Monday, March 12, 2018

La Vie En Rose~ Spring Forward~

Above..Carol's macarons

Yesterday I had a brief taste of Spring..we have set the clocks forward..and the sun shone in while I prepped dinner and I had Tony Bennett on Alexa..and I felt warm.

That's the only thing I don't like about winter.Feeling cold.
I love sweaters and leggings and socks  but months on end..the style becomes repetitive and my fingers just seem to get colder and colder with age.
I need hot pads to snowshoe now..and quite frankly could wear them in the house..
Jacques always commented on how cold my hands were..and so did my girls..
Always cold
Not sure I believe..cold hands..warm heart shivers!

My Paris Letter arrived ..which sparked such a yearning for pink and prettiness..You know..Carol G's letters..Paris Breakfast..
So much pretty in a pretty envelope!
Her art..little business cards..flyers..charm charm charm.

Also charming the cute Renaud-Bray jam labels and toppers I found..I made jam for an upcoming birthday gift and these make the jars look so fresh and cute.However they are rigid and glossy and I needed the glue gun to affix everything..but..cute:)

I have a few little Easter things out..

See that's below the Oeil De Boeuf window..that Jemima is sitting on..that wicker cradle was mine..and the teeny quilt too♥so maybe 60 yrs old..and my daughters played with it.I am so happy to still have it:)

As I am so happy to still have my daughters Sunbonnet Sue quilts..I saved them..and then my girls had I still have them..who knows..maybe one day a great-grand daughter will have it..
Or they will be sold on Varage Sale (HOPE NOT..)

I found a sweet IG post suggesting ReadTeaLeaves.
And she had made little Epsom salt ..etc pouches..on her blog..
I have received bath bombs etc..w/ flowers  and oats in them..and they leave a mess in a tub..

this way..your muscle relaxing epsom salts..and dried flowers..etc..stay put in pretty muslin mess!
Loved this little craft thought you might too:)
Find the

I've stitched a bit to keep my fingers nimble:)

I made a granny square scarf..I will make another next winter I think:)

I have been painting:)

The enchanted cottage.

A little door to a special place..( a gift this will be)

In my defense..  10 minutes..above;)

Jacques offered these lovely books for my birthday..I looked through Liz Steele's..  too think you get then you try..and don't:)
lots of great tips..

Have just started the People Sketching and LIKE it..a lot..have not started Marc Taro's..I do have one of his Craftsy classes.
One thing I have that quite a few urban landscape buildings and such ..have a graphic artist/design background.I don't ..and it makes things ..quite difficult for me..if it's too's lost on me..the People so far..I at least get the 8 eggs:)

SNOW the forecast..

Jacques had thought it was done last week..I see a snow covered Easter..:(
I don't think we have ever had tulips or green grass:(

Still it was nice prepping dinner in daylight..last night..well 5 ish..

This is a GOTO here and I can thank Diane..(Anonymous) who visits here ..for introducing us to this dish w/ her husband..about 100 years ago:)

With the years..we've adapted some ways..
Basically ..penne and rapini.

I cook 4 slices of chopped bacon:)
I sauté 1 French shallot..chopped
3 chopped cloves of garlic
red pepper flakes..
add my chopped rapini(I removed tough bottom stems..I don't blanch..I don't mind the bitterness of rapini)
Let wilt..add a shot glass of cooking sherry:)

Add my cooked penne..  salt and pepper..and a lot of parm cheese..I reserve some pasta cooking liquid sauce it up a bit..
Top w/ fresh basil..toasted pine nuts..and more red pepper flakes..adjust the seasonings..taste taste taste..

Serve in warm plates..always serve warm food on warmed plates.

Have a great week:) The sun'l come out tomorrow..tomorrow..
Spring always comes.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Let's go to St-Paul -De-Vence♥

Simply because..

we LOVED it~..and it's grey and morose out here at the moment..damp  and just blah.So..onto Provence.

St Paul..♥
We parked in the indoor parking.. Jacques was a trooper..let me tell you..those indoor spots are tortuous lol and treacherous.. through there you arrive at a myriad of cute boutiques..where you can get a lot of specialty products..if you are not going to markets..this spot has a lot.
And then out to a main meeting funny..I thought I was talking to Jacques..he was feet ahead of me and I was talking to a strange man..  who said he didn't mind:) Sweet man..

St-Paul is gorgeous..GORGEOUS.

Lots of shops..views.. art boutiques..and  a knock out Occitane..knock out.C'est si beau..designed by the founder himself.

We had lunch at Le Tilleul..outside..oh mais ce fut magnifique. a movie set.Truly..the leaves were golden and gently was beautiful..I just loved it all.
We had a father daughter beside us,so nice..southern gentleman  from Charleston....she had just married.. and her honeymoon yacht was docked in Cannes..her dad had flown out to meet her for this day♥ Imagine that.And they had a chauffeur..I think Jacques would have loved a chauffeur a few times;)
When they left we had a handsome young man from India..on a business trip ..loving St-Paul -De -Vence..I do kind of say hello to people:):)
Everyone has a story.
Anyway..I can recommend this place with all my heart.

