Friday, September 25, 2020

End of September~How much longer...?It's up to us.


One of my fave places on earth above...where Van Gogh stayed in St-Rémy~

What a crowd looks like now..Oli's game we could assist..the difference from last year is astounding.Our Oli is good:) Just saying..

Oh yum made the above again..Diane Morissey..Get her recipe for Her Stuffed Eggplants Here ..

So life is not getting better Covid Wise..I saw my first commercial that may knock some sense into people..a man..not old..not young..what is that? 55 ish..?
With a tracheotomy ..because of having contracted Covid.
I mean maybe if people saw more real life commercials  they would get the importance of it all.
I mean do you have to go to a bar?And to all the maskholes..wear one.
I am getting livid..Here I must say in all have to.
Thank God for that.
But I don't get families all getting together in a house when kids are now in school..we didn't there is even more reason to stay distanced.
I hate it.
But it's a must.
I am torn between being envious of seeing people w/ their grands in the house to thinking..what are you thinking?
Am I too rigid?

Onto the cake..
It's from the Original Dish and you can ..Find her recipe here
Is it the best ever? I don't know I have at least 20 here that are the best too:)It's a nice one and it's better the next day..

Soon he will be part of the gang that digs up my tulip bulbs..
yep tulips..a glutton for punishment I am;)

It's funny what you don't see sometimes..  see that tiny winged thing?
I never saw it while focusing on my 4 o'clock:)

It had a goal:)Hard to see..only saw after..

Look how beautiful these still are..I ripped out my petunias..these will wait and be brown bagged.

And these never disappoint.

I was going to bring some in today and I offered 2 bouquets...but it dry day:)

Look how gorgeous the leaves on Bonica..
Still going so strong.
Sadly I ripped out my last Henry Hudson..a whte darling I have had for 20 yrs..she just attracted every chafe every japanese beetle..
I may not have circumvented the pests as we have vines that are eaten alive by them:(Do they attract the?
Anyway a hard dry annual  less summer here..
Hoping for far better next yr.

Our PM said TG is out of the question..let's work at making Christmas happen♥


Being Canadian..I knew of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and admired her..but did not know the depth of her accomplishments..
We watched the documentary RBG and we  found it so interesting and informative.
A lovely ,smart, chic, loving, powerhouse.

I have read articles that mention her losing her mom at 17.
I get the depth of my being.

Also on TV  we are watching..I Know This Much Is True..I read the book by Wally Lamb soooo many moons ago..
I must applaud Mark Ruffalo's performance.Incredibe..he plays both he and his twin .

Just in case you need something to watch while staying at home;)

Have a good weekend.


  1. I haven't looked at covid #s since early summer. I'm settled into my new lifestyle & I guess I'll come out when everyone stops wearing masks. But I am with my family & that's really all that matters to me. I'm lucky that I get to see my grandson all the time. In March when Covid hit our area we as a family (my son, his wife, my husband & I) decided to pull our 2 yr old grandson out of daycare & the four of us keep him full time. Which means I have him more than anyone else, during the day while they're all working. So we isolated our little group.

    My dil has struggled. She is very social & very close to her family. I ache for her. She has done some family things & others my son has talked her out of....her family has not been isolating very much.

    I'm not scared or angry. I guess I'm content but I am not looking beyond my own walls...whether that's right or wrong I don't know but it's how I'm dealing with it all. I would be a basket case if I couldn't see my family.

    Another perspective, all three of them work for the same company. The company has very strict rules with covid. If anyone in your household is sick everyone quarantines. So if my son is sick, neither he or his wife can go to work. They can go back to work after being 10 days fever-free or be tested negative for covid. They've had to quarantine three times since it started...maybe four? I've lost count. My son tested twice, my dil they could go back to work. This rule is their burden. Basically 6 to 8 weeks without working, no pay if you have no PTO. fortunately they have little PTO but not enough to be paid in full.

    Sorry such a long explanation but I honestly think people just do not know what to do. My area has a movement called 'no mask Fridays' & people just go out without wearing their masks every Friday. I forgot about it a couple of weeks ago & stopped in the store (I rarely go in) all these people acting as if we were back in 2019. Crazy.

    The four o'clock pictures, what a fun catch!

