Thursday, September 15, 2022

Never in a million years..

 Would I have said..I would be spending so much time on football fields.

I was the youngest of three..the other two being boys.. 10 and 7 yr difference..I don't remember much as my youngest brother moved out at 17 and I was 10..

But I do remember in the corner of my mind..Sports being the shows of choice.:(

And here I am at 68.. enjoying watching my grandsons play football..not being hurt..but playing.

No one handsomer than ours lol in their uniforms to me.

So that's where we were all weekend:)

This is hands down my fave easiest no knead bread..
I bake it in that huge clay baker..


Put in a cold oven ..450 ..45 minutes..
Remove lid.. ap 10 mins.
It's just perfect.And toasted? Yes please.

So weird.. my tomato plants look awful..burnt diseased etc..still producing but ugly ugly..and sparse like tomatoes hanging from nothing..
and then in my garlic patch where I literally threw things..look..the rosemary is a pot. the nasturtiums and tomatoes have taken over the plot..and the calendula are starting..
Everything looking so healthy..amazing..
One thing i love about jumbo zinnias..almost my height are the varieties that came to be.I love them all and find them very photogenic without trying:)
Winner winner.

On a sadder note we have a variety of hydrangeas here the first to bloom and knock socks off are Annabelle..we have them here and tehre and bordering the garage in front and house..  look..never has a summer been so dry to produce this..
Awful.Surprised our grass is green.

A formation of geese honking as I just took these pics flew by.
Very chilly this Am ..40's..

Leaves are starting to turn..I'm just not in a rush.We had 2 months of rain in one day two days ago..leaving many Mtl streets flooded..
we were fine..

On a cheerier. note.. bear with me..:)

Some football pics..:)

Friday Night Lights for Max and Saturday was Lucas..

Both teams have pro photographers that take awesome pics..
M Sébastien Gervais is amazing.

I don't know Lucas' but I love this photo they took.

To watch the boys and all the camaraderie is heartwarming.

I told Lucas I have great admiration for him.
From high school in French to college in English..
new team..all new people except one friend.
New everything.
Imagine that.
I'm in awe.

Noah walked over for lunch one day and will again:)He too jumped to a new school..
We took Oli out for his birthday..a tradition we didn't do for 2.5 yrs due to Covid.
A little tradition of lunch out and shopping one on one..
Not sure Ive mentioned how very nice all these boys are.(lol)

My heart actually swells and my face changes when I see them.
A sparkle in my eye.

And that's it and how fast is September going ?Yikes..

Oh a few good shows..

Apple TV
Blackbird..Ray Liotta's last work I think.
Bad Sisters..Bono's daughter who was in the Knickis one of the sisters.
Trying..funny and cute..

GBBO season 10 ..just finished.
House of Dragons..

Bon weekend..its almost upon us!


  1. My Annabelles were great this year, despite some neglect. Now they are that wonderful green I love to have! I'm no football fan but when Kevin was playing, I was there. It's what you do. Your bread looks divine and that garden -- WOW! So gorgeous. You can tell your heart lies there! We don't have GBBO yet. Soon....

    1. Oh my annabelles usually shine until I cut back..this is what drought does:( Hydrangeas love water:( We have strict water restrictions..fines happen if you don't a couple of hrs at NIGHT ..ONE night.. 2-4 AM..So that's nothing..GBBO was great..lovey contestants..season 11 started but we have to wait for that..:)

  2. When you talk about your boys I just smile. Wherever they are...there you will be. How amazing is the connection and commitment between the generations. Enjoy those football games. The days go by so quickly and soon they will be pursuing careers and families of their own. Gosh, they are handsome young men and so photogenic!

    Your zinnias are blue ribbon beautiful! The foliage on mine is pretty pitiful, but those blooms do not disappoint. Cannot believe you got 2 months worth of rain in a day. No wonder gardening is such a challenge!

    Enjoy your weekend, Monique. Hope your boys win their games!!!

    1. I hope so too.. we only go to home with 4..out of Mtl would be a challenge..Lucas is the only one who's home games are Mtl because he goes to school in the city now..I agree..zinnias.. are just so lovely...I hear you.. already we feel time has just gone by too fast..they will leave home..have careers etc..and then what? :(. Boohoohoo.Pauvre moi.
      Have a good weekend Pam:)

  3. Stuff happened and I had to rest my google account and now I can't get rid of this old picture. Whatever, at least it's working again. I miss having my tech support in house whenever I need her. :(

    I would never had expected you to enjoy going to those games. Look how you have evolved. But I know, it's all about the boys!
    Hydrageas? I had maybe 4 blooms all summer. Horrible heat and drought.

