Sunday, August 14, 2016

Miel~Honey~ bzzzzz

So what's all the buzz about?:)
I have the pleasure of presenting to you Isabelle Lamberts' new cookbook..Miel..which means every recipe has Miel /Honey in it..
I am not a stranger to her beautiful books..I have ..



and now..Miel..

Isabelle is a French blogger /author..that I am so proud of..I saw an interview with her and literally had do feel a sense of when  one of our Olympians wins something..I think everyone is guilty of this:) Even if we are not related..seeing someone succeed and do it well is inspirational and fills us with pride for them.

Isa..that I "met" at her blog..Les Gourmandises d'Isa..
is so all aspects of baking and cooking..not once have I made something from her blog or books that did not turn out perfectly.
This book has over 200 pages and I must applaud the photos too..they are spot on perfection.
The recipes are clear and concise well as the format.
Bright..and beautiful.
I am a foodie what can I say?
The book covers the appetizers right up to dessert and then some.♥

I love to prepare food for my Littles usually go to a cabinet I have in the kitchen that has a plate rail..and below an open counter that has various cloches../glass recipients..that hold what I have baked..the Littles go directly there:)
So yes..even though the word is cliché and getting worn and old..I am one.

We had rain all day Saturday..

and I felt like playing after I had done some small chores..
playing meant trying one of Isa's recipes..and then practicing some lessons I recently took.
I signed up for Kim Klassen's Still Sunday photography workshop..along with that,came and intro to Lightroom..(which I really had not used..I go to Photoshop..and even at that I am skimming the surface of the surface..)..anyway it came with that intro..and some KK presets.
So I applied little things I using linen etc..cropping square..and applied some of her filters.
The filters suited the day.. the mood.
It's so nice to hear rain when you have not in a while..we have a metal roof and you hear it ever so slightly..
Jacques had some lovely music playing..


I love the book!  Isa's..
I love the Still Sunday class..Kim's
And I loved the rain..
I will make more of Isa's recipes when we finish the sweets I already have..
For my first recipe..I chose..a cheesy savory appetizer..

Jacques loves blue cheese..and I love wine;)
These are for a wine and cheese my opinion:)

La Recette~
Courtesy of Isabelle Lambert,from her book..

1 cup of  roquefort
1/3 cup room temp butter
1 cup flour
2 tsps of honey.
Mix all the ings in a bowl until you have a firm dough..roll into a 2 inch diameter log..wrap and refrigerate 2 hours or freeze 30 minutes.
Slice by 1/4 inch rounds and bake on parchment in a pre-heated 320F oven for ap..13 minutes..
I baked mine a bit longer..
A delicacy.

We watched the finale of The Great British Baking Show and of course I cried:)
Especially when Ian cried..and Nadiya won..
And Tamal♥

Then we watched The Chef's Table../Netflix..
so great.

Meanwhile..Sunday grey and humid until 4.30..still.. I had to walk about and see what was happening..or not happening..

Not beets..  in the ground since spring..and the size of radishes..

so in came the leaves..

The tomatoes are all from our garden..the orange ones are Sun Gold Susan..I checked:)
It's that time of year when production is higher than usage..we are so lucky to be able to grow food.
Pretty food.
This is when the sun came out and I was on 800 ISO and ++ Exposure compensation..
Do I sound like I know what I am talking about? LOL I don't.
I am just trying to tell you why it's overexposed:)
so..we have been eating a lot of this:)

When it was still dark and humid..earlier..the anemones were still gorgeous.

They are stellar in gardens..and I encourage you to grow them:)

My small garden endeavour..

When Isabelle first told me she was writing "Miel"  I had recently bought Creative Girl..Danielle Donaldson..and an image inside struck I tried my best to make it look like a DD creative almost copying but I added  twists  w/ ribbon.. and hair.. and a charm.. and stamps.
I saved a photo of it:)
How could I resist w/ a beehive hat?
More to come from Isa's book.

