Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Gingerbread Man~

Loved that story when I was small..
Thus my lingering love affair with gingerbread men~

And reindeers and stars~
So each of the Alphabet boys will have one..

I saved some stars for ornaments..

Just because I love homemade on a tree~From Alicias' skates..To Mod Podged Holly Hobby ornaments~(1970's)~
The recipe I used was Pinned..CHEWY..Gingerbread..not so much..some were still hard~

But some..go figure..were softer..I am keeping the recipe and will add a bit more molasses next time..

La Recette~

From Stick a Fork In It~Thank you:)

3 cups flour
 3/4 cup dark brown sugar
 1 tbsp ground ginger
1 tbsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp ground cloves
1/2 tsp salt
3/4 tsp baking soda
12 tbsps butter softened slightly ..cut into 12 pieces
3/4 cup molasses
2 tbsps milk
In the bowl of a stand mixer blend together the flour, brown ,sugar, ginger ,cinnamon, cloves, salt ,and baking powder..until well combined..add the cut up pieces of butter..mix until it resembles a very  fine meal..add molasses and milk  mix  until well combined and moistened into a nice dough.
Divide dough in half..   place in between 2 pieces of parchment.. roll out to ap 1/4 inch thick ..Refrigerate at least 20 mins..

Preheat oven to 350F..take dough out and cut into desired shapes..place on parchment lined sheets and bake ap 9-12 mins..cool and decorate..
I didn't decorate mine this year..I just used cookie cutters and my favorite Williams Sonoma   cutters:)

You can also go see here to learn more about them..so glad I bought them!

I am seeing dear friends Saturday.  I have not seen them in years...while in Florida..I bought a BIG snowflake  ornament at HomeGoods..and made 2 for them..

They had Santas.. Trees..but the snowflake caught my eye~They are the only two I dabbed with Royal Icing~
I don't know how they do it? Home Goods..and find such charming things at such affordable prices..$6.99..

Online catalogs..their prices are astronomical for large..unique designs~

So Thank you..Home Goods~

Not taking a lot of time to get the right light..exposure..staging etc..  just too much to share before Christmas..I don't want to tell you about these things after Christmas:)

By the way..my favorite Christmas episode of my favorite all time show on TV aired last night and will air tonight again..
For those of you who follow..PARENTHOOD..
Tonight is a 4 hankie episode..
It's the only show I am faithful to..on real TV:)I am such a huge fan..:)
I love all the cast..their characters..the storylines.~


  1. Back in the day I used to make popcorn garlands and gingerbread for our tree.

  2. I plan to bake this weekend. Your gingerbread cookies are delights. When I taught and in the days that Christmas trees were allowed in our classrooms, we strung popcorn and cranberries as garland, added cookies as ornaments along with other crafted ornaments. Such fun and good memories!

  3. Happy Holidays you two:)

    So nice to see you share your memories..That is Christmas too:)

  4. Oh M...I just saw the sweet gingers with the boys names and said...Steven!...look here @ Nana's .
    We just found the Williams Sonoma cutters @ a resale shop last weekend, $1.50 !!!!
    we were beyond ourselves!
    Brand new, never been used.
    Today was full with other baking...maybe tomorrow I'll get to them.
    Love yours...and the Vacation photos...Ahhhhh! Joy.
    We plan to go in April.
    Enjoy this seasons baking...Your hands are Beautiful.

  5. These are so adorable, especially the ones with their names on them. I agree - Home Goods is so amazing, I just wish they had bigger inventory. I do wonder how they do their buying and I know in bigger markets they have more inventory. Alas, we aren't the big markets.

    The snowflake is gorgeous. I bet you can smell the stars on the trees too.

  6. The gingerbread men and snowflake are absolutely gorgeous.
    Just loving your Christmas posts!
    Wish I had the time...!!

  7. Funny, but I was just looking at gingerbread recipes...I see that you have them designated for some special young men. I am enjoying your Christmas posts...thank you.

