Sunday, May 22, 2016


I am still under the spell of fresh greens and new pinks..
My tulips opened indoors much to my happiness.
So not all was lost.
The flowering almond continues to dazzle and attract the bees..
Our crabapples are going to EXPLODE this week...they are half bloomed!
The bleeding hearts are bleeding♥
The Forget- Me- Nots ..are unforgettable..
..the ferns continue to by day by day.

Our litle town is dotted in bubble gum so gorgeous..
The crabapples..huge bouquets  of them everywhere making everywhere you look a picture from a beautiful travel book.

This time of year..
we eat very simply..

that lovely pasta /tomato dish know we place a bowl in the sun w/ tomatoes and EVOO and garlic..and basil and kalamatas or capers..and let everything ,macerate all day.....then simply add cooked pasta and top w/ more basil and cheese♥

Or ..what I love to take some leftover rotisserie chicken and make what my mom made for me..

except differently..

she would use a can of cream of mushroom and a can of cream of was the thing in the 50's and early 60's..sometimes..asparagus..and add chicken and peas..

I do basically the same thing..  but no cans... sauté mushrooms and French shallots... some thyme..peas..some red or orange pepper and remove..add butter..and flour and broth..and some cream..

add the chicken..and spoon into and over and all around..

and there you have Chicken a la King:)

So easy on garden days.. I must have hard gardened 3 straight hours Friday..
By 5 PM..I was done.:)

Things change in a mere 16 years..!

Meanwhile..our Brocante opened the weekend  before last..but my first visit was this past  Saturday.
I will always love this place..I have been going for 40 years I guess..not quite sure..

So many vendors..aisles and aisles and barns full..! Barnfulls? Full barns?
I would need to spend a day uploading pics..but my visits give you an idea..une petite idée..of what it is like.
I bought nothing..was looking for an inkwell..they had many but not what I was looking for.

You can see how many temptations there are..

One lady has gorgeous linen pinafores..short.. to wear over things..another had at least 3 things I loved..cotton/linen..
very boho..♥

One gentleman breaks my heart..he is British..and has a very old car..his hands tremble..(I am very observant of these things..) and he  smokes a lot..he has beautiful items..this week in particular..he had Toby mugs..quite a selection..someone bought 3..I asked him for an inkwell  ..he didn't have..I bought that tea strainer/sifter from him last year..his accent is charming..but there are so many stories in his eyes..I am hoping he has a family that cares..and that he is not alone in the world..
If he was to read this he would probably think I was nuts..
he's probably happy...healthy and wealthy:) 
We get feelings though don't we?

And  last but not least my little "artistes",Max..was out plein air painting at his home♥..his home:)  and Oli ..sitting on the porch:)..

I picked up the box on Varage glad they use it.


I loved Saturday..first green tea and Riviera yogurt,a muffin..then the brocante..then,we all went for dinner at Mylène and Alain's and Noah's and Giuliana and Adamo's...too much food..(as if someone was forcing me.;) )..a fire at dusk..with Alain playing guitar..singing..Giu also.. our girls..and Adamo with us..just relaxing and toasting marshmallows..
The full moon..all 4 Littles running into Noahs' room coming out in Noah's pyjamas..:)
Hard to explain perfection.
Grateful♥For yesterday.


  1. I don't think I've ever had such a wonderful time waiting for a pot of rice to finish cooking!! We customarily have Sunday dinner up at DD's half of the house, and we're just waiting to carry up our rice and tea and cucumber/tomato salad, to go with her fabulous Pork Roast in Gravy and some roasted broccoli.

    I've sat here and looked my eyes full of this fabulous SPRING of yours---the photos are stunning, and I've enjoyed every step of the journey. The buds!! The Trees!! The whole neighborhood of Bleeding Heart Fairy Condos, where everything is rosy and everyone sleeps sweetly, rocked by the gentle breeze. And that lampshade!! I just shamelessly today pointed out the Google site for Victorian Lampshades to Chris, for it's a couple of months til my birthday and I always adamantly refuse to give him any hints---he picks the most wonderful presents on his own.

    And could that BE an ICEBOX??? It's for all the world like the first one I remember from when I was about four, and we'd just moved into our new house. It took several months to pay for the new Philco, and so we had the use of my Mammaw's former one for that time.

    The little china couple are simply charming---I want them to have just bidden Good Night to the last party guest, and they're having a final sip or two with their feet up, discussing how much champagne M. Robineau had, and that unfortunate dress his wife was wearing.

