Thursday, July 19, 2018

Mid July~

The lilies are blooming albeit not as in full force as usual w/ the drought..

The colors are glorious..there's just one I am not over the moon w/..kind of peach w/ a deep mauve edge..peach and mauve?:(

Speaking of peachy colors..I found apricots at Adonis..had to buy a few to try painting and to eat..found a delightful recipe..I halved it..and it made 3 small ind.desserts.

I found it here..however I modified it...I used a baking yeast I have that has vanilla in it:) I adjusted the amount because my envelopes are suitable for 500 grams of flour.And I added grated Tonka.The apricots are macerated in Cognac:)Just while you prep the mix.I pressed my halved aricots into the batter.

I made Josée's sweet relish's our fave for burgers..I do like a spicy mayo that has pickle juice in it..or Sweet Baby Ray's..but this relish is a keeper.

I seem to be lucky every yr w/ my garlic..but Debbie at Mountain Breaths kindly sent me a link to a great video..about when to harvest your it is..He husband Joe is a garlic grower too!

I love this miniature white rose that I have (2) forms a large bush..and the flowers are so similar to The pink Fairy..could be a white Fairy:)

Did a bit of painting..the apricots..may champagne glasses thanks to Carol's tutelage..those champagne bottles..and glasses..:)

And I have to tell you some photographers are so inspirational on IG..
One I follow ..actually 2..I think they are husband and wife..
Jackie Greaney  and JPHavel  have remarkably beautiful photos of New England..Travel around the world..recently they were in Nova Scotia and their photos inspired me.

I was also inspired by a photo one of my daughter's took of Lucas..her her convertible antique of a car:) Sipping an iced something w/ his hair in the wind..he will be 13 August 6th..this is the card I made for him totally inspired by her photo.For this one I used my Ipad as a lightbox..and transferred the outline..then I painted it.

I can't wait to give it to him.Of course I am more excited than he will♥
In August we celebrate..Lucas..Mylène,Giuliana and Adamo:)
13,43,17 and 19.
Have a lovely always.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

A La Mauve~♥

Look who's checking out the lay of her land;)♥

I am ready to do a rain dance.

The grass is like straw and turning brown..the gardens..are weak.

We have had years like this but I was so pumped about the gardens.
Watering had only..pots are doable but not the beds day in and day out.The water doesn't seep slides and forms rivulets to nowhere needed.
Things are literally dry.
C'est la vie.

It seems through the blooming months I have prevalent colors..from blue to pink to mostly whites to mauve.

It's mauve about now.

I made a delish tart w/ Dorie Greenspans sweet dough pastry..and her pastry cream..both from Baking From My Home to abound on the net.And THAT book? One of my favorites.

So easy so good.

Some may remember my heart shaped footbalms a few yrs back..I put them in different molds this time..cute as buttons..same mix of ings..yet these are so hard.:( Could be my beeswax batch was older..not sure..or because I had stipulated less olive oil next time..and followed my

And this happened.. part 1 of my garlic harvest..

LOL nothing pretty in the garage...snow blower..tractor..corded wood..leaf vacs..and extra garden paraphenalia..shelves..ok ..the curtains are ok;)♥Yes I put curtains in garage windows..

So..I guess I harvested about 40..maybe more.. from the Peter Rabbit raised hexagonal bed..where spinach and herbs and some borage remain..some self-seeded Dancing With Smurfs tomato plants..

I think this bed grows the largest sand in this bed just earth and manure..Bécassine:)
The other 2 areas..are old earth or mostly sand.I have to amend them..still..I will get small and medium sized bulbs..ap 60 more.
This first harvest I hung in the garage..the others will go in the potting shed.
Will do soon as these seemed fine and dandy.

It will last 1 yr and one yr only.I ALMOST had to buy some:)

LOL but I had made 2 decorative wreaths w/ 6..I took them off the wall;)

Garlic is my fave edible to pests..easy..plant in fall..first to sprout in Spring..collect in July..hang to dry..snip..brush
Next harvest I'll try and make it cuter;)

So hot!!
And now it seems Japanes Beetles have come to my little town.
Luckily nothing loves far..except us.

Have a nice weekend~

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Heat Wave~Watercolors~Recipes~Links~

As you have probably heard..QC is having a heat wave~ Many other places too I am told..yet BC had summer snow flurries..:(:(

I am loving the sun and blue skies.

