Thursday, August 23, 2018

Roses and muffins and painting and beetles:)

Always gleaning~


How else can one learn when at home..

I love getting recipes from blogs and IG..and Pinterest.

Thank God that old adage about not sharing recipes is a thing of the past.
Blogs and IG..and Pinterest ..all about sharing.
Thank YOU!

I love when my roses second flush..
No chafers.
Yes the Japanese Beetles but there is no comparison between the two.
Rose chafers are chafer clouds that swarm all day long.
You cannot get rid of them.At all.
A JB..doesn't  swarm.
Neither are my Bffs.

The reason why..

Eating Henry Hudson.
They love tomato plants too.

Just saying.
Pick your enemies;)

I love seeds..zinnias and calendulas..etc etc..but heck you have to be patient.. and not all take..but when they do..They're  lovely.

I am enamoured w/ petunias again thanks to an Instagrammer that recoomended Jack's Petunia fertilizer:) I can't get it here..but found some in Plattsburgh.
It was Cindy..Luluinparis 17 that told me about it:)

Some of you may remember I won an original Vivian Swift watercolor..It's on my windowsill..since;)

I asked Vivian THIS year where she had bought her 4x4 frames..and she told me.And she offered to send me some if I could not find..
I hate said..Oh no..and meant it..But that was super nice.

And..I  am like a relentless dog gnawing on the bottom of someone's jeans or a bone..when I get an idea in my head..

I looked here there and everywhere..even Hobby Lobby in Plattsburgh..Michaels..etc..
To no avail.

Lo and behold..

In a wonderful QC shop I frequent fervently..there they were..Have been playing w/ them..
and have been funny painting scenes from last year's trip..this scene..Oppède -Le-Vieux~
I think I have the painting bug..not in a serious manner but in a hobbyist's manner for certain;)
All of it..the whole shebang..
Paper ..paints..♥

If you want to bake something decadent..

Try these:)
I had fresh blueberries so did not use frozen raspberries..but just imagine w/ the raspberries too:)
Moist to the max.
You can find the recipe ..right here..Baked By An Introvert~

I am making pesto ..pesto..pesto..pesto..because of that basil..already jars of basil vinaigrette and containers of pesto..all because of those plants..that pic was taken after I had stripped cupfuls for a second batch of pesto to freeze on Monday..
It is stunning this year.That's where my garlic was:)
In closing..

wish we could all have the nature of a soon to be 9 year old..

So all 4 of our Littles play football..
Football to
I hate watching them get hurt..
I have no interest in the sport when one of ours is not on the field..
The sport makes me covet   a superzoom.
I only had brothers..they were into it:(
And it on TV.

So back to the boys..
Max and Noah are on a WINNING was 44-0 this weekend.
I see the championships in their future..  kids 10-11  ..

Oli..who was on the Provincial championship team last 8..soon soon 9..but had to stay in this younger team..
Poor Littles..Oli is the star I must say.In that team..and I feel funny even saying's like bumping into someone and you ask how their kids are..and you hear..oh he's a doctor!  And my other one has an amazing job..head of finance..

No one ever says..they are happy.Why.
Is it the accomplishments that count?

Or being happy and kind..ok smart helps etc..but let go of the accomplishments..always someone better prettier wiser.

That scoreboard? Oli did the 6 points..this after having almost scored a TD but a Little on his team did something wrong..that Oli didn't see running full throttle w/ the ball..and a red flag was dropped..who knew Oli would have to try again after having just run the field in excruciating heat w/ a 500 lb uniform and helmet on?

But he did..started all over..and scored a TD..the child knows football like an adult..even his "bros" say he is good..

This child doesn't whoop it up.. you when athletes do well and swing their fists or hands in the I am Proud and great way.. be he ever so humble.
I asked Jacques if he knew any golfers that were that humble..

He said:"It's Oli's age.."he doesn't know pride or show offship.

All I can say is God bless Oli..hope he never changes.

To see someone do so well and not show off.
Is so so lovely.

There are a few things I like about this watching parents be nice encouraging parents and not the bullies we see on TV lol..  I love seeing brothers congratulating each other.
I love seeing children active.Problem solving..thinking..camaraderie..
I also like the respectful way they act..w/ coaches etc.

One parent..I loved this..after the game...the to their teams..the boys are hot..gather in a circle for post pep talk..a few boys started taking their equipment tops off..and one dad looked and his son and said:"  ... Don't take it off"..It meant" respect the coaches and the end of the game and the talk"..3 minutes  more wearing it will not make a difference.
I liked that.

I find being disrespectful..about anything..  quite disrespectful:)

I can be very set in my old fashioned ways..
Like manners and thank you notes..and opening doors..and giving up seats..

And punctuality;)

Next year?



  1. That closeup of the zinnia - who knew? Its own little world in there. The top rose picture, is it yours? Most beautiful. My bigger grands do tai kwan do (I don't even know how to spell it) and really like it. I think they will get their black belts next. Glad they don't do football as you say, don't want them hurt. Yours have been playing for a long time. I only like watching mine too. Oh well.