I have not been many places in my life..but I can safely say Provence is somewhere I could have lived .

Friday, March 2, 2018

I was going to take you to Provence again..but next time:)

I still want to share a few favorite Provence places with you..but  I don't want to forget a few things to share with you..before the next Hop On Hop Off:)

I am so happy to be stitching ..we have a long winter here..I have made a couple more tea cozies..and am working on a scarf:)

For next fall/winter I guess..

I just made 2 dishcloths for a special girl..isn't it funny how when you are purposely making something you screw up?
Lol I did.
My daughter said..she will never notice♥

If anyone wants to learn how to crochet..may I recommend a site?

She is by far..the one MY brain is in harmony with.

I wonder..had I found her first..would I have struggled so much?

I love her.

Blossom Crochet.

Different people ..learn different ways..

I know if Jacques tries to explain something to me..he loses me in the first sentence.

He is an engineer..I am the farthest thing from an engineer:)

Other me something once..and By George..I got it!:)

We are all wired differently..

Blossom Crochet is one of my learning wires.I had never SEEN her until I Googled to link here.

Lovely girl..and she explains clearly..her voice is perfect..calm..relaxed..nothing superfluous.Perfection.

I have mentioned Instagram..perhaps one time too many and here I go again..I found..Caroline..

and she made a beautiful hummus and beet hummus..

I had Costco hummus in the fridge and beets..Chioggia mind you..which don't give the rich red of a regular beet once roasted..but I did not mind the pink♥

Make your fave hummus..or buy..

I love to roast my beets in foil..with a big drizzle of EVOO..s and p and fresh(ours) garlic..  roast till fork tender and save those juices..

I used my hand held food processor to purée my beets..while adding some pre-made fact lightens the beets again..

Sooooo good!

Plate the reg hummus..add your home roasted beet hummus..drizzle w/ a great EVOO..and I like to add sesame seeds..and sunflower seeds..

even walnuts..pine nuts ..will do..NUTS are GREAT for us:)

Serve w/ veggies..French radishes would be BEAUTIFUL..  croutons..warmed Naan..or crackers..
I truly do love this dish.

Ahh..tea wise..I keep talking about blooming teas..
I want you to know..

Don't disregard if you do not have a glass..suitable teapot.

When my friend Nancy lived across the street..we used a huge Mason jar..
I do it here too..
For taller blooming teas..
This one is Lily Bouquet♥

My ceramic French canisters are from Nancy..when she moved she gave them to me..she lived in Paris..and the South of France for innumerable years..these were bought at a brocante..w/ her husband.
I am honored to be the keeper of them♥

I do not mind a sprinkle of Stevia in my tea.
Except my morning green  loose leaf tea.. lemon..ginger and honey are added.

Ok ..if you sometimes crave an apple pie but want quick and oh so delish..

Just visit Ricardo..
This is a keeper..

My only notes..I added a bit more cinnamon and my everloved cardamom.
La perfection Ricardo.

Sidebar anecdote..I updated my camera w/ a new firmware..and all my settings were temporarily Ricardo's lovely squares were shot HDR..:(
and ..I cannot remember where I dowloaded the dishcloth printable:(I hope I thanked you.  

Have a lovely weekend~

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Smorgasborg~ A bit of a mess actually:)Like today's weather.

I have so many photos pending..for not really anything I better share what I have tried..and trued..


My blooming teas bring me peace and quiet and pretty.

I have to say I was delighted when my order from TMart arrived.
I took a chance as I had never ordered from there before..used Paypal..and my teas arrived in perfect shape..beautifully wrapped..ind.packaged.
Well worth the wait..:)Long's not next door..I have ordered again..hope my experience is the same.
(They don't know me..didn't ask me to write this..they don't know:) )

I will soon start  my indoor seeds but until then my indoor plants and teas keep me in the blooms;)

Stitching too..and I am still so grateful to each and everyone of you who led the way~
My bunting cozy is not but my Varage Sale Pom~po~nettes are♥
I wanted blue and white stripe,had no blue;)

Celeriac..gosh I love that and do not buy it often enough..  just grate it..I use my mom's Vintage one ..table top hand cranked..heavy metal:)

Add mayo..lemon juice..s. p., garlic....just go here..she'll tell you:)Ina Ina Ina..♥
So good!
I finally found some spray that on tomatoes..salads..etc..

All of you who hesitate w/ IG..
Do it.
I joined YEARS ago..  never looked

Last year ..and a half ago about..I got into it through my daughter..followed her account until I just loved it so much I had to re register and really look into it all.


Amazingly much so I told my daughters's a bit of
of a conundrum..

The glorious photos..
the wonderful gorgeous homes..
the collections..
the flawless beauties.

I am not into competition  or envy..and never fact I shied away from awards and my teens I was into it..

it's later..that all that seemed awful to me..for me.
And I am sure Jacques had a lot to do with that.
He never compared himself or what he accmplishes with anyone..he always told is how I feel about myself..remember he was 33 I was he kind of ingrained that into me..

