Friday, February 7, 2014


I played with paints.. Pelikan..the first.. and WN the second.
I took a photo Noah's mommy took of him..
I didn't like the first..the water looks like it's moving..some colors ran into each other..
Many things are off I started again..  but then Noah didn't look like Noah..from the picture.. Noah..# 2 is not..
Guess I will try a third time..
Thing is they look far worse I think I should always photo what I do and learn from there..

I do wonder too if the very little amount of time I take to paint has anything to do with my errors..
It goes so fast..I don't know why..
I am going to try and do it again to see:)
If anything gets better~

You know what it's like when you're tend to want to make the days playing with
I love scones..all kinds..I have many recipes Pinned and printed   and made and made..and clipped to try..
I went the easy way and made one I know almost by heart.
Truthfully these blackebrries are too big for our yogurts..and that's why they became blackberry scones instead of cranberry  orange scones..
So it's basically the recipe I  appreciatively got from Katrina...that came from her blog  here..and I simply subbed the blackberries in lieu of the worked..but it is difficult to incorporate the blackeberries without making a purple these were added gently at the very end..very good..
I enjoy warming them up even the next day with a cup of tea~
I have my fave teas..David's Teas..Harney and Sons..and Tea Forte~
This new little teapot/filter for 1 system..I ♥  it. Happy Valentine's to me.
It fits over any regular sized mug..  and lets the tea seep out as soon as you sit the pot on the cup..

I also love our very plain loose leaf green tea we drink every morning....and chamomiles..and rose teas..etc..etc..
But there's something about pretty teas that get to me:) It's a moment..


Some  nesting days are idyllic for xcountry skiing and snowshoeing..this was one of those days..
Although I love the feeling of snowshoeing in the woods..there is something so crisp and fresh and pure about snowshoeing on the golf course..It's wide open.. no one is within miles of you..pretty views.. dazzling sun..white snow.
Every time I go..I think it's a miracle this view...this sky...this snow..this earth~

Slowly but surely...:)
Bon Weekend..I took some photos of some of the cookie making stamps things I use..maybe they will be helpful..I'll post next week if anyone wants to peek..


  1. You may think your watercolors lacking something. I find them delightful and warming!! I have that same Tea Forte waiting for me to enjoy. No scones but biscuits--America's scone.


  2. I always like to come visit your blog and look at your pictures. Who does the paintings, I like both.

  3. Oh Monique, I love everything about this post. I am no artist but I LOVE your paintings, both of them. You are way too critical of yourself, they're lovely! I love your beautiful snow pictures too. I live in the south now so we don't get much snow but grew up in Wisconsin where there was tons of it. It's so beautiful but I know it gets so old after awhile. Spring is certainly sweetest though when you go through a long, cold winter. Your scones are so fun like a mix of winter and summer!

  4. Hello Monique, How great to see your paintings I love them both, I only have WN paints in tubes & pans, so don'y have anything to compare with.The 1st paints appear to look like acrylic paints, ( what do you think ) Afternoon tea & scones how lovely, can I pop over for tea & we can talk about our watercolour paintings !!
    Have you seen Ronelles post on her painting, she says she's having trouble and doesn't like what she's shown, well that doesn't leave much for me to show.

    1. That's excatly one of the things I don't like of the first..looks are right:)

      Pelikan palettes..

      Barbara you understand how I feel about my paintings:) Looking at Ronelle's then having shown these..
      Have I no shame?:)

  5. Monique, I never met a scone I didn't love. I have a freezer full (many gallons) of blackberries from last summer that I have yet to do anything with. Bingo! Going to try out the scones. Love both paintings. Sometimes, step back from your paintings and squint. Things show up. Also, you can turn it upside down for a different view.

  6. Je suis ravie de voir que je ne suis pas la seule à adorer les scones ! *O*
    La neige chez vous semble si belle et immaculée... Profitez bien c'est superbe.

  7. The simple pleasures. I would love to grab a cup of tea and get lost in your watercolor paintings, Monique.

    However, if you find a button that turns winter into spring, please, add it to the sidebar, now.

    Thank you.

  8. You're all so nice..
    Trepidation always when showing paintings:)

    A funny little grandsons see my paintings and they can usually tell who they are..
    I have the small oil of Lucas at the front hall...and I have one of Susan's watercolors and Ronelle's on the shelf there..Max walked in last week.. and pointed to Ronelle's and Susan's and said :"You nana you're really getting good at painting"..LOL..
    They were Susan's and Ronelles':)
    Out of the mouths of babes!
    So thanks:)
    And I will squint and turn upside down..great tips..

    I find winter is flying by..
    And am very grateful for my white snow out back....

  9. I love your single Tea Forte pot :) Love Red! I have a beautiful clear single TF pot that my daughter gave to me for Christmas that I also love but the loose TF is so much less expensive than the singles so I save them.

    Blackberry scones - they look so delicious and what a perfect thing for that spice tea.

