Tuesday, January 25, 2022



Well it certainly is a very different winter..I feel the coldest..I walked to the mail yesterday and my face was freezing in place..I have a very sensitive face..walking back was better..but..

We have had snow..
The She~ Shed always looks the same so that's a repeat.

A few of you that know me have asked how I feel about my family across the street having moved last week.
Well I am just happy for them.I had nights where so much melancholy filled my heart.I loved when the boys would just pop by..they were all born in that house and I have memories of every year every stage.
But I'm okay now shockingly enough.
It's a done deal right..and it's what's best for them.I had years that were best for me.
Done.Their beautiful turn.A new adventure..

They are all excited and elated..They poured their heart and $ into the one here,adding sq footage and new rooms etc..For some reason I had a feeling..They had looked at a few homes..but nothing..still I had a feeling..this one..they bought it on the spot lol and she came to tell me.
Inside my heart sank..and my concerns as an ex ~realtor..came to mind.
But this is a different market..one I did not know..where homes sell right away and often above asking.Never did I think covid would have this effect.

Of course in rare cases I even sold homes sight unseen:) Conditional upon the buyer visiting and approving..or if a home was unique and had a lot of interest.

But I also had listings for months.

Anyway..their new home ,I feel is just right for them ...And as a family we helped move them Sat and Sunday..so we got a real feel for their home.I think it's perfect.
Like a ski lodge.
Their Yellowstone..with wood and stone and fantastic light  and land..♥

I am fine indoors in winter but this covid is really getting old.

I miss dinners en famille..  now that the Littles are back in school..it's different even if we are vaccinated.
I don't agree with everything our governments are doing..but what do I know.
Here, to get into Costco..Walmart..any big surface store you need to present your vaccination passport.
They double check your identity.

What stores have had to comply with..the poor still closed restos..Back ups in Hospitals.. waiting lists..overworked medical staff..pharmacists.Teachers..students..
Anyway this isn't a political blog..so ..

I've picked up my brushes and paint..nothing great has happened.I think last yr..all of the yr almost I was so inspired by Paris People..every one was FUN.
After more than 100..time to focus elsewhere..  where?:)

I need to find something else now..
I've been making breads..I love that..All kinds..
Frida was a thoughtful offering from a young woman I admire so much..

On Instagram I also follow French feeds that I love..
When I saw savarins I thought of a little mold I had that could work perfectly.

Some are rectangular..some round..some square..
The super fun part of this recipe..no measuring cups:)
All in a yogurt pot.
If you can picture this a box of many empty La Fermiere yogurt pots arrived here as a Christmas gift.I had dragged home blue ones from France but had never seen the pinks..mint greens and terra cottas..They live here now..thanks to Sarah~

La Recette~ from farida_cooking on Instagram

One yogurt pot natural yogurt (I used greek)
one and a half pots of sugar
one pot sunflower oil
1 tsp vanilla I love vanilla I put as much as I need to smell it!
3 eggs
1 envelope of baking powder. I am going to ask the author how many tsps in her envelope.As they can differ.sure enough her envelopes are 8 grams ,two tsps
3 pots of flour.
Strawberry jam

Mix the yogurt with the eggs ..sugar ,oil and vanilla Mix well Add the flour and baking powder.

I made half the recipe
Bake in a preheated 350 F oven for ap 15 mins.

This is a lovely recipe for children to make..it's all in pots:)
I used my jam and it's the last jar.
It's our fave..it's a David Leibovitz's recipe.

I was happy to see that Afterlife is back for season 3 on Netflix.

He did Derek which was so wonderful .

Take care~

Ps if you are easily offended by off color things Afterlife is not for you.. very off color..it’s quite offending..but I like it. for some strange reason However I am on episode 3 and I am not so sure anymore..quite crude.

But I am sure about..

Here's a footnote re measurements as some have asked me :)

The pink yogurt jar looks larger than our Riviera yogurt jars right ?
Not the case as  both carry 1/ 2 cup dry measure ..(i.e. flour)
a French baking powder holds ap 2 1/4 -2 1/2 tsp in every envelope.
And weighs 11 grams.
See notes above as her envelope weighs 8 grams ,2 tsps
I am a vanilla sugar/ etc..lover..
Some baking powders come w/ vanilla..Fun!

Hope all this helps.
PS  I measured everything ..not info taken from the net.
For my recipe I used Magic Baking Powder .In a container.Readily available here.
Sachets in France the amount varies.

Many French recipes are yogurt jar recipes.:) Famous French Yogurt cakes..etc..


