Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Still in the kitchen♥

I really do love Christmas..and the preparations..I always have..my husband loves it even more I think..And our girls are the same..their trees are up..the Elf On The Shelf is creatively popping up everywhere in their homes every morning..

I listen to Christmas music while baking..and wrapping.
I know it is all so commercialized now..
Bu it's the feeling I get ..that is so NOT commercial ..that I love.
It's cozy..snowy..memories flow in and out of my mind..I think of words spoken..sentiments shared.
I think of those I have lost and loved..
and those I love now.I love to thank people who have been kind to me..like the pharmacist's aide..doctors..mail carriers..If I could catch my garbage men..
You know the people that do their jobs with heart..
Not easy..  and yet they do it.
Great moms..  good neighbours..blogging friends..
Thanks..thanks so much.

And Ricardo:)

Just thought I would share this great little icebox cookie recipe and how I decided to wrap them ..if giving..
Icebox cookies are great because you can keep them frozen or refrigerated..and slice and bake as you need.
Ricardo had these pecan ones..in his latest magazine..

La Recette~

2 cups of flour
1 cup icing sugar
1 egg
1 cup chopped pecans
 1 cup room temp butter(soft..I actually have to warm mine a bit these days because of a cooler kitchen when no sun)
I use salted butter so I don't salt..
Cream butter and icing sugar until soft and fluffy
add the egg and blend in well
add the flour and mix..add the pecans..
Form into 2 logs..and refrigerate..
I roll my logs by wrapping in Saran Wrap and twirling..at the ends..so the cylinders are nice and tight..
For gift giving ..or even for me to know which is which when making a few kinds of ice box cookies..
I take plain paper..stamp..roll over the saran..add some bows or twine..and there you have them.
You could even type the instructions etc..

Oh..Bake at 350 F 12-14 Minutes..

I love the way my fruitcake turned out ..I made 2 small ones and Jacques wanted to try one..so I decorated it to practice the Christmas table one..with the cute things I was able to find  here..

I don't put almond paste on my fruitcake..I make an icing with butter..icing sugar..almond extract and some milk..Beating everything to the consistency I want:)And the flavor I like.
They are small..I think no more than 5 inches across.
Thanks Gail..for mentioning the CD of Bing..I got it to add to our Christmas CD collection..ongoing for so many years.
I also bought The Downtown Abbey double CD w/ 45 tracks..it's classic and lovely.Quite classical.. you have to enjoy old world..classical..and I do..
I also love Ryan Smith and Benjamin Francis Leftwich:)and Rod McKuen..and Francis Cabrel..and Adele..and Norah Jones ..Serge Lama..Aznavour..
I have favorite Christmas cds we have collected over the years..
..Kenny G Miracles..Rod Stewart..James Taylor,Rosemary Clooney..The Carpenters..Andrea..André Gagnon....Tony Bennett..Diana Krall..the list goes on and on.
André Hervieux..Michael Bublé..even Victoria's Secret CD collection..must be 20 yrs old..
Anyways..just saying ..I enjoy listening to these at this time of year~That's my gift.:)

PS..I ordered a few items..intermittently ..from  a company..that I favor..Archambault..
All items arrived within 2 days..free shipping..customer service on the phone was impeccable..as everything that was packaged and delivered.oh..and the  free shipping?..no minimum required..a QC company..
I called them to tell them how happy I was with them..and she was surprised.. she said usually we get phone calls for problems some people feel they may have encountered..but it is rare we get a call just to say thank you..
It made me think..
Life is short..you have a compliment..say it..you love someone..say it..you think soemeone is special..say it..you think someone is talented..say it.
you think someone needs a smile..smile..'
La vie.. est belle lorsqu'on démontre notre appréciation.
So easy to be bah humbug..I know..I feel it too.
But I find it easier..much easier and feel good..to say..
You did a good job.Thank you.
I love you.

PS..I also ♥ the Christmas cards in the mail..snail mail can be such a nice surprise..we received one from Australia..German friends..that skipped Fl to visit Australia..how cute is that?Of course we can't understand it..Ushi wrote in German:) We will have them translate:)
Auntie Bernice..living in a new home with her daughter..now I have her address..
Fl friends..etc..
A little pick me up at the mail boxes!
Stamps are $ now..But I don't want to give it up yet.
Do you still write cards?~
Just curious..:)

I'll be winding down now..

I am practicing these for Christmas morning.. freeze unbake or baked..I will let you know..so far..fresh..yum..not too sweet just right.

But these are things I would still like to make..there are more..but I am yawning at my words by myself.. rosemary shortbreads.. a Xmas tree bread stuffed w/ chocoltae..(I tried..:( )
..pity it's only the two of us on an ongoing basis:)

These snowflake trees..
How cute are they? Mine will have to be stars..I don't have graduated snowflakes..

