Friday, June 19, 2015

MMM chocolat de Bernard~ Gift♥

I love ....white peonies..clay tags.. vintage boxes.. books..the word..:"petit" = little.."Littles" ,starfish in windows..moments that are irreplaceable ..given to us as a gift to act upon ♥ as in being at the right place at the right time~

On a totally different note..

I love at the moment..

Friday Night Lights..Netflix..
Les Carnets De Julie..TV5,France 2..

GOT left me cold this season..with way too much violence.Truth be told..I have been lost for the last 2 seasons with who is who..The first seasons were  better..(who cares what I say).

I am almost 100% sure..John Snow will return.He is the top draw IMHO w/ Khaleesi...

I love..

Peter Dinklage..such a GREAT actor..♥ My fave on the show.
John Snow.
Brienne Of Tarth.

And Cersei's figure?

Perfection aesthetically or what? Too long the walk of atonement ..too long.
And I have read many was a body double..
see what we get to believe?
And how about Audrey Hepburn being remembered for how pretty she was?
She was so much more.

Moving along..

Hopefully Orange is The New Black  will get better.

True Detective to come..  Ray Donovan..

that chef's site..Bernard..

this is the second recipe ..I have made of his and will make more..
Remember the Ikea cookies?
Same chef..

When I saw his Muffins Atomiques on Pinterest..I knew I would be making them..I can walk right by desserts..
but Jacques can't and nor can the alphabet boys..
so I tried them..
I don't have the Wilton cupcake/muffin mold he used...but my daughter had recently given me large parchment cupcake I tucked those in a regular muffin pan..

I made 8 instead of 6..they would have been even higher!
You can make 12 smaller ones too.
I wanted high and atomic:)
They are great and pretty.
I had bought some mini chocolate pearls..and mini white/and milk chocolate spirals..
I knew they would top off the muffins well;)

Here is the recipe..

could not be easier..
all hand mixed..
but you do need a scale.
I love the precision of his scale recipes..
I needed 4 eggs..less a bit..
you have to weigh everything..
I also baked mine on convection..I adjusted the F to Convection..usually 25 degrees less..but keep an eye.

see how high they rise?
love that.

I made little clay tags too..the air dry ones.. because I felt like stamping..and making linen roses..
the clay tags are no bake..roll out,cut..make a hole w/ a straw:) stamp..let dry..and then glue your rose:)
For the life of me I cannot find the tutorial I used..but Google making fabric many will pop us..such as here..

La Recette for the Chocolate muffins..

75 grams unsweetened powdered cocoa
190 grams sugar
170 grams flour
150 grams milk
150 grams butter,melted**
190 grams eggs..(you have to weigh..I needed ap 3 and half eggs)
1 1/2 tsps of baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda..
150 grams of chocolate chunks

Preheat oven to 375

You will either make 6 Ginormous muffins if you have a Wilton pan like his..I have never seen one..I do have a huge 4 cavity muffin pan..but too big..
or I did by placing large muffin papers in a muffin tin..or 12 regulars.

**since your butter is melted make sure your other ings are room temp..not cold.

In  a bowl,mix the eggs, cocoa, sugar, milk and butter ..add the flour mix well again.. add the chocolate chunks..combine..finally add the baking powder and baking soda.

Bake for ap 25-30 minutes until a toothpick comes out clean and see how atomic they really are~

The muffins got a ten from Lucas..they  all had chocolate faces when done.

I especially like giving them chocolate muffins outside:)Actually..only outside;)


I have been seeing beautiful food creations..mostly cakes on gorgeous blogs and am stupefied at the plants I am seeing..

please do your research before adorning cakes and desserts etc..with flowers and blooms..

I know they are beautiful..but caution!

Important info on plants

some are not listed in the above list such as ..alstroemeria..etc..

I must admit the tulip  stumped me..because even Ricardo has a tulip blossom salad that I made..upon further reasearch..the petals are indeed edible..I knew I had researched;)
So use caution..~

I have been following Shari Blaukopf's blog for a while..she lives where I live..

...and her art is fact Mr Jean Doré ,former mayor of Mtl received  one of Shari's art works as a prize  for outstanding contribution to le Mont~ Royal ..: "Le Prix Du Mont-Royal".
Sadly Mr.Doré passed away last week.Grateful he was here to receive this honor.

While I was away  , Shari  posted that she was offering a Craftsy class.
Her won't believe professional.

As soon as I read about this..just 2 days ago..I subscribed..

This online art invaluable.
She is professional..a natural ..talented..
I am hooked.
I love this online class.

Bon weekend....


  1. I seem to love what you love!! And, I'd love one of those chocolate muffins right now!


    1. I bet you would..all that moving!
      Hope a new neighbour surprises you w/ a basket of home baked things:)

  2. I love peonies too. Those muffins sounds great and I love the picture of the cocoa powder with the removed fork!

    1. :) THanks Penny..Gleaned..from Sol I think years ago:)
      Memories In The Baking~

      So talented!

  3. Monique, they better bring Jon Snow back. He, Brienne and Samwell are my favorites. Tyrion too. I didn't watch True Detective the last time, but my husband said it was good and they are starting a new season soon with different actors. I have a bag full of starfish too. I was planning on lining a wall with them in the shape of a Christmas tree for Christmas and will someday (at least have intentions to). Muffins to die for. Love anything chocolate. They say House of Cards is good, but I am fighting watching Orange Is The New Black. Maybe someday. Your little tags are very cute.

    1. Yes..whole new cast True Detective..Jacques wasn't crazy about last ears..I loved gritty..sounds off coming from me;)

      House of cards has been very good..except last season.
      All this is IMHO;)

      Have a great weekend Donna!