  1. I'm so glad the sadness is over and you are feeling better about their move. I'm excited for them too and they will have so much space for those big boys and eventually their grandchildren too. ♥

    Hopefully, things will be calming down again soon. Covid cases are starting to go down here. I wish there was more checking of vaccination status here though. I read that Sarah Palin was allowed into a restaurant in NYC just a few days ago without checking her vaccination card (they were supposed to and she is not vaccinated). A day or two later she developed Covid. All the people she came into contact with!

    One day when you have time, you'll have to tell us how many grams, ounces, cups, is in your size yogurt pot since I don't have any and I think my Fage Greek yogurt containers are bigger. Love seeing Frida again at your home. I love her bold colors!

    Frigid here too! Tonight 8 below zero! I didn't have any below zero days last winter. That crochet throw looks soooo cozy.

    Good luck on your next project. You'll know it when you see it :)

    1. I will measure and also compare with my clear glass Riviera ones..I had not read re Sarah Palin..she's been out of our news..
      It's one I made last yr..I can't seem to get into it yet this year.And you are right..as the quote goes..

      When the student is ready..the teacher aapears,

  2. It's been interesting to me how each province has its different rules - makes sense across this great country of ours. We have to show vaccine passports only for restaurants and some events, not for shopping, ever. Here they are saying that Omicron is on the downswing and I do hope that is true. It's high time this pandemic was over. Oh, I pray it will be soon.

    Frida is wonderful. As a Spanish teacher, I liked to do a short unit on her art and life. She overcame so much hardship and painted her soul onto canvas.

    Stay cozy. It's chilly here, too, but nothing like you're experiencing.

    1. Oh Lorie I took Spanish in high school just one yr ,,first yr..not long enough..I loved it..I wish I remembered what I learned.. it was a class once a week..so you did not learn very much.
      You must be very well versed on Frida.
      Imagine to get into Costco and WM and Home Depot etc..

      Oh lala..I hope the end is near.A lot of dissatisfaction.

  3. Oh Monique you are such a wonderful daughter, wife, mother, grandmother. But most importantly they know that they are loved and you are SO very much in return. What a wonderful gift. It has been a terribly sad time for this old world. Sadness. Goodbyes,
    separations. Things change in what seems like a blink of an eye. Which leads me to After Life. Yes unbearably crude in places. But oh the end will make you weep. The circles of life. Very beautiful. You are exceptional don't ever forget that

    1. Jane thanks for telling me..Last season I found Brian over the top..this season ..even more..Have you Googled him? David Earl..so different ;)He's in Derek also.
      It's been a very heavy time.Yes things can change in one single moment.You are really kind.
      Have a great day.

  4. Monique, your lovely, photo-filled post was a bright spot on a cold, wintry morning (below zero here). Your baking inspires me to get back into the kitchen. We've been busy trying to get settled and watching our little ones, and the cooking and baking feels rushed, rather than planned and enjoyed. It always works out, though. Bless you for helping your lovies with their move. Their new home sounds wonderful. I had to smile when you said they bought it on the spot. Oh my. Our son bought his home like that, too. He was really thrilled with the rural setting, and it is beautiful, but his little home has many challenges. Of course, we didn't mention a single thing ;) Before he retired, my husband worked as a mortgage lender/appraiser and when we were young, we'd buy homes in need of repair, clean and fix, and sell for a profit. We were so anxious to become mortgage free! The good thing is we learned something from every home purchase and sale. I guess our kids will learn as they go, too. The business of real estate has changed in nearly all ways since covid. Crazy. Do you miss being a realtor?BTW, I loved the watercolor of the older gal with the great jacket and little child. It spoke to my grandma heart! Stay warm, Monique. Spring is coming (I think).

    1. >.On the spot..a mothe's /ex realtor first angst moment lol.
      I usually say nothing..First thing out of my mouth after the shock settled in lol..But it is conditional to a building inspection right?
      When I was newly marrie..I loved our mortgage specialist..Walter Mitham..unfortunately he had passed by the time I became a realtor..A gentleman.
      We bought and sold too..but built and sold.A LOT OF WORK.
      Can you believe what covid did to the market?

