Friday, September 27, 2019

~Craft..a~holic~ All my life~

 Lucas and Max at one of their games..

Lucas' blanket... school colors..Max is next..

 Noah and his dad went to Hogan..Alain's hunting cottage( ok shack..w/ an outhouse) the setting is out of this world..Noah had a great many beautiful videos and pics his dad took..
like the one below.I love that Noah did this..he drove an ATV..w/ Alain..but he drove..this tiny camera Alain has is MARVELOUS.

Photo above courtesy of Alain~ Noah's dad~

Crafts....I guess from Crayolas to Prismacolor as a child..then a very very long hiatus..

But once married..I took up stitching with a passion..making soo many crewel pictures for our home..while the girls slept..I stitched..:)
I made them matching dresses..:) With Velcro bacause I didnt know how to do buttonholes..all my cute little patterns♥
Fabric and patterns were way cheaper than clothes..not anymore..clothes are cheaper.
We had a super tight budget.I did not work outside our home until both girls were in school..
There wasn't any type of social media..I was 21 w/ a baby and no friends of mine had any..they were traveling and going to clubs etc:)
I never missed that.I had a few yrs of those empty years..not for me.

I am eternally grateful to every mentor that came into my life..ya'll (;) ) know who you are..
I did give craft classes in our basement to nice nice women.
And wallpapered a few homes..and did Mary Kay:)
But that was it really..
Then I worked and fit in crafts when and where I could..ceramics..tole painting..etc..a watercolor class or two..

Made gifts..
Tried calligraphy.
Paid for my real estate course by attending a huge craft fair..
It went well.
Today people are so TALENTED and creative..perhaps they were back then too but I never saw it until blogs and then the internet blew up with so much to see.
I'm a jack of all trades master of none..
But how I LOVE to play ..
w/ pens and pencils and paints and stickers and felt and needles and thread..yarn and hooks and watercolors and pastels..cameras..and seeds and dirt.Spatulas and ingredients and cake pans lol..Cookie cutters and more than an Easy Bake Oven;)

And I am so very very grateful to have this love.
I encourage you to try..anything.
You never know when being able to create on your own..can become a life raft..

A companion..a friend..
Zen moments.

Books can do that too.

There's nothing wrong w/ your own company.:)
A loyal friend;)

Press some flowers..Mod Podge them on a and cheerful.
Learn a stitch or two..That crochet? OMG I spent hours watching Youtube after being inspired by many..
If someone can sit beside you and show you..ask:)
Same w/ needlepoint or crewel..

You can..everyone can make a blanket.I promise.
If I can you can.

And if you have a chance..

Go see..

Bon Weekend:)


  1. Bellissime fotografie.
    Buona serata.

  2. a really lovely post with beautiful pictures !! send you hugs and love!!

  3. I adore the pumpkin! Did you paint it white first or is it a white pumpkin?

    I putter around in crafting. I love needlework but haven't done any since the spring. Right now I'm working on a felt nativity for my grandson. I'm sewing the figures by hand & making a felt board for him to arrange them on.

    And I love paper, pens, pencils, ect. I even acquired a penpal recently so I have a good excuse to buy & use all the fun papers.

    1. I love sending letters Jenny..great idea!Wednesdays Oli comes over..I showed him how to write and send a I need postcards☺️I did paint it as it was dark green it was an eight ball zucchini I never saw that grew too big to eat☺️The leaves are huge and hide the globe zucchinis very could use a white pumpkin..I used what I had on hand.I enjoyed making it and a table would look pretty with a few..a nice gratitude script on it would be so pretty!

