Saturday, February 9, 2019

Valentine's~Week~What does it mean?

Nothing really..all commercialism and what about people w/ no loves in their lives?
I say..  let's shy away from it apart from the ones you have to tell how much you love them.
Or like them;)

Even if it's just you.

Can you tell he's our youngest?
When you know he's the hang on;)For dear life;)

Sprinkled w/ icing sugar..even prettier..Thanks Pam!

Last year Jacques told me the boys were too old for Furry Friend Stuffed toys for Valentine's so I mailed them their cards this year..they are my Valentines♥

Caroline sent me a pic of Oli reading his..♥

Loved the pic..:)♥

And I had promised you the Pretty Pie..well there it is..

I follow @Mariesaba on Instagram and she made this:)she also has a website/blog..
And you can find the custard pie recipe there..well..right here
How could I resist making such a pretty pie.
And she has more..:)

And those chocolate hearts? Well if you need a short order delicious choco dessert..this is it..
I have followed Pam for years on her blog..and now on IG..

I got around to making these because I still had dark choco from TJ's..
why don't we have one here:)?

Super glad I had everything on heart baking tin is so old I cannot even remember when I got it.
Yet my memory is good;)
Knock on wood grateful.

So I am getting older.. make no mistake about that..

..this pretty much a beautiful thing to me this week..when we are young..things are so different..

Have a you want to have puddles in your eyes~

When we are will see:)

I have been painting..more..;)

for in Montréal..gleaned from 2 IG accounts w/ their permissions..I got looser;) And I love being loose..ya right..;)

PassionMontreal..Myriam Bouroche..go see her fabulous account  here..
And I love this Montreal account too..
They are INSPIRING..
I'll come back w/ more inspiration;)
I found more of course!

But for other things same small detail oriented older girl;)

Above a page in one of my  journals gleaned from..what I learned reading Samantha Dion Baker's Book..Paint your Day~

Have a good week:)
Take Care..
And go see IG if you can.You can learn so much.
And no ads on the posts..just in between..Well yes some posts are all about buy this buy that but most ..not..

Honestly..I can't even PIN on blogs I love because there are so many ads..everything takes forever to load.
I apologize to all of you if you are not hearing from me..
I just can't.
It just doesn't load to Pin..


  1. Just look at that sweet boy opening a Valentine from his Nana❤️❤️❤️❤️
    You certainly captured the true meaning...❤️
    I also mailed my little granddaughters a Valentine before I left.
    We have never really celebrated it as adults...too close to my bday!😂😂😂
    Your paintings are sweet...😁
    Linda :o)

    1. Oh...and I really dislike blogs with ads...👎🏻

    2. Yes..we don't celebrate either..too many other things..this year quieter..Looks like you are having a ball there:) Enjoy!It's 20 F right now..brr..

  2. Oh Valentine ❤️❤️❤️ A verry bussy day in our shop...a lot of stress ...What flowers we must many roses do we have enough?...a lot of orders to bring away stress stesss ...i am glad it is over ...hihihihi...lovely day love love love Ria ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Yes Ria..I once had an aquaintance that worked for a was the busiest day of the there are lots of firm believer's in Valentine's Day.Glad it is a good lucrative business day for you though♥♥

  3. Lucky boy to have a nanna like you!
    Your houses are wonderful ❤️
    Love your heart-shaped cake molds...perfection

    1. Merci Carol..J'ai regardé Les Misérables hier soir..#4..5 ce soir je pense:)

  4. Oli had a big smile on his face getting his Valentine. Both desserts look great and the pie sure is pretty.

    I enjoy seeing your paintings. You have such talent.

    Enjoy your day


    1. Hi Cindy..thank you for your encouragement:) It helps:)Have a nice Sunday!

  5. My little was over for the weekend and we put together all his Valentines for his class. He painted a special one for his teacher. As far as I am concerned- all the holidays are all about the children. Such a sweet smile on your grandsons face as he reads your card.😍. The desserts look delicious and the paintings lovely!💖💖💖💖💖

    1. Oh I bet his art is adorable♥You made me laugh..inside myself....:"as far as I am concerned all the holidays are all about the children"~
      Because I think so TOO:)You are so my mind..that's all that matters.:)Have a great afternoon.

  6. Dearest Monique,
    Yeah, as I often say we have 365 days of Valentine and no need for following the commercial part.
    But you had me smile with your Trader Joe's chocolate, that you must have found in my pantry!
    Lovely recipes too.
    Your youngest looks so cute and you better do hold on to them.
    Teaching them some tenderness and romance is a good thing.
    Lovely painting work and yes, wintertime is just for drinking tea and killing time with something you love.

    1. I agree..That chocolate is from Nov..wish we had a TJ here.Love their stores..and the staff is so upbeat and friendly all the time.I must say my grocery in my litte town is the same.I love t.
      Have a great week!!

  7. Yet another post that is a feast for the senses! I love your artwork. What a fine watercolorist you are. Your paintings remind me very much of those by Paris Breakfasts. I keep thinking that I need to subscribe to her service, because I love her work. The pie looks amazing, thanks for the link to the recipe. I also love those chocolate hearts, where did you get that pan?

