Thursday, July 5, 2018

Heat Wave~Watercolors~Recipes~Links~

As you have probably heard..QC is having a heat wave~ Many other places too I am told..yet BC had summer snow flurries..:(:(

I am loving the sun and blue skies.

I find this hot weather has given me a vacation at home.

You just cannot garden in the 90's and 100's.

You water your pots..make sure your chicken has plenty of water..and.. well you spend time inside...
This is the first home we have owned that has AC..perfect as we are older now..;)
My daughter did invite us to swim in her pool..but we were just right inside:)

It's cherry time so I made my fave cherry cake from here..I have been making it since I found it.. as it is AMAZING..almond and cherries are a perfect match.

So here's le scoop..

I always used a single cherry pitter as I mentioned..I
 but now I use this fab 6 cherry pitter..Bridget mentioned hers.I found one at Amazon Canada and went for it.It's a keeper.
Mine is Starfrit.
Have you ever seen a cherry growing with another cherry together? This was my first..a perfect little ♥ growing conjoined with a large normal cherry.

The other keeper is this 9 inch Norpro Springform type pan.I forget where I read about it..but mine are old and rusting in spots..this one has  a glass bottom..the cake came out perfectly..I didn't even flip it as I always have...and I added more slivered almonds on top.

Those muffins were pretty grand too..recipe is here..To me coffee and a muffin are  a sin come true.

We bought figs..disappointing.I love them pink and juicy..oh well I baked some up w/ riotta..honey..pistachios..edible.

But I want the juicy ones.
That top treat is from Marie..You can find her angel cake recipe here.I had fun making a naked cake out of it♥
Thank you Marie~
I bake when it's really hot and when it's really cold..and in between all that;)

So what do I do apart from checking Varage Sale..;)and doing le stricte minimum in my gardens during une canicule?

I decided to try a few color mixing charts..
Scratchmade Journal was my link to how to do one that I could understand..
Here is a link..well above..;)

So ..I still don't get them.

I love that you see what mixing one color w/ another's a form of education and gosh they are pretty.

But don't mess up.

In my Sennelier 12+6..I omitted a green..added it later.It throws everything off.

I still don't even know how to do different method color charts.

And even though my memory can be quite good thank you God..

Paints are like crochet to me.I have to refresh my memory every time if I am not doing it all the time:(

That's why remotes are scary and foreign to me.

If I use a remote twice a should I remember which of J's 10 remotes do what.How?

I have loved sitting inside in the cool..painting charts and then painting something w/ those paints..different papers etc.
I find I do love Hot Press too.
I love Hahnemuhle..Legion..Strathmore..Arches..St-Armand..
Even Yupo.
I love paints and papers like I love plants and gardening and baking and baking tools..

Nothing compares to my Littles of course;)

We will be havingNoah's Bday lunch and shop date;) 10.
Double Digits.
One of his gifts was a hamster.Chocolate.

The hampster's house is perfect for Noah.:):)Enough architectural wings to keep him interested..The hampster..;)Varage Sale is AMAZING.

I've done more color charts and will keep talking about them:)

I do want to say that a lovely surprise while doing the that..Prima Tropicals..rock.
Above you see the Classics..I prefer the Tropicals.....
and Raphael travel....I did not like at all.They are not above either.

Bon weekend!!


  1. all your recipes look delicious. I love cherries Monique.
    And I love the hamster house, veautiful!
    (Esperanza of course had hamsters and ...mouses lo)
    Still we have two bunnies and two dogs ....
    When you talk aboutthe hot weather I think how will be here,,, I dont like so much hot time only I love swim and the fruits :)
    But is the seasons story.
    Send you hugs and love Monique and thanks for sharing all the beauties!

    1. Thank you know it is hot and outside can be very uncomfortable..but I have a home..and cool air and indoor hobbies so we are fine.I prefer this to freezing because in freezing weather even indoors it's coolish..
      Lots of leggings and slippers and sweaters;)

      All very good recipes..
      Oh that hamster..I met him today..escape artist.she had to glue all those wings shut from the outside;) LOL..

    2. haha, Hamster are funny and the kids love them !

  2. I had no idea it gets that hot up that far north. It is 80 in the morning here and 100 during the day and rarely rains in summer. I have to garden early or late and water and water. I just ate a container of those Ranier cherries last night. I'm sure I'd have enjoyed them in a cake more. I haven't been baking since it got so hot and will probably wait till fall. I am just trying to stay out of trouble and enjoying the season. Each day I try to accomplish something. I just got back from the farm covered in tick bites and itching. Won't go back for three months. I spent some time gathering wild plants, roots and bark, etc.