    1. I appreciate hearing what's going on where you are..and you are in a dream nana situation.You formed a bubble and your childrens employer is careful.
      Our situation is different.. one teacher.. one in finance ..another a lieutenant.. and another with a medical specialized company..who has also been awarded a Master in business at McGill for a special group ..Everyone in different schools but 2.
      Here I see high school kids at lunch paying no heed..
      That bothers me.They know our town has a high percentage of older people..we are only 5000
      And no one can enter any establishment w/out a mask.
      But what about when they eat..
      Our health minister repeated today we are in a worrisome situation.
      The financial burden our children will be responsible for..
      It's a load of info to take in.
      I am never bored..blessed with hobbies..and a yard..
      I feel for all the lonely people..on their own..or ill..
      I have been to enough hospitals to witness people going in for procedures w/ people who accompany..the word in English escapes family..
      All these thoughts come to mind..
      I don't dwell in contraire..and no one in our family does.
      I have always found them..happy..independent troopers.I am grateful for that.
      The Littles are the same.
      I realize that war times.. were exponentially harder..and cruel..and devastating..
      This is different..
      A whole different ball game.

      I am in it for the long run..and will not curl up..but I can's my middle name;)
      Some days breeze by and other days I think..what if..

      Take care:):):

      I am 66 J almost 80.
      These are the days of our lives..and I feel not being careful is robbing us of precious times and hugs.
      10 yrs ago when I was very social..I may have found it difficult.
      My quiet little life only misses family.
      And plans we had with some of them:)
      I LOVE your long explanation..I do:)

  2. Our COVID counts have skyrocketed since school began. Mostly due to the colleges and young people wanting to be with young people. Reckless. So glad ours are not at that age yet. A friend who has 2 college aged grandsons told me how lonely they are being on campus with nothing to do. They have to eat their meals in their rooms, most go into their bedrooms and stay there. So sad. We know of a wealthy couple who have six children and lots and lots of grandchildren and they are with them a lot. Now they have COVID. So it's not just the poor people who are getting sick! We haven't seen our family since school began. We had hoped for a last family swim tomorrow as the weather will be gorgeous here. But, Bo came down with the sniffles and was kept home from school. Likely the rest will get it too so Lindsay said no, they couldn't come. Very disappointing but fact of life now. The way things are going, we may not have Thanksgiving either which will be sad. If COVID weren't enough the state of politics here is so depressing and that certainly doesn't help. OY!!! When will it end. I don't get people not wearing masks...not one bit.

    On a happier note, your apple cake and that eggplant recipe looks delicious! Your beautiful paintings are always a sight for sore eyes and YES, I do see the little winged one. Took me a while to find him though :) I've been collecting 4 O'Clock seeds ♥♥♥

    1. Our health minister is asking us to back away from anything for 28 days.
      NO TG.
      I know this has no preference for rich or poor.
      I know we both know where we are coming from.
      NOT to mention cancer patients needing treatments..

      and not on their side..
      And people afraid of visiting doctors offices..:(
      I started collecting too:)
      I will try digging up tubers..of the 4 o'clocks..not a ton..a few..just to see.
      Take care Pea♥♥

      And I hope Beau Bo feels better soon♥

  3. I receive a daily report from our Governor, and the Covid infection rate is less than 1%. You can't enter any place without a mask here. And I'm in HR so I am responsible for keeping track of information, and our company has very strict rules with covid. TG get togethers will not be happening here, and we will wait and see about Christmas. We are enjoying being outdoors very much, and have always been outdoorsy people. Your apple cake and that eggplant recipe looks delish! We've had a spectacular September.

    1. Septemeber was better than summer.My little town is good..16 people..but we are part of an agglomeration of cities far and wide so when restrictions come into place..we are affected:(In truth we should be our own agglomeration;)

  4. One of my fave places on earth above...where Van Gogh stayed in St-Rémy~‘
    I have to say your fav place was a mental institution...
    i’m so tired of trying to police other ppl. True, I do say rude things barely audible or louder after they have past by. The worst French insult You can say is surprisingly ‘MAL ÉLÉVÉ!’/Badly brought-up! Ha

    1. Yes..and I find that is true..a bunch of selfish mal Elevés...

      It still is an institution and because we stayed in proximity..we would see the caregivers walking the patients:(

      Very sad sights some times..and his room and adj rooms w/ the metal baths for cold ones:( Tearful.

