Sunday, October 13, 2019

Glory Days~

Glorious apples~

Warm skillet bread and artichoke dip ..glorious~

Glorious boys~

Glorious views~

Glorious men~

Glorious pans~

Glorious comfort meal days~

Glorious Pink Diamond Hydrangeas~

This is us..  :) Pic by football♥

Glory Days~

Every season..albeit late late winter..
I tell you how much I love where I live.
I do.
My street is ver special.

My mom's fave season was fall..the artist in her..Nat King Cole ..Perry Como..Nana Mouskouri..Bing Crosby..etc..
How I remember I have no clue..
I have forgotten so much.

Days of Glory..

The above dish is just so good you need to try it..prep is minutes..bake it longer..I had to..and I loved it even more served on pasta:)

You can find the recipe here..Make it and keep it forever~
I made it 3 times lol:)

The first dish an amazing app for a group..From Seasons And Suppers..I made the bread in the bread machine and it was FABULOUS.
The Recipe is  here..

Happy Thanksgiving Canada:)♥You are so pretty dressed in October~

Caroline took a few pics of us at football and from the back..I don't mind posting;)


  1. Dearest Monique,
    Wishing you and your loved ones a Glorious and Happy Thanksgiving!
    Your fall colours are like paintings and so warm!
    Like all the different comfort foods you create...

  2. Beautiful photos - thank you for sharing!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Monique, such beautiful colors for your holiday.
    Love all the photos, and especially the ones of you and J. xo

    1. I like photos when I don't know I am being photographed:)J doesn't mind at at all..ever☺️Thank you!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Monique !!!
    My absolutely favorite season is Fall, I love all of Autumn, the leaves, the weather and all looks lovely.Beautiful and fun picture.
    And of course I love these boys!! hugs and love !

    1. Thank you!!It has been the loveliest of all falls I believe!!

  5. Happy, Happy Glorious Thanksgiving Day, dear Monique! You live in a gorgeous setting. I'd love to look out to those brilliant trees coverd in their autumn beauty. All green or brown here with the occasionally golden touch some years. Too hot this year!
    I baked gingerbread acorns last week. Like you, I find these Wilton pans glorious! I may add the leaf pan this year!
    Every image is glorious, but the one of you and J is my favorite. I saw it on Caroline's IG account. She titled it "Couple Goals"! You are an awesome role model to your girls and to all of us who are inspired by the way you live life and share it's beauty.
    Grateful that our lives are entwined in friendship across the miles.

    1. I am so grateful too!
      We never know at any given time what is going on in someone’s life and kindness across the miles has a way of assuaging uncertain times💕I know I start harping about our harsh winters in. Arch but the rest of the time it’s our little paradise.As I know your home is also!Caroline has always taken pics of me without my knowing that I love☺️☺️Thank you for your friendship through the years Sarah!

  6. Your fall looks lovely. We have not started fall here in NC yet. That chicken dish looks wonderful Thanks for sharing the link.

    1. If you love cherry tomatoes and balsamic vinegar ..mozzarella lol..I can guarantee you will enjoy this easy flavourful dish.🍁🙂🍁🙂

  7. Such a glorious post. Love the photos, beautiful leaves are like portraits. Your styling shines. How special you and your family live so close, so the boys can visit their precious Nana.

    1. Linda having family so close to us has meant the world to Jacques and I🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻And really they are all the precious ones⭐️I know you know..still cannot Eli e how you look being a great nana!Unfathomable!

  8. Coming here is like coming home to a place I've never been. I love seeing you in your beautiful russet coat -- you look as autumnal as all the wonderful dishes on your table (I linked to the recipes!). Your leaves are so much brighter than here. I suspect we'll get our big turn this week -- it has been cold enough. I'm not ready for the winter but the autumn is beautiful indeed!

    1. It has been the best of all falls in my recent memory for certain!
      It's a poncho :)
      Simon Chang..1970's.
      Early 1970.
      Some things you keep forever:)

  9. Happy Thanksgiving Monique,
    That dish looks unbelievably delish
    Paris has a lot of glorious things but Fall leaves is not one of them 🍂

  10. It looks so pretty there! Our leaves starting turning color quite a bit while we were gone the past few days but nothing compared to the brilliance in your photos. I wish I could say it's been a lovely autumn so far here but we've had so many rainy days. I love all of your glorious photos (especially you and Jacques) and glorious recipes :) You have a knack of finding beauty in everything, Pea ♥

    1. It has been the best fall in yrs..well in my recent cloudy..with puffs of smoke from chimneys:)
      We have had less than stellar falls..the sun makes everything shine.
      I am in awe at so many things.
      That's been a glory for me too.

  11. I love your fall pictures. You color is way way ahead of ours.
    I don't usually try your recipes but I might try that chicken one today.


  12. Dear Monique this is a truly glorious post, starting with the amazing photos, this delicious chicken recipe, your boys and you. Even from back I guessed that you are very, very beautiful. When a picture with your face? Kisses and hugs

  13. :)I am like you shy with my face☺️☺️☺️☺️🙏🏻Xx

  14. Your glorious things warm my heart Monique, many of them are my own. Family, home, good food. Always beautifully presented. You are an artist with not only your paint brush but with your camera! I still think you need to do a coffee table book of your best montages. I would buy it! Your photos are all stunning and you make me want to cook everything! I think you are a beautiful woman and if I looked like you and had your figure I would not be camera shy in the least, but then again, perhaps that is a part of your charm. Your humble heart. I checked every day last week to see if you had posted and then missed a couple days and voila! There you were! I am happy you are enjoying a beautiful Autumn. I hope that you had a lovely Thanksgiving filled with lots of the most important things in life, again . . . family, love, good food and home. Love and hugs, always. xoxo

    1. I hope you are feeling better ..of course I am on my way to check on you:)
      I am camera shy and am thrilled I am not in a selfie world.I do remember having fun w/ 2 girlfreinds when we got together and some pics turning out OK..but they were film cameras.and it was 20 yrs ago.
      Just not photogenic at all..
      some people shine in pics..
      I am not oe of those lol:)

      10 yrs ago..something in my life went wrong..and it changed my whole expression..God bless one of my daughters who is so her husband :) She even told me that.
      I knew it.
      But that made me know what I knew ..was in fact reality.
      C'est la vie..the unfortunate parts..are given to most..
      Thank you for the nice words Marie:)You are very very nice.

    2. I meant to ask you if you tole painted the wooden barrel? Cute! ❤️

  15. Hi Monique...
    Lovely lovely Fall photos...🧡
    You look like a teenager in those pics...😊
    Boys look fantastic too!
    And the delicious cooking of yours!
    Have a great week!
    Linda :o)

    1. I wish you a good week too..Loved those family pics of yours from the weekend:)♥

  16. Monique, this is such a cozy post.... xo :)

    1. ♥♥♥ It's been so gorgeous this year..but ..the town still misses you:)

  17. Beautiful post, Monique, and I love that shot of you and your husband.♥

  18. The color of the leaves! Big sigh. I just love this time of year.