    I love both of your paintings but I agree the second looks more like watercolor and I do love Windsor Newton paints. The colors are so much more 'natural' if there is such a thing...the color of the grass, the rope in the fence - so much more muted and lovely.

    Hopefully, I'll try snow shoeing next winter or look for a sale on snow shoes at the end of the season. My J loves it!

  10. Love all pictures and love scones and I adore Blackberries are my favorite:))
    beautiful paints!

  11. Hello, Monique, how have you been? I have't visited your site for a while as I wasn't that much active virtually last year, but I am trying to be more active again now :). Your painting is beautiful! I didn't know you can paint so well, I love both pictures, even though the first one looks better imho, except the sky, I think you did better sky on the 2nd painting - would love to see more paintings coming from you :)!

    1. Your bentos always make me smile:)
      I appreciate your comment re the sky etc:) You must be an artist? With teh way you create your culinary works?

  12. Both of the paintings look great to me. I just picked up some art book. Hubby's father is turning 80 and someone suggested we all paint him something. I said my art was in cooking or interior design, but I did buy a couple of books to give it a try. I was an artist in my younger years but not much of one!
    Those huge blackberries are perfect for the scones. I bet they were fabulous.

    1. I think that is a great idea about your father-in-law:)
      I am lookingg forward to seeing what you do..
      I am sure it will be great:)

  13. You have an artists eye. The photos and your water colors are lovely.

  14. Your paintings are lovely and such cute subjects.

    I had my first taste of Harney rose tea at an afternoon Christmas Tea this past Christmas. My sister and I met a delightful lady where we get our hair cut. She is 83. Every year she and her daughter have an Afternoon Tea and we are always invited. It is wonderful.

    1. Sounds delightful..I visit a lady in her 80's..and I always leaarn something about ..

      Like courage.. she's got some to sell..
      She likes her spiced tea in the mornings..:)

  15. The scones look wonderful! I think you captured Noah totally...i love your paintings. Dont be so hard on yourself...

  16. Oh, your posts are always so PRETTY! I admire your strapping on your snowshoes - mine are still in the closet ; not tempted because it's been so cold! Slowly leaning toward tea instead of coffee, thanks to you, but so far sticking to tried and true Irish Breakfast and Earl Grey. Your watercolors and budding hyacinth bring a little Spring to today - and delighted you made the scones again. Are you watching the Olympics?

    1. Shamefully not The Olympics.. We watched Renoir on Netflix..Have 3 of the alphabet boys this weekend so no tv for us for sure:)
      i am leaning towards tea too..hardly any coffee anymore.. 1 a week ..if..
      Have a great weekend....It seemed warmer the day I depended which direction I went..but I couldn't come home the same way I went:)..It's that brisk wind we have been having..from the north..

    2. Wasn't Renoir a beautiful film... Even though he was a talented cranky old man. I want to try those Cooke stamps!

  17. I love your colorful beach paintings, such sweet mementos :) I love Harney and Sons Tea too, its so flavorful and smells wonderful. Those blackberries in the scones look delicious and it must be magical to snowshoe in the pure white snow, sounds like a very good winter so far :)

  18. I'm a little slow visiting my favorite blogs due to intertaining house guests, but I'm so glad I got a few moments to drop in and see your gorgeous paintings. They are in the style of Impressionism and I adore them. They would make very pretty note cards or I would be happy also when them on my wall in Florida. Lovely, lovey comtinations of colors Monique.

  19. Send me a picture of your house in Fl Sam:-)

  20. I just adore how you see & express the beauty in everything in your life...Such a blelsing! Hurray for playing with your paints, it's another medium in which you express beauty & harmony! Oh, I am definitely nesting, I SHOULD be snowshoeing, or at least walking...Anyway, your colors in the photos & in your sweet painting are so vibrant & alive!

  21. Oh! I forgot!! You made me so happy when you told me my alphabet book project brought back memories for you & that you found that special book to buy that you'll now share with your grandsons!! Bravo!!

  22. I was totally charmed by your watercolors, Monique. You have an amazing talent!
    I imagine that crocus is giving you hope and a taste of spring to come. It's been a tough winter for all of you in the north.

  23. Love the second painting as well Monique, but I do love all your paintings. I see what you mean though, the second one is better. Love that tea infuser pot thingie! Very nice. I have a similar one, but not as pretty. Loving the taste of spring at the end. It IS just around the corner. Say that three times, click your heels together and . . what?? No Fair. I guess we will have to wait six weeks! Love you! xxoo

  24. Tea, scones and lemon curd are my go to on chilly days. I love, love your watercolors - you are a wonderful artist in every way!

  25. We drink loose tea all the time at our house, it's russian tradition, we we love it-)) Thats why I bake so much, to have something sweet with our teas-))
    Precious watercolor!


  26. I always love your little paintings…I think you are too critical with yourself. :) I've often wondered about snow shoeing…if deep snow is on the ground is it difficult walking safely.

  27. I love the WN watercolor!
    Very abstract and nice textures.
    I missed this one...