Friday, September 6, 2019

~I'll See You..In September~

Looking so forward to trying this out:):)Below..and I will soon:)

Thoughtful,thoughtful girl sent this ..she knew I had ordered it and it never came then was unavailable..
How NICE.♥

Many Thanks  ..Sarah..

everyone that knows Sarah..loves Sarah.

Above..I took an online class ..Mindy Lacefield..
go will be happy you did:)

Waning waning Summer... yet so pretty at many moments ,and much needed rain has fallen~

I love having a variety of tomatoes as much as flowers believe it or not..

I made tomato jam..that leads to THIS RECIPE~


I have better luck toasting my home made baguette slices  in my toaster..(we fell in love w/ a particular one in our apartment in Paris..)and found one toasts a few slices at once..lenghtwise♥
Then I rub w/ my garlic..
Spread that NRJJ spread on top and you are in like Flint.

The figs have been so beautiful we eat one a day at lunch..
and I've made some tortes w/ them.

I am grateful we kind of renovated our small breezeway/screened-in porch w/ windows and new doors..Everything stays cleaner and I love looking out front and out back through the new doors.

More windows to wash..but worth it.

I live in such a great neighbourhood.
Great neighbours.

5 of which you hear about regularly;)

With Instagram ..I forget what I have talked about here..but I am not ready to jump the wagon on blogging.
Blogging is where I met such wonderful people.
I am not ready to let that go.

And my husband reads my blog and knows most of you.

So many connections have been lost with the other venues..
But I hang onto things lol..

So that cute book  above is so worth buying..the Joanna Gaines book..We Are The Gardeners..  for the art and the words..for me and ..more youthful people;)
I love it..
and I love ALL the others I have pictured here.They are not how to books..they are..:Oh I just love looking at these books books.
I will never part with them;)

It's time to start saving seeds..tomatoes..calendula..poppies..(done a while ago)..4 O'Clocks ..etc..

Soon..not yet..I'll be preparing beds for garlic..

So many cool songs for September:)

The Happenings ..;) 

Go see..
Oli turns 10..Sunday..double digit delightful.
He is.♥
Have a good weekend!


  1. Here is a lovely month too, love september, here begin the spring and the trees are blossom, the only thing that worry me is we almost dont have rain this year, is a mistery how will be the apricots (my favorite jam)
    Love yours tomatoes look beautiful.
    Im in Instagram but really my blog is my first love , instagram is nice to see pictures and others but blog is lovely to friendas and talk.
    All beautiful like always. Send you hugs and love!!

    1. I agree with everything!We lacked rain for most of the is just coming back now.Grateful because the earth needed it.
      I wish you well and a happy healthy spring😘

  2. Oh boy that tomato jam layer dish looks fabulously tasty Monique! I must give it a go! The Book by Joanna Gaines, such a joy. I love books that are a feast for the eyes in that way also and many of your favourites are also mine! I can read them over and over again, and often do! We are saving seeds also. Especially the poppy seeds, they are so easy to save. I have given some to friends also. I am sure you are getting ready to plant your garlic again. We are not sure if we will still be here next year at this time, so . . . what a wonderful gift of that beehive pan! Whose a lucky girl then! I covet it! I can't wait to see what you do with it. It will be gorgeous no matter what. I envision lovely little honey gingerbreads dusted with icing sugar snow. I keep telling myself I am going to take one of Mindy's classes, but I can't find the time to do much art these days. The cooking takes up far too much of it, but I do get paid for some of it, so it has to stay for now! Happy Birthday to your 11 year old! I got to see nice photos of Doug's boys going off to school this week, but that's all. I am grateful for that. Autumn has arrived now with a vengeance. Oh, I say that, but I am happy about it because Autumn is my favourite season of the year! It really is, like Anne I could not live in a place without Octobers. I like Instagram, but I don't think it has the same personal touch that blogs have for some reason. I love all my blogging friends. Its a warmer community I think! Bonne weekend! And to Jacques also! xoxo

    1. Oh boy I should proof read before I press send. I said "also" so very much! lol

    2. Bonjour! I am so happy you have Doug:) And get to see the littles..I was so excited over receiving a parcel lol I burnt Olis grilled love thos pans..How far life has come kitchen wise snce our mom's days.Our darling darling moms..Who cared how prettily they bakd and cooked? We just adored them.Yes you are busy and GOOD..I love that you are being remunerated for your work.Rightly so!!
      Have a fun bday weekend:)I typo typo typo big time!!