By the way.. when I published some Citron recipes..I was asked if her books were available in English..I have good news..Citron will be in stores August 20th..naturally called LEMON♥

And out came the sun♥


  1. Well if that's not a fun weekend, I don't know what is. Full of life you are, dear friend. I didn't even know you could still set your own apertures, etc. That will be a fun course. We need some rain and it was forecast, but didn't get any. But, the weather has cooled, in the 80's, which is so rare and wonderful.

    1. Back to outdoor work today! Sun is shining..light is changing..grass is long..and deadheading and trimming in the program.
      I don't mind ..makes me appreciate painting more:) And baking..WE got quite a bit of rain..everyone looks fresher in the gardens.
      Her class is so gentle and 'Artsy"..she is such a good can just her videos..and she is calm..I must admit if I see a class w/ a very wired teacher..I a not attrcated to it..kind of like screaming on talk shows/cooking shows..I am so past that fake

  2. The recipe for the savory crackers sounds very good. Maybe I can squeeze a batch out to take to the shore. Everyone loved the savory crackers last year. But first I have to try to make some starfish cookies (request of little miss!). Your tomato pasta dish also looks wonderful. Nothing like fresh tomatoes. Maybe next year I will do a pot of them (they were planned but then the fall...). Rain on a metal roof must be nice. Rain steadily falling instead of deluges from the sky sounds wonderful. We are still hot and humid but all the kids were up swimming in the pool, even Lillian was in for a while.

    1. Baby Lillian:) You're going to have a ball at the shore Terry:)
      You have tolike roquefort which J does..a lot..there;s always someking of blue in the fridge:)You and Susan will appreciate next summer soo much!

    2. I do like Roquefort but have blue cheese in fridge so might use that this time.

    3. You may think about baking a bit longer..not sure about where you are but it's been sooo humid..everything softens here.

  3. Monique, your little bee hive girl is totally adorable. I would frame her!
    Rainy day here in TX too. It has been so nice. We opened some windows on the sun porch that are protected by the porte-cochére. Love hearing the gentle rain fall and the fresh smell in the air. The garden looks so happy with it's freshly washed leaves. Everything perking up, smiling with relief from the terrible heat recently. Our week is supposed to bring more of the same. Highs in the 80s and rain. Amazing for August!
    Visited a bee ranch this past week. My garden club will visit this fall, and I wanted to check it all out. Now I'm planning some my centerpiece for lunch and some honey treats to serve. ;-)

    1. This book would have been ideal..oh Sarah you need that mold..the one..w/ all the's failproof! And it would be stunning!Isabelle has included 2 recipes for that mold in her beautiful book..that sounds like have such nice outings Sarah:)Love the sound of rain..less on holiday!

  4. Fun to read about the cookbook, Monique. Sounds like a great one and am looking forward to more recipes from it. I do love savory crackers like these.
    Cute rain video....I wouldn't mind a day of rain right about now!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful cookbook. After all who does't love honey! Thank you for the photography link, we just switched to Lightroom and I'm in the middle of a huge learning curve.
    Those anemones are incredibly beautiful!!

    1. The class..includes the LR mini course..I am still not getting would think I would try and get it..I am a subscriber..per month w/ CC..Creative Cloud..
      I know everyone LOVES honey!

  6. How exciting the one cookbook will come out in english! What beautiful tomatoes and lovely painting. I hope the honey cookbook is made available in english too!

    1. They should make all her books available in English too:).Isabelle is originally from should see her macarons:)

  7. merci, merci pour tout Monique : pour tes compliments qui me font chaud au coeur, pour tes photos qui sont magnifiques, pour ta peinture qui est accrochée dans mon bureau et pour ta fantastique recette qui est dans Miel :)

    1. C'est moi qui te remercie..c'est un petit velours de se faire choisir pour pour recevoir en cadeau tes superbes livres.C'est un honneur.Que j'apprécie beaucoup.

