Wednesday, June 17, 2020

~Blue skies and pretty blooms..watercolors and pasta~

What's Blooming Now..♥ 

Time to harvest the garlic scapes..June 16th~

She was beautiful this year..but..the chafers have arrived.

All kinds...


And still all kinds below..

Had fun painting Noah's home:)

This is something I love to eat during heat waves..or anytime in summer..I've mentioned this one million times lol..

It's so easy..

In a bowl..

Cut some great little cherry tomatoes up..
add garlic that you have chopped too
add parsley..
Olive oil
salt and pepper
kalamata sliced olives
herbs that you love..i.e..basil..rosemary..chili pepper flakes..oregano..
capers f you like them..
Mix all this up in a bowl..
cover and sit in the sunshine all day long.
Cook your pasta of choice and spoon this delicious sun cooked pasta sauce on your pasta.
Sprinkle w/ Parm petals and extra basil..
You can top w/ garlic bread crumbs too;)

It really is absolutely delicious.

Our 19 yr old dishwasher..ended it's cycle...
It was great.
anyway we hand washed for 1 month and I am fine with that but we both knew we should get a new we did..and Jacques the engineer installed small feat as a box had to be electrical box..Bosch..the new ones need he did that..

It's a long job..

Before he started..I had to empty part of a cupboard to the right..
The silicone part lol..
I wonder the bunny looks down.

These have all been tidily relocated to my craft room..They were organized in the cupboard but when I emptied I threw caution to le wind.

Imagine..this is just the silicone.
I am a baker.
No question.
Some are gifts..some were such bargains.. some were recommended..
2 of my favorites you can't even see..buried..

I told my girls..they are aware..of their new resting place..

I got laughing emojis when I showed them this.;)

Imagine..the spring form pans..Nordic Ware..ceramic cannot be married 46 yrs and not accumulate baking things if you are a baker.
Or flowers if you are a gardener.
Or paints and paper if you like to paint.

Ending my post on a very pretty note..
Paris Breakfast Letters From Paris..Marie-Antoinette♥
On the right of her her Etsy shop:)
I mean..look...

A dose of the pretty rule in your mailbox.


  1. Dearest Monique,
    Wow, that sun-cooked pasta sauce is on my Pinterest with link to your post!
    When our book is done, that is a must make.
    Your garden flowers are so wonderful, you are to be envied for that.
    See, that is the BONUS of residing in colder regions where spring is so heavenly!!!
    Making very good progress with the proofs, we're one third through and tomorrow we will manage half.
    The hardest part is behind us. The 3rd batch of 4 chapters on a Pdf we will receive end of the week. How fast time flies. They look wonderful with all the photos and tables inserted. Feeling proud, especially for being able to save my Pieter's intellect in this way!
    Your Jacque is like Pieter, he installed our Miele also himself! All of the appliances he did.
    Haha, I did also my part as Pieter could not fit inside the bottom drawers where I keep some of my Demarle baking items...

  2. Well, I wrote that recipe down pretty darned fast! I might even make it tomorrow or Friday! I love the sun cooking it! Noah's home painting is so pretty and those flowers, big gasp! How I adore bleeding hearts (mine are done now) and iris. And of course the peony arrangement is glorious. And beautifully arranged.

    I had to laugh at the baking items. I bake but boy, you have me beat by a mile. Ten miles! But I see how you use them and often and that's the whole point, right? My dishwasher died before Christmas. I was going to get a repair guy in and then realized I bought it in 1995, I actually do deserve a new one. "I'll do it right when I get back from Canada," I said. And then came Covid. It's not bad doing by hand for one and sometimes two so now I think I'll wait till fall. I may have a plumbing problem on top of a dishwasher problem so that's to be determined! Meanwhile, congratulations -- nice to have the engineer at hand!

    1. We had the repairman mask and all ..and he said no you cannot even get parts got this one the delivery guys were in and out in 2 minutes.
      So much is opening almost feels like makebelieve.
      We are still doing grocery pick up..went today.
      I do use them but some were impulse purchases..
      I can see more clearly now.You know what?When you are younger you don’t think you are going to be older one day and not baking as much..You still entertain..I only have family now.
      Yes lol engineers do preparatory work.
      I dive in😊
      Gardening is work but when I walk around 5 times a day it’s all worth it💕
      Taste your have to say mmmmmmm....before putting it on the pasta👌🏻

  3. Your flowers are beautiful! You do have a lot of silicone! That pasta sounds wonderful.

    1. I do have too much silicone...sigh..and too many other things from yrs of blogging and baking etc..

      I hope one day someone else will put them to good use:)

  4. I used to have a lot of baking tins, but I don't do much nowadays. Your photography is beautiful. I love pasta dishes.

    1. Thanks Polly..I do less also..but something delish just popped out of the a plain spring from pan;)

  5. Wow, lots of baking pans, however warranted since you do bake a lot. Noah’s house looks charming.
    Your flowers are lovely. I especially love your beautiful bouquet. The pasta sounds interesting, I shall give it a whirl.

