Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Booklove~ Vivian Swift~.Art~

..and then there were 3..:)

How did that sneak in?

And these?

Ahem..and these?

I have lots of book loves..too many in fact..

I had taken lots of little vignettes of where they are in our home and what they mean to me..but that would just confuse the

in Cliff Notes..

I love my mom's books the pic..

I love books w/ tea..

I have book sections of cookbooks..favorite art books..favorite sentimental gifts to me books..
favorite photo books..the last ones up there..many more..but I don't want you to fall asleep:)

I don't want to weigh this post down w/ too many topics..

so let's talk about books that feature art that inspires us..

Of course Monet inspires me..and Matisse..but I can't sit down and try and ..copy  them to try and learn..

...but give me Susan Branch..and Jana Kolpen..

by the way..Have you read The Fairy Tale Girl/Susan Branch?

You should:) for ..

..Vivian Swift..who even teaches us how to paint her "Triscuits"..via her BLOG..

(she does..I promise..go see..)

I had Vivian's  2 previous books..which I love..

so when I heard she was publishing a 3rd..I was on the lookout..since last year.

It is no secret that I have a love of I knew I had to have this book for more reasons than one~

I had to wait a lot longer for mine..

Amazon Canada had specified a release date of March I was on pins and needles..especially since my US friends had theirs already...

March 16th came and went..

oh well gave me a chance to win a real life Triscuit   ( thank you VS)..while tapping my fingers..
...and it gave me the chance to look over the previous 2:)

And practice:)

VS is inimitable..but she gives us tips and tricks to TRY..

I love that..

When I started in real estate..I found the agents that had nothing to worry about because their careers were proven..were the first to share..
they were agents that had a proven track record..that were not envious of anyone..and that were confident in all they did.
so they shared ..

..that's what Vivian does..

..and how cute IS my Triscuit that I won..fair and square?:);)

I say this in jest as Jacques picked my lucky number that won..well ours was the closest to the actual winning Top Cat picked number..

It came in a big box..:) With such a dear address label that has a VS self portrait in black and cute I want to try and do one..I may take Carol's sketch of me..leaving her artist's name of course..and add:)

I would Love to do that:)

Then  there was bubble wrap..and tissues and a card..and the artwork.

Look how   precious.

It really is the size of a macaron can sit atop and cover it..imagine painting so perfectly clear with so much detail so small....♥ I have the VS trilogy:)

I have perused it and can tell you that she had me at the first page and the mention of her favorite gardener.

Forget about 50 Shades Of Grey never interested me..but these? 

I was in from the get go..I even offered books 1 and 2 as gifts at one point I loved them so..

I can look at these books over and over again..
You never tire of books like these.

I am not great at re~reading novels..Susan Branch..the books above ,I can..Vivian's I can again and again and again.
I can't tell you how many lovely quiet moments her books have given me..they are fun..cute..well written w/ doses of humor and wit and facts.
Not just picture books..

I LOVE books like these..Have I said that?

Keepers..special shelves..areas in the house..go~ to spots to look at pretty and to be happy you are lucky enough to have books like these.

I never give them away..mine..books that came to me via way of a gift I never give away either.

Too me..they came bundled up w/ thought and meaning.

So I selfishly keep them.


  1. I love books too, Monique. But must confess, all the traveling I've done, I've turned to Kindle. I remember the days we'd take a suitcase filled with books. Not that I don't still buy them....especially for book group meetings. There's something missing to go to book group with a kindle in hand. :) However, over the years, I've wheedled down my cookbooks to half and all the other books by more than half. My daughter prefers a book in hand to a kindle (not that she doesn't travel with one, she does) so it's hard to get her to part with old favorites. Her bedroom (I call it hers because she organized it and visits often) is loaded with books!
    I do re-read, though.
    You'll laugh at this one: my mother, as she aged, just loved Harlequin romances. I spent many a day with her in used book stores searching for those she hadn't read. I have about 20 or 25 of her favorite author from those days (Margaret Way) and just can't part with them! They are falling apart from age.
    (I'm chatty today...raining outside.)
    I always kept a travel journal, not as artistic and adorable as yours, but my daughter still calls me and asks me to look up a particular city or restaurant for a friend. I really did them for family to read. A few years back I transcribed some of them to the computer.
    Have a wonderful week!

