Friday, December 5, 2014

Mele Kalikimaka~

One of my vivid Christams seeing the white and red Big Crosby LP..  the one where he is wearing a Santa Hat..on my parents stereo console..
You know that long credenza looking thing and the middle opened up for LPs..45's maybe too?  I just remember the LPs with my parents.
I eventually got my own small turntable for my 45's..:)

But that album..and Bing singing Mele Kalikimaka..♥  Well that meant Chrsitmas..I don't have a lot of memories..but I can feel Christmas..when I hear that song..and I clearly see the console..with the album..the humble tree in the living room window..and my mom..sitting on the sofa.. enjoying her lights in the dark♥listening to her music.
I am listening to it..adding the link..and the tears well up..

It's looking a lot like Christmas here..
I have to tell you..driving home from Florida.. all 3 days..were so gloomy..and misty and rainy and freezing rain in Pennsylvania..
When we drove into QC..I said to Jacques.:".this is the first time we drive into QC in daylight...after a trip to Fl.".
What a difference..
Florida was at it's best when we humidity..sparkles on the water..palm trees..bougainvillea..plumbago...morning galore.seashells..sea glass...and smiles short..technicolor.Meli Kalikimaka style:)

We drove into grey..icy..humid..cold...QC.."Mon pays ce n'est pas un pays..c'est l'hiver"~

Thank goodness..the sun shone the next day and routine settled in..

Have you heard of Black Friday?

It is big ..but not crazy anymore it seems in Fl.. we went to a few stores because it was downright chilly by the sea..not so inland..the stores were quiet..probably because the sales start the day before..and we went at lunchtime the next day..
I caved in..and bought a Mini Ipad..
Carol..Susan.. Linda.. etc..recommended Ipads..My daughter's home is all APPLE..
I had seen Sarah's..Marie's..  Waterlogues..
And well I wanted to see if it could be a tool to learn..and Carol also uses it to trace..
So I bit le bullet and did it.
Oy what a learning curve..
Have to tell a piece of cake for me compared tp Apple.'s exercising my brain..
And so far..I love Waterlogue♥
That's our can see my Nana garden fave Santa..the air dry clay tags.. Joy..Fairies..Gardening ornaments..A big skate with fur on the trim..:)
How fun.
Now if this thing teaches me a few ropes in watercolor....
I will be impressed.
One thing I love about the beach and Florida.. no one knows where you live..what kind of have..
We basically all look like little beach bums..during the much so.that if we go out..we can bump into people we see on the beach..and we don't recognize each other..:)
 How nice is everyone?
So nice..
Germany..New York.... Ontario..Pennsylvania..Minnesota..Michigan..Arizona..Florida..South Carolina..Massachussetts..
Everyone is so friendly.
And nice.
It's a very special little place.♥

One store we stalked..was a newer Trader Joe's there..Fun to be able to find different things than here.
I had made s hort list of things I had found recommended..
One of them was The Gingerbread cake mix.
Everyone who knows me ..knows I am not a mix person....But I had the new mold from last year..and wanted to try it out:)

It's from last know..sometime in it was almost given away..
The Nordic Ware mini Gingerbread Homes..
One package of the TJ's Gingerbread Mix makes 2 homes..
And it's good and moist.
You can decorate the wee houses..but I know the people I am intending these for like I dusted icing sugar to look like snow..
There is a recipe on the Nordic Ware cover too..or you can use your own..I just wanted to get a head start and to see if the good reviews were fair..and they are.
The staff at TJ's.. every time we went..was wonderful.
A friend..Donella..likes spicy tea..and I think one of these homes will look good in her treat box..
They did rise a bit too much..but all you do is slice the bottom w/ a serrated knife..and eat the remnants with a cup of tea or coffe..
While you plan the wrapping for your houses..

Love the little stamp..I had seen it on Curly Girl's while in FL..I went into Hobby Lobby,,(♥) for 5 minutes while Jacques and Fred stayed in the car..
Would like to spend more time in that store..

The tree is festooned..the mantle sparkly..
Some of our decorations are from 1974 on..
Some are new♥
The chalkboard hearts are so sweet..

This very pretty star..was a gift from Diane..a Fl friend from PA..she made it for me there..and then brought over strips of this lovely glacé paper..and showed me a link on You Tube..on how to make them.The next morning I was determined to not let her down..and make a Star before she left..
Talk about exercising your need to watch the 2 videos..I have since seen many many other videos..but this is the one Diane showed me.
I was happy to do it..learn how..and offer her we have matching stars :)
You must be :focused: LOL.