  8. I love your blogs M but now you've added a little video. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. We haven't had a good rainy day here in ages. Good to see you taking Lightroom lessons. I have never used it but either one, PS or LR, it adds a fun dimension to the craft. BTW, I bookmarked Kim Klassen.

    1. She has such a nice calming effect..I chose the Still sunda but she has many others and her textures..well I must have been hiding under a rock as I have heard her name for years and never investigated..she just is so nice..

      but could give classes too.

  9. Your photos are absolutely stunning Monique!!

    1. Carol..thanks so much.Great encouragement for me.

  10. Nice and colourful Mon...and the pasta! Your one talented person Mon your blessed~
    I started a FB page Collage of the day....but I don't have any talents so I just put picture's that I like in a collage! Have a great day...☀️💛🍒

    1. I should go on FB..I just don't want to:(
      You sell yurself have great're a great cook..I keep telling you:)

      It must be going out the other ear:)

  11. I know that Mon I just mentioned it to you! And if hasn't gone out the other ear... Mon , only the that I do agree with you is cooking other then that no other talents ... have a nice day Mon! !Di☀️💛🍒

  12. Your pics are spectacular! Awwwww....spoiler alert...I did not see the last GBBS yet...but I had a feeling that would be the case.It is my Sunday delight, as that is when they show it here. I am sorry that it is soon over.
    Bisous xoxoxo

    1. Oh no so sorry..Linda I thought it was you that told me about Chef's Table..yes Netflix..very good..The first epi we watched was about Massimo Bottura..Modena..Alain Ducasse..Massimo's lovely wife..2 children..his resto in of the top 5 in the world..very very would love it..
      Right now..he is in Rio..feeding the poor...
      Oh it's right up your

  13. I love your little DD girl Monique. I did one of those also and I really enjoyed doing it. I love all of your art anyways. You have a beautiful style and your calligraphy, so pretty. I Loved the card you send me. It is truly a treasure to me. I have never seen any of Isabelle's books. This honey one looks a real winner, and your crackers/biscuits look fabulous! I would love those. Your little painting of the tomatoes. So lovely and that salad. I wish I could just reach through the screen and taste it, it looks so delicious. I love LOVE beet greens. Over here, they mostly throw them away. You can find the beetroot in the shops to cook, but no greens attached. I will hopefully grow my own next year. We will see how it goes. Love the rainy window. All that you do is just lovely my dear friend. Such a talent you have. The wasps are out in full force here now. We have had a kind of a dry summer and that means more wasps. Blah! I hate them. Nasty beasts. Not like bees which are so lovely and useful. Have a great week! xoxo

    1. You are so right about wasps..and yellow jackets..I know the feel of their sting..bees..I can bee right beside them picking tomatoes..they are so harmless and beautiful..and busy..
      Well I find you have so much talent..I think what happens Marie is we see others works and we feel that there is so much room for my case..I always tell Jacques..I am a Jack of all trades..a master of none.
      But I thank God for my hobbies.
      I would have been a lost soul w/out..these last 6 years..
      Have a beautiful day..I bet you can kick those DD girls up quite a few nothes w/ your

  14. Your Beet leaves look gorgeous in that vase! Do you cook these? My mom always cooked the beet tops...💕
    I know nothing about all the settings on my least you are trying to understand! I have no patience for that!
    Love your are a true artiste mon ami!
    We got some rain here on Sunday...tomorrow more coming...I am very happy to be fiddling around inside with my crochet!!
    Enjoy your evening..
    Linda :o)

    1. We are having more rain tomorrow too!
      We spent a few hours outside today..mowing.. much needed it..but so HOT..I was dripping....anyways everything looks kind of how I like it..freshly vacuumed:) I like neat and tidy....makes me nuts.
      Enjoy your evening too..:)

  15. The cookbook sounds great and honey makes it even better. I've heard "Chef's Table" is good and want to watch it.

    1. It is an excellent tastefully and richly done..we enjoyed our initiation:)

  16. Love your miel card! The cookbooks sound and look delicious! xo

    1. She is an exceelent cookbook author:)
      The books are clean lines you:)
      You have DD's book:) Have you tried?
      You would be great and Isobel too..
      Hottest summer in years here ...
      like California maybe:)

  17. Lovely cookbooks....Thanks for sharing. So glad the cookbook can also be in English. Your sweet miel card look lovely. I am sure your classes will take our photos over the top. They are already beautiful.