    I make up little stories about simply EVERYTHING, and must take me away to the dinner finishing.

    Thank you for this lovely interlude!!


  2. :)
    The lampshade was a favorite of have great taste:)

    Yes an icebox but I have seen older and better..and that couple at the end..telling stories to each other themselves..

    you are fortunate like we are to have family so so close..

    Spring takes a long time getting here so it had better be stunning!:)
    Have a lovely evening!

  3. What a lovely life you live! We're having our own "Funky Junk" sale at our shop this coming weekend, hopefully it will turn out awesome goodies such as yours. So thrilled to see your little one taking after his Nana in painting, you are truly an inspiration :)

    1. I show the nice parts Bev:)But thank you!!!
      And as for the boys..they are so well loved by their moms and dads..I don't think we are inspiring..but they are so sweet to us:)

  4. Just so full of gorgeousness..I have missed a few posts..each just exquisite as the next..
    I agree..what a "beautiful" life!

    Many bessings

    1. I'm just showing the pretty:) You are as sweet as ever ♥

  5. I just popped some French shallots in the mail to you!
    Wonder what they call them here?

    1. Echalottes francaises?
      I wonder..could be different..:)

  6. Un vrai bonheur toutes ces fleurs dans le la saison des brocantes ! Tu as un artiste à la maison ! Belle journée

    1. Ce sont deux de mes ptits-fils♥
      Oui le Québec se réveille..nous anticipons ce réveil longtemps..:)

  7. Oh Monique...those bleeding hearts are simply adorable! Love all your spring photos...they bring back memories of my Michigan years. This is also the month we went foraging for morels. Divine.
    I'm with flea markets! The best finds there. Aren't those bowls tempting? Glad I didn't see those, where would I put them? Downsizing isn't any fun, but I'm sticking to it.
    Love happy days like yours!

    1. I am sticking to it also..I mean look at all those temptations:) Everything is pretty..unique..not big box store..stories to tell:) But how many bowls do we need? Vintage pyrex..that man has a whole barn area inside set up..a trip down memory lane and more..and he's nice..I asked if I could take the pics and he said yes with a smile..
      summers here are so nice..but it's like Michigan..we yearn for it's sweet:)
      Thanks Barbara!

  8. Oh my, your post is full of gorgeous photos, today. Love the greens and does scream of Spring. Your feelings of the gentleman at your Brocante may have been true. I get feelings about people, too. Sensitive souls? May be! Oh, I see Pyrex them. I had one that belonged to my grandmother. It had to have been at least 70 years old. I believe in using your beloved things and I was using my bowl to take scraps to the compost bin. On the way back into the house, I fell going up the steps and broke my bowl. I was heartbroken. I'm such a sentimental person. I saved the remnants and when I have saved enough broken china or bowls, I'm going to tile the top of a table. And there in the center will be a large chunk of my grandmother's yellow Pyrex bowl.

    1. I am the exact same way..such a sentimental person..
      I wonder what determines that in a soul?
      And I hate that feeling when something sentimental breaks..not sure if you have noticed a broken piece off a vase that says Petals?

      It smashed into so many pieces..but Petals was was my favorite part of the vase..but I had no sentimental attachment to when it broke..and I saw Petals..I thought good enough;)Poor Oli had bumped into the baker's rack..he looked at me..and I said;"Who cares Oli?"..Nana is not upset at was an accident.
      So GREAT being a NANA!!
      Have a great day:)

  9. Every time you post Monique it is a feast for all the senses! I can almost smell the blooms! So pretty! I am guessing a Brocante is like a huge car boot sale? I love yard sales, etc. I have not been to one in years. They do all those things over here on Sunday's so I never get to go to them. I see the table! :-). Your wee grandsons, so cute and obviously quite creative too! Chicken a la King , so good, so retro. I make my sauce from scratch also. I love, LOVE your rooster plates! Simply gorgeous! I hope you have a lovely week! Xoxo

    1. Bonjour Marie!

      This is a huge market..I cannot call it a flea market because I have been to some and they have been "junky" please forgive the word..

      this was started by a gentleman and his is involved....I would say 40 years go..but maybe longer..
      it's a five star location..and the goods are 5 star..
      the land is across the a huge pond..we park near the ponds..the view is so pretty.
      I can't even imagine how many vendors..the tables..booths..meander throughout the charming property..there are also gorgeous barns filled to the rafters..there is a food place also..:) Very charming..outdoors..
      there is one weeping willow that is majestic..the owner has lovely gardens..
      I know I am going on and on..but it goes on and on..every Sat..May 7th right through till end of October.
      It is beautiful..And in this case I could not be more sincere in my praise:)
      I go early..I live minutes away ..It is a treasure to this small town♥
      Marie thank you for every nice thing you say..and for years!