If you would like to make one..Look at his video..then part 2..I love them.
The cute little reindeer were bought at Etsy.. at Sweetestelle..whole lot of cuteness going on there♥


  1. I am in love with your gorgeous tree and the gingerbread houses. You bring such talent to everything you do Monique. Glad you time at the beach was peaceful and everyone had a great time relaxing and enjoying the sea. Sorry your trip home was so long, but it looks like you lost no time getting ready for the holidays.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Driving through Virginia I always think of you:)
      Thank you Sam..

  2. I love how you have so much information and tidbits with a touch of sentimental in your posts. I'm sorry you returned from a wonderful Florida vacation to the the cold, wet and dreary. We have a lot of that here in MI I'm beginning to notice. I will probably need to go to the Dr. for some Vitamin D!! lol! ;) I do adore the hand sewn ornaments. Oh I wish I could have time to make those, they would fill up my tree. We just got back from spending two weeks with the kids and grandkids in VA for Thanksgiving. We have yet to start decorating for Christmas but I vow this weekend will be it! Have a lovely weekend friend :) p.s. I just got a new iphone and I absolutely love Waterlogue as well!! :)

    1. I am sure you love the Waterlogue:)
      There are lots of sites with free felt patterns too that are not as long to make as Alicias..but I got hooked on hers..her blog..her posts..It's like playing.Have fun decorating!

  3. Christmas in Hawaii works for me, love it there, Mele Kalikimaka! I love the star and have to check it out on YouTube. It's unique and I hope it's easy to make! Thanks and have a fun weekend!

    1. It 's not that easy the first time..I got stuck at one point..I should make another soon.I bet you wll do it in a snap!
      Would like to see if we can cut our own papers too:)

  4. It certainly looks like Christmas at your house. I love your mini gingerbread houses but where do you store all your bakeware? I am starting to run out of room in the kitchen and think if you inspire me anymore I will need to add onto the kitchen. I have been busy starting my cookies and freezing them. I made linzer pinwheels and they are going over well. You will love you ipad but it does take time to get used to. It is raining here tonight nd will continue tomorrow so I guess baking a bit more might be in order.

    1. It's grey here today..Jacques will add extension cords to the outside lights I strung before Fl..
      I'll bake I think..Not much baking in Fl..
      We have a basement..with a couple of finished rooms..but also a cold room..I do have a few things in there:)
      Most everything fits in the kitchenn..I think it appears that I have more than I do..

      I see bloggers that have LOADS.. loads loads
      I am truly trying to simplify and think twice..but sometimes after twice..I go for it:)

  5. Beautiful images Monique!!
    As always..
    are you talking BING Crosby or BILL Cosby LPs?

  6. Je lis ton billet en musique. Je ne connaissais pas cette chanson ! la voilà qui va rejoindre la centaine de titres de ma Christmas-othèque ! ;o)) Ravissantes, tes petites maisons. j'ai vu ce moule mais ne pensais pas que ça rendrait si bien ... Merci pour ce petit moment de Noël avant l'heure !

    1. J'aimerais que les détails soient plus évidents..Et je crois que les maisons seraient plus jolies un peu plus décorées...
      J'ai aimé mon voyage ..Londres:)

  7. You've given me lots of holiday spirit today Monique. Love that first pic, so pretty and festive! Once you get used to the iPad, you'll love it so much and won't even think about going back and forth Apple and Windows. It just takes a bit of time - been there, done that! :)

  8. Thanks for the encouragement..problem is we had to get new computers this year and we bought for the next few years I will have to go back and forth..
    And not using a stylus feels awkward:)
    I am certain I will get loads of inspiration from you:)

  9. What a shock to the system it must have been as late November was more like January here! I'm glad this week is a little milder. I had to smile at the iPad mini :) I love my big iPad and use it daily. I had heard about Waterlogue but never looked into it. Now (just two days) I have the iPhone 6 Plus which is almost like an iPad mini :) With my Baby Boomer eyesight it's wonderful! I don't know if I can love without my PC just yet, though.

    The Nordic Ware gingerbread duet has been in my Amazon cart for over a month. They are so cute! I am watching the price. Your tree is just lovely with so many personal touches and, of course, your stitched beauties :) I would love to try making stars like Diane taught you. I will look for a YouTube lesson.