    1. Barbara I love your new profile pic:)
      I too have grown so used to reading books on my Kindle etc..that once I have a real book in my hand..I am at a loss..

      except for books like these..a tablet just doesn't cut it;)

      But for all the rest..yes..I still like a cookbook too but w/ the internet and the fab pics by the thousands for cookery..I have put a halt..again ..unless..;)
      I love that you still have some..many of your mom's HRs..I wish I had had the chance to do that w/ my mom..oh she loved to read..I would come home from school and she would be sitting in the lvr w/ a book in hand and the stereo console on:)
      And sitting up in bed she loved that.I would come home from a date and there she would be..waiting to hear..
      I can tear us just writing that..I am chatty and it's sunny..but cold..Jacques is hauling wood..and I did an Easter system restore.
      I have read your blog posts from your other blogs and you are an excellent of you to have transcribed things for family:)You are wise!!
      You too..have a wonderful week:)

  2. Your blog posts are like books to me! This one is beautiful and I wish I could put it up on a shelf to enjoy!!


  3. Wouldn't you know it, I love her title of WHEN WANDERERS CEASE TO ROAM. I was a wanderer once. I am going through books and getting rids of many. There are however, some I would never part with. Don't know why as I don't re-read either, just the thought I may regret it. There is a book I think you would love. THE OBSTACLE RACE by Germaine Greer about past women artists who were not considered artists at all in their day; wasn't done in their day. They would copy their fathers, brothers etc. - people like Celia Beaux, Marie Laurencin and other very wonderful artists. You would enjoy that book as the artists themselves led very fascinating lives.

    1. Germaine Greer would have written an excellent book on that subject..I will look for it:) Thanks for the mom was a fabulous artist..I think she could have been a wanderer:)

    2. If you can find it on Amazon, try and get one of the original editions. I ordered a later edition a few years back as a gift and was disappointed that the quality was lesser and didn't have the gorgeous colored bookplates. I didn't remember that about your Mom Monique. Show me some of her work.

    3. I will see if it's in my Picasa albums..:) I will..

  4. Such a beautiful tea party here! Or, wait -- is this a book club with wine? Either way is fine by me; I'm just grateful for what you do here, by creating a space so full of love and light and roasted cauliflower (I need that dipping sauce recipe). Merci mille fois pour nous laisser promener cette belle acre of Earth dans le monde Monique.

    1. I am totally with you and a glass of wine:)My favorite garden helper is hauling wood..while I bask in sunshine typing..pas juste..I told him to come in..I think he's happy out there.
      It's a beautiful book this 3rd of yours..I am grateful to have known about it !
      It's like I followed it's making ..armchair of course!

  5. I love books too, Monique.
    When we moved a few years ago, I donated so many of my precious books. I find myself always looking for the ones I gave away.
    I love Susan Branch too! Can't wait to get my hands on her newest book which should be out any second.
    Happy Wednesday.

    1. Yu must have loved The Fairy Tale Girl..:)
      I know..when we moved here 16 yrs ago I did the same thing..:(
      I really only buy books I can look at over and over again now..grown up picture books:)
      Gratefully none are too large..and I would bring them:)

  6. Bonsoir chère Nana,

    Un petit billet tout doux, tout printanier... L'amour des beaux livres. Que du bonheur !

    Gros bisous ❀♡❀

  7. I so admire your love for books...
    Not something that I can say about myself...
    I read when we are away...I like to flip thru a few magazines...that is about it for me...
    I have made several books of my family and Miss V...I love looking thru those from time to time...I must make another!!
    Your words are inspiring...your photos divine...
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

    1. I am a magazine flipper..they last 5 minutes in my hand except Country Living UK:)
      Books..I got back into reading about 6 years ago..and I find with digital libraries..they have opened up the way for me..:)When I worked..I really did not have time to pick up a book in the day..

      Now I can.Especially winter.:)

  8. This is poetry, Monique. I loved this post. And I love books as well (and the garden). For a novel or a mystery Kindle is fine for me, but with anything with art or meaning, it must be a proper book. A keeper.

