Wednesday, January 22, 2020


It's been really cccold in 0 read correctly..
so I stitched and finished Noah's blanket:)

All 4 boys are taken care of now:)
This latest one has an additional token of my love..the handmade button..Linda showed us her works of heart and they had the buttons..
I just had to copy and paste.♥
She is a wonderful wonderful girl that Linda..

Will wait before I start another for sitting so long makes me feel off ..more than usual;)

I baked Marie's banana bread..she is focusing on small batch baking and cooking and I am loving it..

It's perfect for empty can find her recipe here..

I have been taking trips down memory my craft drawer is filled w/ carousels..that have slides..we never look at them..they are 45 yrs had read about an app..that didn't work for I tried putting slides on my light source and taking pics with my phone..
well I am discarding the slides and just keeping faved pics:)
My girls have liked getting daily pics..they are all or light..many my head is cut off..
J was the photo taker..w/ a Minolta non we would just get slides done..


I am putting some here..imagine these are the good ones..;)Honestly these pics should not be here:) LOL but ..

Mylène with all her newborn hair and Jacques with all his hair:)♥
Notice the orange and gold wallpaper..the dried floral arrangements I made..LOL..we had a carpet in the kitchen that almost matched..I was 21 the spice rack..and hanging lamp..eventually I had lamps I wove wool around:)

Building our '76..

I loved this dress I embroidered for M:)..the hair again:)  she was maybe 3.

This little girl was the easiest baby ..woke up happy and smiling and fell asleep on demand..or not:)
Unlike her sister above who felt sleep time was a waste of time:) LOL still the same;)
Jacques made their jungle gym and swings..and every home we lived in..they had a big dollhouse out back♥
And played hours on end in them.

Priscillas everywhere in the next house lol and more gingham..and more hair. I adored..adored adored being a mom.

My decorating 24..revolved around wallpaper everywhere..Holly Hobbie and curtains and frills everywhere..I was so excited to make everything;) Not all... but I tried..Bouclair had a dollar stage and you could buy wide fabric for $1.00 a yard..sometimes my girls clothes matched our curtains.I stitched almost everything that hung on the walls..see Holly Hobbie? LOL..and the ceiling was yellow gingham.
I made a canopy over our bed..:)
I love how I served the cake IN the springform pan;)and how elegantly I set the table..Mylène's poor godmother is wearing a lampshade;)

I want to be that girl again. The best years of my life I think..Happy and carefree with two living dolls to play with..I remember that top..stretchy eyelet ended above my belly button..I was brave..and I made that peasant skirt.I was all about long and hippie after my hot pants stage in my late teens;)

Or this one:) I have no idea whose dog that is but clearly it made me happy.

All these pics are awful but they had not been seen in yrs..shortly after this phase of J and slides..I started clicking w/ an instamatic and we have albums full..of much better pics..but nothing like the moms of today can do..
or even the pics I took much later on of my Littles..
Mais c'est la moved along..making these imperfect shots..simply fond memories..
Cherished memories.:)
And I am doing more of the same this week..
Raider of the lost Ark:)
I'll probably have enough pics for another post at one point:)

Since most of my pics are gone..I'm starting new memories to come and visit..
Take care~

I have a funny little footnote..this afternoon..Wednesday..Oli,10, came over..

I said we will see you  on the 21rst of February for a special event..not only his mom's bday but she will be in Nashville..Right away he said..10 days after Super Bowl.
No counting..nothing..then he said do you know how many chicken wings are eaten on Super Bowl?
He knew..
I Googled when he left.
Fottball fan much?:)


  1. Dearest Monique,
    What adorable memories and the best treat is to see a beautiful, young and above all HAPPY YOU!
    Holly Hobbie, still have a button in my type tray, somewhat faded of course...
    And those hot pants; yup wore them and then the maxi dresses and skirts.
    LOVE your crocheted blanket with the signature button on. Made with lots of love, one can tell.

    1. I am sure we share a LOT of the same things Mariette:) They were lovely times.Very little worries those early years right?
      I love your past pics too!

    2. So happy for having unraveled some 72 year old secrets... see my post today and next 3. 🙃

  2. I love every single photo. Isn't it fun to see the old wallpaper and clothes? How we looked when we didn't think we were as fabulous as we seem to be when we look at those old photos? Or maybe you thought you were fabulous -- I know I didn't! But now, those oldies look pretty good. I can't wait to see more. What gorgeous girls you had, and now the fun of boys! (You have the most glorious smile!)

    Love the blanket you did and that pretty button and so delighted Marie is doing small batches. I've printed a few of those for when I get my oven! The banana bread looks terrific!

