Sunday, November 23, 2008

Black and White and Red all over~

Remember that old joke? What's black and white and red all over which really was and READ all over?
The newspaper! How I laughed the first time I heard that as a 10 year old:)
Jain suggested reading more and I followed up..I am in the midst of the last one..The sequel to the Kite Runner..Do you often chose a book by it's cover?I am so guilty of that quote.


  1. I loved the Kite Runner, didn't know it had a sequel! I'll have to get to it. Haven't read in so long, but Jain is cheering us on, I already read one light book last weekend.

    I laughed at that joke way back, too! Still makes me smile.

  2. Yay! I thought..I hope someone knows what I am saying..
    It's not actually a sequel..It's teh same author.
    I like it:)

  3. guilty here too...reading a book because it had an interesting cover.

    I remember that joke well, we always had two answers

    the newspaper and
    an embarassed zebra :-)

  4. I never knew about the zebra..Love it!

  5. oh i am jealous you are reading more and not me! since we opened wfd&more i have been blogging way to much!

    did you like the books, tell us the best on wfd on the book thread so we can look back~

    1000 suns is tough isn't it...

  6. Jain, what you are doing is like a full time job...and thank you!

    Monique, your blog is just you!

  7. How can we not enjoy blogging with this great bunch? Some jump in the water with no safety vests..We have each other!
    1000 Splendid Suns Is tough.
    Makes you feel very lucky and makes you want to take care of Mariam and Laila..Kite Runner was tough too..

    Crow lake is very Canadian..on a remote Ontario lake yrs ago..Harsh also..

    The two others are from my DD and were lighter and enjoyable.I preferred Love Walked In.