Wednesday, November 19, 2008


My mother was an artist.. a true artist..Studied art at a famous art school.. was gifted in a very special way..
I have some of her beautiful art work in my home..And feel so lucky. Every day..I am blessed to see them as I walk around our home...

One of my daughter's inherited her beautiful black hair.. A daily reminder of my mother.Not that I need any visual reminders..She is part of me in an indescribable way. In an indelible way..

Unfortunately..I was not gifted in that way..But everything artistic attracts me. Anything creative.. I am drawn to:) That's why I usually have my trusted Winsor &Newton/ Cotman WaterColours Sketcher's Pocket Box close by.. whenever I travel..and whenever I am home... I think this is my third:) I am no better than at my first..But love it as much as my first Crayola or Prismacolor box..

One of my daughters recently shared a photo of one of her darling boys..Lulu.. smiling in front of a huge watercolor he had just made. I only saw it from afar.. but to me..

It was a Monet.


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  2. M, I love your blog! I love your sentiments and your way with words! and especially your pictures! Glad you took the plunge!

    Weird I deleted a post, I'm getting a little confused! but I did want to add that you have very much inherited your creatives genes. Gorgeous photography, table settings, decorations, cakes, cookies, pies, everything you do is so creative and artistic!

  3. monique you are as gifted as you mother, i never knew she was an artist too. i knew that pic was on your favs, to see the recreation is so exciting, your own italian piece of art. you have so much talent in you, stop selling yourself short, you are every bit as talented as you mother, and more...

  4. Oh la la! Such a TREAT to see your blog Mme. M!

    I'm so happy you are sharing your talent, beautiful life and thoughts.

    And I agree... you are as talented and your dear mother, I'm just sure of it!

    Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging ~ I'll remain one of your most loyal fans and admirer, mon doux ami.
    xo~m. :)

  5. My second post on my own little space~
    Thank you so much:)

    And Carol..thanks for coming clean..I added the comments and since I re -added:).. yours was the frst and then deleted..I thought:"oy"..I don't know about these comments:)!I even thought I was the author:)
    Your candor reassured me and made me smile out loud! Yay! I am not great right away at new options..:)

    This helps..

    Mary..! You and Jain inspired this venue:) I'll try and learn from you 2!

  6. I see we can leave comments on your beautiful blog now :) When I first visited I couldn't.

    It will be so much fun to see more of your artistry as we continue down this strange new path of blogging.

    I'm still a bit apprehensive about the whole thing ;)

    You have the genes!

  7. Monique, this came as a complete surprise when I saw this blog! I am so glad you started one, you are so eloquent, artistic and I am fascinated by your photos! I'm so looking forward to your posts..

  8. Hi..Good Morning..I hope I can keep it up:)

    Thanks:)You're all so nice.

  9. you have such lovely sentiments and I hope one day I'll get to see your aguarelles?