Monday, February 3, 2014

Delightful Cookies~ For Stamps~Yet Again~

Lemon~Almond Cookies~

We were visiting friends for dinner.. We were invited this weekend..
They have 3 delicious grandchildren.. 1 girl and 2 boys..their son..the father, is a chef..MN is the oldest and  loves to be in the kitchen my friend told me..(I have seen a video of her cooking in the living room:) LOL.. and acts out cooking shows..I have seen her sing a song from Frozen..and I think a star is born:)
I thought she may like making stamped cookies with her Nonna~
MN speaks Italian fluently and summers in Italy~(Imagine..)
I was very excited when I found an Italian recipe for stamped cookies:)
I bought my friend the stamp ...(HOME MADE)..and made the cookies..stamped Home Made from my stamp.. to offer her with the stamp and the that she can make some with MN one day..
While I was working with a dough suitable for stamping..I used the mold I received to make Moon Cakes for Chinese New Year....I did order   another  one with more traditional designs..but this one arrived first...So I used first come first served..

See any moon cakes here?
A fiasco..:(  Not the molds fault at all.. it works  so well..I just need to perfect the recipe..I NEED a no fail recipe..and actually a much smaller MoonCake mold..less than 50 grs even..would they be easier to make the mooncakes? Does anyone have a fail proof recipe for the mooncake dough?

I sometimes feel our flour is different..from Europe and elsewhere..

For instance this Italian recipe I am sharing the link to..I had to add more butter..I will look in Little Italy:) some Italian flour and see..
You can see my infatuation with cookie stamps/cookie cutters  of many genres started full force in 2011..but prior to that I had ceramic stamps etc..:)
My daughter LOVES Starbucks Coffee and I thought these would be fun to make for her~
This new delightful recipe is from here..
They are light..buttery ..brown sugary:)
I must say..ordering from EBAY since Dec.. a few baking items..I am very impressed at the sellers communication..  honesty etc..
Shipping does take time..but in many cases shipping is free..I am simply mentioning this so that you will be can take more than 1 month to receive the items..
And it can take much less time..
Prices are reasonable..quality is very good..Shipping from Singapore..Hong Kong and China for me so far on the items I ordered..
Thumbs way up all around.

La Recette..  is here
Courtesy of  this lovely Italian Blog~

I hesitate to translate  and type I used Google translate and as much as I am grateful to it..I would prefer you go directly to the source..:) and perhaps chose your own method of translation..
These cookies are light ..buttery.. crisp:)  I said that  already:)

I did chill them before baking..

Had the cutest desserts at our friend's home..little jars filled with Tiramisus or Pecan Pies( crustless)..


  1. I have never made cookies using stamps before. The Starbucks ones are really a treat! I also don't know about moon cakes. Wish I could give you some help there. Thank you for your visits to my blog. It's good to have your comments. Have a great Monday!

  2. I have and stam but never have used Monique!! But when I see yours cookies always I think I have to make these:))
    These cookies look really beautiful!!!xx

  3. Did you use the moon cake molds for cookies?

    1. Oops ..sorry..the reply is down a few comments..I don't know what happened..

  4. Your stamp is nice. Where did you get it?

    1. On Ebay.. One is on it's own..and onether I ordered is a set of 4 and although I did not know The Starbucks came with that set also..
      I went to Ebay and typed in mooncake molds.. so many different kinds and different sellers.. A set of 4 disks with the plunger was under $5.00 shipping included..and the single Starbucks which may be a bit sturdier was ap $7.00 shipping included..

      Many many many!
      Fun to look through too.
      Just remember these may take more than 1 month to get to you.

  5. I did..:) They are like big I just pressed the decorative part into the dough..
    These are 100 gr molds..

  6. Me encantan, que sello tan bonito y que bonita presentación.

  7. Your biscuits always look so professional. I think it's time I bought myself a cookie stamp. I've never bought anything from ebay. I like to see what I'm buying. Maybe it's time I was a bit more adventurous !

