Tuesday, June 30, 2020

What? July 1rst?Tomorrow?

This cake scored a 10 w/ J..it's from here..
and it is a 10..the caramelized almonds on top make it..she initially made it w/out cherries I think..then added..
I think it's the best cake I make.:) LOL.

A new cookbook for me..

For a long time..I have followed @justcrumbs on IG..Suzie Durigon..
I watched her journey..long and arduous in creating her cookbook.
Betty @stemsandforks an amazing photographer joined the project to become it's photographer.
I knew this book would be a winner with these two;)
I was right.
Eye candy plus great recipes..
A cookbook needs great pics for me;)
And great recipes.
A match made in heaven.

I gave the blueberry breakfast cake to my family one early morning..left it there..I had a bite to taste..it's cake..muffin..scone;)

one of my grandsons sent me a pic of him eating it saying how good it was♥

I just love the 4 boys..all different all so original and sweet with us.
I also made her butter tarts Sunday..and J gave them a 10.
Funny my mom made her pie dough w/ Crisco or Tenderflake..
I made Suzie's because I wanted the full on Just Crumbs Butter Tart experience..
When J tasted it he said..mmm..butter ? No..
all shortening.
EASY as pie to make by hand.
Delish tarts.
I honestly make all butter..half butter..and storebought:)

Our weather has not been super for the gardens..I don't now why but Feverfew is absolutely thriving in big big bouquets here and there..when they leave..whoa..the gardens will be sad and me too.

I read that Broadway is closed until at least Jan 3rd 2021..
Jacques at one point questioned if Christmas gatherings would happen:(
Summer you can be outside 6 feet apart.
Winter in QC?
Not so much.I won't dwell on that..
But ordered cotton yarn for farmhouse dishcloths..
Need to stay focused on creativity not negativity.

Social distancing..no mask required~

Tomorrow is July 1rst.

Canada Day..♥

Take care everyone..


  1. Lovely flower photos M.

    Can you imagine no holiday gatherings??? Staggering!

    Moving on,Happy Canada Day!

    On a sad (for me) note: Randi and Jesse drove off to begin their new life in Texas today.

    1. Oh mama!That must have been so hard😞😞But I see a lot of Texas trips and pics in your future.I bet their home is beautiful.So exciting for them but not for you.
      I would bawl I think..and would be planning my first trip😊😊😊Oh it will be quiet here..But on July 4 th with social distancing we will be at our fireworks grandsons 12 th birthday family gathering outside.
      I cannot imagine no Christmas.
      Do you remember when you sent me Times Square pictures🙂The naked cowboy too!

  2. I love Feverfew, it's so charming. I had it around a birdbath one year in my garden at my parents' house. ♥

    I wish I could climb into your garden tonight. To sit in a garden and smell it all and look up at the stars would be perfect for me right now. ♥ And then I'd enjoy all the colors and sights when the sun came up. :)

    xo ♥

    1. I would gladly welcome you ..what a year dear val..such a sad time for you:(xxxx

  3. Dearest Monique,
    First of all, Happy Canada Day 🍁
    You are ready for it with such a delicious looking pie!
    Cherries and almonds sound like a match made in heaven...
    Enjoy your summer and indeed, let's remain always positive and not let the negative and evil get us down.

    1. There's so much evil out there it's in your face evil.
      There's so much good out there it's in your face good.
      Thank God for the latter♥
      I'm not a big celebratory girl.
      I bet you knew that:)
      Quite proud of Canada though:)
      But could have lived in Provence:):):)If only I had known ...

  4. Replies
    1. I promise you it absolutely is..Company worthy!

  5. Such a delicious pie! Enjoy it, my dear. Hugs

  6. Happy Canada Day, My Beautiful Canadienne ♥ Such lovely flower photos, Monique, and up close an personal with the bee is amazing! I need to try that cake based on your recommendation! I'll try another fruit so John will eat it and I may have to get that book :) It sounds wonderful and the photography must make it coffee table worthy. I love your wee mushroom fairy. Home is a good thing right now ♥ I saw your holiday plans in a comment...have a wonderful time! We are having Lauren and Wes for dinner on the 4th. Just us four, another double date ♥

    1. I love your double dates♥
      Soon your circle of friends will return..it is a matter of time..
      How much time no one knows..A program was introduced to hire and train thousands of people interested in learning as a career and wanting to care for extended care patients.
      This should help considerably.