    1. You have the climate for it! Hope you read my answer on my last post re the Cucina Pro Pizzelle Maker with link:);)

  6. Your gardens are so beautiful Monique. All those pretty blooms. Those darned chafers! nasty things! It is the same with us and slugs. They have eaten all of my herbs (Yes my basil) to the ground. The parsley has completely disappeared. SOOO annoying! They are starting on our berries now. That is quite a collection of silicone! Had I stayed married to just one man, I would have a vast collection of bakeware also. As it is I do have a fair amount, and yet I have never seen myself as a baker. Surprise! You can discover new things about yourself even at 64! Love Noah's house and that pasta dish is calling my name. Now we just need some sunshine! Its raining cats and dogs today! Have a great weekend! xoxo

    PS - the dishwasher. You are so lucky to have a husband who can do these things! I am sure the old one paid for itself many times over the 19 years! xo

    1. It we had way more company yrs ago..:)
      Yes he is handy..very.. yrs ago he could build anything..anything anything..:)

      Yes Marie you nailed that too ..married more than 46 accumulate things..
      Gifts..etc..and yes impulse buys..
      I hate that bugs and things destroy:(

      I just went on a chafer murder tour..;)
      You should see my tomato obstacle course with the most thorny pruned rose branches..;)It works!

      I had tender lettuce growing from seed..put some there too.. but it doesn't work for flying things:(
      OHMYGOSH youredabaker!

  7. Monique, I love seeing your silicone stash! Yes, married 45 for us in August, and half of those years in this current home. Things accumulate if one is a baker, gardener, and collector. I wish I could add artist who paints, but I'm just a collector of other's creative talent. I loved receiving my Paris Letters, but let my subscription drop. I so adore the Marie Antoinette letter! Carol is such a talented lady! I admire her zest for living in Paris. I wanted to meet her when I was in Paris, but it never worked out.
    I've copied the recipe for Monnie. He enjoys tomato sauce!
    Your yellow roses are fabulous! I have four or five blooms on mine, but it is a different variety. Do you know the name of yours?
    I smile at your engineer installing the new dishwasher. You know I'm married to an engineer too! I just gave him and his engineer brother tee shirts that say "Never underestimate an old man with an engineering degree!"
    My dad was also an engineer. He did so many things around the house when needed! I think I grew up thinking all dads knew how to do electrical and pulmbing work.
    Enjoy those flowers. I like your quote!

    1. Oh those tshirts:)

      Unfortunately nothing remotely charming about silicone:(
      I like French bakeware..old bakeware..some ceramic..Nordic Ware..
      But silicone? Not cute for the pretty rule;)
      I have always called it The Yellow Rose of Texas:)
      I wonder who told me that:)
      Happy Anni..♥
      We don't even exchange

      Someone told me something funny..that on their anniversary..he says good morning:)

  8. Your gardens look beautiful! And what a fun baking cupboard! :) xo

    1. I love YOUR bakeware from France..more charm:) Silicone is handy..but almost as if no history..Thank you!

  9. A dose of pretty here as well ♥ That yellow rose is spectacular and so sad about the chafers. My yellow one is blooming but nothing blooms as prolifically here in the part shade. No Japanese Beetles yet but they will arrive sun. Usually the first flush or roses is spared but everything afterward is toast once they arrive. I have small green orbs on my cherry tomato plants and can't wait to pick fresh ones to make this pasta. I've made it before but not with the kalamata olives. Delish!! We've eaten more than our share of pasta lately and need to have a salad tonight :) Oh my silicone - LOL. I remember seeing many of them in baked form. Love the Paris Breakfast arrival!

    1. LOL and how about cookie cutters and stamps? I should have golfed;)
      We ..tonight..Cajun Shrimp Ceasar's Salad.
      I need way more salads too..J eating eating more..
      Not happy with that;)

  10. As always, it's a dreamy and light experience coming here, Monique...So pretty pretty, your photos and I love the ones with the very very light backgrounds and the cursive thoughts!!
    I have a dishwasher but I do enjoy washing dishes by hand...The Zen of Hand Dishwashing...Enjoy it as a couple too, one washes, one dries...

    1. zen duo dishwashing here..I wash and let dry in sink..or he washes and lets dry..
      No zen cooking here either..
      we both work much better each on our own whatever we do;)
      What I like about a dishwasher? A hiding place for rinsed dishes..
      I swear we put our dishes in there clean;)
      Bon weekend..this is all taking such a looong time to get right..right?

  11. Haha I didnt expect that ending picture Monique ;))
    So smitten with your beautiful bouquet. This is a special art of its own
    What can't you do superbly?

    1. Je suis a Jack of ALL unfortunate master of none.

      But I must again thank you for all the inspiration with all your beautiful artwork through the years.
      That's why we went to Paris..I am great at harping..a master at that..I had to go!
      Every landmark was you.
      I know how to end a post in style:)
      Fab enough for Le Metro de Paris?
      Works for me;)

  12. I love all yours pan and I love to have any type!.I love bundt cake or mini bundt cakes and the last I find lovely ceramic dishes for tarts or pies.
    Of course hubby think I have so much.pans and china. I say oh is for the blog pictures you know 😔.
    Hugs and love.
    Beautiful flowers.
    We are in winter now

    1. Yes husbands at first wonder:) But its been so long here he has stopped wondering:)Have a great day!

  13. beautiful pictures...makes you forget the world for awhile...😇
    Still waiting for some rain...
    Enjoy your day Monique...
    Linda :o)

  14. What a sweet bouquet, Monique! I'm still thinking how to frame my own new treasure, your wonderful painting.

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