    1. WE now have ticks never heard of tics we have them..I used to traipse through the wild gardens of the golf course for photos..I don't anymore.The thought of Lyme disease..freaks me out.Literally.

      I am sure you know..

      It is an unusually long heat wave..we do get hot and humid in summer..but this is unusual..
      We were out w/ Noah today..he gets soo hot!!:)
      Had fun.
      I love kids.♥

    2. I think that picture of Noah is precious. I hope it is not in his bedroom. We learned that the hard way. The little boogers play all night and run around those wheels non-stop. Noah must be enchanted. Next, he needs a ferret. The ticks stay in the shady areas and a limb was in the middle of the road and I had to get out and move it. They all ran up my legs. These are the seed ticks that are only about as big as a grain of salt. You can only see them moving and feel their sting, but they make big marks and I am itching. Hate them. Yes, ticks in the northeaster US carry Lyme disease. Down here it is Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

    3. Right now the hamster and house are in the bathtub ..until she knows all areas are sealed lol.We had a hampster when the girls were young too😂Buddy got away..Jacques was in a state..said Buddy would eat wiring etc..anyway we found Buddy in the dining room and all was well till he went to hampster heaven😕They had rabbits and and Jacques not an animal person.
      Yes that Lyme disease is not good at all.😢😢😢Noah has a dog..chickens..snails and now the hampster..he is not missing much☺️had fun with him today..tells us everything😂😂

  3. Dear Nana, I'm afraid this year there'll not be Summer around here. It goes on raining and the strong wind makes us think it's still winter.
    I love cherries and your suggestion is really irresistible. I love all your receipts.

    1. Soon you will be away..where summer is a constant:)It will be wonderful!!:)

  4. I love prima tropicals too. They're just wonderous colors!

    Oh, everything in this post has me smiling -- and a tad envious too. We don't have air. Last night friends invited us for dinner in air. Biggest sigh! Your baking looks divine. Too hot to bake with no air, though I may make a cold salad tonight. Lots of fruit. And the cake -- sigh! I saw that recipe at Marie's and I'm so glad it's a hit. I like the naked look here.

    And your watercolors and mixing. We are so up in arms -- stuff north, stuff here, baby not coming in a timely way. I've not been able to paint, nothing. Well, reading. So I see this and I smile and am awestruck at your beautiful work!

    Biggest hugs and keep cool!

    1. Oh I fear I would keep a stash at both homes:)
      I have not mixed decadent pies yet but I like the tropicals perhaps more than the Classics.
      Itwas fun to see I could get a real red w/ the Tropicals w/out one being in it.Red is not easy I see:) and M honeyish!
      Danile Smith is just a dream..

      Danielle Donaldson is giving away a Robax(Be still my heart) palette w/ DS colors to some lucky winners that sign up for her Bonsai class before Friday.It's on special for $35 I think until you have WIFI at the lake? You might love it..I love her washes..;)I love a lot.

      Of everything.
      Trouble is..I am being frugal w/ US purchases because of exchange..even online classes no much more.

      I have felt very lucky to have indoor hobbies this past week..and I must say..for AC.

      Oh the meals I cooked..and hair I blew dried..(lol..we were 3 girls) in homes w/out AC.
      It's going to break tonight..a small respite.

      Babies arrive when they want to arrive..look at us..a July 4th fireworks boy and we're Canadian;)

      Take care..can't wait for the news!

  5. Dearest Monique,
    Wow, your cake, decorated with some real roses looks so attractive - my kind of presentation!
    What a find that 6-cherry pitter instead of our German made 1-pitter...
    Great post.
    Hugs and enjoy these juicy summer treats!

  6. Look at that birthday boy! 🎈 Proud as punch!
    I must say are indeed the Gadget Queen!👸
    When you bake up such delicious things, I guess you need them!
    I am not a Cherry fan...never liked them as a kid...too much work with the pits!
    But you make them look so delicious in your photos!
    And your paintings!❤️ are my hero...and such a lovely person too 😌
    Ok...that’s enough from moi!😂
    Enjoy your evening....hope you get some rain relief...we had a big downpour earlier 🌧⛈🌧
    Linda :o)

    1. I am so glad we met☺️I get to see girlie things like unicorns and pink bicycles..baking cupcakes and arts and crafts..gardens and milk glass and cottages by lakes..farms and horses and the ocean🙂What's not to like!!!Omgee and crochet and X stitch!We are supposed to get rain tonight..hope so!Had fun with Noah..then Lucas dropped by..seventh heaven kind of day.
      Enjoy the lake!