    1. My smile is long different now..time marches on.
      Oh no never thought I was fabulous at all..the stigma of having been heavy and bullied stayed with me.
      I loved those 10nyrs at home ..but I knew once the girls went to school all day I might have to try and find a job.
      Luckily I knew a realtor ..and I went to meet a manager in my town and immediately hit it off with her.
      A wonderful wonderful mentor.
      Homes have always been fun for me but more so the people get close to many people you work with.
      OMGee the agents though when I started..all seasoned ..and here I was not for my manager I think I would have stopped early on☺️☺️☺️
      I do love seeing the old wallpaper and clothes!My daughters do too...every time I snap the slide pics I send to fun and funny.
      Last night I was missing the first home..we built..the Holly Hobbie home..
      The innocence of it all.
      And yes lol those oldies look good now.
      And you my dear have a fireworks smile.I have always told you that.
      I love your old pics have sooooooo many great ones..

  3. Replies
    1. Looking back:) I have to say I love it too..every time I will visit..I'll remember these know they say photos can't compare with real life..true..but they sure do help to remember vividly..even the feelings!:)

    2. Definitelty :-) My sister is looking through old photos to see if she can find a picture of her when her school choir performed with Karen and Richard Carpenter. I remember attending the concert, but we didn't take many photos back then.


  4. Dear Monique, I loved to go with you on this trip to the past. I think that life passes too quickly. I think those golden days when I, in my early 20s, had two babies to raise ... those days flew away. I miss those times a lot, although I know that each day has its own value and that we must take full advantage of every minute that life gives us.

    1. Nina you are so right..♥You look so young by the way!

  5. Every single picture is beautiful! I keep telling myself to appreciate the beauty I have now because in 20 yrs...if I'm still around!...I'll look back & think I look pretty good compared to then.

    And something I adore about grandchildren is how they give us a second chance to embrace every moment that we let slip by with our own babies. I was such a rushed, impatient, angry young mother. It makes me so sad to think about it now. I came from a very dysfunctional family who still causes constant drama in my life. I was never taught to nourish loving family relationships but to only think of myself first. God's grace & a very loving husband has helped me change over time but oh my it's hard to look back & remember my behavior.

    So today's cherished memory....we bought a huge soaker bathtub last fall. I finally took the big box it came in & made a little fort in my grandson's cubby at my house. It has lights strung inside of it & he can open/close the flaps like doors. This morning his daddy, my sweet son, came in for a few moments when he dropped the baby off to stay with me. I showed him the box. My big man-child climbed inside, started taking pictures of his baby & playing with him inside the box with fairy lights gleaming over their heads. Such an ache in my heart to watch them....

    Then the baby wanted grammy too so all three of us squeezed inside, shut the flaps, laughed & played with our sweet toddler. Sitting in the box, talking grown-up stuff while laughing with our baby....I'm so glad for redemption, for second chances...for the opportunity to make sweet memories with my own baby all grown up & his new baby all fresh with innocence.

    I especially love your little story about Oli! They are such treasures.

    1. Jenny your comment made me tear up.
      Look at you as a nana.. and look at your son w/ his child..
      3 children in a box..having the times of their lives♥
      We all are what we are.
      The sum of our parts..
      I just finished reading Inside Out..Demi Moore..I actually found the hardcopy in an airport and returned an official I saw..he said thank you and said:"I heard that book was good"
      I found it on Libby and was on the waiting list..Got it..we were on the road for hours today and I read it in that time.

      She is the sum of her parts.
      And I would say by your comments..that you have caught up beautifully♥

      I had lost my parents a short time before all those photos and I am amazed to see the light in my smile..
      What really gave me back the light ..was my girls.. what filled the my heart..was first Lucas then the other 3 Littles..

      It took all those fill the hole in my heart my mother's passing left.
      And I FELT it fill in when I saw Lucas.
      The first.
      It's when I stopped tearing up on my birthday..on her Christmas..on Mother's Day..on the anniversary of her passing.
      Forever grateful to that boy and the 3 that came after♥
      Enjoy every photo of your life and every moment and every twinkling light♥
      And thank you for sharing:)
      Anonymity is a GIFT:)In a way isn't it?
      He's so funny our littlest..almost as tall as me now.♥
      And LOVING.
      Max is in Orlando for a flag football tournament.
      Bon weekend.

  6. Those were the days, my friend! We thought they'd never end.... What a beautiful flashback in time, Monique. We didn't have time to set fancy tables or use cake plates when there were two small girls occupying most of our days ♥ Oh, we had wallpaper all over the place too, even on the ceiling in the bedrooms :) The doggy in the photo looks like our old pal, Kootney. It must have been a Wheaten Terrier. I love their fur. I love the shot of your girls with the daisies in their ponytails. Adorable!

    1. Forgot to mention Marie's banana bread looks fantastic. And that Oli - LOL! What a boy :) It's amazing what this kids know, shocks me to hear what Mack knows about baseball too.

    2. LO ask him about history:):):)
      NO interest whatsoever..
      If I look back and Jacques reminds me..I was 24 no mom since 19..but..I had met Nicole Meuleman..
      My FIRST Martha idol.
      We moved to that ..this particular area because of her and her then husband..he worked w/ J..they had us over for dinner.
      I was smitten w/ her and her home.
      And she taught me things..
      And they another province..and lost a child..and split up..
      I did see her again about 25 yrs ago for a brief moment and lost touch.
      She was a great great great friend/mentor.