    Mele Kalikimaka :-)

    1. THos hearts are so cute n'est-ce-pas?:)
      The houses could show more detail.I personally think for Christams the NW ring of trees is prettiest..w/ icing sugar..but I wanted small for gifts..
      Waterlogue is neat Susan..because the colors it gives you an idea about watercolor..
      Oh MK to you too!!!
      Love that.

  10. Love all your beautiful decorations. My Danish daughter in law makes those paper stars, she did try to teach me, but I wasn't very successful.
    Great effect you achieved with the waterlogues effect for your tree decoration. I need to look into the mini-Ipad. Looking forward to seeing what you will do on yours.
    I'm sure your friend will be thrilled her gift of the Ginger-cake house. Such an inspiring post for Christmas. happy weekend.

    1. Androids..don't support Waterlogue..Only Ipads I read..for now..You would like it:)
      The stars do exercise the brain:)

  11. I too remember Bing singing Mele Kalikimaka. My parents had the same album. A lovely Christmas post Monique. I love your tree, your decorations and those adorable gingerbread houses. The trip home must have seemed very long. But you have recovered nicely.

    1. What great memories..humble humble..but that was Christmas:)
      My mom went to heaven Dec 12th..1973..that was such a sad Christmas..I still have the leather messenger bag type purse she had bought me..
      Then.. the girls came along..:) And now boys:)

  12. Such a wonderful post Monique - getting to experience Christmas through you. It used to take me two weeks to decorate and all cooking was the real thing. I am going to get an apple mac next time, but am afraid I won't be able to use it since I've always used windows. Silly to be afraid of I know. I love your memory of your Mom watching her lights and listening to music. A sweet memory. And, here is a good tip for you. Hobby Lobby changes its stock all the time. It's never the same. Quite the shopping experience. It is based out of Oklahoma too.

    1. We don't have one here..I will check their locations..I literally had minutes in and out..

      we had the 3 alphabet boys with us too..:)
      Interesting about Oklahoma..I will read up..
      Oh the memories..
      Donna..I am sure you will love the Mac..yesterday my son-in-law said I would love it eventually..apparently Mr Jobs said we have ten stylus with us always:)

  13. Enjoy you iPad mini! Once I switched to Apple, there was a bit of a learning curve, but then it is so much easier! So intuitive! Love those gingerbread houses!

    1. I need to find a case:) Keep finding it so fragile in my hands!

  14. Très bon mois de Décembre à vous, qu'il soit rythmé par la douce ambiance qu'apporte Noël ~

  15. I'm so glad you had a good time in Florida. I never do much shopping on Black Friday. Trader Joe's is one of my favorite places to shop, though I rarely purchase any mixes. You have a lovely blog!

    1. Thank you Nellie..mixes are a first for me :)

      But it worked!
      My saughter and son-im-law loved Whole Foods also..I don't have either stores in QC.
      We do have wonderful grocery stores..but nothing like that..they have a knack for marketing:)

  16. The first photo is totally fab. I have a crystal bowl the I am going to copy you with... :) yay on the iPad and Waterlogue! The photo of your tree is interpreted beautifully. Of course it doesn't compete with you original art :) I have that Bing recording in CD format - a classic. My Mom has a dining room set with a "server" that had a stereo inside. There was some storage space for LPs and the ends folded and locked up for more table space. She still has it....

    1. You are so lucky to have a mom:-)
      There are mini mini lights battery operated in the bowl:-) Really mini!
      I should look into that CD!

    2. Gail..I ordered the CD last night..thanks!..don't know why I ever thought of that.:)

  17. Mele Kalikamaka made me laugh out loud. Hear that every year, often, on Sirius radios Christmas music channel. It sticks in your mind, doesn't it? Love Hawaii!
    I broke down a couple years ago and added an iPad to my iPhone. My PC is windows and yes, there is a learning curve, but made easier because I had the iPhone for a while. You'll come to love it, I promise.
    Wonderful photos, Monique.

    1. It is catchy!
      Loved Bing..and Perry Como.. Andy Williams..Nana Mouskouri..etc..I guess because of my mom:)

  18. I love when this happens....I come to your blog, and it is sparkling just like my living room. I bought some mirrored ornaments, not realizing they would make sparkles all over the ceiling and walls. LOL
    Congrats on the Mini Ipad..I'm glad I had the iTouch and iPhone first, it was easier to learn and we adore everything that Apple makes. I wish you lived closer so I could share my mom with you, but I also learn from you so I know what it will be like to not have my mom. The tears are already flowing. Thanks for the tip on the gingerbread cake mix from TJ's. A dear blog friend just gifted me with an owl cakelet pan, and I think I'll try the gingerbread cake mix. It's sunny here today, so I finally did a blog post ;o)

    1. I love how you LOVE your about her..everything shows how much you care.
      She's a lucky mom and vice versa.
      The ceiling must look grand:)
      The mix is so easy..!And it is good..and so reasonably priced too..
      So you have a TJ close to you?

