Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tempus Fugit~Carpe Diem~ Cookies and Bars and Tulips~

Fresh New Tulips~ Blush pink and white..

New bulbs being forced~

Remember the chocolate stamped cookies? Plain vanilla sugar cookies.. this time..same blog authoress..Great For Stamping~!

The next thing I made ..needed these ingredients..

I have had a blogging friend for years..who bakes and cooks like nobody's business..And  paints and crafts like nobody's business:) 

Case in of the many things I have made from one of her blogs..The English Kitchen~

I think  an agent/publisher..should snap her up for the cutest greeting cards for  cooks..bakers..
and while they are at it..a cookbook of her fabulous original recipes..

I think they should seize the day to snap her up:)

And how cute is this?
Part of a bag my daughter had some things in.. 
She left it here knowing I would like it:)

So ..I am a copy cat..I know that..
The sugar cookies..
You can find the recipe in it's entirety  here..
Remember the Downton Abbey Cookies? These are the vanilla bean ones: We made 1/2 the recipe and got 19 generous sized cookies.
They are perfect for a housewarming gift with the new address on them:) Cookies cut out with a house shape..
I think I got that cutter in Sarasota Florida ..@ Sur La Table. 
The Brigitte letters and numbers were used with the longer holder..not the cutter.
I find the cookies print even better without the cutter !
Thought I would mention it because I know many of you have it:)

The clock I have had for at least 15 years.♥
It's made of sturdy cardboard with glass so sweet.
The reason I mention copy that I cannot draw something from memory at all.I have to look at an object..a photo..something.
I recently bought a book from a reseller recommend by  Jenni..and I have been having fun practicing..
I even stacked up some books to share with you..
There is no comparison between resellers and being in the US and having resellers..
I usually keep a wish list going of treats.
I am so grateful for the prices.. in all categories..are beat  in the US.
And I never invent recipes..I find them here and there and appreciate finding them so much..

My friend Linda.. emails me recipes she thinks I would like..this past week alone 2 were featured in our home:)  1  a repeat..her red lentil soup.. and the other ..Nigel Slater's Coq Au Riesling..DELISH..

Getting back to Marie..I seem to be all over the place today..Marie draws from her head~ Her own ideas..and does it beautifully:)
And creates her own recipes..
That's why I think an agent should snap her up.
You can find her Jam bar recipe here..I can walk away from cakes ..chocolate..pies.. etc..candies.. but these?  They are like a cookie for me..
They are soo easy..
Try them..
and send an agent:)

My first round of hyacinths has come and gone..I had 3 left..for the next they have been placed on the vases..and have started sending shoots..
New tulips♥
And a new floor mat..
A sweet gift..
reinforces..the words..Carpe Diem..Every Day~
I love words..
And we all know Time Flies.

So try the bars..I asked Jacques what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday and he said the jam bars:)
                                                                   Imagine.That's how great are! I have made them twice since..


  1. Perfect pink tulips, and that bag, I'd love to go to a store that had those. Maybe better I don't have one near. So the answer to all the baked goodies - give away, able to resist and lots of baby boys around to clean up the plate. I only wish... I heard Oprah say once that she'd weigh 500lbs. if she liked sweets.

    1. I am going to ask her where she got that bag:) It is too cute for words!And it is very you..Paris..the art..etc..
      Oprah's gorgeous..:)

  2. Que de douceurs par ici !
    Ces biscuits me semblent délicieusement parfumés et ces carrés aux flocons d'avoine succulents.
    D'ailleurs j'adore votre boîte en métal Quaker ;)

    Passez une bonne soirée

    1. C'est une boîte.. qui m'accompagne depuis longtemps:)
      Les carrés sont formi..formi..formidables:)
      Vous aussi...!

  3. What a lovely shade of pink in the tulips. I don't think I've seen the pale ones, so pretty. Love the postcards too and the sugar cookies with the addresses. What a great housewarming present.

  4. Well I wouldn't be surprised if someone hasn't already snapped you up, my friend!!! Each photo is so gorgeous as you share your joy! How cute & creative is everything about your blog! A litle of this, a pinch of that, & voilà, we get to see your creatitons!

    1. I am so glad I found your blog..through PB I think:)
      It is uncanny how we just..find people through the days..
      and then we reap the joy:)

  5. Call me Copy Cat as well for all of the same reasons :) Carpe Diem - so true. Today my Diem is being Carped by learning Windows 7. Reinstalling bookmarks, etc., OY! It will be worth the work in the end. I'd rather be baking :) Beautiful tulips! I just wish they lasted longer. Those bars look delicious and I will follow your link. The bag - adorable! You are such a good cheerleader to your friends :)

    1. As you know I will be following iin w/ 8.1.. maybe Saturday..
      You know..HP is coming out with NEW Windows 7 why couldn't they do that for my XPs:(

      You are doing the right thing..It is well loved!

