Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sandcastles In The Sky~


The only thing that would have made this castle more enchanting to if my darling grandsons had built it.. here.. today.~

It’s not Thanksgiving for us.. we celebrate ours the second Monday of October..
Still ..I know so many American friends..that I think of it today again..and can reflect on Thanksgiving twice.

I received adorable photos in the mail today..Lulu sitting on Santa’s knee..

Max.. lying on the floor laughing out loud..I could tell..
And Noah being overtaken by his adoring cousins..

Keep in touch.. always keep in have no idea what it means..

Tonight it won’t be turkey here.. shrimp pasta.. but I took out the NEW..
To share a bit in the celebratory mood.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends.


  1. happy shrimp to you! your gift is beautiful!

    your sandcastles make me smile~ loved your day... yours may be blue, but mine are gold and red.

  2. Beautiful post, I love the sand castles and Jayne's gift is lovely. In a few years the boys will be old enough to go to FL and build you lots of sand castles and maybe see Mickey.

  3. Monique, I know you had to be thrilled with the photos of the wee ones. They are cute, cute and cute! The sandcastles, maybe someday.

    So nice to see you using the placemats and napkins so soon...and your fresh flower color matches. We did have turkey, but I would have preferred your shrimp!

  4. Beautiful place mats and gorgeous beach day!! You do have so much to be thankful for with such a lovely family Monique and I love how much you seem to treasure it. Thank you for sharing your happy baby boy moments with us.

  5. Sandcastles and sunflowers :) Beautiful, Monique. I'm sure it won't be too much longer before those photos will be replaced by real hugs.

  6. Beautiful post, Monique! Lovely setting, lovely vacation and lovely friends! Lovely thoughts of your handsome little guys :)

    The sunflowers are gorgeous! A perfect gift!

  7. The sandcastles make me yearn for the warmer weather - beautiful post!

  8. Beautiful pics and sentiments...I am late I know..but still loved reading it..