I find this hot weather has given me a vacation at home.

You just cannot garden in the 90's and 100's.

You water your pots..make sure your chicken has plenty of water..and.. well you spend time inside...
This is the first home we have owned that has AC..perfect as we are older now..;)
My daughter did invite us to swim in her pool..but we were just right inside:)

It's cherry time so I made my fave cherry cake from here..I have been making it since I found it.. as it is AMAZING..almond and cherries are a perfect match.

So here's le scoop..

I always used a single cherry pitter as I mentioned..I
 but now I use this fab 6 cherry pitter..Bridget mentioned hers.I found one at Amazon Canada and went for it.It's a keeper.
Mine is Starfrit.
Have you ever seen a cherry growing with another cherry together? This was my first..a perfect little ♥ growing conjoined with a large normal cherry.

The other keeper is this 9 inch Norpro Springform type pan.I forget where I read about it..but mine are old and rusting in spots..this one has  a glass bottom..the cake came out perfectly..I didn't even flip it as I always have...and I added more slivered almonds on top.

Those muffins were pretty grand too..recipe is here..To me coffee and a muffin are  a sin come true.

We bought figs..disappointing.I love them pink and juicy..oh well I baked some up w/ riotta..honey..pistachios..edible.

But I want the juicy ones.
That top treat is from Marie..You can find her angel cake recipe here.I had fun making a naked cake out of it♥
Thank you Marie~
I bake when it's really hot and when it's really cold..and in between all that;)

So what do I do apart from checking Varage Sale..;)and doing le stricte minimum in my gardens during une canicule?

I decided to try a few color mixing charts..
Scratchmade Journal was my link to how to do one that I could understand..
Here is a link..well above..;)

So ..I still don't get them.

I love that you see what mixing one color w/ another's a form of education and gosh they are pretty.

But don't mess up.

In my Sennelier 12+6..I omitted a green..added it later.It throws everything off.

I still don't even know how to do different method color charts.

And even though my memory can be quite good thank you God..

Paints are like crochet to me.I have to refresh my memory every time if I am not doing it all the time:(

That's why remotes are scary and foreign to me.

If I use a remote twice a should I remember which of J's 10 remotes do what.How?

I have loved sitting inside in the cool..painting charts and then painting something w/ those paints..different papers etc.
I find I do love Hot Press too.
I love Hahnemuhle..Legion..Strathmore..Arches..St-Armand..
Even Yupo.
I love paints and papers like I love plants and gardening and baking and baking tools..

Nothing compares to my Littles of course;)

We will be havingNoah's Bday lunch and shop date;) 10.
Double Digits.
One of his gifts was a hamster.Chocolate.

The hampster's house is perfect for Noah.:):)Enough architectural wings to keep him interested..The hampster..;)Varage Sale is AMAZING.

I've done more color charts and will keep talking about them:)

I do want to say that a lovely surprise while doing the that..Prima Tropicals..rock.
Above you see the Classics..I prefer the Tropicals.....
and Raphael travel....I did not like at all.They are not above either.

Bon weekend!!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

A bit of this..a bit of that.. end of June~

My sweet friend Nancy sent me the first issue of Josée di Stasio's new is all about Italy.
I love her..Jacques loves her..she is a QC treasure.

I leafed though it..and right away two things caught my eye..the home made ricotta..and her Lemon Cream  Ravioli dish:)

So I made the surprise..Jacques loves it..and honestly..on my no-knead bread w/ seeds that Terry kindly shared the recipe for..initially from Sally's Baking Addiction (I omitted the nuts and cranberries..I added sunflowers and cracked wheat)..topped w/ David L's cherry jam I was delicious.

Jacques looked at the plate..and said..:"It's all home made..the bread..the ricotta..the jam"~
Home made ricotta is a aabound all over the net.

It's no secret I love trying new things in the kitchen.

All this was so worth it!♥

The dinner was delicious..  Yes I bought the cheese Ravioli..but the rest home made..she said I could:)
Heavy cream..lemon..parm onions..pepper..oh so good.
I am not a creamy person..but..this worked for me.
I used my lemon verbena from the garden too:)

I love making small bouquets..
That the middle..I think it's Morden Blush.I can't find my records of my plantings here almost 18 yrs ago!