      Me too I wish they lasted longer..thank goodness I have some in a frame that have lasted years!♥

  6. Preciosas galletas, me encantan.

  7. Se ven muy ricas sus galletas me fascinan los tulipanes tambièn ,abrazos.

  8. It takes talent to be able to look at something and be able to draw or paint it. I love the tulips so much...especially those pink and white ones.
    I am glad you enjoyed the recipes...
    I am checking out those bars right away....
    Bisous xoxoxoxoxo

  9. I read that as, 'he wants jam jars..'
    The power of the imagination...

    1. That would be me:)

      I know sometimes I read things..that way too!

  10. Thanks for that sugar cookie recipe, it will come in handy for Easter cookies. Thanks also for the tip on stamping, I got my stamp and have been holding off so we don't land up like Oprah predicts! Of course I love your tulips. You don't need to start the hyacinth bulbs in the cold dark to get them rooted? Just pop the new ones in the sunny spot? I have some questions as usual, do you use a scale when you measure your flour and sugar? Some of the recipes use grams and all my measuring cups are in ounces. Any recommendations Monique? By the way, we love linzer cookies so much that I may also just try rolling the dough and making stamped cookies and serving without the jam and powdered sugar. I bet they will taste very yummy, will let you know.

  11. I bet the linzer dough would be great!

    Re the hyacinths..I buy the bulbs in the fall but put them in my refriegerator darwer until I feel I need some Spring in the house..Feb is a good month..I just take them out of thefridge and put on one of those forcing is a nice slow precess..and every stage fun to see.(our degrees of finding excitement can change with life..:)..).I change the water..keep it clean and fresh..that's it..then it's compost after the bloom..

    I have a scale for weights.. a new measuring cup with Euro cls etc:)..and reg measuring cups..We are metric here in QC..But I learned when we were w/ cups..still easier for me..:)
    Weights I find it quite imperative to use a scale..
    You assume 250 grs equal 1 cup..not always..:)Depends on the ingredient..rice..flour..etc..

    1. Thanks for your hyacinth tips Monique. Do you have a scale you could recommend? I would use mostly for baking so flour and sugar would do.

  12. Hi Monique, Thanks for mentioning my blog :) I am so glad you liked the book, it's so inspiring isn't it?
    Those blush pink tulips are gorgeous, and cookies cut in the shape of houses, so much fun, and I love jam bars, those look really good. I always get very hungry when I visit your blog, it all looks so good, you have a wonderful eye for photography, it can be hard to make food look good in pictures.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend

    1. You too:)

      I love that little got me painting one afternoon with 2 of our little ones..they worked on other projects and I sat peacefully looking at her the left:) and I painting to the right on a watercolor pad..Very sweet book..I'll be on the lookout for the others Jenni and thanks again:)

  13. Beautiful post Monique, I can feel the Spring in every picture-)

    Have a lovely and sweet weekend!


  14. My mom used to ask me what kind of cake I would like for my birthday. I would always say Lemon Meringue Pie and would always get Boston Cream Cake:D I am with Jacquesto want bars for my birthday.

  15. Your post makes me feel like spring even though it is quite cold, rainy and windy today here in Carolina. Those pink tulips are magnificent Monique! You're always making something fun and delicious aren't you Monique? Love your stamped cookies and those bars look scrumptious! I know the boys always expect to find something fabulous at your house :)

  16. I absolutely love your high key photos.

  17. OK, my next assignment will be the jam bars :-)

    1. I made them tonight, and they are so good!

    2. I am so glad you like them Debbie.. I just keep the cloche full of them now because it his Jacques' fave for the moment as a little sweet..
      They are so easy too:)

      Glad you liked them..

  18. It made me so happy when I read your post.... Beauty and goodness :) xo

  19. Beautiful as always, Monique. Those pink tulips make me smile.

  20. Nice links, Monique. Always love finding new blogs to check out. The jam bars look divine. Love those pale tulips too!

  21. Love the color of those tulips! And now to check out the new-to-me blogs!

  22. Oh Monique, such a sweet post. Thank you so much for your kind words about me. Not sure I deserve them (once again) but I'll gladly take them and treasure them. Oh wow, I love, LOVE your pink tulips! I keep wanting Todd to plant us some tulips, but he says they don't last long enough and then are gone. I may have to buy myself a bunch to enjoy here in the house. I got a new cookie stamp the other day to try out. I am going to be using it soon. It came with a recipe. I suppose I should use that one, but I am long to try yours. Your photos are always so beautiful. You are a great talent with your eye and your camera. Love you to bits! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Love to you! xxoo

  23. We had beautiful weather yesterday and went for a long walk in the woods..the hour has sprung forward..
    so it's certainly a sunny weekend:)

    You deserve credit Marie and I wish someone would hand you a contract:)
    Somewhere over the rainbow..dreams do come true:)

  24. Those tulips are perfect and the jam bars look heavenly!



  25. I haven't been able to comment on any posts that are on blogspot or blogger but it seems the problem is fixed for at least a little while. I've enjoyed all your lovely posts…just wanted you to know I read each one even though the comments haven't been going through.