    1. The pan is circa 70's I a young bride..twenty..I loved everything with herats..I remember making a long skirt for my daughter soon 44....she was about 6 months and didn't walk of course but I made us ed matching skirts w/ white eyelet heart pockets.I cringe at the thought now Pattie..:):)
      Carol's art is so unique and professional:)Her mail..a treat a beautiful treat:)

  8. I know what you mean about pop ups and ads on blogs Monique. I can understand that people want and even need to make a living, but there are so many blogs now that have so many pop ups and click ons and ads, that visiting them just is not pleasant at all. I can't be bothered. I read blogs to be inspired and entertained, not annoyed, lol. That's one of the reason I love visiting you so much. Your honesty, your beautiful photos and heart. Your values. Your love of family and all that is good. That pie is amazing. I have wanted to make it, but am patiently still awaiting a working cooker/oven to be able to do so. (Have I told you I am a most impatient person!) I had Valentines to send out to everyone and then . . . mom . . . it all kind of derailed me. I will be better prepared for next year in any case so that's a good thing. Like you, I think Valentines day has become a huge commercial money grab. I am all for celebrating my love for the people I care about, but I try to do that every day of the year and on our Anniversary, that's when I really pull out the stops with my husband, and I like to surprise him at various times of the year with his favourite meal, or a tea party, or yes picnic. I so love your paintings. You are such a talented water colourest. I wish I had half of your talent. I do not, but I do enjoy yours. You amaze me every time! Oh, and that chocolate raspberry creation. It is calling my name! Love and hugs to you, today and every day, and yes even on Valentines day! Thanks for ALL that you share with us. xoxo

    1. That's so funny because I love your art..I've saved everything..remember your dolls and Easter decos? I have to go through things and be a bit more seems soon as I get rid of this or that ..well it could have been useful in this or that:)You're the same I am certain.
      Also funny..I can wait in line..wait for a doctor..wait in traffic..patience of a sanit..but if I order something I am that girl waiting for the Amazon box so I hear you..and a cooker..So important..if you can believe J uses the BBQ all winter..on the mild days..LOL like 20F and up..
      Blogging is changing..and I go to be inspired also..we have high speed internet and the pages take ..and all the rest of the US links..well they don't wok for I wait 5 minutes for a recipe..while ads are popping up.
      I will apologize one day..but I just came to the conclusion that I am done;)
      I have a book..a binder..and files of things you have shared:)
      Take care..hope the cooker gets well;)

  9. Your pie is so pretty. I must check out the recipe. How precious to see your youngest little opening his Valentine card. Priceless moments. The chocolate hearts are perfection. Happy to see you are enjoying your life with many hobbies.

    1. We do what we do an IGer that says:"You be You"..:)

      Believe it or not even though 3 of our Littles live kittie corner across the is not often we enjoy their and sports..Oli in in he comes once a week..and I love that..
      LOL my daughter and Lucas came over yesterday..J was out doing errands and I was painting in the basement in my craft room with door closed and heat on..I never heard visit:(Have a great day Linda!

  10. I love that photo of Oli ♥ We had our Valentine's Day celebration with our boys yesterday, an afternoon of watching Mack and Dane play basketball at the local high school and then dinner at their home after. I brought Valentine's and cupcakes :) Pam's chocolate cakes look like something I would love. Oh, that pie is so beautiful! I remember looking at her feed right after you posted it on IG. Such much to see there, I sometimes takes too much time to see it all, just like the blogs you mention. I hate blogs that are loaded with ads and the pop ups every time you visit to subscribe. Sheesh!! I don't know if the bloggers even no how painful it is to visit their sites. I love your home sketches, Monique! You so them so well!! I will visit the links after I post ♥

    1. Don't cry too much at the link w/ the widowed gentleman♥
      I made a decision..and am keeping it..
      I have to say I opened one of the blogs on the mini Ipad..and no ads.
      Maybe that's the way to go..

      and now Google+ is stopping?
      I hated it..but what happens hereinafter?

      Love that all our boys are into physical activities♥
      Happy Valentines or as they are now saying..Happy Galentines to you♥

    2. I hated Google+ too and to comment on some blogs you needed to have a Google+ account. Glad they're doing away with it and I hope it doesn't affect anything else! Not sure myself. Ha! Happy Galentines to you too, Pea ♥

  11. I love the watercolors, Monique, simply beautiful. And I hope you enjoy Valentine's Day. It is not commercial if it is in your heart.

    1. Very true:) Happy day to you and thank you Amalia.

  12. I am in love with everything here. You ARE getting looser. How do you do that? I just can't seem to get loose no matter what. I suppose it is what it is but still... Your houses are very good but I really love painting your day. I need to try that one day! And your sweet photo of your special guy and his card. That makes me smile. Dessert looks lovely! It's all lovely!

    1. Thanks so much Jeanie!!You do so much you won't have a problem filling a page🌟🌟Your felting class!!

  13. Your paintings are charming. Winter is so nice for enjoying indoor pursuits...Do you know the work of Lizzie Napoli? She has books, they are in French. I met her in Paris 6 years ago, perhaps I already wrote you of her...Your grandchildren are so precious...and cooking and baking, that is your art as much as the rest...(PS Je vais t'écrire un petit mot...Je suis désolée de ne pas avoir t'écrire plus tôt...) I'm not using my French these days, so please forgive my errors...

    1. I love her work..there are so many styles I love..from the charming ..totally charming to very moody least favorite is art that is perfect it looks like a photograph.I admire botanical art..because of it's precision..but too perfect for me.There is Michael Soloyev in Mtl..I love his expressive work..Nadja Leutlof..oh so many..not work I can aspire too..but just so evocative:)Charles Reid..Nora Mac Phail in Toronto..BLanca Alvarez..Shari and Carol..Marie and Susan..etc many too many:)) And Vivian's books:)And above all mom's♥
      No problem w/ the writing..:):):)

  14. I love the photo! :) Hope you had a nice Valentine's day. Thank you for the IG suggestions - Montreal homes, my favourite... :)

  15. I will look up some of the names you mentioned. I think we have some similiarities in what we enjoy. Nora MacPhail is one of my very favorites along with Lizzie Napoli. I have bought some of Nora's small works and they hang in my living room. How lovely that your Mom is your favorite!!

  16. Thank you for sharing us education, please kindly visit mine :D