mostly French..

    Love and Good Thoughts to you also:)

  5. Ahh, so cool you made them! Your cookies look very good. :) Sorry for the somewhat difficult explanation on how to construct these cookies.
    Thanks for the compliments on my blog and Happy Holidays to you!

  6. Gail:) You are younger and quicker than I:) I appreciate this
    darling recipe so much!
    Happy Holidays to you..I bookmarked your chocolate breads too..and bought your Hello Kitty cutter..see what an influence you are!?

  7. These are beautiful! I hope I can remember this for next year. I had posted the Saskatoon Berry Pie accidentally! It will come when we bake it for Christmas. For some reason I am now able to post pictures so I am just going with the flow! No idea what was up. I am expecting this may happen again and will have to decide what to do. Merry Christmas!

  8. The cookies are adorable! Thanks for sharing. :D (Isn't it difficult to go to bed after a terrible movie!?)

    Happy Holidays to you too, Monique! xo

  9. Well it definitely looks like you got it figured out because they're super adorable!! Good job as always :) Merry Christmas!

  10. These would be perfect gifts for any food lover - and would be perfect fillers for the gift wrapping idea I was blogging about today - yum!

  11. They look pretty special and would be the perfect little gift. I'd accept!

  12. :-)
    I am keeping the recipe for next year too..
    They are like the petits fours of cookies in the cute dept:-)

  13. Wow what a beautiful presentation. Merry Christmas!

  14. These are too cute for words..every time I pass by here and pick your delightful baking brain and links, I plan to bake more..if only I can apply what I see here! I just wonder how will I eat these little gifts..they are too pretty..I wish you wee my neighbour. that way I could be sure to regulartly have such delights in my cookie tin..hehe.
    Have a lovely season over there in Canada. A lot of snow?

  15. Monique, they are adorable!!! I am not surprised. Everything you turn your hand to is beautiful. Sending you much love and Merry Christmas wishes! xxoo

  16. These are adorable Monique. I just popped over to see her blog (love the name) and she made these cookies look so easy with her photos.

    Joyeux Noël to you and Jacques.

  17. These cookies would make delightful little gifts for sure and this is a recipe I will save for another time. I have one more cake to bake and then my Christmas baking is done. Happy holidays, Monique.

  18. It looks like a piece of art...they are adorable Monique...but then again it's not a

  19. Se did make it look easy..I thought I had it down pat:) Eventually I did....well we did!

    lots of snow and no power again this morning..thank goodness I am married to Davy Crockett Daniel Boone....3rd time in as many days..
    Happy all of you..

  20. These are stunning, absolutely stunning...I have to make them, even though I'm crazy busy and the schedule is packed, I just have to!

  21. You sound like I did that night Sue..:)Go for it..and then sow us:) Mine could have been Gail's..

  22. Hi Monique,
    What delightful looking cookies. Too good to pass up the opportunity to have these tempting my family at the Christmas table. If it kills me, I will try this between gift wrapping and chaos! :) Hope you enjoy a very Merry Christmas, and blessings to you and your family for the upcoming New Year.

  23. Pas très présente sur le web en ce moment, mais je viens te souhaiter un très heureux et joyeux Noël. Bisous

  24. OK, I tried and utterly failed, not a problem with the recipe, just with my brain! I couldn't seem to follow the instructions, I ended up with little striped bricks. Oh well, yours look amazing!

  25. Sue..your brain and my brain must think alike..I am going to retry this..with my words..and was not easy for me to get right away..
    so good of you to have tried..when you said you would:-) we are will be the first to get instructions you can follow..:-)
    Different people understand directions different ways..
    I always hand all manuals to Jacques:-) an engineer at heart:-)

  26. These have to be the cutest ever, but I have a feeling you have to be very patient and precise to make these lovely parcels, going to check that blog!

  27. Love your take on these - you definitely made them even cuter! I would love to see how you did that. It is too early in the morning for me to "imagine" how.
    Merry Christmas to you and thank you for the PRESENT!

  28. What sweet little always manage to find the most wonderful things to share with us. Thank you Monique, for your lovely blog. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas together.

  29. I hope you all have a very peaceful in your hearts holiday too~

  30. Simply gorgeous
    I don't know how you do it?
    Never disappoint

  31. Thanks for sharing ..... MERRY CHRISTMAS xoxoxoxo, Flavia

  32. These are cuter then cute M.
    so stunning!
    Keep checking the sources and whipping up these wonderful eye-candies!
    Can't wait to see what 2013 produces in you....Love you and your heart!
    Merry Christmas...

  33. They are as cute as buttons, indeed! I am always looking for interesting cookies, I would love to try make those-)

  34. So cute! I will have to try when I'm feeling more inspired!!
    Hope your Christmas was all you wished for xx

  35. I'm laughing so hard at you trying to go to bed, checking email, pinterest, etc, etc....that is so me!! haha...:)
    And I LOVE the little show that parades through my head when I truly do shut my eyes, because of the inspiration overload :)
    WEll, these are precious like you say!!! You always pull off perfectly these the gingerbread houses on the side of the mug?

  36. J'ai délaissé mon blog ... ainsi que ceux des autres ... pendant un bon moment ! Que je suis contente de repasser par ici aujourd'hui. Je vais aller voir les blogs dont tu mets les liens dans les derniers billets ... Connaissant ton bon goût, je devrais être conquise !

  37. :) What a great memory:)

    Tu me manques H:)

    Happy Blessed New Year ..all.

  38. Ils sont si jolis et alléchants ! BISOUS

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