Wednesday, January 15, 2020

~Moving right along~Things I made~

Starting off the the baking yr with BONNE MAMAN jam ..and Stems and Forks biscuits..:)not sure the recipe is online I found it in her stories on IG..if you don't know Betty go see..her photography is sublime..and she is such a creative person in all aspects.
Sheer sheer beauty.Hard worker..mother..daughter etc..she is the one that is photographing Just Crumbs new cookbook.
It will be a stellar collab.

Also I am always touting pretty molds and cookie cutters..
Nordic Ware is one of my fave lines..
I wanted to tell you that Wilton Cake Release..worked very well for this cake:)
Make sure you always wash your new pan carefully as per instructions.
Personally I have found that flouring makes a mess of things.
For this mold WCR worked best..every nook and cranny w/ a brush..
I will try other recipes as this was not the best although J liked it and ate it.I must say I have made this cake before..for the honeycomb cake itself and it was so good..I may have done something wrong..cornmeal not fine enough this time..

That guy makes a dessert last forever..just a bit every night weighs in the 150's fit as fit can be.. 1 hr treadmill every day for 20 yrs no fail plus a walk outside on top of maintaining everything here..snow..etc..78.
Please let me be like that at 78:)

I made lovely and delicious cream puffs w/ a chocolate craquelin topping and hazelnut whipped cream filling..pastry shop worthy~
You can find the recipe here at Cloudy Kitchen.
I made half and it made almost 30:)

I made this..King Arthur Flour recipe of the was good but soo much bread compared to the topping..looked great..

I don't take dinner pics because it's pitch black when we eat here and we eat at EVERY NIGHT.

And I made this and we loved it..I have since bought Chipotle Chili Pepper Powder and will top w/ that next time..I halved..and it made 2 dinner sized ind portions.Seasons and Suppers this is not the first recipe of hers that I have made..and they have always been good!

The following is a public service announcement~

A footnote and warning re an antibiotic~
In Oct I developed a small infection..I didn't even know I had.
I was prescribed an antibiotic because I was going case it reared it's ugly head.
It only became uncomfortable mid way and not so much that I felt I should take an antibiotic...while away.

I did take it on Dec 4th..for 7 days..and felt nauseous..after a few days..but thought so be will go away..
Well it didn't..and I started having pains around my chest..
Dec 22nd I started itching..this is weeks after the cessation of the antibiotic..Christmas eve..out at our daughter's  I just felt worse and worse and itchier and itchier..
I cam home to a back full of hive like small pimples on my chest ,back and arms..
They eventually turned red with itching like poison ivy..and still so nauseous..
Up my neck..and head itch.
Had to see a DR between Xmas and NY..medicine..

still not gone Jan 6th..back to the Dr.on the 8th..
It is (still) and was an delayed allergic reaction to this particular antibiotic.
I had never heard of this..
As of Jan 15th more than 1 month after cessation..symptoms are still there..the rash is far less but all tiny red scabs..
The antibiotic is Clindamycin..and I will NEVER take it again

Just a word of warning..reactions can happen after ..and they last such a long time..flu like symptoms with a never ending itchy rash.
Quite poisonous.Apparently my stomach and skin are angry at me.

So get over it ok:)If you know me you know I don't use this platform for health issues..
but in Googling this antibiotic..I was surprised to see how bad it can be.
Don't want it happening to you.

I would rather share the pretty life~:)♥

Watched a cute Diane Keaton movie on her.

Fleabag just about wins everything everywhere..told ya:)

Started The Outsider on HBO..I love Jason Bateman's work and Ben Mendelsohn is one of my fave win.
A Steven King collab.
So far..GREAT.

Take care~


Please read this..

I follow Bryarton Farm on IG..  you simply have to Google to find her.
She is absolutely beautiful.
She was born w/ a cleft palate..
She recently posted on her stories.. how to apply make up for a cleft palate..
She also gave everyone a shout out about a despicable woman Wendy Williams..who publicly mocked J Phoenix because of his cleft palate.
I have never seen an uglier segment of a person.
This is what bullying is..
I can't stand to look ate her..
And I am so happy that Adam Bighill is talking about this.
Shame on her..makes me sad.


  1. wow Monique Im sorry you feel I never hear about this antibiotic!! so bad :(
    Hope you are better-,
    Alllooks beautiful, You know I love bonne mamam!!