  8. Merry Christmas Monique!! I love your cookies. Gingerbreadmen are my favourite things. I had a fabulous recipe written down that I always used when the kiddos were growing up but have not been able to find it for a few years now. Lost in the mess that is my cooking file. You had to boil molasses and butter together I think and then refrigerate the dough overnight. It was perfect. Much love to you. It's freezing cold here today! xxoo

  9. Your alphabet boys are so lucky to have a Nana as wonderful as you. Their very own gingerbread man with their name on, what fun for them. Wish I could find some letters here in rural France to put each of my petit fils names on their gingerbread men I'm making today in preparation for their arrival next weekend. Your star looks so pretty.

  10. Your gingerbread men and reindeer are magical Monique. Love how you've wrapped them in a bag to present like a present. How fun that their names are on the gingerbread men. You are the best Nana I know.

  11. I think I shall never grow too old for gingerbread!!


  12. Thank you:)The boys have great moms..so..it's not unusual..these treats..Their moms always have special attentions for them:)
    There is nothing they don't do for them..:)All the boys have their moms wrapped around their little fingers..

    I am sure you are all getting ready also..

    Have a great day!
    Hi Marie..I have made one that was boiled in the past and refrigerated also..I am on the search for chewy :)I wonder if your particular recipe was..It's funny with all the recipes you DO have..I am sure it is bothering you that you cannot find this one!:):)I am the same way..

  13. Did you make the snowflake cookie yourself? How big is it and what cookie cutter did you use for that one? :)

  14. Beautiful cookies and great gingerbread recipe! Thank you for sharing!

  15. We also watch Parenthood faithfully, and yes, the last episode required hankies...
    Love your gingerbread cookies!

  16. I love William Sonoma; wish we had one here. your gingerbread men are adorable; your grandchildren must be thrilled. That snowflake turned out spectacular; you should be proud. Your photos really look professional; hope you share your secrets.

  17. I love your idea to put names on these beautiful cookies. Molasses is very common ingredient in my cookies also. Your recipe is full of flavors. Yummy!

  18. Julia..the cookie cutter ..snowflake..is made by Birkmann..I love their products..it is 8 inches tip to toe..
    Thank you for your nice comments..
    Millie:-) you must be the only one:-)
    Our whole family loves it...
    Rita..wish we had a WS here..well maybe it is better this way:-)

  19. I have spent the quiet morning catching up on all your posts. Christmas is such a wonderful time and at your home it must be extra special. Your tree with the lovely ornaments that you have made, the wonderful cookies that you have baked and the Tourtieres that you prepared. All to special.

  20. I didn't realize you had another post already! Two days away and I've missed so much in blogland. I'm buried in Christmas and happily so :)

    I have that same cookie stamp with Mack and Dane on it :)

  21. Wow...you are an artist in all that you do. Whenever I visit here there are new happy delights to see and to savor. I am staying away from sugar these days but I admit to missing so very much my marathon baking days thus I especially enjoy your amazing efforts! I still make pies and cakes to give away as gifts but the cookies are my especial weakness so they have been left behind. What lucky little souls who find their names stamped on such delicious lovely treats! You are a treasure...thank you for sharing with us.

  22. oh my goodness love these! such sweet little lettering! lucky kids!

  23. I know I rarely post this often..But..it's Christmas..
    Susan..I remember you had it also..and thought of your boys having these also..Love your expression of being happily buried in Christmas..well said..
    Tracey..I don't eat sugar either..if I can sway around it..I take a bite to make sure it is good..or if someone puts something in front of..and they all know..in our home..I am the one that skips desserts.. But my husband and little ones and bigger ones enjoy a small treat..
    Now's the season:)

    The cakes you packaged are so nice..and I loved your tips:)

    Have a great day everyone..

  24. You always have the greatest and prettiest edible ideas, dear Monique! I still have to but that pie mold you shared a while back. Now I just HAVE to add a snowflake cookie cutter.

  25. All your cookies are so professional looking!! and I'm sure TASTING as well.
    One of our neighbors just made molasses...I need to go get a jar. Mmm...I can just taste these ...

  26. Beautiful, M! I have my cookie stamper out from WS, but didn't get to do it due to party preps. I made tons of butter cookies, and all the other desserts for 60 people. Tired!
    Hope to stamp some for the kids to bring Cmas Day.

  27. Tu es une vraie magicienne. Vraiment !

  28. Please let me know what site on line I could buy some of these cute cookie cutters: ie snowflake and little kitty:)
    South Africa is really backward when I see all your beautiful cutters and stamps..Love Shel x