Friday, March 13, 2020

~Mid March~2020.

I have never witnessed anything like this in 66 years~

I painted this flattering self~ portrait..I say flattering because I am not wearing my 18 winter layers and slippers..and it's from the back..just about 1 day before things started going haywire here.

As of now..our Prime Minister's wife,Sophie Grégoire ~Trudeau has the virus.

All schools are shut for at least 2 weeks.

Events gathering too many people are canceled.
Sporting events canceled.
Store shelves bare of certain necessities.
The stock market is know..

Cities..closed down..countries..
Our parliament is closed until end of April.
The government.. will continue..but by phone..and web..

It's all so much and so frightening for many.
It's easy for us to say relax..but I did wake up several times..really concerned.
My What If middle name is overactive.
I really never sleep well in the best of

I think of the health of everyone..businesses..

The economic outcome seems  grim.
That's not me predicting this.

In the last 10 yrs I have seen that many people are alone.
What of them?
Who can they find comfort with?
In a way the internet and social media will be a blessing  for house bound people..
It certainly made the news spread soo fast.
The bad jokes..the shocking photos..
The jokes in poor taste..are the worst.
How people can find humor in all this is really beyond me.

I have often mentioned it's good to develop a HOME hobby..I hope you do.
Now is the time to be grateful for reading..knitting..painting..writing..etc..

I have to see a doctor next week..I told my husband to stay home.
I will go alone.
We are being well informed here in QC..

I tried painting yesterday and it was just awful.I'll re-apply myself later today I think.I have to be inspired...

I am hoping that sometime in 2020..all will be well.
For everyone.
In more ways than one.


  1. It is very worrisome here also. Even though Wisconsin has only a few cases reported, you just never know. I'm glad we traveled when we did. I don't think I would go now knowing how many cases there are in California. I did read about I think we will be dining out less. Our gardens will be our social outlets :) Yes, thank goodness for hobbies, big and small :)

    1. Oops, didn't finish the sentence about Trudeau's wife, Sophie. Does she know how she came into contact with the virus?

    2. Hi!!
      She had recently been in the UK...He has not been tested yet, as not showing any symptoms...
      Stay well!!

    3. I have no desire to travel..I think it will be a while.. different times..M is probably glad she went to Disney when she did too!

  2. You captured my feelings exactly Monique...worried about my little ones...and my bigger ones...and friends...
    Hobbies will get us thru this...and baking, of course!💛
    We will definitely stay in touch my friend...💚

    1. Yes..our concerns are compounded right?
      Always Linda:)

  3. These are difficult times, certainly. Here on the other end of Canada, on Vancouver Island, we have just one confirmed case. But anxiety levels are high and it's good to do things that calm us. I baked some Madeleines for the first time today, and have been enjoying them with my tea today.

    1. Madeleines are almost guilt-free..and let's pinpoint their utter cuteness factor..because we could all use a treat right about now..the numbers are climbing..what a lesson in prudence,patience,calm.Take care!

  4. I'm glad to live in the countryside with space around me. I'm more concerned for our children & their finances if they quarantined from going to work. But I do have plenty to occupy myself with thankfully.

    1. I hear you! We are not as remote as Hinterland..but in a town of 5000.
      The financial repercussions..time will tell but both my husband and I are bemoaning the finances..of many many businesses..the families..
      Take care...

  5. I feel everything you expressed M. The media is fueling the population into madness. Thank goodness for all my hobbies. I was sad that ukulele club was canceled yesterday because the library closed down for a few weeks but at least I can still entertain myself.

    1. You will always be able to entertain travels at the speed of light now..
      Home Sweet Home rings so true.♥

  6. We had a trip planned to Disneyland to celebrate Landon’s birthday. He turned eight yesterday. Instead we threw an impromptu birthday party with his closest friends. Spring break starts today and I imagine they will extend it for a few weeks. Jim and I will be taking the next couple of months off to stay at our house near them and then back to California. All of these decisions had to be made quickly. Life has changed rapidly for everyone! The stock market - I had to stop looking. Everything is keeping me from restful sleep. All he best to you and yours.💖

    1. All the best to you and yours also.
      I am so glad you have a home near Landon's♥And I was so happy to see your beautiful boy recently.
      All the businesses..what a fiasco.