If I could make it the day before Christmas breakfast here I would..But I will probably make on another occasion..Love that blog and I reprimand myself for not commenting ..except once in a blue moon.When I should every single time I see her posts.

This bark..  but that mold was nowhere to be found in Canada..Believe me..I looked.:(

This Challah..and not only because of her cute helper:)
A small footnote..since our return from Florida..the sun shone once for 1 hr..when I took the church photo.. across Ice Lake.  A book written here..about here.

Last but not least..we get Macleans magazine..Jacques put one of them aside and said..read Martin Short's story..

He talks about losing his wife..I said:"It will be too sad..it is the week I lost my mom.."..he said:" no read it..it's lovely.."
And I did and it was..
And that's when I realized I was Teflon coated.
This is but an excerpt..the whole story is a keeper.♥


  1. I'm sorry I have been away from the blog world recently, I've missed visiting with you here. You know, you are like a Mère Noël, giving us presents of joy & art & music & love!! The world needs more Santa spirits! Cards: I make them each year. I have a few penpals, some whom I've never even met in person, (met them through our blogs). What a delight it is to exchange paper cards & letters & little gifts!
    I know Archambault from Quebec City. Do you know Librairie Pantoute as well? Keep on enjoying the season & thanks for sharing your ongoing enjoyment of life with us!

    1. Your cards must be a real treat for your friends..I remember getting art in the mail:) I have treassured each one..So personal.
      We never saw Pantoute~ we have another here Renaud-Bray that I am quite take with..
      A Costco is openoing right near Renaud Bray and that worries me..The books are discounted at Costco..don't know how they will do..
      Happy Holidays Rita.

  2. I am going to try those icebox cookies. I will pick up pecans today. The missionary elders are dropping over later on today and I will bake these for them I think. They will love them. I cannot afford to give them dinner this month as I would like to, but cookies I can do. I always loved Maclean's magazine. I miss it. I, too, am Teflon coated I think. Life can really beat you down if you let it. It's a choice I think. I cry. I mourn. I move on because I could not, will not . . . refuse to . . . do the alternative. We move forward because we must and who knows who may be helped or inspired by our example in doing so? I don't know. I believe heaven will be filled with people we touched without ever knowing we touched them on this side of the veil. What a wondous reunion that will be. I love you my dear friend. You inspire me always with your kind ways and words. xxoo

    1. I love your thoughts on heaven,:)
      You are so kind to spoil the elders so.
      How lucky they are to have you!
      Toi aussi tu es très gentille Marie:)

  3. Enjoy your time in the kitchen....i wish i could smell and taste ...!!!!...love from me Ria....x!...❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚

  4. That is the most adorable cake! Love the skiers.
    I'm through with cookies for the season, but copied your recipe and will try later. Cookies are good anytime of the year.
    My favorite Christmas music (or the ones I listen to when I wrap, decorate or bake) is any Christmas album by John Boswell or Diana Krall.

    1. They are so cute:) That girl has great little adornments..baking supplies..
      Me too soon..done:) John Boswell..you know I will be Googling now:)

  5. I'm having a baking day tomorrow. Always Christmas music now. Today, greeting card writing. The cookies look delicious.


    1. Enjoy..they really are special time in the kitchen..December♥

  6. I'm certain Christmas must be so festive and your home. Can imagine the lovely aromas coming from your kitchen too :) I love listening to my Christmas Pandora while baking in the kitchen. We got a small dusting of snow last night, it's better than nothing. Merry Christmas to you and yours! -Bev

    1. I wish you a very happy Christmas and a wonderful NewYear in that lovely new home of yours!
      Your firsts there.
      I just read an article about Melissa Gilbert and her husband Timothy Busfield..and their love of their Michigan😄

  7. These cookies look delicious. I'm going to try them after the first of he year. I never have time for holiday baking until after the holidays. I fell in love with that mold that Sprinkle Bakes used for her Sugar Cookie Bark. I got mine from Amazon. I think it is definitely something that you need. :-)

    1. Good for you!
      I am planning on adding it..glad it has your stamp of approval..
      You made me laugh..you are baking up a storm!

  8. I'm still in the kitchen too :-) No presents wrapped just yet, this weekend, hopefully. Of course, I can tell how much you love Christmas. It really brightens our short, dark days, doesn't it? The lights, the baking, the music. I love icebox cookies. Don't know if I have time to make any more than I already have planned but will pin these :) Thank you for the mention ♥

    1. Forgot to say the Elf on the Shelf is watching two little boys in Wisconsin too :)

    2. Aren't our littles so very lucky to have the families they have,the magic of Christmas with the fun of the Elf.
      The first time..I touched him..what a nono..nana.
      Your cookies were too cute to not want others to see.

