Thursday, August 15, 2019

Mid Augustus~

Our eldest daughter Mylène turned 44 Saturday..and you know Lucas turned 14..Adamo 20 and Giuliana 18..:)
So everyone came and we celebrated them all.

Some recipes I made worth noting..
I made Sue's Raspberry Lemon buttercream cake..pictured w/ the 44..
Loved that I could freeze..then ice frozen:)

I also made a unique cake from Leite's Culinaria..
The icing was like none other I ever made.
This too I froze and iced frozen.
Both desserts went over well:)

For apps..I made 2 of Chris' recipes..

Her Salsa..

Both of which I had made before and knew were very good.And EASY.
I made little black olive savory/ sweet shortbreads and even the boys liked them.

I like savory cookies w/ apps.

Dinner ..was a Rigatoni /Italian Sausage bake for the boys from Diane Morrisey..
and for us..a grilled Caesar sald..Diane Morrisey's half eggplant marinaras I already shared w/ you..and hot Italian grilled sausages.

Feeding 12 is not something I do regularly anymore:)

My son-in-law Alain orchestrated matching tshirts for the boys..I must admit this thrilled me:)
I hope they wear them at Christmas.
You can see how big these boys/men are getting..

Football Season has started for Oli and Noah..Noah is Offense:)  Oli is running back...and wide receiver.
The first game was while I was prepping dinner..2-4..
Jacques went.
20-0 they won.

Oli won MVP ..2 touchdowns..and Caroline took this pic.

of Max and Oli  after the game.I ♥ it.He is appreciating his medal.

Actually Caroline took all the people pics..I don't even try lol..
First of all a bit busy..the weather was The PITS.
Brief sun periods..cold and torrential downpours.
So we apped outdoors and dined indoors.

Her phone camera is Google Pixel 3xl and she bought a pack of fab filters the 2 together=WOW.

I love all the great recipes I glean from everyone I encounter on IG..the web..
and I THANK everyone.

Zinnias have FINALLY started to bloom..4 o'clocks..
Tomatoes changing colors..globe zucchinis doing so well:)

Nothing is perfect this year..summer was late..summer was dry..a hard winter made certain perennials either return much later in the season..Nepeta..feverfew..some clematis.. and some not return at all..
Rose chafers ate most of the first batch of roses..second flush Japanese Beetles.
You have to wonder why I persist.

Summer..garlic..color..tomatoes..exercise..blooms..the miracle of growth..nurturing;)

Bon Weekend!


  1. Happy birthday to all of them. You made so many delicious food, you are such a wonderful mother.

    1. I hope I was..I am flawed..of course..It's so much easier to be a grandparent lol:)Have a great weekend:)

  2. I just love this post Monique. Best of all that last line. Isn't that what live is all about? te small joys each season brings to our table, the colours, the celebrations, the growth . . . in garden/personal/family . . . and the nurturing and love we share with those around us. Someone gifted me with some round zucchini, so I am going to have to do something with them. Love reading about your young men, and the picture of all the men in your family in their matching shirts is priceless. How very wonderful! Your boys, so sweet. I love that they are atheletic. Boys who are athletic stay out of trouble, well for the most part anyways, normal antics aside. Loved seeing all the happy faces. Your cake, wowsa! I will have to try freezing and then icing. What a clean finish. Your cookies, salad, BLOOMS! All magnifique! Oh, and to answer your question, we persist because the things we love are worth working on, even if we don't always get the results we wish for. It is the same with my two kiddos. Todd says, why do I bother. I answer because I can't not bother. If you love, you bother, with no expectations in return and when you get something back, BONUS! Happy weekend dear friend. I have sticky toffee pudding cakes in the oven and the moment and the smell is driving me crazy with lust! Yes, I am at the age when I have lust more over food than anything else, LOL ;-) xoxo

    1. Lol you made me laugh Marie!!And wise words.:) you have Amazon Prime?
      I started watching Fleabag because I had heard about it..and found it a bit porny lol..well a lot..but I also found it a tad degrading..but a young woman..a friend of my daughter's was here fro Saudi and she said Seasn 2 is even I persisted.
      I love Season 2..but watch 1 first.Episode 5 of Season 2 I watched last night..fab.She is something else..the whole fam..and the priest♥This isn't a J watching it alone..just saying;)
      Also watching The Loudest Voice..Ohmygosh that Roger..makes my skin crawl but kudos to Russel Crowe for portraying him so Awarad Winning like.