    1. Yes my roses..I know..zinnias are a little world of their own..Lol We are partial nanas☺️

  2. That basil! Oh my goodness! You have a magic basil thumb :)With the move, I have had to buy mine this year, just not the same!

    1. Oh Chris:) Gardening is a passion for me:)It is the best for so many things:)

  3. Love, love your roses, and your basil. With Esperanza we plant in little pots and the last year we had beauty basil. I can't live without basil, I use for savoy and sweets ! And roses well I have to wait you know this winter was really cold and I cut someones because the gardiner never come, sigh but I think they will be ok.
    SEnd you hugs and love Monique !

    1. You too Gloria🙂🙏🏻We love basil also and I just keep making pesos and vinaigrettes☺️☺️☺️

  4. BTW Is nice the kids play and love football is so good I think. Gerardo junior love socker (aka football) and play with friends who now from his school. Im not a fan but sometimes I see some games with him lol

    1. The sport does teach them a lot!!I read numerous good things..I just have this memory of a man in yoga who told us to not let our boys play football because of long term injuries..Also I remember my oldest brother being heartbroken when he didn't make the cut for a pro football team😢Things stay with me..So now I know both names!Esperanza..I knew..🙂

    2. Yes Gerardo and Esperanza are my twins, I see like kids still but have 24 ! OMY
      Have a nice weekend!

  5. I am very old fashioned as well Monique. Perhaps it is our generation? Did we not teach the younger ones well enough? I tried, the rest is up to them. I love that your boys are sporty. Sporty boys are good boys. My boys were always athletic and they didn't get into trouble, which was a relief. I think it is good also that the parents/grandparents, etc. support them as much as possible. Our roses have ended early from lack of rain, everything is looking very tired now. but the days have been glorious in other ways. WOW your Basil. Mine went to flower too quickly, same with all of my soft herbs. I never got much harvested at all. Your paintings are just lovely. I am in awe of your talents in all areas, your muffins, your paintings, your garden. Every thing you do is so beautiful. You are also such a nice and humble person, which makes enjoying them all the more pleasurable! Thank you for all you share! You are a treasure. xoxo

    1. I am so uncomfortable around barggers.Always have been..and never into the rah rah rah of say..the motivational speakers like ARobbins..more the spiritual ones..:)
      The have to snip those soon to be blooms of at a fork..and you have to keep need pinching regularly.Basil does better out of a pot they stunt I find..These had stunted in their pots..when I harvested the garlic..I stuck the plants in there and they have thrived ever since.
      I'm a Jack of all trades..master of absolutely none except maybe the giant
      You master what you do..
      I play w/ everything..
      Would love to paint freely as if it was my nature.

      Have a beautiful day Marie!

    2. Arrgg, that's what I am doing wrong. Thanks! Bon Weekend! xo

  6. Raindrops on roses
    And whiskers on kittens
    Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
    Brown paper packages tied up with strings
    These are a few of my favorite things
    Love yr aquarelles comme d'habitude ❤️

  7. Your garden looks so lovely. That basil is amazing!

  8. How lovely the roses and zinnia are. Loving the close up shots. Your basil is pretty amazing. I am sure your recipes will really benefit from your home grown basil and garlic. As usual your paintings are so pretty. As for football, I don’t care for it. I don’t understand it, but I equally think it is a violent sport. Today’s news included High school football participation numbers dropping amid health concerns. Have a lovely weekend.

    1. I hear football..I know..I know..I just can't tell them lol..:):)I love growing rewarding....I know you love gardening too!!!Happy weekend to you!

  9. I wish I could grow better zinnias. I see them and I love them....tried them and Mehhh. They just didn't take off as I would have liked. Maybe it was the nursery. Maybe it's our shady yard. I should try again as they are spectacular when they grow well. Love the pic! Your Japanese Beetles seem to be more polite than ours here :) My roses are goners if I don't pick them off. And here, they don't bother my tomato plant at all. Lots of lovely painting going on chez toi! So happy you found the wee frames you were looking for :) I wish I had the energy of an almost 9 year old! Of course, we have one too...can't believe Mack is almost 9. His forte is baseball. He absolutely loves it and I agree with everything you say about manners in sports. Learn manners in sports and it follows through to everything in life. Be a good sport :) I need those muffins in my life soon! OMGee they look delicious. I've already made a note on my 2019 Garden Wish List for Jack's ♥ Spectacular petunias!

