Saturday, October 3, 2020

Madeleines~October~Partial Lockdown.


You can find where I got the idea and technique Here..for the chocolate..meaning 5 mins in freezer and her pics got to me♥

I did go to the recipe she refers us to..she has a link there..

But I ended up varying it.

What I love about this recipe is that it is equal parts everything.


For us..only the 2 of us..I don't need a ton.

I used my smaller silicone mold I have had for yrs.I will do again with my larger metal one..You won't believe the mess I made w/ it the first time:(

So equal parts..

1 egg  weigh it

same amount of sugar

same amount of flour

same amount of melted butter

I added a tsp of honey

I added baking powder and a pinch of salt

I added orange zest.

Mix all..cover w/ saran touching the mixture refrig overnight.

Then I baked gleaning this article here.Probably the best post on madeleines I have read.

I refrigerated my pan w/ the mixt in each cavity while my oven warmed to 425F.

I baked for 3 mins.

Turned oven off

Let sit in oven 7-8 mins..

I was then supposed to heat oven to 320 and bake 3-4 mins..

But after the resting time in oven OFF.My little madeleines were humpy and perfect.

Then I did le chocolat♥

Everything you wanted to know about madeleines is here..♥

I did try this same recipe in my coated larger molds and they were not the same at all.Deep is the trick and my small silicones are deep.

This was a great recipe from the book Baked..Suzie Durigon's book.

I have learned so much from her..
Her blog is called Just Crumbs~
And the Best Banana Bread Squares recipe is on it.

I find even plain..out of the oven..the scent is magical.

Fall is definitely here and like all heartbreakingly beautiful's only here for a time..

I can't believe the tomatoes are still here..

I made tomato jam again..  my favorite recipe is the jam in her Nordstrom's Jam Jar..

I just made 4 little pots..I am not canning any..just ready to serve here..we like it on many things.

I still really enjoy my 10 yr old car.

When I left real estate..I did not have to worry about a client car..that was  one of the only good things.
I delivered hydrangeas and I hope they got them..impromptu drop off.
If ever I need another car I will be hard pressed.
Funny..I did curbside one day..and the person said "Oh you have a Fiat?" You know what it stands for ?
Fix It Again Tony..
But as I prepared to leave he said:"If ever you want to sell your car..get in touch with me? ""LOL.
He was nice..just being funny..

I like small..parking is easy..I never go anywhere but just saying;)

Hands down the best meal I made the last few weeks..was this.
I renewed my subscription to Ricardos magazine for 5 issues (long winter ahead) and it gave you permission to see the digital version..well  not this issue the issue before this was in it.
As soon as it's published I will share.
Footnote  I see it was published in French yesterday..

Let me just say it's A General Tao variation♥
GREAT sauce,I impromtue'd the chicken though and baked it.And I did flour..egg..panko.
Spritz w/ evoo.
Spiralized zucchini and shredded carrots on top..I didn't have any time..because there will be a next time:)

I always say I don't really eat sweets..I just taste..but sweet meals..I can favor easily.

Done deal partial yet again lockdown for 28 days.

What's up w/ Québec?


People should think further than the end of their own nose.

This means..restaurants bars socializing and visiting someone is out of the question.
No one can enter your home unless they live there.
OK a plumber etc..yes..
But my daughters? My Littles?
Nope and nope.
More to come Monday  on the plight of my QC.

So much going on..did you see the awful floods near Nice?
Homes falling into chasms..
Very sad.
Next post perkier:)
Take care..take care..take care...


  1. The chicken dish looks and sounds wonderful! Love your little car.

    1. Thank you penny! The itsy bitsy car is getting old like me;)

  2. Those are the prettiest madeleines bar none!
    Perfection. I don’t know how you ‘just taste’ all these goodies..
    Can’t imagine.
    Your Fall colors are magnificent. Nothing like it in Paris..
    Sorry to hear about the extended Lockdown...ours may be announced on Monday ;((
    Croisée les doigts (sp)

    1. WE heard re will be like here:(
      This darn virus has got to go away..hospitals getting topped up again:(

  3. PS aside from the nice touch of color I fine edamame indigestible. Skip em I say!

    1. Oh really? I used to always have frozen..but J's system has changed and I appreciate this tip a lot~Thank you:)

  4. Love your posts. Love your car. Just finished reading All The Devils Are Here, Louise Penny. Next lifetime, I'm coming back as Quebecois. Right now, isolating and wearing mask when I have to go out. Thank you so much for sharing your life.

    1. Ahh..Louis Penny..She lives in The Eastern Townships..What a talent.
      Barb..thank you for your comment:)I appreciate it..Bon Dimanche:)

  5. So much yummy food. Th chicken dish sounds great plus the wonderful chocolate coated madeleines.
    I just ordered the pan from Amazon. Beautiful pictures. Makes me hungry each time I visit.

    1. Oh good!!As I said Teflon was not like silicone..I should get a bigger one;)

  6. Our whole world is going wacko these days, politically, environmentally, medically... it's just too much. So coming here is my sweet salvation. Everything looks delicious. I'm intrigued by your madeleine recipe and look forward to the links. I'm very fond of my Madeleine recipe but a small one is a great idea. They really don't hold up terribly long -- a few days. Your icing looks beautiful.

    I wish I could find another big batch of tomatoes to make more sauce. I suppose I shouldn't complain -- I have quite a few bags from what I did before. But I'd love a few more.

    We're locked down for three more weeks and then our legislature went to the Supreme Court and they rescinded the governor's ability to extend a state of emergency (which currently includes mandated masks). The Rs have made it clear that the first thing that will go will be the mask mandate. I wonder now if that will change given the number of infections from the president and his gang. We shall see.

    1. It's a mess..a sheer we expect other directives..Not good at all..
      Always abreast of US news here..I told my neighbour I would have found it much more delicate for those suffering to not see an army of physicians looking after the president.When care is lacking in so many places.Obscene..They should have stayed indoors apart from his primary one.IMHO.
      Get the tomatoes♥♥♥Small pleasures:)

  7. First of all your Madeleines look exquisite! Perfect little bump and the chocolate coating is perfect! Everything you cook looks wonderful ❤️ Your car is so cute with the flowers on to. 😍 I’m so sorry about the lockdown 🙁 Not seeing our families is the worst and I know your Thanksgiving is this month. Oh what we are missing this year is heartbreaking. Wisconsin is on a Do Not Travel list for other states because our rates as so high also. At least it is not but local for us, all campus towns and especially in the northeast part of the state. It’s such a shame. I wish there would be a better example set by our leaders. We still have a few tomatoes too and my poblano peppers are still doing well. Avoided another frost last night and the following week looks stellar!!

    1. My dahlia will get the sheet cover tomorrow that's the frost maybe night.I have babied that baby so much..oh well a lot worse going it is so confusing for Caroline and boys..their school is in an orange zone we live in a red zone..yest we have 17 cases they have's that conglomeration thing for the weirdest reason we are part of Mtl!Many are up in how red zone high schools grade 10-11 do one day in school one day zone not..masks all the time though.Poor Mylne's face..masks and goggles all day she has broken out....what a mess.a real mess.

  8. from me.....stay Ria 🍀💕🍀