    2. I will have to check both of those shows out Monique! I watch a lot without Todd also because we have quite different tastes in viewing at times! Russel Crowe is an excellent actor! xoxo

    3. If he doesnt get an award I'll be shocked.

  3. The photos of all of the 'guys' just makes me smile back at them :) What a great idea Alain had in getting those shirts and they would be perfect with Elf hats or Reindeer horns at Christmas :) Those pics of the boys that Caro took are outstanding. You've given me some great idea for cake and apps here! We have our last entire Family Swim a week from tomorrow and then Lindsay's bday party is August 31st. I know I'll try some of these recipes for those parties. I love zinnias but they don't love it here, sadly. They do make such beautiful bouquets. ♥ the yellow 4 OCs! Mine have all begun to bloom and are a very pretty dark pink. They are going to be prolific which makes me so happy. Can you believe it's the middle of August already? Harvest time begins!

    1. You might be surprised and find a mix of colors soon,if not I am gathering seeds and will save for you.They bloom all morning too🌟
      Oh you have fun times ahead of you! The salsa makes a lot..M left with a pot and I had a pot that I finished today on crackers !Familyswim sounds like so much fun!I agree elf hats!Carline had huge canvas prints made for each’s on the wall in our bedroom🙂🙂🙂

  4. Happy Birthday to all! The salad you pictured has olives in it? It that the same salad with feta and tomatoes, but added olives?

    1. I did add olives... it is Chris’ app,Iserved it with mini pitas🌟🌟🌟Very fresh very good!,

  5. Happy 44th to your darling Mylène! Fun to see the photos, your guys in their matching flamingo shirts, the boys on the field, and those pretty flowers and delicious food offerings. Rarely do I have 12 for a meal, but when I have it felt very festive and special. I like setting a long table and filling it with family and friends. If it would ever cool, I'd host such a gathering again on the terrace. The sunporch works as well, but only if we move out all the furniture.

    1. You have the idea climate but I am sure too warm is not good either.I remember having friends for dinner and J and I would like outside but they needed everyone is different..twelve around our dining room table is like being in a sardine can.Square DNR suqre DNR and if we add a panel the end chairs are almost in the china cabinet..not meant for sooo many people yet my grandfather used it in his judge's chambers with 16 chairs and 3 extensions..It must have been huge!

  6. Dearest Monique,
    Mid Augustus... that is Dutch for August!
    Wishing your loved ones all a happy belated Birthday and so much to celebrate all together.
    You know how to win their hearts...

  7. Can't help it...I'm drawn to your flower paintable.
    And I love your chickie (hen?)❤️❤️❤️
    Happy b'day to everyone!

    1. Bécassine..Caramelle is in chicken heaven..:) Thank s Carol and paint away!!:)

  8. I am adoring every single photo in this post and I'm wishing once again you were my next door neighbor! Oh, your "men" are so handsome and the shirts are fabulous! But the way they are growing, I'm not sure those shirts will still fit some of the team at Christmas! It makes such a wonderful photo. And oh, those beautiful flowers and to-die for food photos. Indeed, a good life you are experiencing these days and I'm so grateful you share it with us.

  9. Oh what a wonderful celebration it must have been!!
    Boys all dressed up...delicious food...gorgeous flowers...perfection!!
    Once again...your photos are exquisite...and tell the story perfectly...
    Linda :o)

    1. Have a great day Linda!Your celebrations are always special too!

  10. Look at those guys all dressed up :-)
    There is a nip in the air this morning.
    Some of my plants just started blooming...late, late.
    Have a good weekend. xo

    1. Same here! I know!!! Late late late..nip nip nip..I see trees of green..CHANGING COLORS.
      Bon weekend regardless;)

  11. Sounded like a delicious celebration - yum! I love the photo of the boys/men. :)