  8. You are the cookie stamp Queen Nana dear!
    The cookies are beautiful and such a lovely hostess gift you gave. Love the box! I am sure your friend will enjoy making cookies with her Granddaughter...
    Bisous xo

  9. You always have something fun Monique. I know your daughter loved them, You are so thoughtful ... and fun, did I tell you you're fun? :)

  10. J'espère que votre fille était heureuse et qu'elle s'est régalée, mais ça je n'en doute pas !
    Ces biscuits semblent si sablés et sont bien appétissants.
    Bonne semaine ~

  11. I will have to look at eBay for goodies like that - I never would have thought about things from so far away could be so reasonable. Sometimes I click on your links and I don't emerge for 15-30 minutes :). Beautiful cookies and the recipe sounds delicious. I wish I could find Italian flour without ordering it online too.

    1. I will look in Little Italy:)
      Ebay is a little gem for these things..:)

  12. Your have the most interesting and adorable collection of stamps Monique. I believe you could write a cookbook specializing in stamp cookies.

  13. Gorgeous gift idea! I adore your stamp cookies-)

  14. Love the cute cookies! Stamps are fun to use and there is quite a variety out there... I am trying to behave and curb back on the sweets.....I think I will be making the oatmeal cookies and save this one for later!

  15. Once again very cute Monique! I Love your cookie stamp posts. They make me want to make more cookies with stamps! You are so right that there is a big difference in flours/sugars/butters between the North American Varieties and the European ones. Our granulated sugar is a lot coarser over here, which is why I mostly use caster sugar, which is finer than your granulated, but a good substitute nonetheless. Our flour is also heavier. Then there is Frency flour, which is lighter still and beautiful for doing cakes and such. That would probably be why French breads are so lovely. It's a real conundrum sometimes!
    Hope you are having a lovely week. Love and hugs to you always! xxoo

    1. Thanks Marie..It's not surprising for me that you know:).
      You are great at stamping I ahve seen your works..of course:)
      Thanks Marie!

  16. I have never used a mooncake mold or cookie stamps. What is the difference between them and a cookie stamp? I was going to order the suck cookie stamps on amazon but then saw your comment about a mooncake mold on eBay. Is the moon cake mold like a cookie press?

  17. The mooncake molds that I bought are spring loaded..plunger types..not like a Mirro or Wilton Cookie press.. if you want you can simply press the decorative part into the cookie dough and it works ..sort of as a stamp..
    A cookie stamp is different..there are ceramic ones..wood ones.. and many rubber covered ones which is the one I use for Hand Made..The handle is wood but the stamp part comes off for easy cleaning..
    Moon cakes..I have yet to perfect..:(Big time..

    1. Thanks Monique for the explanation. I think I will order the cookie stamps as if you had a problem with your moon cookie I can only imagine what I would do. I know my one daughter would love cookies with Starbucks on them (she is a big fan of their coffee). So if I ordered that mooncake mold I could press some of the cookies with this?

  18. I only have one cookie stamp - a pineapple. Every time I see your stamped cookies I'm inspired to seek out some new ones. So pretty!

  19. I am a cookie stamp fanatic as well. I have this "Homemade" stamp as well as the French sables set with the monuments. I have yet, though, to find a really good (read: tasty and not tough), recipe to use for them.

    1. Hi Pattie.. look one below for the reply:) Sorry..

  20. You have me hooked on this wonderful, fun molds, Monique. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I like to use almond flour in my baking. Can't wait to try it. I have ordered on ebay as well and have been very happy with what I have received. Sometimes it takes months...sometimes the order arrives in a few days.

    1. I ahve seen yours:) Beautiful!
      I agree..months or days..Patience is a virtue..
      Cannot all I wonder how they can ship for nothing?
      And they are so nice too..

  21. Well I do love these.. above..they are thinner..lighter..and crisper..and flaky..Ina's shortbreads are also.. You have to know your dough .. though.. with this one.. because I knew I ahad to add a bit more butter..too much and the imprint doesn't stay..and I always chill after imprinting before putting in the oven..another thing I do now is set my oven 25 degrees higher when baking anything..and immediately lower after I put my baking it..Ovens lose temp when we open the door.

    I have a few posts through the years on stamped cookies and have only added the recipes that work..

