Sunday, December 9, 2018

Fairy Lights ~And believing in Santa...

In's either freezing w/ bright blue skies and sunshine..or milder..and grey..milder meaning 20's lol..
So fairy lights and cocooning indoors ..baking or painting or wrapping are favorite sports here:)

It's fine indoors or out  with no news on:(

Had to show you my Advent Calendar..Paris Letters..Paris Breakfasts..look at her latest subscription lette.It's Le Louvre..she designed and painted this absolutely genius Advent Calendar.
I am sure I have shown you my wall of fame:) I will's almost wallpapered with her letters:) I save them.:)

Made a new no-knead all my fellow no-kneaders,cinnamon and can find the recipe here and I am here to help if you need it.You all know Isabelle Lambert..our famous QC cookbook/lovely person author.! It's a keeper.
I would recommend proceeding as I do for Ricardo's I really have trouble w/ the floured tea towel.I had to throw it away.It does not work for me.I am not a pastry/bread chef..she is:)

Operate the way you are used to..:)

My cake is a Bailey's Coco cake..dense..not very moist..perhaps because I halved it..still turned out ok..That little house took forever lol.

This little cutie and his mom popped by for tea/treats/hot chocolate..

Magic bars ..were the treat of the day..a classic since the 60's here..
I have been making them since 1974.
Like Nanaimo're sure to land in a QC home around the holidays and find them gracing the sweet table.

That Vignette above with the very mini crocheted tea cup..was in a Christmas box from a dear dear penpal/friend.
My longest one.
You can have a long long standing one if you start NOW at my age:)

Time FLIES..

Noah had been asking his mom about Santa..children had started to talk a lot about NO Santa..he asked his mom she told the most gentle way possible..and he cried.
I had tears when she told me.

"But what about the cookies he eats?"

So many questions.

So few yrs at being so innocent♥


  1. My Bella asked this season too and her mother told her. She was sad and then asked about the Elf On The Shelf, and the tooth fairy and Easter Bunny too? I do wish they would start telling them when they are little about Santa etc. in different ways. Looking like Christmas there. I'm not finished yet, but do plan to start some baking today and freezing some. It will be here before we know it. Donna@gather

    1. I agree!
      Oh Bella going through all our magical mystical thoughts.
      I cannot remember when I found out..

      I agree about Santa in different ways..Yet..I wrapped gifts this afternnon..signing..


      As if the boys don't recognize nana's handwriting..~

      Enjoy your preparations Donna..


  2. Dear Monique, I remember that I also cried when I asked my mom about Santa. I was so sure of his existence! But at school the other kids took care of breaking my dream.
    With my children the subject was much less dramatic. I think they found out by themselves and they never put me the question.
    Here, by the sea, blue skies, although it's a little cold.
    Wish you a very happy /busy week.
    Lots of hugs

    1. Everything is so lovely by the sea.
      Even w/ red tide on the Gulf of Mexico in Fl..

      we looked out our patio doors at the water..and life was as if nothing was going on.
      The water is medicine.

      I wish I remembered when I found out!!


  3. As always I love coming here to read your post, see your beautiful photos and tasty desserts!

    1. Happy Holidays Penny..and thank you ..very much:)

  4. Oh I make those Squares! But I add butterscotch chips too! Soooo rich...and delish!
    You sound like you are in full control over at your place...I decided to finish up some crochet today...sewed in ends...seams...tassels...and new ears, and a few curly tendrils for the Unicorn pillow! I’m in the home stretch! Wrapping will wait for a few days!😬
    Christmas Concert on Tuesday...sweet Vivian in the choir❤️
    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday...your decor is lovely...and your baking is tres magnifique!😍
    Linda :o)

    ps....sweet boy asking about Santa 😌How old is Noah? I remember telling my kids 😢

    1. Noah is 10..
      Adamo 19
      Giu 17
      Lucas 13
      Max 11
      Noah 10
      Oli 9..

      LOL I just thought I would fill you in;)♥

      I feel like stitching..and I will come Jan..

      I sat later later this aft and painted.

      I finished wrapping..

      I have to rethink Christmas gifts or hire an elf.They DO exist right?

      Must be great w/ butterscotch chips!!

      I used to love my girls Christmas concerts..

      French schools aren't into that:(True!!!!

      It was piano..

      Their teacher was English.

      For the life of me I can't remember telling my kids anything lol.

      They taught me things;)

      So funny... we watched This is US..the eldest daughter ..the last episode..that was m.e.
      Had no idea what to do..

      Oh lala...

      Have a great week!