      It was a shock ..but not to see how some were treated.
      Glad this is underway.
      So different now Noah's birthday..Mylène used to have soo many people..friends etc..this yr just immediate family.
      We don't even eat the same way.
      Individual things etc.
      Can you believe no family members have been i our home and vice versa since March?
      That is a sad thing.

      Hoping for a vaccine..

      Have fun!
      I know it will be delicious!x

  7. Really I was thinking I can't believe is July!!! Happy Canada day Monique!!
    Still Im in JUne !!! send you hugs and love xo

  8. Your flower photos are utterly stunning. You should live where there are flowers year-round IMHO.
    Just sayin'

    1. Had I known yrs ago yrs ago about Provence I would have loved t move there w/ my family....I love Canada but Provence is my spot:)

  9. Yes, utterly stunning. Another delicious post!!!! I love how you appreciate the work of other artists. My favorite: the jars with the daisies, such lightness, all that is good in the world. Summer is easier on us with the guidelines...

    1. I agree..so many spikes happening we still need to be so very very careful.Rita..I hope you paited yourself a white or plain mask:)

  10. Awwww, so much garden eye candy. I love the blooms. The cake looks wonderful, I am going to make it.

  11. How I wish I could stroll your garden, Monique! Your photo take me to a beautiful place in my mind. You have the gift of sharing your skills both in the garden, in the kitchen, and in the studio. What a talent you are!!! And how fortunate for each of us that you share! I hope your Canada Day was filled with a bit of joy. This post has certainly filled my day with joy.

    1. Canada Day was filled with normal and that's perfect for me.No fanfare..Just quiet and nice and no phony.
      I always found crowd gatherings or dinner parties phony if more than 3 couples..as sometimes people didn't know each other etc..just all too much unreal for me:)
      We talk and talk for what?
      Don't I sound sociable.
      A stroll this summer..I would keep apologizing..we know when our gardens are happy and have just the right conditions..not this year.
      C'est la vie :)
      A lot worse going on..
      News in on w/ humidex 100 F and no sun.Stinking humid..no rain.
      No one likes that..but I bet you can have days like that?

      Not sure if Texas is humid..will check:)
      Have a great day and Happy 4th to you!!

  12. Your gardens are stunning Monique. You have such a wonderful talent for photography. I always love your photos, be they nature or food! You set everything up beautifully! I think that 2020 is going to be the year that never happened for all of us. The year we all focused on just staying alive and its only half over. Who knows what the second half will bring. I dread to think! Your cake looks fabulous. My favourite photo, the one with the jam jars and the feverfew. So sunny and bright! I don't miss the heat/humidity of Canada for sure! Thankfully that is only a rare thing here! Love and hugs, xoxo

    1. I know this yr seems extreme.. global warming affecting everything..I love canada.
      I love visiting Main and The cape..and Fl..
      My fave place so far ever ever Provence.
      Is anywhere really better?
      None better I guess than our home sweet home..Dire freezing winter is my worse.Not for anything other than I get so cold:(
      I remember dreaming of winning a Green Card in my twenties..
      I am glad we never got one.
      THis was to be my country.

      Thank you for the nice words as always:)

  13. June
    left too soon
    and it's already July,
    big sigh.

  14. I feel the summer in your post...lovely flowers good food...and beautiful decorations...happy summer darling Monique...love from me Ria 💕🍀💕

    1. Take care Ria..Ria remember that I only post the good and the pretty..it's not all great and technicolor..I do hope you know that♥

  15. That cookbook looks like a winner. The blueberry breakfast cake would be just the thing along with a hot cup of coffee. Good post!

  16. Beautiful and delicious. :) xo

    1. Hope all is well..what a year.It's 100F here every day in the sun..hard on gardens..not to menyion the rest...♥

  17. Gorgeous flowers and delicious bakes - perfect :-) x

  18. How did I miss this post? I hate it when I miss your posts -- they are my treasured favorites! The Baked book looks delish -- I'll have to look that one up. But what moved my heart to the greatest joy was your feverfew on the window sill in your sweet Bonne Maman jars. Don't you love those? I save every one. I confess I've used them for a lot of things but never flowers. That might have to change!

    Keep positive. I will too. Well, at least we'll try.

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