  3. La foto dei pomodori talmente bella che viene la voglia di prenderne uno.
    Buon sabato

  4. What no "Up The Garden Path" by Laura Stoddard? I was sure you had this...since I just got it.
    I will have to pass it on.

  5. Monique, your stack of books reads like my favorites. So many of the same. Books that have been part of my library for decades. Books that I pick up and visit as if an old friend is with me. When I taught young children to read, I encouraged them to read a book, then read it again, and again. At that age, the habit increased their fluency and comprehension. But it also ralayed the message that a book is a friend that keeps on giving. There is the familiar that is warm and cozy, but also there is often something new to be discovered among the pages.
    I'm thrilled the petite hives made their way safely to Canada. This pan belongs in your kitchen! I know you will use it again and again. So easy, yet such special little delights!
    Enjoy your last days of gardening before you prepare for winter. For us, the fall is a time of renewal for our gardens. I'm looking forward to refreshing my containers. They are empty, soil reworked, waiting for new plants.
    Happy Weekend! ~

    1. THANK YOU again! Just got home from football:) The two oldest boys..and their mom..two youngest boys played in a nother city..
      It is so nice watching young people become good young people:) I am so proud of their natures.I tols Caroline what you did:)xx
      Did you see Carol recommenedd another? Looks good..
      Happy weekend.x

  6. Your tomatoes look lovely! I love that stack of books you have.

    1. All these special books are so delightful to me♥I bet you have quite a stack too!!

  7. Love seeing the tomatoes, they look like art. Sarah is a sweetheart, such a loving person. Enjoy the weekend.

  8. I just love stacks of books & yours always look so beautiful. I need to add the garden book to my list. I will never get through all the books I want to read. Then there are those I want to read again!

    1. You inspired know that:) You always will!Thank you.

  9. Dearest Monique,
    Your tomatoes look like artwork and if they would grow like that here in the heat, we would cherish them too.
    Always loved tomatoes and I find the ones they sell nowadays on the vine pieces of artwork too.
    Guess having had greenhouses with tomatoes, cucumbers and gherkins made me love them!
    Ah, double digits for Oli... how time is passing way too fast...
    Sarah is a very sweet blogger indeed and I'm happy for you for having gotten your beehive cakelet pan through her!
    When my Pieter was President from his Dutch Club, they have the Beehive as their logo so that would be very special for them.
    My husband also reads my blogs and enjoys it very much and it is the main reason for not being on Instagram!
    This interaction is precious and very valuable.

    1. Yes to all:) A bee is such a beautiful symbol..This pan is available at Nordic Ware in the USA..everything is available there:)
      It is actually funny ..the day I received the pna..I had actually put a very humble snail mail offering in the post out of the blue to Sarah:) What were the odds? I think sometimes..we think of people we have virtually met in such nice ways and I love that.Have un beau dimanche!

    2. Those virtual friends are kindred spirits in many ways! 💞

  10. I love looking at what you like looking at :-)) What a wonderful surprise from Sarah and I can't wait to see your beehive cakelets! Very thoughtful! It's true what you say about the people we've met blogging...and some from GBs are still GBs ♥ I would love to know what toaster you found that toasts big slices lengthwise! I may need to be a Pea again :) I am still using tomatoes too. Brought a bunch to gourmet Friday night to eat at the Lobster Boil. Everyone loved them, especially the heirlooms were so sweet and tasty! Can you believe Oli and Mack double digits??!! I still remember holding him in the hospital when he was less than a few hours old. Oh my, that went fast! Are you celebrating at Caro's today? Enjoy!!