      It will be nice when all this is behind very sad for all the lost lives.

  7. Dearest Monique,
    YES, you and I have lived through several of those! Only the media panic is causing this.
    60 million Americans were infected with the Swine Flu resulting in 274,304 hospitalizations and 12,469 deaths. No media panic, no trashing of president Barack Obama and no travel ban. You don't even remember it." - Rush Limbaugh:
    That was even at the time we were both world travelers doing our International Consulting for Mushroom plants all over. NO PROBLEMS.
    As for mid March, a blessed period. Today is the wedding of our extended family's nephew and tomorrow our very own Foster Daughter Anita has her Church Wedding in Indonesia. We cannot be there, not because of the Corona Virus but because of the strenuous long trip in Pieter's condition with heart problems... But we're there in spirit!

    PS yesterday read about a young woman infected with the C Virus and she said it was less than having a sore throat... they are not sick and recover really fast! Except those with other chronic illness. Oh and some revel in the role of playing the victim... the media's fault!

    1. Bonjour Mariette:)
      I shy away from politics and opinions..
      We all have such varied ones..
      At the moment..I am very happy with the PM of Québec.He is handling things with assertiveness..and caution.
      I truly feel better safe that sorry.
      Overnight Spain's infected population rose dramatically.
      I'll be cautious.
      Jacques even moreso.
      Some recover very fast.Others have perished.
      I'll listen to my PM right now.

    2. Dearest Monique,
      Just got back from a huge wegging, full Church and later inside restaurant.
      You shy away from politics and opinions but you opened this post with mentioning that in 66 years you've never seen anything like this Covid-19.
      Rush Limbaugh (who's now in his final stage of lung cancer) has been a famous radio host and he just summed up some earlier facts about the Swine Flu, where the media did not make it into such a hype in 2009...
      Those are facts - nothing political about it!
      EVERY year, a lot of elderly die from Flu, yet nobody talks about that!
      Being microbiologists, Pieter and I do understand a bit about virusses.
      You sure meant to say you'd rather feel safe than sorry.
      Indeed, being extra careful is always good!

    3. I know of Rush Limbaugh..for years..and Donald Trump.
      Mentioning that I have never witnessed something like this is just a fact Mariette..not a political stance:)
      In fact at the moment I even have a parti pris here though politically;)
      The world is reacting.
      I am not the only one..
      Personally..I am judging neighbors that have shown disrespect for the self-isolation suggestions and mise en garde.
      Perhaps it's not in effect where you are..?
      Not sure.

    4. Monique, no in our County there is not one single case of it yet...
      Showing disrespect is sure not at its place!
      Like you said, better safe than sorry.


  8. Hello, Monique, we are indeed experiencing difficult days. The infection keeps growing, although in Portugal, until now, no one has died. I believe that here we are heading towards a situation of total quarantine in order to prevent the situation in Italy from being repeated. I must admit that I am really very worried.
    I wish the best, but it is good to be prepared for the worst.

    1. .These are very troubling times.For France to close all restos..cafés etc ..they have to be privvy to things we do not know.
      Take care dear Nina💕

  9. Monique, it is a strange circumstance. I haven't paniced, but I'm being cautious. I had a dr appointment Friday, just my annual. I called on Thursday to see if I should keep it. The scheduler's response was flippant. It made me uneasy that he took my question so lightly. I have been out on a few errands, but am careful to wash my hands, clean things with a Clorox wipe. I do think if all of us will stay home as much as possible and follow suggestions of washing our hands frequently, that we are making a difference. Our springtime Round Top Antique Venues have been canceled. Sad for the dealers who depend on this as a major source of their yearly income. Austin's major spring event, SXSW was canceled. All the economic ramifacations of shutting down events are dire. I keep a positive attitude. I am grateful I can read, stitch, garden, etc. My chef is baking! Take care and stay healthy.

    1. Things are tightening up here.It is looking grim..but I am so pleased with M.Legault our PM..without arrogance and self importance..he is on tv every day with an update and so self assured.
      I saw a home in the neighbourhood yesterday not following rules..and it's still bothering me.
      Unsettling times for sure.Take care !Jacques has canceled his appts..he will be 79..and I have one I will go to..but not wanting J to come.And he won't.