  4. Monique, your pumpkin is so very beautiful. Lovely. Leave it to you to take something simple and turn it into a thing of beauty! Your boys are growing up so fast it seems! Love your paintings and your crafts. The photo of Noah in the boat. It is such a tender and serene photo. I love it. Like you, I had many mentors in my life who taught me many things. I was not fortunate enough to live close to my mom in my early years of bringing up my children. It was quite a few years before we lived close enough to spend real time together. That is the life of an Airforce family I guess. I found myself drawn to many older women who taught me much about cooking and other things. I was always crafty however and did a lot of crochet, knitting and counted cross stitch. Oddly enough, like you, when my children were small I did not have time for painting. Most of my creativity happened at night after they were in bed. It was not until they were older that I began to pick up my paints again, so a long break. I taught Tole Painting in my home for a time. Funny how our lives have been so similar. I did so many things in my home, child minding, typing for businesses and others/students, etc. I even cleaned houses at night for a time. I never took up a real career until I was in my 40's and then went back to school. The seasons of life. I would have loved to have had the Internet for inspo when I was younger, but then again I would not have had much time for playing with five children I suppose! I don't know how these young mums do it now with jobs and families and then social media/blogs, etc. I am working on a Luna Lapin at the moment. Hopefully she will turn out. Happy weekend to you and your lovely family! xoxo

    1. Such similarity indeed! I honestly feel too many children are growing up being filmed their lives in front of an Iphone..turning into little actresses wearing make up and being artificial in front of a camera.I follow quite a few IG feeds w/ your families because like my daughters..we love little kids..on Stories..of course the Littles are live and in action.Some are protecting the Littles innocence and they don't seem to be behaving like the divas some moms are obviously striving for.It is shocking.
      I remember when people said: Oh I can't put my childrens' photos on the have times changed..from parading like top runway models at 3 and bikinis etc..I have to wonder about it all..and we know I am not a prude.
      Every moment of their little lives being acted out for commercial reasons..Wow.

      Others are just plain sweet and adorable.

      My daughters purposely turn off their phones the boys don't see them always hooked into it all.Unplugged.

      Kids are into IG too once you are in high school.

      It's hard being a teen today.
      I would have hated it I think.Especially during my very very chubby life..the ones that laughed at me and were mean would have Facebooked me to death.Literally maybe.Makes all tha bullying back then even more serious to me now.
      Ok rant over;)
      Little Oli is QB 1 today.In the rain..he told me he doesn't mind the rain at all..:) He likes it.
      I want to be him.♥

  5. The pumpkin is to die for. (So is the photo of the pumpkin -- you shoot the most dramatic and perfect photos!)

    I love your message here. To do it! We all DO start with a creative streak and for some it is fostered and for others it is snuffed out. My heart was in my throat when I read about the trip Noah and his dad did. What special memories that makes. And your afghans make the same memories! Oh, every photo is so perfect, every single one. The paintings are perfection. I just love falling in here.

    Like you, I'm a jack of all trades and master of none. And I just LOVE that because we never get bored. We will always find something that we can create or do or make or bake or discover. And I think that's just the best!

    Isn't Downton wonderful? It just picks up and carries us away!

    1. I LOVE what you said about being a Jack:)I am never ever bored either.
      We are such routine people that somethimes I crave to stay in bed 10 minutes more..and don't..I crave to not have green tea one day and coffe the next..and don't lol..and I tire of same walks..I like diversion..and I think liking so many things feeds that in us.You nailed it.
      It makes my routine..enjoyable:)
      And that's exactly what Downton did..again your perfect words!

  6. Oh, this is such a dear post! Your pumpkin is perfection! I admire that you create all these treasures. Flower Power! I'm currently creating a post, and the phrases Flower Power, Flower Child came to mind as I thought about hippies selling flowers on the street corners in the 70s. Now the panhandlers are at the intersections, holding their signs, asking for handouts. 😳 Your watercolors are treasures. I know!!! I love seeing "The Sisters" on your post. And I have a sweet piece of your handwork from all those years ago. It welcomes guests in a guest room. Make me smile, Monique! You and I cherish the same simple things. The beautiful throw made me think of my mom. She crocheted many during her life time. I have three! My nieces and nephews each have at least one, and it warms my heart when I see that they use them all these years later. Family quilts make me feel the same. Heart and Hand treasures!
    I plan to see Downtown tomorrow. I have my tickets!
    Happy Weekend!

    1. You will love it!
      No doubt about it:)

      Flower Power was part of Carrières des Lumières in Le Baux last year..along w/ Picasso..Unforgettable!

      Panhandlers sadden me so much.