      So glad you had wallpaper everywhere too:)
      Here..NOTHING..and no carpeting;)Except a few area rugs..

      Have a good weekend:)♥

  7. There is so much to love about the post Monique. Like you, I LOVED being a mom to my children.It was and is everything to me and now being a grandmother. I just wish I lived closer. I am sure the blanket will be loved so much. All four of them really! I know my son Doug loves his. I need to make more. Crocheting a baby blanket at the moment in obscure colours because I don't know what it will be. But hopefully the blanket will be appreciated nonetheless. Loved seeing all the old photos. My, when we were younger, so similar. Orange wall paper, carpeting in the kitchen, simple place settings, lol. Cake from the tin! haha. I am still like that in many ways. My photos might be clearer these days, but not so lovely as all these young ones do. I am too impatient to set things up and have no proper place. Just my dining room table. Youngsters today keep all their photos online. I love to sit and look at photo albums. Its much more personal I think. Love all that you share. Spring is not too far off now, only a few months. And then garlic. I posted a link to make roasted garlic in the slow cooker. Closet Cooking. It looks fab. I am going to try it, but will have to make do with storebought garlic. Have a wonderful weekend my SB of the Great White North!! xoxo

    PS - your girls and you and J. All cutie-pattooties!

    1. Thanks Marie!
      Those were the days my friend..we thought they'd never end...Those were the days..oh yes those were the days..Love roasted garlic..
      I think everything was harvest gold or avocado in the 7o's:)
      So grateful I had a sewing machine..:) My mom' longer have it but it was the best..a workhorse..
      Have a good weekend..I'll have some buttons in the mail for you soon:)

  8. This is like looking thru MY old pics!!! I made the fabric framed lampshades...hung woven plates and baskets on the wall...dried my own flowers...had priscilla drapes{loved them}...wallpaper everywhere...sewed my girls clothes...Loved Holly Hobbie...unbelievable Monique!!! Thanks for the trip down memory lane 💛💙💜💚
    Love Noahs blanket...your baking{of course}...and your heartfelt stories...
    Those girls were and ARE adorable...You and J are so cute!!! Makes me want to do a post with 45 year old pics!!!!
    Enjoy your Friday...cloudy again...another rain event starting this evening...
    Linda :o)

    1. Oh do one!!!Please!!I loved those days..we had 2 cribs at one point...💕You had 3 babies⭐️⭐️⭐️
      In retrospect I should have had more☺️☺️☺️Not surprised we did the same things..Did you also wrap yarn around those lamp frames😂😂😂
      We are in for ugly weather starting tomorrow night.
      Did some errands in almost balmy weather and sun...Have a nice weekend!!!

    2. Never did the yarn around the frames...but I did do Macrame around a few!! I should try Macrame again...I think it is back in style!!
      Another gloomy day here...almost all our snow is gone...Greg gone to V's first Hockey Skills!!!💛

    3. Gloomy here too:( Jacques is keeping in fine shape managing all the snow we got..while I'm in my craft room not getting in shape:(

    4. Im not getting in shape either1 hahaha!!

  9. You are so blessed in so many ways!! Beautiful, all of you, in all phases!
    So, on my blog, you noticed a special little painting on my Painting Inspiration Board? It is one of my all time favorite cards!!
    I thought of you, I bought a magazine called Daphne's Diary at Barnes and Noble. You must know it, she is a kindred spirit to you, I think. Made me think how gorgeous a book or magazine by you would be!!!!! I think I'm going to subscribe....Warmly, reste au chaud, Rita

    1. I noticed the Provence Card:)
      Rita..this summer Nancy sent me a copy of Daphne's Diary..saying she had thought of me..I enjoyed it so much I subscribed..:) It is a dear dear magazine..I have received 2..and have crafted w/ them already..
      Bonne journée!!

  10. I love this trip down memory lane, so much sweetness. Stay warm!

    1. My girls enjoyed receiving many pics this past week that they had never seen..always bittersweet to look back..:)Not as much left to come..and without gleeful anticipation ..we don't know that though we..

      and then the Kobe Bryant et al tragedy happens..and you think..this is the only moment at any age..

  11. I can't believe the temperatures there !
    Are your adorable pics in a scrapbook? I'm sure they are and its gorgeous ❤️

    1. No these were all old slides in a bottom drawer..45 yrs old..I put them on a light pad and took pics with my phone..cropped and saved to a folder..sent all to my girls..just a fast trip back in my life..all the feels.
      It was almost balmy today 36 F!

  12. WOW those slides copied nicely. I must try that. The lamp in front of Mylène's godmother made me chuckle. So did the cake in the spring form pan. You were so cute and refreshing. Well, you still are!

    1. Long gone..cute and refreshing..YOU are!!
      never change..
      I loved those days..the pan..killed me A:)The lampshade makes a great incognito clic:)
      Have a great Sunday..

  13. I love this post! I love your old pics...thanks for sharing. :) You shine bright. :)