Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Still winter..winter still♥

A bit of a mish mash post today..;

Lol what a food blogger my apple on the left is upside down;)

The light was just so pretty.

For some reason..I am looking at Easter..and it's 2 months away..and guess what? I am not hosting Easter..
Alain..our son-in-law turns 50 that weekend and a festivity is planned:)
That's ok..I love looking at my Peter Rabbit little things collected over years.....
How old am I again?


I have to say..I love this..and I painted it almost 20 yrs ago..
I just found it..look how dull the pic looks:)

I think it was from a book..my inspiration..

not sure..

below is just today..  inspiration from an Instagrammer..Ziadm Mitri..  no lines..I think I like the little houses better w/ lines..pen lines..

I love the inspiration I get there..

I made 2 recipes from Half Baked Harvest..

The cookies I told you about..I freshly made them right before Oli came today..her mom's oatmeal choco chips ones..

He looked at them on the baking sheet and said:"Mmm..I just know these are going to be good"

He was right..warm w/ the chocolate chips dripping..oozing..ohmy..♥

The other I made of hers..  was this..
Half Baked Harvest..Oven fried Korean Popcorn Chicken..
So good..I even found the paste at my Asian.store..well..my is putting it largely..

it's about 45 minutes away..
the only thing I would do differently next time is put less soya sauce..even sodium reduced..too much for me.
But delicious!
Will make again and again.

The pie above is just a regular apple pie..but I just wanted to tell you..Pillsbury already made 2 to a package pie crusts are pretty good!
I always make my own ..apart from when I make 15 tourtières w/ my daughter and then it is fresh store bought..but frozen....
for individual pies..I make my own..Pillsbury is a time efficient..fun way to have a fresh pie on hand;)

Have a great week..
we're still freezing here with mountains of snow and ice..

but..it will come to an end before I know it.

Thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes..

Thank you for all the camaraderie..

I don't know if you have any idea how much it all means to me:)


Soon..:) ER  than later:)♥


  1. We are getting rain continuously. :(

    You are an amazing artist. I've never tried water color.

    1. Krishna..you're so crafty..you might ejoy it a lot!!

  2. I always love it when you share your watercolors, so so beautiful. I thought we were halfway to spring already but now it is quite cold (by our standards) and rainy again. Shouldn't have been in such a hurry to put winter things away.

    1. It looks like a middle of winter movie here..still so much snow!I know it is Spring when we started taking summer things out:)Have a great rest of week..

  3. I don't want to rub it in but we had 75 F yesterday. Normal would be in the 40s to low 50s. Everything is leafing out and blooming--way too early. Perfect blue skies for two weeks straight with more to come. Of course, everybody is enjoying it, but also worried that we aren't getting our allotment of rain.
    Your pie is gorgeous. I never manage to get the crust edge right--it tears or breaks or doesn't look good. Must practice!

    1. YOu have sucha beautiful climate..I have seen Paris posts where the weather has been lovely and Spring like also..Have a good week!

  4. As always, simply lovely. I so look forward to your posts and seeing your creativity shine through. Your pie is beautiful. Where did you find such a lovely pie cutter?

    1. On Amazon! Thanks for reminding me PIE CUTTER..I kept thinking..mold..etc..Thank you!!
      I am grateful that you say such nice things.

  5. Love seeing your paintings and so talented. What a beautiful pie the crust is amazing.

    We live in New Jersey in the US and our weather has been strange since last spring. We haven't gotten many sunny days and wetter than usual. Hope with a new spring we will get more sun.

    Enjoy your day


    1. They say Spring will happen in an instant:)?)(*&
      Not sure..QC is a homeland for winter..the more snow the better etc.
      I look at it as a siesta.:)
      As soon as the snoa starts to go..we start to go..maybe my Fitvit will react more positively:)
      Thank you.
      I just keep trying and trying:)

  6. Love your paintings. That pie crust looks beautiful!

    1. It's that cutter!! It does all the work:) A cold rolled out Pillsbury dough.. I put it in the fridge again before the oven..in my case screened in porch..it's cold enough:)Thank you....

  7. I love your artwork and your pie too. Now I might have to try the Pillsbury crust and look into one of those fancy pie cutters. I have to look up that chicken dish. I’m here with Frankie and I made strawberry milk for him. It’s delicious, I sampled it. Should any of your family like it or anyone else with Littles here is the recipe https://smittenkitchen.com/2016/06/strawberry-milk/ I imagine you could substitute other berries. Stay warm.

    1. looks delish..I have buttermilk..Now it's next Tuesday though..Thank you!!I loved Strawberry Quick♥LOL
      Yes..just emailed you..you need it! :)Can't wait to see..You're a great nana Terry!

    2. I got your email, thanks. I’ll order it and hope for the best. I’ll catch up tomorrow, watching Lillian too so she can stay home with her cold and get better. Well maybe Jacques would like some. Frankie used to have warm strawberry Quick milk each night when he was a little. He loved it, had some when he came home from school. It’s fun getting time to chat with him one on one. He tends to be quite and when all the family it can be a bit much. He is caught in the midddle between the young girls and the parents and grandparents.

    3. I hear you loud and clear..our boys are growing up😕You still have 2 Littles💕

  8. Happy belated birthday wishes, sweet friend. I've been a bit MIA of late, trying to stick to my goal of less time spent on the computer and more time reading and stitching. But, then I see I fall behind on keeping up with friends, and that isn't my goal.
    Ha! One is never too old for Peter Rabbit. Just today I pulled out my needlepoint bunnies, my cherished Peter Rabbit lidded egg, and a few other things. Yes, starting to think about Easter here. You are not alone!