  18. Beautiful cookbooks and they make a perfection collection for you. We walked by a darling shop selling honey and olive last evening and I told Joe they would make such nice gifts. How fun to take art classes...I love that your grandkids look in the jars for treats :-)

    1. Geez, sorry about the typos. I am typing on my phone.

    2. are writing to the queen of typos..I am ashamed on IG..I use my mini for that and oh boy..don't worry:) I no u coud win aspeling be.
      I think like you..I see something and think..what a cute gift this would make:)

    3. I have to your grandchildren like lemon desserts?

    4. I am not sure..Noah..will eat anything:) Even escargots...Adamo and Giulianna do eat lemon...
      (loved that question:)..but Oli..Max and Lucas..not sure..their mom is not a big fan:)

  19. I had to Google the difference between Sun Gold and Sun Sugar. The only difference I found was that some people think Sun Gold is more prone to splitting after a rain. Have you had that problem? I haven't had any splitting on Sun Sugar but my Tumbling Toms do split. I think I'm over TT and will always plant Sweet Million and Sun Sugar. They are prolific and neither have split. I have a big container full of them that I am using to make pasta sauce today :) ~and refrigerator pickles from the cuke harvest. I feel like you, that I have only scratched the surface of the surface with both LR and PS. I will check out Kim's class! My boys always ask if I've made cookies when they arrive :) Looks like lots of rain in our forecast later this week. Those poor people in Louisiana! Thank you for telling us about Isabelle's English version of Tarte. The savory cookies sound wonderful and I'm a Roquefort lover :) Hopefully, her other books will get published in English one day. For some reason I can't grow root vegetables either - or radishes, although I've tried and tried. Probably not enough sunshine. Love your beehive girl and your veggie sketch ♥

    1. My red cherry tomatoes split..very few but they do:)
      It's the most beautiful rain right now..steady..heavy enough to hear..but light.
      We are in rain mode right now..My tomatoes get tons of sun..I miss my huge shade tree!
      I wonder why about the root veggies..Alain's beets are HUGE!
      Thank you..:) I miss seeing your paintings..although I see one every tulips♥

  20. I LOVE your tomatoes! Love that "garden effort" -- it's so fresh and unique: it's all YOU.

    1. You have made an impression on me today that will last ..when I am in my craft room..TRYING.
      Thank you Vivian.

  21. And here is what I love: Your baking, cooking, photography, painting (!!!), and love for others and pride in them...What the world needs now, is more La Table de nanas!!!!
    I like that British baking show...

  22. Oh, and I forgot gardening, among other things!

  23. My anemone have completely taken over the garden, luckily I love them. Beautiful photos Monique!

    1. Me too luckily I love them..they really are beauties graceful.

  24. wow-what a great post and the beautiful black eyed susie. I have forgotten what rain looks like-we do not get it anymore in So. Cal. Have a great day.

  25. Oh glory! I love being back home so I can catch up on your wonderful posts and now I have to get these books. Well, Lemon, I suppose, since I might struggle a tad with the rest. That appetizer recipe sounds wonderful -- I must save that one and give it a try. I'm headed to Canada on Friday and our time there always includes a bookstore visit so I may come home with Lemon if it is already in English!

    Your summer sounds so wonderful. Wine and roquefort -- my favorite! I so love your garden endeavour!

  26. Jolies photos, jolie recette mais quelle pluie !!!!! ;-)