  10. Love all the bubble gum pink colors, gorgeous! Your flowers always make me smile! What a wonderful recipe (Chicken a la King) on a garden days. Thanks for the idea, I'll make it! Your Brocante has so many amazing treasures, I know I would find something pretty!! Love the artists at work ♥
    Hugs, Jody

  11. A wonderful weekend for certain...peaceful, relaxing, and special moments...yes, quite perfect. I spent time in our antique mall...some lovely items.. It appears that your spring is bursting around you....beautiful...

    1. It happens all at once Kate..the ey has to be alert to not miss a glimpse..every hour it seems to change! I love this time of year..:)

  12. Things are looking less like spring and more like summer here every day. 82F today! I wish it didn't happen so quickly as I love this time of year so much. So many pretty blossoms on your trees. And look at your young, budding artists! ♥ I wish we had a wonderful flea market like that near us! I have an antique ink well that my mother found during her antique bottle collecting phase. You may have caught a glimpse of it in my pastry post filled with pansies. I'll bet you'll find one soon...somewhere. Your Chicken a la King looks delicious! I have simple dish I make with celery, onions, peas, broth and serve over rice. Now I have a new idea for our rotisserie chicken. Your biscuits look delish!

    1. Same here..summertime weather even pretty..
      The inkwell is absolutely ringing a bell but for some reason I can't see the image in my mind:(
      Yet I can say the alphabet backwards quickly:)
      I think I will find one..
      Have a great day Susan!

  13. Bleeding hearts and forget me nots-some of my faves. And that rooster plate would SO work for me. And that boy has perspective! Something I have never been able to accomplish. But no one ever gave me a box!

    1. You know..that might be box:)

      I wounder if the plates are still available..I have a set of 4 w/ 4 dessert plates..they are special..the brand is Queen's made in Malaysia..I think from Homegoods USA.. years and years ago..

  14. I showed Joe your little artists this morning and he said we will be doing similar things with Xavier :-) The forget-me-nots are so prolific this year at my camp. Love the bleeding heart.

    1. Oh you will! Isn't is uncanny that once you are a start safekeeping ideas for the fututre..or even for now certain that very moment when you have one to love♥

  15. Love all of your photos. I would have loved to attend your brocante. That iron bed is beautiful. So is your chicken a la king. It is a great idea to let your tomatoes stew all day. Love the boys painting.

    1. Your name is on the brocante:)
      You would enjoy it so much:)Not that you need anything;)

  16. Your little place looks like a picture out of a story book Monique, love all the dainty flowers. Time with family is always so wonderful wish we could bottle it up and save some of it for later, lovely post.

  17. Bleeding hearts and forget-me-nots are so pretty. I don't have any. Your gardens are so lovely. Love seeing your little artist, taking after Nana. What a fun outing! I love exploring those kinds of places. I alo thank you for posting the Chicken a la King. I have completely forgotten about making that.

    1. I kow it dates me:)
      C'est la vie..

      Honestly..I am grooming my awakening gardens..and I thought of your extensive ones..again kudos to you and your love.

  18. The artist's box is wonderful. How fun to see them using it.
    Sounds like a busy and beautiful Saturday. I was enchanted with your story about the elderly vendor. How wonderful! I hope he has someone who takes care of him too. We were busy in the garden Saturday and all week! I am aching!

  19. Such beautiful crisp fresh these!
    So wonderful that your littles are being artists...remember to save a few♥️
    That chicken a la king looks like it could be in a magazine....truly!
    Had a very busy weekend...and busy here at home...pool is open!
    Had our first BBQ and ate outside...have pasta and potato salads made for tomorrow...
    It is hot,eh? A/C is on.....Geesh....
    Your weekend sounds delightful...
    Enjoy the week...
    Linda :o)

    1. It's so nice..summer weather..80's etc..but perennials look quite tired in the hot afternoon sun..watering ban is on..already no pesticides and no water..I can water the baskets and veggies by hand..
      Miss V in the pool:)

  20. So beautiful, all of it.... xo

  21. Absolutely beautiful post Monique , Hugs and love :)

  22. Wow, so many beautiful pictures in one post! I would definitely get lost in that amazing market :)