      WEll now..you are close.. and you will never want to move nor see them move.ENJOY♥

  5. Your she shed looks so charming and your bread looks delicious!

  6. Monique you have such a good outlook on life. Maybe when warmer weather comes you and Jacques can take a Sunday drive for visits outdoors to there new home. At least they are fairly close. Maybe as the new CSA starts up you will be inspired by all the beautiful flowers that ones sees on Instagram. I love the tulips that are grown and sold by von Trapp Flowers. If I lived close to her I would be buying them for sure. Your blanket is gorgeous, I love the colors you chose! Stay warm, baking bread will help. Terry

    1. Thanks Terry..Oh I am sure we will go in.. just not en famille this Sunday as she had asked..Poor teacher daughter w/ 5 yr olds..:) They keep hugging her;)She adores her job..but right now a difficult time..many schools are older and need proper ventilation..no n95 masks for teachers..blablabla..Hope this ends soon.The greatest thing is that I can get to both daughters homes by myself;)

    2. Katherine got Covid last week and now Beth, even though she tested negative yesterday today had chills, Lillian is not 100% either. It seems to never end. Yes the girls are close for me too but since Omicron I am staying away. It is just too transmissible. It must be hard for your daughter. I know at one point last summer the family was together and the girls gave hugs. You could see they were not sure about hugging. So sad.

    3. Oh I’m so sorry..and I am sorry for all the lack of hugs..visits..kisses..ūüėěūüėě

  7. Hi Monique, I agree with you about After Life. Some parts are incredibly vulgar. I don’t like it. But, like you, I am enjoying the show and will continue watching. Have a lovely day!

  8. So glad you are better with your family moving. At least they will be rather close. The world I always changing. Sorry to hear your Covid rules are so strict. I really think the government really doesn’t know enough about this dreadful virus. With people being vaccinated and still getting Covid is puzzling to me. I did hear about about Sarah Palin testing positive with no symptoms. Some countries are doing away with their masks. We both are vaccinated and also the booster. Glad to hear you are staying busy with your baking and arts. You bake beautiful breads and pastries. I have never seen Afterlife, will look into it. Sarah’s gift is super sweet. Happy Wednesday.

    1. Maybe start with Derek:) Afterlife you have to be ready for crude..it's Brian..lol just over the top.Not in a pretty way.
      I cried at Derek.
      Thank you Linda.. I am sure governments are so confused..unprepared..we are triple vaxxed also..
      So grateful I have hobbies:)

  9. I am glad you are able to see your family. Now that my grandsons are back in school & omicron is very bad in our county I see them on FaceTime. Thank goodness for that! I wish our covid restrictions were stronger. Even though on store doors the mask is posted sometimes there are those unmasked & if they have one it isn’t over the nose & sometimes down on the neck. Makes my blood pressure rise! I don’t go out unless necessary. I have been watching PARISIAN AGENCY
    On Netflix, some of Harlan Coban. Have you watched BEHIND HER EYES? I did last year & it was really good. On PBS I am watching ALL CREATURES GREAT & SMALL (yeah, James finally kissed Helen!) AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS. I like David Tennant & loved BROAD CHURCH!
    I’m not going to bake anything!

    1. He did finally kiss her:) We also like that show..very much.And we loved Broadchurch too..so many shows like that we enjoy! Jacques never watched Afterlife nor Derek..I watch on my own..he did watch the Gilded Age last night.At first I thought two of the main characters were totally miscast.But I am getting used to them:)We did watch behind Her Eyes..I was surpsrised to see she is Bobo's daughter.She was so good in The Knick.
      Lol don't:):):)

  10. I'm glad that the move went well and that you're OK. The good thing is that they aren't too far from you and you can still see each other, go to games, all that -- even if it's not quite so easy as before. I wish they were more stringent about checking vax cards at places here. Even the masking is very lax. Rick and I will probably binge season 3 of After Life this weekend. We love it. You're right about the language but in a way it's such an integral part of the character. I love that all the characters in the show are somewhat damaged and even though they snipe at one another, I think they genuinely care. I'm watching All Creatures, Around the World in 80 Days and Royal Flying Doctor Squad, along with Under the Vines (Acorn). Crushing on Siegfried! I don't know Derek -- I'll have to check it out.

    The snow looks beautiful and the baking divine. I'm saving your measurement photo to remember when I see European measurements! Bundle up -- it's cold out there!

  11. It’s soooooo cold!I guess I will feel safer at Costco.Oh you will love Derek.I cried.
    So curious ..some envelopes are 8 grams as I wrote some 11 makes a differenceūüėāHave a great day Jeanie!

  12. I love coming here and catching up with you. I am so glad they found the perfect house for them. My oldest son bought our dream house on the bay. They love it but it is very hard for me to go visit there. It was supposed to be our retirement home and was set up as such. Hubby's circumstances forced a move.