  9. Oh, goodie! I'm sitting her with a big smile. I love books ~ art books, gardening books, decorating books, quilt books, needlepoint books, collecting books ~ well, you get the idea. And I see that we share many of the same titles on our bookshelves. Imagine that?
    I only have one of VS's books. I must go visit Amazon!!! Thanks for sharing this lovely post. Love seeing that charming teapot again. '-)
    Congratulations on the win!

    1. They are so lovely to look at again and again aren't they?
      I know you are a bibliophile:)
      It had been a while since that teapot had been in the limelight..:)
      Keen eye Sarah!

  10. J'aime également tellement les livres, et il est vrai que les livres illustrés ont un charme particulier !
    Ceux que tu as pris en photo semblent si beaux et agréables à lire.
    Bonne fin de semaine

    1. Merci Camille..toi aussi!
      Oui j'imagine qu'avec tes études aussi..tu dois en avoir beaucoup!

  11. What a heart-felt post and a beautiful way to begin my day. It was just meant to be that you would win Vivian's book. Jacques must have felt it when he selected the number. And most definitely you should make your own label using your new photo from Carole. You know I adore the books you've made of the Littles - irreplaceable memories. I too love books and have a gillion backed away in boxes, waiting for their new shelves, which will be come a reality this summer. Hope you and Jacques have a glorious weekend.

    1. Hi Sam..:) I won the artwork:) The book I bought at Amazon..I just wouldn't want you to think I am posting because the book was a prize:) It'sjust a personal endorsement;) I love her books:)My post could have very well misled you;)
      You too have a wonderful weekend!

    2. Monique, I'm so sorry I misunderstood. I should wear my glasses more often when I used the computer :) I dropped back by to let you know that I just ordered Vivian's "Le Road Trip". I was able to "look inside" of it on Amazon and fell in love. It even has suggestions on what clothes to pack - marvelous!

    3. Oh you will love it Sam:)
      Often reviews..are because someone won or was given a it's totally undesratnadable that you thought I was very chatty and all over the place..I think Le Road trip has your name on it Sam:)And by all means let Meakin enjoy it too..the illustrations are so charming!

  12. Par hazard I clicked on the 1st photo and discovered the tiny tea set topper on your teapot!
    You are too much. Your divine photos, divine posts,divine baking and you Paint and Read too.i don't know how you doing it!!?
    Looks like a fun book too. I will dip in soon as. Find some time and we get some green here in Paris!!
    Merci mille Monique!!!

    1. I've had that teapot forever:)
      I am so retired you have no idea.So I have time:) I like to be busier manually than reading..
      I need one more book on my bookshelf..yours.

    2. Yes! Carol's book would be awesome.

  13. You have a wonderful book collection and I enjoy seeing how you utilize your talents! Love the sweet teapot :-) Are you going to getting the snow like we are? Ugh

    1. No snow in the forecast but bitter cold again..right now? Pouring.
      C'est la vie!

  14. i love posts about books, i have vivians new book on hold at the library i am excited to see it, and she did that little painting for you?, it is just wonderful. i havent't read the fairy tale girl yet but i read a fine romance about her trip to england and i enjoyed that so so much it felt like i was there too.
    and your books that you have made of your grandsons must be treasures :)

    1. Dd you see the book you recommended? The Painted Garden?:)Kepper.
      I wn that artwork..Vivian had a contset and I won.Every Friday she would ejoy her blog Jenni..:)
      It's so nice to look through those photo books..even the boys ejoy them:)

  15. I have to say I've gone from books to Kindle also (I'm reading the Clifton Chronicles series right now and am on book 4). I love to always have a book with me as I can read both on my phone and tablet Kindle app while away. Of course there are certain books I could never throw away also, some of my moms', art books, needlepoint books, cook books, a couple of college text books and a even a coloring book from when I was 10 (horses) :) I must visit Vivian's blog and browse too. Her books sound wonderful and the tips are such a kind gesture. I love that sweet, felted bird roosting on top of your wicker bookshelf ♥ Did you make it? I had to smile at your comment about Jacques carrying wood outside. John has been picking up the winter's worth of fallen branches all over the yard the past couple of days. So many we will be having a bonfire as soon as it dries out. Raining here too!