  5. That apple cake sounds wonderful. Your garden looks beautiful. Loved St. Remy too!

    1. The lucky residents of St-Rémy..ever wonder why we land where we land?:)

  6. Monique, life here is also fairly isolated. Grocery shopping in masks and doctor appointments are our outings. We have contact with our contractor and the two men who are working here daily on the remodel. Both of the men are very cautious, as is our contractor. We always wear masks when together, which is seldom. Our housekeeper has returned, but she too is cautious. I have friends who are not as serious about isolating. They gather with family and some are even gathering to play Mah Jongg. I won't take that chance. I only go out when necessary, and always with a mask. Masks are mandatory here, and everyone is always in a mask.
    The University students are back, and though they are restricted, they are young and do as they please. We live close to the UT, so we hear the parties. I see the social media posts of some who I follow. Several families I know with teens and young adults, have had COVID. All of the family! They are fine, but we don't know the long term effects, do we? Everyone needs to make their own decisions.
    I refreshed out terrace containers as best I could with what I could find. Not much offered. Perhaps now that it is cooler. I need to call the plant centers. Our weather has been delightful these first weeks of September. Normally September can be miserably hot, but our days are sheer delight. Mornings even require a sweater.
    I smile at the first image, your tole painting, the apple cake, such a charming vignette.
    Beautiful flowers as always. Happy Weekend, dear friend!

    1. Happy weekend to you!
      Best be cause we are not 4 anymore..and here that age group is targeted too.
      All our health minister asks is 28 days of being strong and that too much to ask?
      Homes are selling like hotcakes here in the countryside etc..
      I would have never thought..
      Bet the same is there for you too..

  7. That cake! That stuffed eggplant! Your post rather made my mouth water. Thanks for sharing links to the recipes.

    1. My total pleasure..I have counted on being inspired by lovely people to keep me busy..I am not a recipe developper:)I just share what's worked for me.Thank you for liking the links too!

  8. Dear Monique, I must admit I'm perhaps too rigid about covid. I do stay home almost all the time. I do. This is a war, not a game.

    Stay well, stay safe.

    1. What a great description Nina..A war not a game.
      A war against covid..not a pandemic to play with.
      Thank you.

  9. My husband and I are 66 and also have asthma. We are being extremely careful! My husband is in his 45th year of teaching and I say a prayer every time he leaves for school. He is an industrial technology teacher, so he has a large shop to teach in. He has his shop garage doors open, most of the time, to bring in lots of fresh air. This won't last long, as we live in Minnesota :-)

    Thank you for the link to that delicious-looking apple cake. I can't wait to try it.

    1. Susan..I am sure you are being careful—Thank goodness for the garage doors at the moment but I hear you come winter..or even fall.
      I think the holidays will be different in souther climates.
      You can be distanced and careful outdoors.Here you cannot have Christmas outdoors .
      Hoping we have a vaccine that works and that is safe soon🙏My pleasure for the link!Take care🙏

  10. This is my favorite time of year - with autumn coming and celebrating our New Year - but this year does not feel very festive. Our covid situation is out of control and the government is pretty helpless. It is scary out there.

    1. Same here:(Fall is gorgeous but I know what's care Amalia..

  11. Thanks so much for the TV recommendations. I watch so little, I really need to focus on good choices.

    I also mourned the loss of RBG. She has always fascinated me, and the older I get, the more I support gender equality and in hindsight, wish I had listened to my heart and mind thirty years ago. I'm proud to say my daughters are very liberated and strong.

    I can't do much gardening with the broken ankle. Hubby is doing so much to help around the house while not feeling so well himself, I just have to let it go and start fresh next spring.

    In the immediate family we are blessed that our grands are too young for school but for Elsie, and we rarely see her. I wear a mask, wash my hands, and clean well after she comes. And it's never long as my son has short visitations under the divorce law. Sad. My son-in-laws are working, mostly remotely, but they are the ones I stay very far back from. I wear my mask at all times when around them. And the Maskholes---love that term, I see it more in the country at the lake than here in the city.

    The stuffed eggplant looks delicious, I'm going to look it up.

    All the best, Monique. Be well.


    1. Oh you be well..not fun to be going through an injury during all's a heck of a thing for everyone.
      I am in a cozy home I love..many are many feelings about so many things.
      My daughter told me a touching story yesterday I'll share it next post.Kindness and caring has to prevail.

  12. What a lovely beautiful post in this sad time Jane....please stay safe...Yes almost October...a year is gone since my husband left me...and nothing is happening...I still wait on a divorce...what a strange time we life is double hard to handle this in my own...but Thank God I have Leaf around me...she is always with me..🍀💕🍀💕🍀

    1. I meant because I saw Jane above sorry!!...getting older 😳🍀

    2. I knew that was it:) Never worry about that:)Happy to hear from you.I always wish you well..Ria..don't think everyone is are not alone in your situation..and I do believe will find happiness again.:)♥

  13. Love your paintings. The apple cake looks so yummy. I shall visit and try it. Diane Morissey always has the most delicious food. Happy Sunday.