    1. I thought they were a lost cause..I'll take a pic of the envelope..I got a few patches that grew and they are so tall and pretty ..hard to photo ..Have you been seeing Antonio's OMGEE that guy and his flowers.
      Mine do seem a tad more polite but I ma comparing them to chafers.
      We had 3 of the Littles yesterday..I actually went to bed tired..happy tired as we always say.But they play together and on their own..Oli helped me build something at one point..Lucas was nursing a sprained ankle and Max had practice at 6.30 so he left earlier.Sweethearts:)♥You will find Jack's there!
      I never had their energy in sports..:)

  10. I feel the same about football. Fortunately there are no little in my life who play. I would not be a good spectator.
    Just today, the last of the zinnias were pulled up and trashed. The week of super hot temps again, just did it for me. This afternoon I had a helper here and he cleaned up much of what was struggling. I'll leave it as is untill we see some break in the heat. With no rain, it is impossible to keep things looking presentable or alive for that matter. Have to say, I already feel better just seeing it gone.
    Those chocolate muffins look fabulous!

    1. Here also the drought has made areas brittle parched and in some cases dead:( Plants need sun..but watre is a must.Hopefully rain tomorrow!

  11. Where do I begin!
    That Dahlia looks like a party going on in there!🎉
    The muffins are mouthwatering....
    Your paintings are perfect....
    And your tribute to Ollie, is awe inspiring!
    You summed it up so must be as proud as a peacock, to have such fine young grandsons...bravo to you,Jacques and their Mom & Dad...👌🏻
    What do they say? It takes a whole family to raise wonderful young people 💕
    Oh...and that darn Beetle has all but destroyed my Yellow Hollyhocks😲
    I am thinking of cutting them down...what do you think?
    That Basil! I have never made pesto...not really a fan...😐
    But I grow it for my salads, and I freeze some for sauces...
    We are home...unbelievable wind at the cottage...pouring rain here!
    Enjoy your weekend...
    Linda :o)

    ps....for some reason my google identity is back up on my ipad🤪

    1. So happy your secret identity has been brought out into the open once again.
      OMGEE we need rain..they promise all the time and nothing happens..hopefully tomorrow..
      I am now nuts about a certain basil vinaigrette and I love pestos on pizzas..:)
      Before you cut the me a few seeds ..I need yellow! See..the chafers get mine.
      As you know we had 3 yesterday..I just just said to Jacques:"We are so lucky to have them"..

      Great day..flew by.Hard to believe how ZEN we can feel w/ 3 boys all day.LOL.

      Bon Dimanche Linda! For tomorrow.

  12. Dearest Nana, I’m back home . I’ve been absent from the blog, but I’ve enjoyed all your lovely posts.
    This one is perfect with all those close up pictures.
    Wish you a happy Sunday.

  13. Dearest Monique,
    Well this post is brimming with healthy basil plants and your Zininias are like artwork.
    Love your watercolor and also your baking.
    Both of us are completely illiterate in football or baseball and don't even regret it.
    There are so many other things to enjoy. Next spring I want to be out in my garden again, hope no more broken pelvic bones in March that will keep me from doing so.
    As for now, I enjoy biking in the fields, listening to the birds and nature.
    God quite down when I read something about dove season starting out on September 1st. They lure them to a hay field by feeding corn...
    Such a cowardly act; sorry for my verdict but I have absolute no respect for anyone killing such sweet creatures for fun. I'd rather photograph them or if I was as good as you; paint them!
    Enjoy the outdoors and peaceful shorter days.

    1. Me too..take photos..that's what I like..have no interest in shooting otherwise at all..Next yr will feel like such a treat for you..Can't wait:) You have been a trooper!

  14. Well I think I am finally caught up with laundry, etc. etc. from our trip to Maine. Little late here :-)
    I planted oodles of zinnias this year, and will plant even more next year. Love the pic!
    Lots of lovely painting...I was reading a magazine while on vacation that encouraged painting. One day I will try.
    Jack's Spectacular petunias looks amazing. I will have Joe put the window box back up at camp next year.

    1. I can so see you enjoying a paintbrush in your hand dipping it in colors and applying to paper
      It's in your future.. and knowing Joe..he will be gold gilt framing all your artworks:)

  15. You are too cute about Joe doing that :-)

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  17. More zinnias for me next year, too. The ones I grew had small heads. Pretty but disappointing! Next year I will buy more seeds, different kinds! And I love hearing about your boys. So exciting you are close enough to go see their games.

    But what really makes my heart sing here are your paintings. Oh, how I love each and every one of them. They have such energy, such joy, such beauty. I bow down in awe to your talent and ability to turn paint into magic.

    I'm making pesto as soon as I get home from the lake. A favorite!

    Each photo here is a gem, Monique. So are you!

    1. Tanks for making Saturday morning a little sunnier:) Have a great weekend Jeanie:) Fun to share the love of painting with you:)

  18. I agree! People - yourself included - are so generous with their recipes. I sometimes wonder if I'll ever try everything I pin, but I keep pinning :-) I missed your beautiful blog while on summer vacation, I'm glad to be back.

    1. Welcome home and good for you for vacationing:) We need more for that:)Aww..yes the Pinning.I am glad my boards are not in hard copy ;)

  19. Beautiful, beautiful...both photos and words... xo

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