I have ripped out and moved things though and continue to do so..maybe I did throw the records away.
In a fit of cleaning up:(
See? Now I want them.

Ripped out my pink..bright pink beach roses..they seem to be magnets for the chafers..8 were pulled out..a lot easier planting than ripping out..the roots of these things..they travel..:(and start new bushes..invasive..

Got invited to the yacht club for  a few hrs on the weekend..cloudy day..but OMGEE I love the water!
It's a dream place for me.

Watched 3 of our Littles swim w/ friends..chatted w/ my daughter..what's not to love?

And I received a super excited call from Noah..he had just met Justin Trudeau at a local event and shook his hand..I have a pic..but a girl and her children are in I am refraining..cute girl cute kids,but not mine.

I have gardened gardened and gardened and baked some and took pics some and painted some and made a new watercolor journal..

C'est ma vie.Ma p'tite vie.We're in for a super duper heat wave.

Bon weekend!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Happenings~ And a Y. Ottolenghi delicious recipe.

I find bouquets joyful~

Above Schmincke  watercolors,Strathmore Mixed Media Paper.

Above painted from a lesson in a book I bought in Provence..Peindre La Provence a l"Aquarelle.
Wanted to show you this eraser..battery operated..and it's so nice.I follow a very talented Brazilian  watercolorist living in Mtl on IG
She was using one on one of her stories.
I am hooked.
She paints Montreal beautifully.

Had to leave you w/ a prettier reblooms are still going strong..all at once when they are done..I will get another..because now I need to see one all the time..

Lots and lots in the gardens..

Summer is now upon us..and the roses are starting..I have included a very tame pic of rose chafers..this is when they arrive..about 20 minutes later they are grouped en masse devouring the flower.I can't show you because quite frankly it's gross..And I do kill them.I wear a rubber glove and squish fingers full.Read up on them..they are useless..destructive..have no predator and make gardeners wonders why they garden for those 3 weeks.

My yellow rose of Texas on the front fence..was eaten alive..before I could even take pics like I usually do.

This past weekend was time to gather the garlic scapes..chopped and frozen ..waiting to enhance many meals:) and peach..Love the peach ones:)
Feverfew..still some irises.
Beach roses..
Clematis are starting..

I make small bouquets..they last a few days and I feel happier looking at bouquets than not.

Made a few paintings..different papers..paints..

Did I tell you? I had no idea Giuliana was so talented..she drew an eye of  a horse for her art project at school and it's unbelievable.It was put on show.
She starts college in Aug..Interior design.
She has great taste..  make-up..all that artsy stuff:) I love.

I picked up some yarn..;)  You know how long our winters are..
will make another Orla Kiely type blanket..great price..instead of $5.00..  2!!I went in for nothing really and bought all that..had it in my arms..quite a sight;)
That's half of it..picture the other half;)

I do Teacupthursdayk with Linda..and this week ,I picked my Summer cup..Brambly Hedge...see that piece of cake in the back?
It's delish.
Yotam Ottolenghi..fom his book Sweet.I booked it out twice.:)
It's my fave book of his.
Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble Cake.
I made a square springform pan.Small  . 6 1/2 inches by 6 1/2 inches.
Perfeto.You have to try it once:)And then you will just make it again:)
Something about it..♥
I did not need paper sticking up..and had more crumble..even halved.
It's a keeper.

Funny story about the Camembert clocheS..
I recently bought this Camembert cloche on reminded me of a home we stayed at in St-Rémy de Provence.
It was very very reasonable..$4.00

I Googled them when I came home..and realized that the white opalescent floral dish I already had..was in fact a Camembert cloche:)
I never knew..I thought a pretty butter dish.
So now we have 2.
A fancy feminine one..
and a more rustic one..
That's ok:)

I think we will use the Provence/rustic on for my daughter's birthday in August~ 43!!

Mentioned the battery operated eraser above..the idea came from here.Have a nice is a long one here~

And I LOVED her dress and hat.

P.S. As if I had not talked enough..just read a great piece of news..Carol..Paris Breakfasts..go see..this is her the Paris Metro!! 

Photo courtesy of Carol's blog where I borrowed it to show you :)This is THE salon for champagne and French pastries.