  9. Those cookies look yummy along with all the links you gave us. If you saw my kitchen counter with all the cookies you would know how much you have inspired me. Your cake is beautiful and I went through the etsy shop and have put her into my favorites. I think it is too late to think of ordering holiday type items but I am going to go through further to see what else I could use. I think I will see about reading that book after the holidays.

    1. Fun Terry!
      That makes me smile..I love suggesting..I get inspired by so many..all the time.I don't invent a thing..so thank you too.
      She's so nice that Etsy girl.

  10. I just love christmas music too. iv'e heard the songs many times but that doesn't matter, i love it, so many wonderful christmas albums out there. I am going to try a pecan cookie recipe today that i found in a magazine years back so it's funny that you have a pecan cookie today. Oh and snail mail is definitely the best!

    1. Perfect day for pecan cookies..driving to Fl..there were so many roadside pecan stands..But we have a goal..lol..so never stop..We should.
      I love instrumentals too.
      Have a nice day ..hope Santa treats you to art supplies!

  11. Omy I love james Taylor and still love him:)
    I love your cake ! Look beautiful!
    And the cookies...
    This is a beautiful post and Im agree with you! Life is too short..
    So I want say you again :I love your blog and your pictures and recipes are amazing!!

  12. Bonjour ma chère Nana,

    Juste un petit coucou !... Ce mois de décembre file à toute vitesse !...
    Ce dernier petit billet est rempli de charme avec un bel esprit de noël...

    Je te souhaite de très joyeuses fêtes à toi et à tous ceux que tu aimes...
    Avec plein de gros bisous ❄︎ ♡ ❄︎ ☃ ❄︎ ♡ ❄︎

    1. Toi aussi.. je vais te voir dans quelques minutes:)

  13. I love the cover on the James Taylor CD ;o) I am a fan of the Taylor's....they have done a lot for Martha's Vineyard.
    Everything you do in the kitchen has your special touch.
    How nice that J loves Christmas ;o) We do too.
    Can't wait to hear about your Christmas with the boys. I'm sure they can't wait for Santa.

    1. Yesterday their mom had made those PNP videos for them..they are so cute..Lucas..9 was even exited and sqeezed her hand:)
      You and Joe are kids at ♥..not surprised you love Christmas.

  14. With the beautiful baking results and your special touch to everything that come out of your kitchen, I can easily understand why you spend so much time there, plus you have one of the pretties kitchens I've seen. Love your taste in music too Merry Christmas to you and your family. It's almost upon us.

    1. It is..
      I admire everything you do in the kitchen too Sam..and I love your relationship with your photographer:)
      Warm wishes...

  15. Cela me donne des idées de CD de Noël. Que de belles photos!

  16. Je suis certaine que ta cuisine..fournit..fournit..en ce moment !

  17. Totally agree with you Monique, Christmas has homy feeling, love and family, and friends-))

    Happy holidays my dear friend!!!



    1. You too dear Yelena!With your dear kids and husband.

  18. So very pretty and elegant display of lovely cookies. I am in awe of your baking skills. Christmas time should be warm, cozy and enjoyed with family and friends.

    1. We are expecting either a ton of rain or a ton of snow..on Wednesday.So garteful one family lives across thestreet to come and the other about 15 mins away:)
      So regardless..we wil be together.
      Have a lovely time Linda!

  19. Il fait bon chez toi, Noël est présent avec sa magie et toute la tendresse que j'en attend. Pour moi Noël est un moment de paix, de calme, de douceur, d'amour et de partage depuis ma plus tendre enfance. Cela reste Magique malgré les aléas du temps, et de la vie, un moment à préserver des turbulences de la vie.
    Joyeux Noël à toi Nana et meilleurs vœux pour l'année à venir.
    Bises ♥

    1. Un gros merci pour tes sages mots..si doux!
      Toi aussi!

  20. Merry almost Christmas! Your beautiful photographs are food for the spirit. Love your music list (thanks for the shout out) I really wish we were neighbors so that we could visit over a cup of tea.

  21. Yes, life is short, too short to not love and appreciate the people that make our lives so much better. We take so many for granted - thanks for a great reminder to appreciate every minute and every person.

  22. Just watched an hour of Michael Bublé. It went so quickly. I love Ricardo recipes.

    Hope you and yours have a lovely holiday.


    1. Thank you..he is quite enigmatic:)You too Madonna!

  23. Beautiful creations! Good to see that you are having a blast while baking.

    Happy Holidays and best wishes for 2015!


    Rosa xo

  24. Love your blog, photos, creativity! Thank you for sharing the connection to the Martin Short article. It touched my heart. Have a Blessed Merry Christmas and Healthy New Year!