  10. Can I please cut and paste this post and put it on Parisbreakfast?
    Actually I am not that worried but I probablyshould be.
    Love yr watercolor.
    Scientists at MedCam or somewhere, the Guardian said CANADA is one of the better prepared and more pro-active countries at this point.
    They have set up 18 testing drive-thru stations like Korea cleverly did.
    Not one word about tests in Paris that I know of...buck up darling.
    Xxxx carolg et 🐻

    1. Of course you can..
      Actually I think my provincial PM is doing a great job.He is shining right now.Monsieur F .Legault..
      We are being kept abreast every day live on TV w/ him.I am not worried for me personally.
      I am worried for the ones I love..the world..the economy..seniors in homes are forbidden to have guests..families are crying because they cannot have access to their elderly parents.
      Take care..we're in tune w/ Paris every day..watching..
      Jacques is a news guy as you it's always on..I can't help but hear.
      Keep painting!!

  11. Indeed such scary times. Every day, something new presents itself. People are panicking. Stores are being emptied out. We stocked up weeks ago. What's next?
    I am glad we live out in the country on 26 acres. I do worry for so many people who cannot get out to shop, etc. Pets are being sad. Business's will suffer. You are so right. I, too have never seen anything like this. Stay safe.

    1. You too..stay safe..Linda I am so proud of my province right now..they are on the forefront with courageous decisions.M.Legault is a great administrator.At least there is that.
      I am appalled at people who have many visitors..:(When we have been told to not do that.
      I just can't figure them out..
      If my mom was in an old folks home..I would not be allowed to what are these people doing?:(
      26 acres is paradise♥You know I am not a city girl.

  12. Oh dear Monique, I share your comments. We're being asked to self isolate here in the UK. I will continue making lap quilts, reading, watching Netflix and doing jigsaws. Stay safe, I hope we all survive this worrying time x

    1. Stay safe Polly🙏🏻Such unsettling times😑

  13. I agree with everything you have said Monique. We are living in frightening times for sure. Situations like this either bring out the best in people or the worst. Too often we will dwell on the worst, but we need to look for the good because it is there. Looking at the good, bright side it is the perfect time to hunker down into the home arts, playing with our paints and just enjoying the small and simple things that we do each day to make our lives better. I am a person who mostly stayed at home anyways, but Todd always went out each day for a cuppa. He is staying at home now as well. we are afraid, but I am more afraid for my family than for myself. I have lived my life, and its been a good one. I worry for the baby of my son's which is due any day now, and for my developmentally challenged daughter. I worry that she might not protect herself enough. I worry for my grandchildren, and my other children also, for my daughter who is a nurse and on the front line and her family, for my son with the heart problems. Oh, I could go on and on, but I won't. This is a time for prayer and reflection. I am grateful that Canada has closed its schools. Can you believe that schools here are still open? Its terrible. I hate to see the panic in the shops, etc. It is almost as frigtening as the illness. Keeping you and your family in my prayers. Oh how we need the faith, love and support of each other now, like never before. You stay safe. ♥♥♥

    1. I feel like you do..I have lived my life..but worry about my family.
      Jacques will never feel like he has lived his life and I applaud him.
      My son in law's dad is in the hospital as I type with so much wrong it is pitiful.
      Unless he has a rainbow at the end of his..this.. tunnel..I bet he would rather be in heaven with his wife.
      Schools here may be closed until next fall next winter.
      I am so grateful for M.Legault or provincial Prime Minister.
      Everything is closing down here..shops..restos..many restos offering delivery.
      Heartwarming stories in the community.
      I love this town.
      I am fortunate to have family close by.
      I hear you re your children..
      I applaud all healthcare list is never ending.
      So many professions that were not applauded before..are being now.
      Take care!