  4. The muffins look heavenly Monique!!
    Other magic and beautiful post!!

  5. I'm enjoying peonies also. They go so fast. Adore chocolate muffins, too! And you!

    1. Next fun dish here paella..
      We had lobster rolls good!

  6. Chocolate muffins? They look delicious and I think calling them muffins would even make chocolate legal for breakfast!

    1. And next..on the squares list?:)Your Blondies extravaganzas:)

  7. Please pass me a muffin! We are chocolate lovers. Gonna make those tags :-)

  8. Monique, where do I start? There is so much to love about this post. The peonies . . . the starfish. I have never seen a real starfish. I love them against that beautiful window. So pretty! The presentation of those gorgeously delicious looking muffins! Impeccable! Love the chocolate powder relief! What a lovely idea! The antique box, the little chocolate curls on top of the muffins, and the Alphabet boy getting ready to tuck in. How totally adorable. I love your clay tabs. You are so good at that. Oh and as far as the telly goes. I was quite disappointed in this season of GOT, have still to watch the last episode, but last season and this, so poor in comparison to the first seasons. I love the same characters as you, Peter Dinklage's character, the Dragon Queen . . . Jon Snow, Sam, I like the same characters as you, but I hated struggling to just see what was going on this season and to be honest, not much happened. It was very slow and the violence, it just gets worse and worse. I'm not sure I will tune in next season. OITNB . . . first two seasons excellent, but so far we have watched two episodes and by mistake part of the last episode and like you I hope it picks up! But still very good. We haven't gotten into True Detective. I think we watched maybe 4 episodes, but didn't like it so much. I Must check out the art class, although how I will fit any more into my time right now I don't know. Happy Weekend! xoxo

    1. I am not surprised the same characters appeal to us:)
      Those little curls were found at a Lebanese store ADONIS in their baking section..the pearls and the small swirls like a mini pirouline almost..are made by Dandy Club:) They come in a nice reasealable jar.
      Very modestly priced I found for such cute decor.
      You are going to be sooo busy..The art class..invaluable Marie:)

  9. It seems like everyone loves the TV series Game of Thrones. I read the books, but I have yet to watch the TV series. I'll only watch the first few seasons like you said. I'm also not a fan of watching violence.
    Also, these muffins are gorgeous. I can never have enough chocolate muffins in my life :)

    1. SO Much violenec..too much..gratuitous ..not so much is needed to make their graphic..

      Muffins are better:)♥

  10. I love the photo of Lucas! I can tell how delicious these muffins taste just by looking at them! Your beautiful tag. What fun about the Craftsy class! What class did you take? I will follow the link :) The last episode of Game of Thrones was a real shocker, wasn't it! So much to take in. I find there isn't much else on that I like right now. Kind of a void right now.

    1. Have you tried Friday Night Lights?

      Ray Donovan July 12th..
      Tomorrow night True Detective..

      The Craftsy so good..I drove myself to the water and did my homework just now..:)
      It's lesson 3 about skies..I wanted a panorama:)
      I have a LOOOOOOOOOOG way to go..
      So nice..I love it Susan.

    2. I wish we had Netflix but with other cable stations it gets to be a lot of $$. I clicked on her link and noticed her sketch of the Flatirons in Boulder, Colorado. Would you believe Lindsay saw that vista every day while going to the university there? Gorgeous place! I know I would love her class too. I always forget something when I comment also! I forgot to mention the peonies with the starfish on the windowsill underneath ♥

    3. The class..even if you buy now and watch this winter..I think that works.. no?
      especially since Lindsay..saw them every morning!
      Netflix here is $8.99 Canadian plus $$$ spent..that must mean it's free in the US considering our exchange;)

  11. Great photos with the sepia tones, Monique! I love white peonies too, there so pretty! Please pass the muffins this way, they look fantastic!

  12. really got me with all the TV serials I'm missing ;(
    At least I can get Carnet de Julie on my ipad in Paris..

    1. Read up on interesting.
      I did after I got into this series..she had another show before..but this one..shines;)

  13. I made brownie bites last night to take over to the new neighbors. Seeing your muffins makes me long for a bit of chocolate for myself.
    We don't watch TV, so have no idea about any of these series. Downtown Abbey was my one and only show this season. What will I do when it is no more? ;-)

    1. I'm afraid my 8 -10 PM is all tv..
      If I go to bed earlier I do read:)

      So nice of you to have brought some treats ove to the new neihbors sarah..not surprised:)

  14. Chocolat is something I can't eat, so I don't gaze too long. It sure is pretty though, the way you present it...thanks for mentioning Shari Blaukopf's site. Maybe I can become your classmate! Je t'écrirai bientôt. I've been away, visiting Portland...I'll look online for Les carnets de Julie...Re. your note on my blog, you were perceptive, I'm in a phase of indecision...

    1. That's why I wrote..wanted you see see Shari's class..
      You are an accomplished artist.. but I find it's always nice to learn..
      I went and did my homework by the shore yesterday:)
      I can pass by chocolate any day.

  15. I'm still not getting your feed! Sorry to be late in commenting :) I've signed up twice and never got the email. I'll try again! Anyway love peonies!

  16. Hi Monique....
    Peonies and chocolate muffins...both yummy!
    Hope you had a great weekend...
    Linda :o)

  17. La douceur de l'enfance et le réconfort du chocolat... Mhh

  18. When you posted this, I was in the middle of moving, so I never saw it. BUT making asap (and as soon as I can convert the grams) - beautiful muffins!! Another charming post on this beautiful August day - thank you, dear Nana!