    2. Can you believe almost everything...except my handmade...was ordered on-line!
      This was a first for me...Amazon...Gap...Old Navy! All ready to be wrapped!
      So easy.....😬

    3. I can!!Online is so easy!Love it .

  5. I baked the season's first fruitcake few days back.

  6. When I look at Noah in that picture it could be Frankie at that age. The hair is similar and so are their builds. His hands remind me of Frankie. He turns 15 on December 22. Next year the plan is Jerry will teach him to drive. He taught his Mom and Aunt. They both passed the road test first time. Before you know it Lucas will be driving. It is funny that even though thanksgiving here in the states was earlier, it seems as if we will blink and Christmas will be here. If you find that elf can you see if he knows one in the US that helps with baking?

    1. I taught the girls how to drive and now that could be a joke here;)I can't believe Frankie will drive next yr!
      Noah is square and sturdy..GReat hair so Frankies must be great thick!He doesn't know it but he's getting Sun In in his stocking..he liked his cousin Max's hair with it:)Thanksgiving in the US seems like yesterday so I understand..
      Happy you're busy busy baking;) And yes we do need elves.

  7. Yumm - it all looks so delicious! Sweet Noah - brought a tear to my eye. Our little is so excited about Christmas, but he does try and figure out the logistics of how Santa can fit down the chimney! Our house in the countryside has wood burning fireplaces, but the Austin house has a fireplace that is enclosed in glass and turns on with a switch! This one puzzles him. 🎅

    1. Isn't that funny:) Cuties these children..I think we are alike.I adore children.My fave people .
      Their candor and honesty is sans pareil.

      I think one yr..our fireplace will get switched to a switch.
      So much cccold as you know.Have a great week!

  8. How lovely to see my drawing dron and center on your divine blog
    Sooo sweet Monique
    Mille Merci Xxxx

  9. Oh, poor Noah! I wonder if Mack still believes...I'll have to ask. He did seem a little quiet at breakfast with Santa so maybe he knows already. It is so hard for some when the magic is gone. All of a sudden many bubbles burst :(. What a beautiful Advent calendar! Such talent she has. The bread has been bookmarked! I haven't made bread for so long and I'm craving it :) Time has certainly flown, my Dear Friend/Penpal♥...YIKES!

    1. I translated the recipe..I I will send to you.
      I know you speak French but w/ measurements we can be off..tsp..tbsp..will send:)
      Aww yes..I loved fairy tales...sometimes I think they still exist;)

  10. It is the most wonderful time of the year where miracle happen...🎄🎄🎄 Christmas time...enjoy the weeks till Christmas love Ria x ❤️💚

  11. Bonjour chère Nana,

    Je ne suis pas toujours très présente, mais quel ravissement à chaque fois que je visite ton univers...
    A l'aube de Noël je te souhaite de passer de belles fêtes.

    Je vais essayer la recette de ce pain aux raisins qui me semble succulent.

    Gros bisous 🌸

    1. Merci Martine.. je te souhaite un très joyeux temps des fetes! Et une année remplie de santé,amour et succès en 2019:)

  12. Just a reminder to look on the internet for the Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, letter. And check out the Santa Tracker at NORAD. To my 70+ year-old mind, there is magic and mystery surrounding Christmas.

    1. Thank you!! You know my daughter even had a video of Santa in their was an app that placed Santa in their very own living room and she showed him a few yrs back..all the little things she did to keep him real:) Kids meet kids..all kids are different.
      Let's just say it was such a surprise to him:(
      Thank you for your recommendations..familiar w/ Yes Virginia but not the Tracker! Fun!

  13. Oh I would have cried too. I never actually told my kids. They asked and I said that if you don't believe, you don't receive. Bad mom I guess but they knew.

  14. Dearest Monique,
    Thank you so very much for this great bread recipe. Will make that after the 20th or so and with dried cranberries instead of raisins. Have yet to find my raisin bread recipe... somewhere it is and I eventually will get to it but his is super!
    Also I will be able to use my Le Creuset for baking it in.
    Lovely post, never mind the cold weather if life is like this!

    1. We've had more snow..all day yesterday but beautiul and softly a snowglobe..Le Creuset is ideal for breads like these!Have a good week!

  15. Awww, that made me sad too about Noah. Santa is so special, and I remember saying to my mom that I will always believe :-)
    And those classic Magic bars are still magically appearing at every event I attend.
    Peace and Joy to you xo

  16. Magical drawings and desserts. I have made Nanaimo bars and magic bars for years, As children, we all want to believe in Santa. Have a merry merry Christmas.

  17. Noah is absolutely cute, what difficult is all sometimes, I remember when I have to tell the same to the twins, and they said, ..We knew it oh my God!

    1. a few other things;) How funny!!

    2. yes still I know they many things that I NEVER talked with them omy!

  18. Oh, the Santa myth shattered. It had to be hard...

    I love coming here, Monique. (I know. Broken record.) But every photo makes me smile. All the beauty of the season right here, all the warmth and love and family. The sweet smells, the tasty treats. I haven't made the magic bars in years but they are SO good I might have to. Very simple, too! There is something about the season, about this joy and happiness. Oh, thank you for this moment!

  19. Oh, Noah.... :( The bread looks wonderful. xo

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