    1. Hi:)
      So this is the toaster we bought when we returned from our Paris Apartment stay..

      We had Googled theirs while in Paris..and unfortunately we could not get the same brand here..buying one there was not feasible for power..and bulk i a
      This one has been faultless..for us..In Paris we would buy baguettes and found this type of toaster did them so well.
      There may be other brands available to you:) So ..have had this since problems at all.
      Caroline had Noah for a sleepover last night and today..Lucas Max Noah Oli and 3 or 4 friends I can't remember were going to a big indoor exercise invited me..but the other moms were going too and she had already spent her morning with us for the big boys football game..
      Susan..get this..Max is now in high school and plays on Lucas yr Lucas goes to senior footnall there..right now he is grade 9..Max 7..Lucas is captain..they lost but again all I see are my boys lol..after the game we are allowed to go on the field and see them..Saw Max first..#3..went to hug him(they still hug us!And we said where's Lucas? Couldn't see him..Max said:"Where all those girls are" LOLOL sure we waited for the fans to dissipate a bit;) And he was not shy one bit to hug his mom and I..♥I swear those boys..♥♥♥
      Oli was playing in another Fred/coach/dad was there and Noah plays on Oli's team..
      Caro feels torn!!But they cannot be two places at once..
      Oli had a wondeful game..but got injured..went right back in..he is fearless and has so much courage..3 tds:)Noah is doing so well too..

      You ahve always enjoyed it.
      I have always hated it.
      Love it now lol.

      No I cannot believe double digit and me a senior citizen..65 we both had milestones this year.

      Yes a sweet surprise..I made a samll batch today and release was excellent..just not the best recipe..I put too much release lol..cute as buttons though.

      GBs was the start of wonderful wonderful friendships.I will always be grateful.Always.
      For many more reasons than one.
      A gift.
      Bonne journée ma petite pea.

      All our tomatoes together ..a work of art/heart.I brought quite a few to Caro's yesterday aft..and she looked at them and said:"They are so"...

    2. Thank you! I've already researched the toaster and found one similar and is in my Amazon shopping cart now :) What a great idea for artisan breads! What a cute story about Lucas being where all the girls are ♥ Those boys must love playing football and I love that they still give their Nana a hug ♥♥♥.

    3. xxxHope you like the toaster! Great for artisan breads!!

  11. Oh my! I'm eager to learn about the Mindy Lacefield class. Her work is wonderful. And I had to smile because on your bookstack I recognized at least 12 of those books as being ones from my collection too! I love kindred spirits!

    I am loving tomatoes and just finished handling a bushel of them from the market -- pasta sauce in the freezer, gazpacho, a tomato/cuke salad and a lovely tomato tart, along with giving some to Rick and some to a friend. I still have a few left because one has to have tomatoes!

    How kind of Sarah! It's a darling pan! Oh, so much joy here. Never, ever leave blogging or I shall die, I'd miss it so!

    1. Oh you made me laugh:) Smile and feel good.
      Thanks for that:)
      Not surprised on the same books..I always Google yours :):)

      Yay on the tomatoes!!

  12. h make the end of Summer soooo glamorous!!!
    Those tomatoes are fabulous...I am sure I know why you love the jam so much!!
    Happy Bday to young Oli...10 already!!!
    Having a very cloudy few days here in Southern Ontario...
    Have a wonderful week my dear...
    Linda :o)

    1. I hope you have a ggod week too:) We had a gorge day yesterday today is still nice w/ rain in the forecast for later this aft....I don't do much gardening in Sept..I just gather tomatoes ..and start ripping out things;)You?

  13. That looks like a fun pan! Oh, I hope that you keep on blogging.... other social media platforms just aren't the same.... xo

    1. XxDrove by your home today😘😘It's just always going to be yours.

  14. Nice to see your favorites...I totally get how you love those books...I love them too...