    2. The closest TJ's is in Syracuse which is 45 minutes away. I'm in Syr quite often.

    3. We drive through from Fl:)Well..past Syracuse!

  19. Beautiful post, love the gingerbread house, so sweet! Never heard of Waterlogues before, googled it now I think that it must be a pretty cool app.

  20. i love all the festiveness of this post and your trip sounded so fun, iv'e been to florida a couple of times and it really is unique and beautiful. Hobby Lobby is my favorite craft store we just got one nearby finally. I love your star ornaments they remind me of origami which i have never tried, yours turned out so good.
    Happy Holidays to you Monique :)

  21. Thanks!
    Must say.since I bought the IPad..I have received more than 3 emails saying my Apple ID has been used to download things..for $$..
    And to verify my account..
    I had heard of I sent Apple a request..and even forwarded one of the emails just now..
    No reply even from day one from Apple.
    Never had any issues with Windows...

  22. I remember that Bing Crosby LP! Funny how we hang on to random things that make us smile... Sounds as though you had a lovely trip...except for the grey drive home...Love your little houses. This has been my year for first attempt was okay but the second was amazing....Gramercy Tavern Gingerbread, have you tried the recipe? Mmmmm. Love your Christmas ornaments....

    1. I ordered the CD:) So I will step back in every year..but this year with Bing:)
      You have been doing well w/ the gingerbread!

  23. Ah, bittersweet Mom memories. That's lovely, though--I've always liked that song too, and he his is such a gentle voice, and I can picture your mom enjoying the tree and lights listening to it. ♥ Bing Crosby, Perry Como, Andy Williams, and Johnny Mathis all equal Mom memories for me. (And all seem[-ed] like such good and gentle men.)

    I love the little house cakes! I've seen that cake mold and have been tempted by it--especially as a wintery birthday cake for my mom. It's darling. And your little deer! :) I think I will do that for her next month. She's not a big cake-eater, but she's tickled by anything miniature, and I suppose I could just make (gluten-free) muffins in them, since she will eat muffins. ;)

    And you came through Pennsylvania! I wish I'd known! If you were anywhere near Pittsburgh, I'd have invited you and your husband over for a visit!! ♥♥♥

    1. You're so sweet Val..We are on the highways..except for by-passes..we don't get to visit.
      The drive is the only negative:)

  24. So pretty, festive and magical! Wonderful Xmas spirit...



    1. Once a year..I let myself be carried away by twinkling lights..x

  25. Beautiful Christmas Post, love it! I've always loved that song too! Bing Crosby is one of my all time favorite singers. Your Gingerbread Village turned out so pretty! Your Christmas ornaments are just precious, especially the embroidered girl! Happy Tuesday!

  26. Another sensational watercolor!!!
    Drop the whip and grab your brushes is what I say.

  27. Oh gosh Monique! The song from Bing sure took me back! Loved hearing it again. There is so much Christmas goodness in this post, from beginning to end. I have to say apple anything is a steep learning curve but now having conquered the ipad I think I could do an iphone or a imac. They are relatively safe to use as well. My children all have them and swear by them. So does my brother and he's a computer tech engineer. I love waterlogue as you know. I could sit and play with it for hours and hours. So much fun. I adore the little gingerbread cake houses. So sweet and I think lovely just plain with the snow "dusting" on them. Your homemade felties, your hat and mitts, all so sweet. I love Christmas. Can you tell? And I especially LOVE the nice card I got from "someone" in the post yesterday. MWHA! Such a surprise and such a sweet thought. I thank you. Off to check out all the links now. Love and hugs, today and always!

    PS - Had to laugh at your statment about coming back to Canada from the South and your country being winter. lol It is so true. ♥

    OH OH OH almost forgot. The toadstool on your tree. I am in envy love. As you know I adore them. xxoo

  28. Some how I need to get to Christmas spirit this year. So far - nothing-))) Maybe a christmas tree will help. Your decorations are stunning!