    1. Good for you!I have4 books on my Libby shelf and 4 got returned for lack of reading!Thank you and take care!!

  9. What will tomorrow bring . . . good things hopefully! You have such lovely light in your home. I can imagine it as being bright and airy and beautiful. We only have light in ours later in the day at the back. The front stays darkish most of the day. I miss Pillsbury pie crusts. I make my own mostly because I am not overly fond of the flavour of the store bought pastry here. I loved reading about your grandson's appreciation of the cookies. I think I would be the same! Your Peter Rabbit collection . . . sigh . . . so sweet. I think your art is fabulous. Love it all. Like you I struggle with looser. I keep wanting to dot i's and cross t's. My sister does really well with loose! I wish had her ability to do that! Happy Thursday and thanks for all that you share. You are my Canadian SB. Love you to bits. xoxo

    1. You have more abilities than most people could even ever wish for!,,
      Marie I am forever grateful for the light here🙏🏻In winter,with no leaves and the bright blue sky and white snow!Summer the trees have foliage so the light is different but nevertheless lovely.That is my lucky spot—Not all are☺️😘

  10. Love all about Peter Rabbit, always fun! What lovely are always yours paints ! love them!
    I love Easter is a time always we celebrated with my mom and dad yes really fun when we were littlw! (where the times goes)
    hugs and love !

    1. The time-Vanishes..I wish you andMarie still had your moms this Easter😂Peter is a character☺️☺️

  11. Dearest Monique,
    Age is not a bad thing as we manage to keep the mind active and young.
    As long as we proceed with fun projects and by sharing love with loved ones, we're fine. Let those years add up. Yes, this June it is half a century ago that I started working for my Pieter... Can't believe it! Time is nothing and looking back, we have managed to put a lot of adventures and great memories in it. Fond things for looking back on.
    LOVE your lacy looking apple pie; artwork.
    The paintings with lines are far better, they stand out and speak to us more.

    1. Thank you for your words of wisdom:)
      In all aspects..
      Half a century..sounds so long..I will be married 45 yrs very soon..almost half a century..

      I wonder how our life gets orchestrated..by choices..but what instinct guides us..?:)
      Not always good..but if I had one word of advice for anyone it would be to trust your instinct..if there is a small voice telling you something..listen:)Carefully.

  12. Your post is lovely. All of that winter snow will soon be gone. The houses are adorable. How sweet to find your house you painted years ago. The pie is so beautiful. I know the pie cutter is the tool, but you have the talent to manage it beautifully. No one is never too old for Peter Rabbit. Happy weekend.

    1. I really enjoyed seeing your post re the TTs:) I perused the clothing site after♥..and find the thought of both of you building a home for your mom on your land..so admirable♥

  13. I love every bit of it. The old painting looks like new; the new painting is wonderful. And oh, that pie! Your photos are always so gorgeous.

    I'm inspired by houses too. And it's time I started painting a few again. I've got some from England I'm ready to start with but also getting ready for a short jaunt to Rick's brother's so it may be a little bit.(I've also been felting like crazy!)

    I'm getting things out for spring. We so need it right now. Even the sunny days are still wrapped in white and whether or not one loves or hates winter, enough is enough! Soon! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. I fixed my pic a bit..
      And want to thank you..for your email:)♥
      I like when we lift each other UP:)
      I upped the exposure a bit;)
      Next time..nothing will slide:)
      THANK you and I mean it!

  14. Well I must be thinking Easter too, because I took your chocolate cookies with the embossed roller and turned them spring colored (I even went out to Good Woody on etsy for the roller). If you want to take a look, you can see here: http://artofnaturalliving.com/2019/02/28/confetti-shortbread-cookies/ Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. I just went to look and they are wonderful! I Pinned and printed your recipe:) Thank you and Bravo!!

  16. Oh! That pie! Irresistible.
    Have a great weekend.


  18. I have to say I am getting spoiled where we are this week, Minus 7 at home tonight 😨 I love your paintings and I do agree about the lines, especially with architecture. Love your old painting too. Do I remember that barn from a photo of yours? What a lovely pie crust!! And I looked at the popcorn chicken....YUM! I love your new Beatrix Potter things. Easter is so much fun and I'm sure you will make it special even if you aren't hosting 🐇😍

    1. You deserve to be spoiled:) You're so good to everyone♥
      I know you are having a ball..I need a walk I am taking those onine art classes been up since 6 only walked 900 feet..going to do standing up walking stuff now:) Have a great week there! So nice of you to come while away.

  19. Love your Peter Rabbit stuff....
    Love your paintings....
    Love that you use Pilsbury crust!😂😂😂
    I used to make pastry...hit and miss....Pilsbury always a hit!
    Your Ollie sounds like a real Cookie Monster💙
    Enjoy your week...
    Linda :o)

    1. He is:) They don't eat a lot of cookies and I asked her at the very beginning..if I could give them baked things etc..and she said yes..
      Wanted to make sure:)
      Thanks for the encouragement:)
      And yes Pillsbury is new to me..easy peasy!

      Have a great week you too:)

  20. beautiful paintings.
    have a great day

  21. Thanks for sharing! I just made Half Baked Harvest's oatmeal peanut butter cookies this week- really good but added more oil. Also made her noodles with peanut sauce - yum! I am a big fan. :) Hope Spring is on its way to you...

  22. So you have been painting for awhile! As well as all your other artistic involvements....Inspiring...How fun to have the anticipation of Easter celebrations!

  23. Thank you for sharing us education, please kindly visit mine :D