  14. I returned from Canada on Sunday. Rick's trade show was canceled and he overnighted in upstate NY and came straight home on Thursday. I stayed in London and was going to stay till Tuesday but things seemed to get worse exponentially and so Suzanne brought me home Sunday. She had to self-isolate when returning home. I feel very stressed, partly because I am so high risk. My normal life are the virus symptoms so unless I get a fever, I won't know. Rick and I are staying more or less apart. Fortunately, he works through home and isn't going out. All my appointments except docs have been canceled. Like you, restaurants, theatres, crowd sites are closed. Grocery is open. I have everything I need -- more books than I can read, more paint than I can cover pages with, more wool than I have fingers to felt. I'm fine with food. But I feel for the truly isolated, not because of self-isolation but simply because they can't get out period. I can go for a walk. Be in the yard. Some can't. But working together we can and will get through this. We must.

    1. And you will..:)♥
      These are dire times..
      Heath wise..financially..
      Isolation wise..worry wise.

      I hear you re normal symptoms and this new? Is this normal?
      I hear you and her's a virtual hug.
      Even w/ my children so close..we are apart..
      We drop things off at the door.
      Soon after this transpired..neighbours had CARS in their driveway and even at least.I could not believe it.
      Could you?
      Better have a great excuse IMHO.
      In Paris..OMG people all over the they have police checking ..
      why did it have to get to that?
      People on FB asking people to stay isolated because their have diseases that encourage the COVID-19 to make a home in their systems..
      Stay HOME.
      Ok rant over.

      STAY HOME.
      Don't socialize.

    2. I'm home. Staying there. Rick sits six feet away when he comes. I hate it. I will do it as long as it takes.

  15. A lovely post, M. A lot of us seem to have the gratitude, positive thing going. But easier for me because I love my home life. I too think of people who are more affected than me. I am aware of how life can get shut down because my family of origin experienced the Holocaust in Europe. I wanted to snail mail you a little gift I bought in February, but I will wait. Or maybe I can take some photos of it and send those electronically. I'm about to make an overdue post now. Je pense à toi, Bon courage à nous tous, Rita

    1. I could use a post from you..gleaning inspo on many people sharing ideas etc..I am eternally grateful for loving homelife.♥
      Take care..Oui bon courage..tout le monde♥

  16. Thank you for your thoughtful post Monique. Stay well! xoxo

  17. Dear Monique first : How are you doing and yours? I know what you mean. All is terrible and Im not an afraid person.But de by day I noticed this is really awful.
    Of course I try to be quiet but Im sleeping bad and my arm hurt me. I canto go to the kinesioligist.
    I talk a lot with my son he is working at home with internet and tell him I feel this is like a nightmare.
    BTW Still Im cooking and baking and read a lot
    I pray too. Please take care. Hugs and love to you

    1. Yes here at night..background news..:)
      Terrible times..just terrible.
      I am sorry for anyone needing usual medical maintenance and can't have access..Oh I just feel sorry for just can't turn a blind eye to this.
      Still appalled at people not following rules.
      Shame on them.

    2. Yes I know. Terrible times Monique. I went to the super and comeback really tired. the gloves, the mask ( I dont put mask)but everybody is using masks.A lovely young girl come to say hello and I dont knew who was, she was with mask, and was girl friend of my twins, adorable.
      Be safe and take care send you hugs and love !

  18. Hi Monique,
    With all that is happening in the world and having an abundance of self-isolating time on my side...I'm back to reading my favorite blogs. I'm going to spend time "catching up" on years of your posts, so that should keep me busy and delighted. Wishing you and your family to be safe in these most difficult of times. ((Hugs)) Maureen :)

    1. Hi Maurenne..take care and stay well..Big change her..I lost 90% of my blog photos.I inadvertently deleted Google albums.In November.I had decided to stop..but I have some lovely readers who sent help and encouragement♥
      Like so many are doing in the world right now for extraordinary times..
      Even for a small thing..people stepped this monumental world epidemic..the world is stepping up.
      Except those not staying home.That should.

  19. I hope that you are keeping well and safe, dear Monique. I am grateful for crafting and blogging - a bit of sanity in a crazy, scary world. A big virtual hug, while these are still allowed.

    1. Imagine w/out blogging and IG and computers? Diversions..and we need them.
      Take care..stay safe.♥

  20. Take care, dear Monique, Stay home. It's so important!