  7. I’ve heard about your heat. I did not think Canada could reach those temperatures. I got to the point too that I could not go out to garden either. I however did not bake. We have AC units which keep the house cool. Thank goodness for them. I’m with you, it was just too hot and humid to think of getting in the pool. I pulled out some crotchet work yesterday to keep busy. You know I can’t paint, I get tingling in my hands. Crochet work doesn’t do it. Growing up we had hampsters. That cage is a far cry from what we had. One hamster came home from the pet shop and was gaining weight. Well she landed up having babies! Hopefully Noah’s does not do the same thing! Hope he has a wonderful Birthday outing with you and Jacques.

    1. Lol she is a I don't think she is reproducing yet..she was born to a friend of their's hampster..sounds like a distant cousin lol..

      so far the cage is in the bathtub now until she is certain Houdini cannot escape:)
      We do get very hot yr I fainted.:( I earned my
      And don't be out in the sun and I did..but my primped gardens are looking old..we had chopped back all the Miss Kim's..Diablo Ninebarks..snowberries..they sure look rough now:( Even the spireas..burnt..old..ugh..all the forget me nots are pulled..peonies done and grass s turning a lovely shade of brown.I lose interest when it doesn't make me happy:( No rain..they had predicted some..none..
      So glad you can crochet..!!:)We all need distractions..aka hobbies:) WE did have a fun outing..he's the Lego grandson..that's what he picked..I had bought him a quill pen set w/ nibs and ink and a Hogwarts stamp..he seemed very happy..Chatty Cathy:) Chatty Noah:)♥

    2. Some boys are chatty, our son in law Chris is. Frankie is not and his gadgets are all consuming. I bought some fake daisies and pencils and will try to make a version of your pens. I thought pencils for the little ones would be more appropriate. Lord knows what they would do with pens!

    3. So far all 4 boys are chatty..I totally get smart of you!!Our 2 son-in-laws can be chatty..not chatty in gossipy lol..but certainly outgoing personalities:)

    4. I’m trying to think how to leave the eraser exposed for them. And I suppose I will need to leave some of the writing tip exposed so the pencil can be sharpened. I found chunky pencils called “my first pencils”. Those I thought would be good for Lillian while Ms. 1st Grader will get the regular ones.

    5. Not sure re the exposed eraser:) Hope you show me!!:)

  8. Yeah ! is summer summer summer time!!! in Holland we have i think maybe almost 4 week long great weather hot hot hot !!...i enjoy it ...sitting much outside Reading books and enjoy the sun....tomorrow we have a Karmann ghia tour with more than 40 cars !!!...Yes Yes !..enjoy the weekend love Ria x 💕

    1. Have fun! My friends grandmother was the sportiest her Karmann:) Convertible..had it until she left..loved it!Happy summer to you!

  9. Yumm - the cherry almond sounds scrumptious! You have been so busy! Hot here as well. We are heading to the beach next weekend with our grandson. Happy Birthday to Noah!!!!

    1. Have fun! I hope you share a's been a while.I crave grandchildren updates:) A different summer.. but still a very lovely one..♥

  10. Our heat wave finally ended last night! I'm so happy to have a few days of lower temps and humidity. My hair is thankful too :) What a frightful look - LOL. Oh, you baking is making my mouth water. Such lovely delights and I will visit the links after I press 'Publish'. I will have to look for that cherry pitter too! I bought my first cherries last week. LOVE them and can eat them by the handful. Your watercolors even look cooling! A great indoor activity for those hot days. Such a awesome-looking home for Noah's new pet! Our girls had guinea pigs - would not recommend :( Hopefully, you get some relief from the heat soon also ♥

    1. LOL the pets in homes;) I am grateful no one is contemplating a pig.Many have them on IG and blogs and a couple of local people..I admire their love of them but I like them in a pen:)
      I am too picky to fall in love w/ a pig.

      I love cherries too..Bridget loves the pitter from Amazon US..certainly not a waste of $

      So grateful to have hobbies!!♥
      Lower temps today too..windy as heck but I was out there TLCing..
      In for the day now;)
      Have a nice evening!:)x

  11. These color mixing charts seem to be all the rage now ��
    I do Love your art supply photos!have a look at David Dewey on the color wheel etc.
    Its really about knowing the properties of each color since some are transparent with fine particleslike perm rose, alizarine, winsor blue and green, and ohers are opaue with large particles like the cadmiums etc. they do not always mix well together but you can add just a touch of one to the other to warm it up. I think doing blobs of color teaches you more that these diagrams IMHO. Plus dropping in a color into another color is effective. I'm not convinced these charts teach you so much. They make it like graimaire and the subjunctive. Too technical instead of intuitive and they often use far too many colors. But it is the trend on Instagram...Dont let it get in yr way of painting. I've never done these...������

    1. I appreciate your input so much.Thank you.I did find it relaxing.I just can't get color through my head yet.Your way should help:)
      I really would love to know your suggestions of 12 warms for me to use:)PLEASE..pretty please:)

  12. OK even more boring color info (all in David's book btw)
    Google: spectrum colors and law of simultaneous contrast.
    These color chart peep cant see the forest for the trees...why its so confusing. They focus narrowly on single colors instead of how one color effects another just by placing it next to another or the quantities of a red next to a green. That's how painters use color. Van Gogh is a great example of use of complimentary colors. Look at his bedroom painting - all oranges and blues. Try copying that in the simplest way and you will learn tons more about color than these charts provide IMHO.
    Its a lot like baking which you're very good at. How much baking powder, flour, cinnamon, sugar do you put into the mix. All about quantities. David says things like, "you want to change the flavor a bit, beef it up" etc.

    1. I follow recipes..I hope I am adventurous enough to learn how to really paint with colors that wow me.I will try .I have David's book..I think I bought 3 books you mentioned.I think I didn't understand.I am intelligent just seems that certain things don't register:) Like the stupid remotes!
      I will try..:)
      I know people have different strengths for learning.I married a chemical engineer..we learn NOTHING the same way..he can't teach me a interest wanders or I get frustrated..Truth.
      I am grateful someone else taught me how to drive;)
      But admire his ways..I am just engineered differently:)

  13. What an amazing Hamster condo! And Noah looks thrilled with his gift! Childhood is such a special time. Where do I start? Your cakes look so lovely, and I adore cherry anything. But I love seeing when you paint most of all. You really are such a talented artist. Everything you do is so lovely and I really like seeing your artistic interpretations of anything really. You have class. Real class. Combined with talent and a natural eye for beauty. What more can I say? Me=your biggest fan! ♥♥♥

    1. You're so nice.I have time to play.I really have no obligations work..I became somewhat of a loner a number of years ago..and discovered it's not that bad:)So apart from gardening..I have time.You are much busire than I am and accomplish so much still!
      I still would love to see an illustrtaed cookbook by The English Kitchen:)
      All you have to do is look through the yrs at how many recipes I have made of yours to see what an inspiration you have been to me.
      Thank you.

    2. Oh, thank you so much dear friend. You are good for my ego! lol You have been a great inspiration for me also, so it works both ways and thank YOU! xo

  14. Hot weather...ugh. before blogging I never knew when we had miserable weather in Chicago, someone in Canada or England could be experiencing the same thing. Amazing. Yes, stay indoors. We've had tons of humidity and that will do it for me. Now we are a bit cooler with some breezes and little moisture in the air. Loving it while it lasts!

    I'm very happy with Noah. Having a pet teaches children to be loving and responsible. And this is coming from a true lover of anything with fur

    I so enjoy your watercolors and reading about your methods. You are so very talented, and your work is unique.

    Sending love across the miles...

    Jane x

    1. Have a nice Sunday Jane:) We do know so much more now!!Noah's got pets galore ;) He always will I think..I know how much your furry friends mean to you:) :):)

  15. Bon Weekend Monique! We are finally enjoying perfect weather, it's been dry and HOT HOT HOT. You cracked me up when you said "how should I remember which of J's 10 remotes do what". Same here! Even when I try, Joe is looking over my shoulder trying to help. Impatient? Helpful :-) Not sure. We had hamsters growing up, and it teaches responsibility I feel. Happy Birthday to Noah, and he will spend hours watching those hamsters. Make sure they don't have baby hamsters...LOL...happened to us all the time.

    1. That's how this one happened..a friend's hamster got hampsters..
      LOL a kindred remote spirit!!!Yay!
      I actually hate those things..they should be spelled s-t-r-e-s-s.
      My grandsons can do it all take J's's just getting more complicated IMHO;);)
      And I am not a tech zero.I know my way around the internet;)

  16. These pictures are so luminous! They radiate summer, it's a real pleasure to look at them, to enjoy these delicate paintings

    1. Merci beaucoup Romain.Je vous souhaite un bel été!

  17. Your post gave me a smile for so many reasons. First it brought back memories of when my daughter got a hamster...Jessica was her name. She loved her but was so clever that she learned how to unscrew doors on her cage and would get out. We always knew where to find her, she would get in the bathtub but couldn't get herself out. I must try your cherry cake and have pinned. Lovely photos as always.

  18. Your painting is so lovely. I love your cherry cake too...thank you. I make it every summer. :) Making it this week for a potluck!