    1. I have had antibiotics before some caused UTIs etc but never anything like this.Just a precaution for all of you🙏🏻

  2. Dearest Monique,
    Sorry for that aggressive side affect on your antibiotic taken to cure one thing and causing a lot more!
    LOVE that heart shaped coffee glass and you managed to take that photo so well!
    Love hearts and roses and angels... and chocolate, the dark one for the sake of less sugar of course (not for weight control but as a life saver)...
    How lovely that pomegranate looks in the photo with the oranges together. LOVE its crown as to me it is like still life...

    1. Bonjour Mariette..I know,but antibiotics are poison aren't they in effect? I have a low tolerance for medicine..if there's a side effect I usually get it..and in some cases..I get the opposite reaction..things that cause somnolence can sometimes agitate me..
      Until the age of 55 I took nothing and then an unfortunate mistake..s by a health care professional..led me into the medial system..
      I now have the utmost empathy for those not leading perfect lives.

      This I felt I should mention ans I read afterwards all the poor reviews of this..
      Just a cautionary word to perhaps ask for an alternate suggestion.
      It's a FUYU persimmon..isn't it lovely? A glorious fruit to look at.
      I hope you are well:)♥

    2. Monique, never forget that the pharmacies are the biggest lobby... there is way too much money involved and yes, in effect those chemicals are poison to our body - at times necessary but like you mention, this could have been avoided.
      Oh sure those Japanese Fuyu persimmons are the BEST! And they keep for quite a while too, just like a good apple.
      Did post about them a good month ago:

  3. I hope you feeling better soon take dare love Ria 💕💕

    1. Dear Ria..I am used to discomfort..this is just an added annoyance that I could have perhaps circumvented..Knowledge is everything..Had I known..I would have asked for an alternate:)It is not this particular doctor's fault at all..He is very very good.

  4. Your desserts look so beautiful! I am sorry about your reaction to the antibiotic!

  5. Wow, thank you for the warning on that antibiotic! I'm so sorry you are still having symtoms :((( Very scary, indeed. I have a friend who developed hives after taking an antibiotic too. I'll have to ask her if she remembers which one she took. Such lovely baking! I do so want to try those cream puffs some day! They look wonderful! What dedication and will power he has. John walks 4 miles a day outdoors but he would devour the whole cake if I left it in front of him - LOL. I wanted to try that pizza too! Glad you tested it for me first :) Thank you for all the links! I love the photography on Stems and Forks ♥

    1. It's been over one month and it clouded Christmas:(Thank goodness for sparkly family:)♥The pizza is a whole lotta bread..too much for me..And I love bread.I would not have deemed it the best;)Stems and Forks..stellar!

  6. That was a nasty reaction, I hope you are completely well now. Your baking looks delicious. The pizza looks mighty good :-)

    1. Still here:(
      I would never take it again..never ever ever ever.The pizza is too much bread IMHO:)
      Seems this post is a crabby post LOL:)

  7. Hi Monique and thanks for all the recommendations. I'm checking out Hampstead pronto. Love Keaton, love Hampstead! And such gorgeous photos and receipes. I want to fall into every photo and never come out.

    About the Clindomy... My dentist actually prescribed it for me for something -- I think back before the lip cancer was diagnosed? Not sure why but I think that's it. Then I got the dermatology appointment and stopped taking it after a dose to see the the derma had to say and boy, am I glad I did. He had warned me it was high power and he was right. Always a chance with my bug I will have to take very high-end antibiotics but hopefully not this one. Thanks for telling your story about it. I will keep it in mind if it ever comes up again.

    1. Yet us know under a different name too..C something will check it out!
      Not everyone reacts to it but I truly should not have taken I know..when they ask are you allergic to anything I know that nous not the right answer.Lesson learned and full of reviews online with severe warnings.Glad you stopped!I think Hampstead is up your alley.The cottage at the end is swoon worthy🥰

  8. Dear Monique, I hope you feel better already. This antibiotic has been prescribed to me once to cure a respiratory condition. Fortunately I did not manifest any allergic reaction . Individual reactions can always occur whatever the antibiotic.
    Your pics are really gorgeous!

    1. Yes!Some find it a miracle🙏🏻Everyone is so different.An unluckynumber came up this time..not the doctors fault.He is Great!At long last☺️Take care!