    I didn't know you were a realtor. So was I. I retired 2 years ago this January. I still miss it in a way. I got out just before Covid took full hold here in our area. Prices are still crazy and homes still selling immediately as they come on the market. It's a crazy world we live in. Hugs- Diana

    1. I'm sorry you had to sell..but you got the best buyer:) Sorry also it's hard for you to visit.
      Yes 30 yrs I was a realtor..but stopped 11 yrs ago ..It's funny I never dream of things I want to dream of but still in my dreams..they are real estate dreams..Of me having misplaed a key..showing homes.. having to get documents signed and I am dreading it lol.I took that job so serioulsly..every home I sold was mine lol.Couldn't dot enough i's ..cross enough t's:)

  13. I am sure there were many mixed feelings about your family moving to a new home, even if it is still close. So many memories and happy occasions tied up in the old one, but at the same time, joy at their finding the home they love. Like you, I am so done with Covid. I think everyone is tired of it, and I was reading today Canada is on the list of quite a few countries that will not let us enter them now because of our Covid rates. And yet here we are obeying, obeying, obeying. I will obey and continue to for as long as I have to, need to because it is the right thing to do. This is definitely a different market real-estate-wise, but you would know more about that than myself. House prices have gone up exponentially, and there is almost a zero vacancy rate here for rentals. Its quite frightening. Most homes sell on the same day they are put up for sale and at an over the asking price. Bidding wars, etc. Love LOVE your breads and Freda! Such a sweet gift. I am a huge fan of any of the yogurt cakes/bakes. Your jars are adorable. I cringed a LOT in the Ricky Gervais series, the language and some of the subject matter, I just had to just put aside so much, because underneath was this sweetness that was inexplicable. The language bothered me a lot especially one word in particular. I am still making up my mind with The Gilded Age. So far so good, but I must keep reminding myself not to compare it to Downton. Not the same thing! Have a great weekend. Stay safe and stay warm! xoxo PS - I have work dreams also and I am always struggling in them like you in your work dreams. I wonder what causes them?

    1. I love books! Yes I have to stop comparing to Downton also! And Not sure about Cynthia Nixon (SITC) and Christine Baransky ..The GF..the GW,,,hard to put those two into an era series.
      But..In Canada ..IN the North..IN Winter..with Covid..what are we to do at night? LOL.
      Oh I had tears at Afterlife..I'm sure this is it..
      I loved Derek..and apart from Brian's awful sense of humor and storytelling..he is two steps and three too far.I loved AL..
      So sad..
      Can you get Riviera yogurts there? I love the lids..can do so much with these small jars..but La Fermi√®re are the runway models for certain♥
      About my work dreams..the relief when I do realize it was but a dream:) LOL♥

  14. I'll try one more time. I commented but it's not there. Yes, this entry has some melancholy tones but I think you had the best years to have the little across the road. Soon they can drive over to see you. Maybe Lucas can already. I hate snow (expecting a boatload on Sat.) but I love your snowy potting shed.

    1. You're so right A.. they are at a very independent age age now..and we did have the best cutest time of their lives..Now they are fun and funny and interesting..:)I love this stage too but we are far less needed.So I got my share of hugs and kisses and walking holding their tiny hands.
      It's funny their little faces were my main focus..:)
      We had more overnight..all white..

  15. Yes its a crazy winter! So stormy! Im longing for springtime now...
    Have a lovely weekend and take care!

    1. You too Titti..I don't mind the rest that winter gives us..but I miss warmth♥

  16. Sarah's gift is so thoughtful, and she knew you would put it to good use :-) Thanks for the measurements, I'm always trying to do the math. LOL I am sure governments are so confused. No one can figure this out. We are triple vaxxed, I thank God every day that I have the ability to hike and enjoy outdoor activities. And I am enjoying some needlework in between.

    1. Well Sarah's gift is a mess lol..freehand no pattern..so try as I might the S looked wonkiy..C'est la vie!
      I made your butternut squash dish the day you showed us..yum..I'll send you a pic..night photos not my forte..although we eat 5.30 it's dark:(

  17. Your she shed is gorgeous. I enjoyed Derek, Ricky Gervais played the part so well. Painting and baking are very theraputic.

    1. I never enjoyed him ..until Derek and Afterlife:)I just looked on my Libby..No Trophy Child:(
      Have a great week..strangely enough when I opened Overdrive..Dollhouses magazine was there:)

  18. Glad the move went well and that you are ok. Change is really hard sometimes. The yogurt pots are beautiful! xo