Sunday, July 12, 2015

In the summertime,when the weather is fine~

You can see her Garden Open Today sign..above~

We've had some lovely summer days here~
Everyone is enjoying the outdoors..the boys..all 4 have either day camp or swimming and swim is on hiatus for July..
you can hear crickets..
roses  and clematis are blooming their heads off..the cornfields are's awfully town comes alive in summer..Main Road is lined with daililies..the water sparkles....being's totally different in winter.
we went to the beach one day..the boys play non stop..nnd well~
I went to the market w/ my Ipad.. easy to take pics..I have found that if you ask if you can take a photo..the vendors can be quite gracious..I think I know who to ask..I will never forget the year I asked one woman if I could take photos..I was making photo cards for our Firemen's Fund  Bazaar at Christmas..she said no..! Outright and I had told her why.
I never stop at her dried flower arrangement booth anymore and have never bought one thing there since then.
I mean c'mon..I wasn't taking a photo of a secret document,blueprints etc..
Especially w/ the internet now.
Oh well..
So I have fave vendors there..quite a few..
One is a local artist well known for her art,floral arranging,hat making,sign making and throw/apron confections..I have a couple of her signs and have offered them as gifts..she had the loveliest throw there this w/e.I only took a shot of the little shed she hangs some of the signs on..

A little..big..coup de coeur was that vintage 1920-1930 canister set..♥
I have my friends' that I love ..have no pink in the kitchen and really no room for another set..but look how SWEET!!
I read up when I came home..seems these sets (this one is opalescent)..were made in Germany or the 20's and 30's.Adorable no? In almost pristine chip..on one container.

Right..the little summer domes:)

I have shown you the silicone mold just brush melted chocolate of your choice..firm up in freezer or fridge..I brush 2 coats on..fill w/ your favourite mousse recipe..and tuck a fresh washed strawberry inside as a surprise..
In a pinch you can even use Dr Oetker mousse..just make sure your mousse is firm enough.You need to have it that way so that when you unlod it stays in and put:)

PS..We are years late on this Netflix series..but we both love it to bits..
Friday Night Lights  
Kyle Chandler (Bloodline),Connie Britton(Nashville),Taylor Kitsch(True Detective)..etc..form a terrific ensemble cast with all the other actors.
Love the show! And over 70 episodes I think..we don't binge watch..  so it will last a long time..finished Season 1 and it was nothing short of great.


  1. Wonderful summery pics, I especially like the first one :)

    I think important dynamics are at play when you ask people for pictures, and I think only the most conservative refuse. Also sometimes those who are having a bad day. In most cases, if you ask nicely, everyone agrees :)

  2. Love this song !
    And love these little cute domes Monique and all look magical as well:))

  3. Sounds like a perfect summer. I looked up and down many times looking for domes and finally figured out chocolate domes! I'm slow. It is nearly 100 degrees this late in the day. I can't think straight when I am so hot. Love anything chocolate.

  4. Like you said,it will be a memory soon this summer..must admit in the sun around 100..gardening for a long time yesterday..light headed!

  5. Your town looks wonderful and so do your clematis. What is that first one? I think I have the second one and it out on a nice show a couple of weeks ago. The chocolate domes filled with mouse look great. I can NOT buy another baking item for a while. The space to store them is getting so limited.

    1. ideal little clematis that I grow on a small pyramid the time it climbs looks like the rose bush and host as are blooming the bells..the adj.plants hide the support and this floriferous beauty scrambles through everything. easy and lightweight to store;)

    2. Thanks for that info on the clematis. You are bad and if we lived close to each other it would worse (but fun)! We would be out shopping at all the kitchen stores together!

    3. Most of everything that you have liked..EBAY:)
      The nurseries would like us though;)

    4. the mini heritage type molds are the Nordic Ware..vintage now..Kim..(Lilybeetle ..) gave it to me one Christmas..or Birthday.
      Still love it.
      Maggie is blooming now..that is KIM and Steven in my garden;)

    5. You can't beat Nordic ware. Maggie is blooming here too. A gift from Kim here too.

  6. Je vais voir tout de suite ce que c'est que cette série-là ! ;o) Les vendeurs peu gracieux qui refusent qu'on prenne leur étal en photo m'agacent aussi ... Qu'ils n'exposent pas ce qu'ils font en public, alors ... J'adore cette série de pots ... C'est vrai que c'est encombrant, d'en faire la collection ! ;o) Sinon, il faut vraiment que je les essaye, tes dômes en chocolat ... Mais quand il fera un tout petit peu plus frais ... En ce moment, ils fondraient à la seconde où je les sortirais du freezer ... Il n'y a que les cigales qui se régalent, ici, en ce moment ... ;o))
    Bisous et bonne journée

    1. Un gros manque de partage;)
      Il fait si chaud dans ma petite ville aussi..tellement que je me suis sentie un peu faible en jardinant.
      Je choisis mes journées pour un gros boulot..:(
      Toi..tu vas faire des chefs-d'oeuvre avec ce moule..
      Bonne journée..:)x

  7. What a beautiful summer post Monique! Loving the photos of your little men at the beach. Sigh . . . I have a dome mould, but haven't used it yet. I bought to make my own teacakes. We shall see. They would be very large! Love the blooms, your pretty shed . . . I could live there . . . temptations at yard sales, etc. You are making me a bit homesick. Have a wonderful week! xoxo

    1. The domes are not big..5 to a that too big for a tea cake?
      I think there are even 2 smaller sizes and one larger.
      Summer makes a big difference here,,talk to me in January/February lol and then tell me how homesick you are..May to October..lovely here..inclusively..So 6 in😊

  8. I was going to say you don't need words after those heavenly pictures but...
    I must admit I shoot 1st and ask later or not at all.
    I'm a Bloggerazzi . I need to get the shot. Not always nice or right but...
    That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
    I don't know why some venders feel lime Indians...that you will steal their soul in a photo.
    Go figure.