    1. It seems you had the same weather as me..I think that pic is cool..and OMGEE I would miss my in house tecchie too..Hope shes loving that new house..well both of them:)

  4. It is heart warming to hear your grandsons put a twinkle in your eyes. I have heard a lot of people having issues with growing tomatoes. Please tell me about the bread baker vessel.

    1. My pleasue..mine is old..but you can read about them here..
      This is by far the easiest bread ever.Although I love the look of fancy sourdoughs and a well baked one is excellent..Im not there quite yet.We just love this one Linda.
      The next morning w/ a dough scraper I dump the dough on a floured surface and shape the dough with the dough scraper by lifting and folding becomes a nice round shape then I lift and put in mess ..So darn good..

    2. Thanks so much. Enjoy your family and those zinnias.

  5. Beautiful zinnias! Such beautiful faces they have. I can't believe zinnias are doing so well here this year...maybe because of the dry summer? Other years I've grown them the leaves turned moldy looking and I had to pull them out. This year perfect! My tomatoes look the same way as yours. Browning leaves and paler leaves but still producing. I think it might be the cool, humid evenings at this time of year. Your poor hydrangeas! I've never seen such browned flowers. After the deluge last weekend most of mine are bent over to the ground. I was just thinking soon I will be pulling them out. Where did summer go??? Those boys ♥♥♥. Thank goodness we can be with them again and attend all their events and you and Oli to go out to lunch and shopping again! Lucky us ♥. Mack's 13th birthday party tonight. 13! Now that was fast.

    1. A teen:) Like Oli.. Yes we are so lucky to be so involved in their lives..I dread the day it still scares me:( I worry..My tomato plants apart from in the garlic bed are destitute like sick:( Not sure why but Im in love with like really liking a friend that is nice to you:)Reward !I just want that too much to ask? Have fun tonight..M gave Oli some cute was so novel..13 5 dollar bills:) They fell out of his card:)

  6. Monique, I've never been a football enthusiast. Fortunately Monnie isn't either. I suppose if we had a child playing that would be totally different. The boys are fortunate that they have such loyal fans in their grandparents. It must mean a lot to them to know you are there cheering them on. Happy Weekend Ahead!

    1. Jacques enoys football a lot and watches even when its not the boys..I ONLY watch when I see my boys;)They hug us in front of their friends Sarah:)What's not to love:):):):)Have a good weekend!

  7. Wowwwww your zinnias are amazing so beautiful!!🌸🌺…I wish i could smell that bread 🍀🍀🍀 yammie !..happy weekend enjoy football love love love….🧡🍄🍁🍂🌻🐾🍀

  8. Your zinnias are amazing! :) How lucky your grandsons are... Have a great weekend! xo

    1. We are so very lucky to have them in our lives:)The zinnias are so pretty!!Thank you:)

  9. What a lovely post! The bread looks really good and the zinnias are just beautiful...
    Love from Titti & a sunny island

    1. Bonjour du Québec.I love seeing your life where you live!

  10. Your flowers are so pretty and that tomato sliced next to that amazing bread made me hungry! So glad you are having fun watching the boys play football!

    1. Always a worry of injuries..but I do like watching them..Thank you Penny:)

  11. Love that first picture of the flowers 🌸 so artistic Carolg

  12. Your gardens are so beautiful, even dried up. Your grandsons are so handsome even under their football kit. I would be the same if I was blessed enough to be able to go to my grandson's games. I am not sure if any of them are that sporty. I don't think so. I guess they are more into reading and playing video games. They like animals though and cooking. I love that Noah can walk to your house for lunch. What a treat that must be! Your tomato looks like it was very delicious and don't get me started on the bread! Wowza! I am not surprised. You are a master at everything. I love LOVE all that you share dear friend. All of it. Thank you! xoxo

    1. Its hard to watch football too.. they get hurt..they can lose..etc..I feel so much for all 4. playing this very rough sport.We sit by the sideline we bring chairs..we see up close how hard these boys are hit:(Scary actually.. yet the players get up and take more.. yikes.I would just cry and say no more.
      The bread you could make in a heartbeat.. all of yours are turning out very well!

  13. I'm like you, I only watch football if one of our sons or grandsons are playing. Only one son played in highschool, and occasionally he plays now. You remind me of my mom, boy did she enjoy all the grandchildren's games. I love zinnias! The bread looks really good.

    1. Not sure if you have made this bread but it's infaillable!Funny I thought of your mom today..our pretty town..some stone walls are lined with pumpkins and centre of town too. looks beautiful.The pumpkins..and your mom:)

  14. A few years ago my grandson regularly played basketball, I told him I was so glad it was an indoor sport because no matter how much I loved him I couldn't stand outside in cold/wet weather!

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