  14. Love your paintings, your blooms, your photos, your food. They are all a gift to us during this season of Lockdown. Nobody in my family is doing the together thing. They are all staying very much isolated. My sister has not hugged or kissed my father for months and months now, although she does cook for him every day, does his shopping, etc. My kids are staying very much in their own homes with the exception of school. It must be so scary. Over here, I am staying put. So many are not, and the numbers are rising exponentially. We live in very frightening times. I just hope we can all get through them. So no Thanksgiving this year, and I am thinking probably no Christmas either. Such a challenge for so many. Thank goodness you can watch your grandsons play their sports if only from afar! WE have to take our small joys where we find them! Love and hugs, xoxo

    1. The sports thing ..we can't ..anymore. 1 parent per family.
      TG out of the question..Mtl and QC moving into RED zone today.
      So lockdown will start to happen yet again.
      WE are far from Mtl..but still.

      Yes..small joys..
      ♥Take care..fortunate to like being at home.. but...I loved doing my little shopping on my own..I want to see kids happy ..shopkeepers doing well..Watching The Last Tango in Halifax and Alan's getting a job at the market:)To see people..I get it:)

      Did You watch I Know This Much Is True? Wow.

    2. I have not watched it yet, but I did read the book a longtime ago! It’s on my list! ❤️

  15. Oh, I'd written the longest comment and then boom -- it disappeared! OK, trying again. I really did love the beautiful paintings and that glorious photo of your delicious looking apple cake. You stage the best photos! I just bought a huge amount of honey crisp apples at the farmer's market so this may be on my menu for this week.

    I am so angry at the maskholes. They don't get it. Or maybe they do and they're just jerks who don't care. I almost saw two guys get in a fight because of masks this week up here (it's a very Trumpy area here). Rick and I went to the store very early this morning and no one was there except staff, but three of them had their masks below their noses! What good is that? The aerosols come from the nose. I avoided them. I never liked self-checkout but now it is my friend. Out Thanksgiving is later than yours. I hold out no hope for either TG or Christmas this year. And in our area, a big spike because of students returning to the U.

    On a much happier note, I adored your paintings and that photo of you watching the game said it all. Such love. Stay well.

    1. word for them.Below the nose gets me..
      Sadly only one parent per game..and all may end.
      Mtl and QC entering RED alert this aft we think.
      I just went outside to get tomatoes and check on my one dahlia lol I want it to bloom.It's at a standstill bud stage.2 girls came off the bus walking side by side by close side.
      I am hoping they are sisters.
      But everywhere ..a lack of prudence.
      I mean.
      I know it is HARD HARD HARD on younger people..I fret for the being pulled out of school again..they need interaction..and a their face in a computer..try 5 people on 5 different computers..not enough juice for 5 ..
      They need to mingle and run and play..
      Fingers crossed the world smartens up.
      Thought of you and our hair..Trump spent 70K on his hair ?On his awful show? I hated that show..Imagine..his show now..just saying because we think alike.
      Have a good week Jeanie..:)


  16. I'm feeling particularly wistful today...we usually go to Quebec City in October...and I've been wanting to invite people over...and ...and...
    Anyway, great beauty in your post. Yes, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, she gave us a lot...Here, going into shops can be stressful when they don't enforce the rule. I don't feel good wearing a mask, so I try not to go out among people too much...but I do wear it when I'm there.
    I just mentioned you in my post. I couldn't do a link as I was using the new platform for the first time. You were right, not too bad. Thank you for your encouragement, you and Jeanie, because it really helped!!! Rita.

    1. I am so glad you did it.. oh QC is in bad shape..just like us..Praying for a vaccine Rita..xx

  17. M I am sorry to say there is an upsurge in NYC and LI. We try so hard in school to social distance, wear masks, use plexiglass barriers and frequent sanitizing. Outside of school the kids play, extended families and friends get together and no one wears masks or social distances. Only in shops. Everyone wears.

    I will not be doing TG this year. Not interested in taking a chance. My niece is immunosuppressed so she wouldn't come. Randi's in Tx and Dani, who knows what she wants to do.

    At least you finally got to visit a game. :)

    1. I did..the last did you hear? partial lockdown as of today.28 days.No one in your house if it's not their address.
      No TG here either.
      Hope Randi is liking her new city? Home:)
      And hope Dani is happy.
      What a spot we're in.

      Take care A..

  18. Maskholes! :) Love RBG...did you watch the documentary? I bought 3 RBG mugs (with different quotes) for our office admin this year...thought we would could use the inspiration and wise words. She was a little powerhouse. xo