    1. Bloggerazzi!
      She was actually cantankerous..I felt the photo was for such a good cause.Food baskets at Christmas..I told her that..tsk tsk.
      You are a super sleuth photog..not me..and not an IPad pro here yet..
      Don't ever stop!

  9. what a fun summer it looks like your having and your town is just amazing. I love the photos of the two sheds and those painted tulips. and those chocolate domes have mousse inside yum, i love mousse. You always just make the prettiest desserts :) and the purple clematis is amazing, wow

    1. Our little a treat in would love Katherine's art Jenni.. and her floral arrangements are beautiful w/ a touch of whimsy..♥

  10. You have the best markets there, Monique! Adorable signs and I love yours. It is too bad about that woman saying no - and it was for such a good cause! What a pretty beach! Our boys have shark swimsuits too and last week I bought them a set of sea life from ToysRUs with dolphins, sharks, whales, etc., that they loved playing with all afternoon in the pool on Saturday. I love your Pagoda, clematis and I know I have the other one :) They are all blooming their heads of right now! It's magical to see. I can't believe July is almost half over. Stop, already! ;)

    1. Oui..HALTE!

      Flying by..

      sharks and whales and pools:) and beaches..

      It's 112 F on our balcony right now..I almost fainted 2 days ago heavy today I painted..and vacuumed part of the cool gaage.
      Those bell shapes are so floriferous!
      I wanted to chop down a few things and transplant others..when it will be cooler;)
      Do we love our boys or what?♥

  11. I remember when you were impatient for spring and for summer to come!! And now look at you, with lovely summer stories to share! I had a Flower Rose lady at a farmer's market not want me to take her photo. She was surrounded by beautiful flowers, but she was grouchy! I figure it was just her nature, not just about photos...
    Are the beach pictures in Maine? I love the white daisies & ceramics. I am slowly building a collection of all white dishes & my little white pitchers look lovely with lavender stalks in them. Ps We just got back from another trip to Québec!!

    1. You are THE QC spokesperson for know that don't you?:)
      The beach pics are from here..not 5 minutes away.

      All all time favorite truth be told.

      I bought a book today Rita.I love it..The Secret Garden Pop Up Book♥
      When I buy an illustrated book I think of you!

  12. I always love your photos but that one of the daisies in the white pitcher made me feel so happy. It is art! Artist can be crazy about their creations - but I'm with you - loosing business is worse.

    1. Nothing particularly special either..dried flowers in various containers;)

      Oh well..I should let it go by now:)

      Thanks Tricia!

  13. That dealer doesn't realize what she missed out on. You would have made her "dried" flowers come alive with your photography skills. Ha!
    Glad you are enjoying a blissful summer. Today, we had a hot afternoon. I went out at 2, returned home wilted. Went back out a few hours later to go to the grocery where I treated myself to a salted caramel gelato.

    1. I wilted as soon as I sat in my car..sauna..
      I won't hear enough of that from me in March!
      Take care Sarah

  14. That vintage canister set could not be any sweeter. It would be nice to have a little cottage on our property just to fill with those types of items. Like a baking cottage :-) Now I'm dreaming! I can just imagine your town in the summer.

    I took a break from going to work early today so I could visit some blogs :-) Always a pleasure to visit you.

    1. Alas my potting shed is filled with a potting bench...shelves filled with only gardening tools and pots..a radio..Jacques lawn tractor..shovels , rakes.
      It is finished not for being pretty inside..just outside..but sturdy..
      Hope you are enjoying summer!

  15. Hello, Nana,

    Beaucoup de joie de vivre sur ton blog, de magnifiques photos, des textes agréable avec une pointe d'humour. J'ai passé un bon moment ici.
    Bel été à toi en toute amitié.


    1. Je viens tout juste d'aller vous je dois dire que de vous lire et de voir vos photos..sont de beaux cadeaux.
      Je me suis abonnée..
      Bonne soirée~ et merci de vos partages.

  16. Now you have me singing! Love that song! And love this day. Summertime is looking good!

    1. I enjoy old tunes:)
      And lazy days of summer:)

  17. Just catching up this morning and enjoying all your beautiful photos and words... I LOVED Friday Night Lights. I was so sad when the series ended. =) Texas football... and Friday nights. blessings and hugs ~ tanna
    ps love your beach painting of the alphabet boys!

  18. Oh, those beautiful summer days! Another enchanting post from you - and I would take home that automobile! Happy July days, Nana!

  19. I love these little white flowers, you can tell that they are good-tempered and a little shy.