Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Beau and Bon Bread

I really truly enjoy baking bread.. I am certainly not a pro..I only know the basics.. But I enjoy everything about making bread. I used to make it ..only in the bread machine..dough cycle.. then form.. embed herbs..etc..let rise and bake on a stone in the oven.. Then came along new and fun techniques.. the No- Knead breads..the Almost- No- Knead Breads.. The 5 Minute Artisan Breads..the Let -Me -Try- Julia's -Bread- Again breads..:).. Cafe Chocoladas ..Little Piggy Breads..made me want to try them on the spot! I like them all.. I even like my Kitchen Aid let the dough rise in the stainless steel bowl..with a bag on top.. I like pull- aparts and garlic.. cheese stuffed and pizza doughs.. breadsticks and focaccias.. My husband's breads and pizzas too.It's even better I think when I don't make it:) I guess I have never met a bread I didn't like:) I highly recommend The Artisan Bread In 5 Minutes a Day book if you would like to get started making homemade bread without a lot of equipment at all..yet a multitude of options for delicious,different breads. I think it would make a great gift also. With Christmas right around the corner..I would definitely give this book numerous stars as a thoughtful gift for the baker you know on your list. Tie it up in a nice new French teatowel:)w/ a shiny new bread knife in the ribbon if you really really like the recipient:) I just looked up at my husband for the next few lines..and he said "Don't look to me as your muse:)" But he did just add ...that toasted.. the bread is equally delicious! And the possiblities are endless...

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  1. i just love how everything you make is special and unique. i love your pics, i love your prose and i love the extra ideas you put in my head!