      Unsure of what to do..and I hate that about me.My first instinct was to always give until I was told I shouldn' I am intimidated..sometimes things change your instinct and it feels so uncomfortable.
      Where I live..there are none..but in Montreal ..a big city..of course there most big cities..

      and even smaller ones..:(

      To Know How Sweet Your Home Can Be Just Go Away and Keep The key:)♥

      Yes simple things are the best of things.
      Bon Dimanche:)

  7. Oh, Pea, this is such a sweet testimonial of who you are. I have also been artsy for much of my life but more crafty during and after college. I can't tell you how many macramé projects I've done, crochet from very early on, hooking rugs, needlepoint, salt clay, decoupage, on and on. It's the joy of creating that keeps us going. I love your flower pumpkin, the photo of Noah on the lake and The fact that crayons still make us happy ♥️😘😘

    1. I know your middle Artistically Inclined and Accomplished:)I was floored when I saw your red floral huge watercolor the first time..poppies..then all your crafts through the years:) exquisite taste in all..
      I am a grateful recipient of your handiwork.. but for much more than that.
      You were a little lifeline too♥

  8. Dearest Monique,
    Well, I'm like you, just trying everything that catches your eye or sparks your heart!
    I've always said to anyone, that we all can do a LOT more than what we THINK we can - just start doing it.
    Oh yes, I've given knitting classes here in Georgia, crocheting lessons. Even managed to force myself to do it left-handed so I could teach a young woman that was left-handed, how to do it. By reaching over her head, my hands in front of her and she copied my movements and was so happy. Me too! I told myself, oh, you got that ugly accident and no longer can fully use your right hand as before, so train your left hand and it worked!
    Guess happiness comes from all those little things that we did/do for our soul.

    1. Training the least oft used hand is great for so many things.
      I have started off with good intentions and let them slide.
      I remember reading Norman Doidge’s book The BrainThat Changes Itself .. Ishould read it again.
      That was so nice of you.
      Yes if someone is happy of something we tried to do to makes us so happy.
      I think I love that the most.
      I agree with your last words🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙂💫

  9. Thanks Monique - your words are always so encouraging. I love that you love to play. :) xo

    1. So interesting re your comment re the chickpea flatbread.I have to try it! In Provence at one of our AirB and Bs in 2017..the host served us SOCCA..which is in fact chick pea flatbread..she sent me the recipe and mine turned out awful..will try and play with PardonYourFrench's recipe! Thank you!!Have a good week♥

    2. Hope the socca turned out!!


  10. Dear Moniqu,e Downtown Abbey will be my next movie. I assure you. It's impossible not to fall in love with the environment lived in this movie. And what about the clothes, the wonderful clothes? I love everything!
    Like you, I am also addicted to crafts. All my life I have been. I sew, although I don't know how to sew and I cross stitch and crochet and knit, which is my favorite activity. I forgot to mention that I also cook and I like to cook. Many bridges bind us, I'm sure. If we were living close together we 'll be real, great friends. I'm sure!

    1. I am sure too! You could give me style lessons:)
      And crochet and knitting and I would reciprocate!!
      Everything in DA pleased me.
      I rarely go to the I was enraptured in the big screen:)
      Bonne semaine!

  11. What a wonderful post...not sure why Ii cant seem to get over here lately...
    Your "mothering" years, sounds a lot like mine!
    I too was fortunate to stay home until my youngest was in Kindergarten...
    I also took many craft classes...even after they were bigger...a friend and I took quilting at Sheridan College...very hard work!! name it....I did it!!
    I remember buying many crewel kits at White Rose...miss that store...gave my inlaws a big one for Christmas one year...
    Your crochet is lovely...cant wait to see what kind of felt ornaments you make this year...I had planned on doing that myself this year...didn't happen!!
    I really must do a blog post myself...too much time in seeing all your gorgeous pictures...and your tender stories...
    Linda :o)

    1. I go see at your blog in case I missed something..I'll quieten down soon;)
      Still time to stitch an ornament if you feel the sudden urge:)
      White Rose..we had one Target.
      In and out..buh bye..:(

      Will I ever forgive Target? LOL.

      Sheridan College:) Again..familiar..we're so close..yet so far..
      Raining here..have a good one!

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