  9. Lovely baking photos. I love how you seek and make these recipes. Like you said some are winners and others need tweaking. So sorry about your bad reaction to that antibiotic. That is a very long time to have those symptoms. I hope it clears up soon. Thank you for warning us about this particular antibiotic. Sharing is caring. Shame on Wendy Williams for mocking J. Phoenix for his cleft palate. Bullying is so wrong and makes me upset. The person doing the bullying must have inadequate issues about themselves to try to make fun of someone. My youngest son was bullied and I too was bullied in Junior high school.

    1. Me too ..bullied beyond a reasonable doubt..sorry that you and your son were also but how it makes us so aware of the underdog and keeps us rooting for them!
      I am happy to report that in the Wendy case a full apology and donation were made..butI just cannot I see that😑I can’t look at her.
      I do like trying new things..keeps me involved lol☺️☺️Have a great rest of the week and weekend .Sonice to hear about your MKC fun happening!
      I looked at you a lot holding your beloved tote☺️☺️☺️

  10. Beautiful photos and links. I am always inspired by you. So sorry for your reaction to the antibiotic. I think I have taken that drug in the past. No more.

    1. We never forget if it’s a bad reaction😑😑😑I know it will never touch my lips again🙂Thank you Penny!

  11. HI Monique...
    What is wrong with people??? Why would anybody think a cleft palate is something to joke about??? Some people have NO class...and yet there they are, on TV for all to watch...UNbelievable!! I have never watched her show...dont really watch any daytime shows...except news!!
    that antibiotic sounds hideous..and the name...C"linda"mycin...I am embarassed!!
    your pastries look delicious...and I am sure is a wonderful partner...
    Enjoy the rest of your Thursday...we have snow coming in...and cold weather...
    Linda :o)

  12. Twinning😊I don't watch tv in the day was on BryartonFarm's stories that I saw that woman🙈Unimaginable😭😭😭
    A friend of ours her darling grandson was born with one and he is so brave and has operations..I could slap her.Really.
    You did make me smile with lindamycin😀You are so quick!!Have a good night just watched This Is Us..💕

  13. I would concentrate on the pretty life as well but it is not always easy. You've created a wonderful haven for beauty here, Monique, thank you for that.

  14. Acck, I just had a whole comment written and google messed up. I am not sure I can write as good a one the second time around. First your photos are beautiful. I would gladly buy a book with them and your thoughts in it. So lovely. Bullying in any way shape or form is intolerable. I was bullied mercilessly when I was a young teen and if we had had social media then I am sure I would not be here now. Shame on them. Kindness costs nothing and the bully shows themselves up for what they are. Ugly inside which can't help but also show on the outside. Again, shame on them. I would rather dwell on pretty also. I would love to make cream puffs with craqueline, but not 30. I will have to look for a much smaller recipe! Lucky you have those boys to help eat them! I am always in awe of people who take such beautiful food photos. Sometimes I get it right, more often than not, I don't. I think I am too impatient. Loved Hampstead, and am loving The Outsider. Seriously addictive. Also love the looks of your new book you are reading. Thank YOU always for being such a proponent of what is lovely in the world, for sharing your beautiful photos, your recipes shared, what works what doesn't, etc. You are a wonderful light to me in a world that is sometimes very dark. Have a wonderful Sunday. xoxo

    1. As you are to me!
      I am so into your smaller batch recipes♥
      A great thank you is in order!
      Thinking of you.
      I know bullies turn my stomach..along with clindamycin;)
      30 is a lot as they are sooo good same day..not so much the next day..I did try to crisp some up and forgot timer is a must for silly things like this..walk away..fogetaboutit;)
      Isn't The Outsider terrific?

      Really it is.
      That Ben..that Jason..:)Great team I find.

  15. So sorry to hear you had that terrible reaction! Funny thing is that twice now hubby has had oral surgery and he felt nauseated with the Penicillin, so I called the Dr. and he said to take him off. I am betting he is allergic too, but both times we quit after a day and so it didn't develop as far as yours!
    I think your photography is sublime too! Everything you touch is gorgeous!

    1. Yes that was why I had the antibiotic..oh thank goodness your husband stopped..
      Anyway Jacqueline it is almost gone now..just still nauseous..
      Apparently my stomach is mad.
      C‘Est la vie..we learn right?
      Thank you!

  16. I don't eat sweets but these are beautiful to look at!!!! I had a reaction to an antibiotic once, after oral surgery. I had to leave for France with hives!! Have you seen Poms with Diane Keaton?

    1. I haven't..sorry just saw this! It's now 4 months later and the itching is just abating!

  17. Hope you are feeling better Monique. xo And thank you, always, for the inspiration... xo