    1. Mylène bought a felting kit and let me try it..she wasn't keen on felting and quite frankly nor am I..I broke 3 needles making that bluebird:) And he should be much tighter...Not for me..
      I remember you mentioning your horse coloring book and I can almost see mine..I loved to color. I remember that smell too..
      We had Dominique our tree trimmer yesterday..Jacques can't get up on ladders for our 100yr old maples..these guys are so agile with their harnesses..but jacques helps to cart the branches..limbs etc..
      Have a lovely day Susan.

  16. Books can definitely take you to another wonderful world! What a delightful collection you have. I would love to sit and talk and have tea with you and look though your books (and nibble on some of your delicious sweet treats, of course).

  17. Another beautiful post Monique and a feast for the eyes. Love, love all of your posts. I, too, adore books, although I do read most on my kindle now, and yes even there I have ones that I re-read from time to time. The art is just precious. I am trying to get my art mojo back. It's been missing for a couple of months, lol. Funny how that goes. I am enjoying my knitting however and downsizing, which isn't easy but must be done. I wish I had enough photos of the grands to put into a book! That would be a real treasure! Love and hugs and happy day! xoxo

    1. That does happen..when yu feel like painting and then pick up something else for a while..Your knitting is so pretty I do not blame would be so creative with the books and like everything you would be well done:)

      Have a nice weekend Marie..

  18. Congrats on your win! You truly deserve it. I so admire your photography skills, showcasing your book collection and more. These days, I am working in the garden or re-working blog's. This summer I will find some relaxing time to read and turn pages while sitting by our pool. Thank you for the birthday wish.

    1. I hope you have a great day:) I know your husband will spoil you:)
      Soon I hope to be in the garden..I dream of yours..never happening here..:(

  19. LOVE LOVE LOVE your bookshelf! I have a few of them too. However, I didn't realize that there was a follow book to Pistoulet! Oh my and Vivian's books look like treasures. "A shopping I will go... " That book that I mentioned that I was reading by a local writer here, a "psychological mystery" was too awful. I was halfway through and it was haunting my sleep. I put it down and then said, "WHY read something disturbing? Life can be disturbing enough. I did read the last three pages to see if there was a happy ending -- There was NOT! I am now reading a dear book written by a granny in Cape Cod about her ancestor who was a whaling captain's wife. So far MUCH better reading.

    Amazing art Trisket. I can't believe such a gorgeous watercolor is so petite! A wonderful treat.

    1. Your love of the sea and sea captains and their wives and lives is perfect for you.
      And I am certain we share many book loves;)
      That little shelf you see is the base of a planter in the wasted space!
      You are one of my very favorite artists also.
      I have not read a frightening book in are funny reading the last 3 pages:)
      Have a nice weekend!

    2. Thanks Monique, you too... looks like we will have rain and maybe snow!

    3. Yours will be gone in an instant:)

    4. Hi Monique, I have books that inspire me, some were given to me, others given by someone who inspires me, I will keep them forever, beautiful post.

    5. So many thoughts..we think the same:)

  20. I just loved your post. I love books, cook books, gardening books and mysteries. I could read all day and never get my work done LOL.

    Thanks so much for sharing all this wonderful information.

    Have a wonderful week.

    1. Thank you Mary:)And yes..have a wonderful week..

  21. Preciosa tetera.

  22. So nice to see some of your book passions. I like how Swift shares her process & teaches, on her blog...I am in awe of her ability to organize so much information...and also of her intellect that goes into her subjects...As you know I am a Midda fan and I like Susan Branch...Do you know jill Butler's books like Rendez-vous With France and Wandering Paris? She also has a website with other graphic art...

    1. Jill Butler...I have some glassware and some dishes..I wonder if it is the same artist? I am of course going to Google and thank you Rita..

      Yes..I agree..her intellect..organization etc..lots of info in the new Garden Book..detailed..history of gardens etc..
      I have read it now and must say I am again charmed.

    2. It is her! Thank you Rita..going to explore!

  23. I love books! Just made my first photo book for my in laws. Took a lot of time-but so worth it! The art books are beautiful-just like your work!

    1. How nice of you have your in-laws? Green here.

  24. Les livres occupent une très grande place dans notre maison ... Je ne pourrais pas vivre dans une maison sans livres ...

  25. Congratulations on winning Vivien's painting! I love her books, too. In fact, I have some of the same books in your special shelf!