    They worked very well for my daughter also and it was her first try..

    I hope these links help..

    Just yesterday..Jacqueline at Purple Chocolate Home..posted stamped cookies made with a Betty Crocker French Vanilla cake mix:) and they are beautiful..held their form..well stamped..
    I am baking with the boys this weekend and plan on trying :) I'll let tem make dinosaurs and I'll make a stamped cookie to see..
    Hope this helps..It's trial and error..I know excellent bakers who say they haven't been able to get the imprint to stay..
    They just haven't found the right recipe..they work very very well..
    I get discouraged too if something doesn't work:)
    Don't know how many more mooncakes I will try:)?

  22. I am going to an Asian market today-I am going to look for moon cakes. I like the box they are in.

  23. Your cookies look lovely and who would not like a gift like that.

    I have not tried moon cakes, but I have made recipes from this site that were pretty good.

    1. I love Amy's site:) Must see if she made Moon cakes..I found a recipe w/ a delicious untraditional filling..I don't think we are bean paste lovers..but the dough did not work for me..will go see if Amy has a recipe..Thanks Madonna!

  24. Monique, you make the best cookies. You are tempting me to buy a stamp.


    1. And they will look like your breads:)
      And I will come and learn from you ;)

  25. She does and I was the lucky one this weekend who was given those beautiful and delicious stamped cookies!

    We finished them the same night, that's how good they were, right J!

  26. Those pretty cookies look very tempting and delicious!



  27. The cookies look so pretty and so delicious! Love how you wrapped them up and put a special touch to the card.

  28. Your cookies always look perfect. How do you get the stamped image to look so clear and clean looking? You are a wonder!

  29. Hi Deana..the recipe has to be well suited for stamping..And I chill the stamped cookies before baking:-)
    I recently started increasing the oven temp for all my baking by 25 soon as I place the items to be baked in the oven..I reduce the temp to the correct temp.
    Stamps are a treat for me..
    Quiet life and all:-)

  30. I love your growing collection of stamps, Monique. These cookies are perfect! Also like eBay...never have had a problem with delivery either. Agree translating recipes can be tricky (Google Chrome asks at the top of the page if you want it translated) as so many expressions are not the same. Flour can certainly be different, as is weather, water and so many other things.

  31. Monique, another question or two. I just ordered the eat me, home made and love you stamps (you have another fan of your cookie recipes and blog!). I translated the recipe and it mentions rolling the dough and then cutting them. I want to use the stamps. Should I form the dough into small balls and press with the stamp or use my biscuit cutter to shape and the stamp? I will chill before putting in oven as you did.

  32. You can do either way.. Generally I roll .. stamp..and cut out w/ a circular cookie cutter the exact size as the stamp for clean edges.. after stamping.. a glass of the right size can work..the stamps themselves won't cut out the circle..
    I can tell you will like this:) If I were you..I would try maybe 2 balls..and the rest roll..
    this particular recipe..I basically could only do one cookie at a the dough was extremely fragile..
    It has aways been easier for me to roll and cut..the Downton Abbey Chocolate Cookies are so easy..make sure your imprint is deep..I tap my stamps in flour before pressing the too!..the DA ones there was no need..Don't be afraid to PRESS..if you press too hard..just start again..
    it's finding what works for you:)
    I have taken a few photos of my stamps and plungers to show..
    I did try with the cake mix..I had Oli over again:)

    It is great for cutout Starbucks puffed up to much so the letters were not as legible..Will try again..
    Good luck!!

    Just try again..

    if at first you don't succeed..

    I think you wil :)

  33. Thanks Monique. I think I will try theses by myself before making this a group project with my girls and grandson. I think I have been all over your blog looking at your pressed cookies and the ones that use the alphabet and cutter (that is in my ebay shopping cart as I type). I will take your suggestion and try both ways. Just saw the scones you made yum too! Have a great weekend.

  34. Yes try first:-)
    But you will like making them..:-)
    You too bon weekend..!

  35. Mummmmm, this cookies looks delicious and are so cute !

  36. This little Etsy shop is about to hit the jackpot all because of you, monique!!!

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