Saturday, September 25, 2010

A lovely little pepper jelly~♥

Delightful to make.. heavenly scent..and from someone that makes such good food all the time and shares :)

Josée..Au Plaisir De Bien Manger~ Merçi beaucoup..Tape à l' miam miam..

And now for La Recette in english~

In a food processor chop 6 red peppers..Josée adds 1-2 jalapenos..I added one.
3 peeld apples..cut in slices..

Place in a heavy pot..

1 1/2 oranges sliced..
1/2 tsp powdered ginger
1 cup distilled white vinegar
3 cups sugar

and the processor mixture..

Boil 20 mins.. remove the orange slices..add 3 more cups of sugar and boil ap. 15 more mins or until you see a slight thickening~

Pour in hot Mason Jars

Water bath for 10 mins~

It made all these little burnished pots~

My Note..I should have let it cook 5 more be just a bit thicker for me..But it's still lovely..


  1. I wonder if it tastes as good as it looks because it looks beautiful! I really need to try canning one day before the fresh harvest is gone.

    Well done, Monique! I will save the recipe.

  2. You won't regret this one nana2..It's just right.:)

  3. PS I thought the little red utensils added a certain je ne sais quoi♥

  4. Monique, love your beautiful photos - thanks for sharing this recipe. Question: any particular kind of "red pepper" - here in Texas we have a variety to choose from - just wondered which type of pepper you used? - Thanks!!

  5. I'm just home from the farmers' market on the square where I picked up peppers with just this in mind. The addition of the apples and orange sound very tasty. The end product is beautiful! I want this in my autumn pantry and to gift friends with as well. Thanks so much!


  6. Cute, cute, cute!

    Only you could make Red Pepper Jelly look so appealing. Very nice ~ and I'm sure it is as delicious as it is beautiful.

    Well done! xo

  7. like a tower of jewels, the recipe does sound delightful~

  8. Good morning~ The regular sweet roundish red peppers..:) Do you know what I mean? Not hot peppers..Sweet..~It's a very soothing recipe to make also..Not difficult.
    On pâté.. on baked a condiment for meats..many uses I can imagine

  9. I love the fruit additions to your pepper jelly - sounds delicious! I make a pepper jelly that I really like, but I think I need to give this one a try. Beautiful, as always, Mme. M.!

  10. wow, the recipe sounds so exotic and it is such a shiny red color. you eat it for breakfast or also to amend a steak or cheese?

  11. A spicy jelly is sooo delicious. We love it just plain over some cream cheese with crackers as a an appetizer. Yummy.

  12. You are such a clever lady! Looks exquisite and am sure it tastes awesome.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  13. A spicy jelly! I love them. I have never made one but this looks easy and it would be so much fun. Thank you!

  14. Oh Monique! I will try this one this week- I love pepper jelly and this one doesn't seem too hot
    xoxo Pattie

  15. Just the recipe I was looking for. I posted Killer Fajitas on Friday, and I use red pepper jelly in them. My red peppers are ready to be harvested.
    YUMMY! YOu blog is a delight for my eyes as well as my stomach!

  16. Monique, this looks so pretty though I must admit I have never come across a chilling pepper jelly before... Do you eat it with meat dishes?

  17. They look so pretty! What wonderful gifts they would make. You have the red, just add some green and you are all ready for ho ho ho time!

  18. Monique, lovely indeed! Your photos are exquisite as is the tower of red pepper jelly and the bounty of peppers in the last photo. ~ Sarah

  19. Bonjour Monique, tes photos sont magnifiques comme toujours.
    Je suis bien contente que cette recette t'ai plu et merci beaucoup pour le clin d'oeil.
    J'ai pensé à toi cette semaine car j'ai fait aussi une recette de poivrons rôtis.

    Passe une belle journée.

  20. This jelly is wonderful on cream cheese..or on baked brie.. in savory thumbprints..served with pork..even chicken..there are so many uses for keeps for a long time..long time:)

    Thank you..I hope you try's one of the nicest I have tried..the orange and apple I think:)

    A keeper.

  21. What a lovely jelly. The color as well as the hot peppers will warm the heart. This looks and sounds delicious. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings...Mary

  22. Apples and oranges in pepper jelly! Oh, I can't pass up trying this recipe, Monique. I have friends who would love a little jar of this jelly at Christmas time.

  23. I need to get busy and try this it looks & sounds so good!

    Thank you for sharing the recipe,


  24. Beautiful photos and it looks delicious! Love the color of it and must give it a try.

  25. This looks gorgeous Monique!
    I love the tiny jars...I have a hard time finding nice ones here...I love the look of those.

  26. Sounds and looks divine ~ I can imagine it on a little brie would taste like heaven. Love your pics! they causght my eye.

  27. If I wasn't tempted when I looked at your photos, Monique, I certainly am now after reading the recipe! And I bet the fragrance in your home was a delight. What a fabulous hostess gift too.

  28. Quelle belle image me donne l'eau dans bouche!! Et la recette..encore mieux!
    Ja'i auusi envie de tenter cette recette -pour le poulet, le magret de canard et comme tu dit..le fromage!
    Ronelle x

  29. Oh my, that looks so good Monique! I haven't done much preserving over here in the UK. I miss it! xxoo

  30. How wonderful. I know my hubby will love this. He is from Mexico, and almost all Mexicans adore jalapenos! Well, I do anyway. :)

  31. Sweet Pepper jelly on baked brie. Oh, my. I'm in heaven! I have one question: did you peel the peppers or just leave the peel in there?

    I love these in the light. Gorgeous.

    I've missed you. I'm glad you're back.

  32. I left the peel on..easy easy.. we ate a whole small jar tonight..w/ croissants..Boursin..and chicken noodle soup "Maison"~
    It's now Jacques' favorite.I hope you enjoy it also.
    Josée is quite the pepper expert..I have made others of hers .. bons!

  33. Pepper jelly is a staple around here and I welcome all new recipes. And to see those bright stacks of deliciousness is like a stairway to heaven!


  34. I just brought back all manner of peppers from the Basque region in SW France and Spain, so this is on my "To make" list ~ Merci beaucoup!
    Karen ~Lavender and Lovage

  35. Hi there came by ur blog and I loved the way ur pepper jelly looks. I have two questions... With only two hot peppers in the recipe used, is it just barely spicy or red hot spicy? & how many jelly jars does this recipe make? In ur photos it looks like a lot, or did u double it? (3 questions). Thank you for ur time!

  36. Looks like a great recipe, thanks! I will probably add a bit more hot pepper, cuz that is the part of this that I love best. We eat it at our house with sharp cheddar, on a toasted bagel, on a Sunday morning -- MMM-HMM!