I do know there was an applause I craved to hear..but never would (Anna Quindlen..talks about that in an article..I am going to try and attch it here someway for you)
I have had it since 1998.
I treasure it.

Ok I went off track a bit..

I think of people who may be affected but all of IG ..and feel less than..for no reason at all..

we see a lot that is smoke and mirrors.

I just show what worked on my blog and IG....and even at that.I sharpen my pics..adjust the there's smoke and mirrors there.
I show what grew in my gardens..not the ugly brown patches..;)
And I have them.

I show you which recipes worked;)
Not the fails..

It's not really that I am bla bla blahing about..

It's all the filtered faces..all the homes that are impeccably white and Pottery Barned and Crate and does that happen w/ Littles
and the clothes..
All the Rae Dunn:) All the pretty, chippy things..

that part of social media..seems to me to be so negative for people.

If what others have and you don't affects you.

If seeing great talents makes you feel less than.

If you're inspired that's GREAT.

But if it makes you sad..not so much..

So just remember not everything you see..  is real:)

I am however totally guilty of coveting things:)That I don't need..but love or find charming..
That's normal right?;);)

So here is the article:)

Anna Quindlen is one of my favorite authors..  she was the same age as I was..and is about my age now.
You have to click on the links to be able to read the article..Click on Page 1 first;)

On Losing Your 2


Hope it works..had to Google:)
I know page 1 should appear first LOL..;)

Monday, February 19, 2018

Forever Young~ Caroline..our bébé 41~

Forever Young~

I love that song..

we celebrated 2 birthdays this weekend and one of my daughters cards to me had Forever Young on the cover..

I still miss this show..

Notre bébé..turns 41 the 21rst..

We always always have such a nice time when we are all together.
We eat way too much..:) But who cares? From cheesies (my weakness) amazing apps and main courses and salads and desserts..and wine.
Sounds awful to say we eat too much when so many have nothing.

But I am a blogger who talks only about the good stuff in my life..:)
I leave out the rest..on purpose.I just don't want anyone thinking perfect exists.

The cards♥ Each and every one from my family and  friends.

The Littles all made cards.. Olivier was so happy to give me one ..w/ all the writing..en lettres attachées..and he wrote Monique lol not nana.
God Bless Children.

From afar and close by..

snail mail warms the heart in more ways than one for some reason.

Caroline brought a crowd size delish app..

Baked cheese w/ a type of bruschetta topping w/ a balsamic glaze..:)

Mylène served shrimp apps and this meal..

all components are keepers.. here..Ricardo..M used Pork..DEELICIOUS will use a crock pot to reheat and keep warm..novel.Stovetop can scortch..Fred looked at the Crock Pot and said:"You're using a crockpot ? Don't let Max see this;)"..For all of you who watch THIS IS will get it.  see a variation below..I only had Chioggias and feta.

The carrots..I even brought home..

Dessert ..

I made Ina's choco cake..
the cake topper was made w/ a printable alphabet from Nathalie Malan Studios.I thanked her.


and a pie..
the pie was so so..the saving grace.. the Scrabble cookie cutter letters:)
We are..were  actually.. ..Scrabblers;)
On IG I had seen a pie top done entirely w/ Scrabble letters and that led me to the hunt..
they come in a cute cute metal Scrabble tin.

They were so $$ when I started my search..lo and behold..on Ebay someone received some as a gift and had not need for them.Such a nice EBAYER..UK:)Much more affordable to me.
I was excited to make the crust decorated this way.

Do you notice a cute theme above? I have "known" Susan..for over 17 yrs now through the net..  

we exchange Christmas and Birthday gifts.

I must admit..the fun that pops out of her pretty amazing.

La Poule pillow..card..stamp..potholder..egg cup warmers:)Cookie perfect.So thoughtful.

I was the grateful recipient of lovely items that will pop up one point I am certain.

one of them is a glass w/ an inscription..;) A cute inscription..  a tomato server w/ and inscription and a spoon w/ an inscription.
I love words..always have the way..Child is good so far..

I love this pic..s..  Jacques built outdoor dollhouses for our girls when we moved..this is the second one..the first was an A frame..

the Littles on our crescent did plays and a stage..she must be 5 here..Little Red Riding Hood:)

No computers..just make believe outside and inside..with what they had~

I loved their rooms..they smelled so good..I used to wallpaper everything..:) A friend's mom has stitched the Sunbonnet Sue quilts..see the Strawberry Shortcake pillow?:)4 maybe she was..

Remember the wool ribbons? And gingham and lace..and pig tails and dirty faces?

Those were the best years of my life..I wasn't working yet..just home w/ my girls playing my 20's..imagine.

I do recommend this salad as I am pretty nuts about beet salads and have posted many through the years..
Very very good.
You can use spinach or mesclun or arugula..whatever..
I added the juice/oil of the roasted beets to the dressing..
Anything seems to go:)
I hope you enjoy it too.

Have a lovely week~