Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Bonjour~ Who does this remind you of?:)The word? Her cups from Jain? The word she likes?

It was beautiful today.. Coolish..but beau!
It was also a special day..As I knew I would be meeting a friend IN PERSON..for the first time today!

We almost met about 1 year ago..but fate had it otherwise..
But this year..we had the opportunity to finally meet:)

I met Jayne today.. Jain and she had met already.. so I knew what to expect..
She is as nice and fun and pretty as Jain had said.What lovely people live in cyberspace!
What a nice girl!
It is amazing to me this internet.
I don't think I ever imagined I would actually MEET the people I grew to admire in written words..I have never ever been disappointed.
I can truly say..what you see.. is who you meet.
We had a lovely time together..and I hope to see her again.
Her eyes are blue like the sea:) like Jain's..
I ..on this eve of my American friends very grateful I had this chance to meet .
That's my way today of Giving Thanks.~

She met us for lunch..

We needed a reminder of our link:)

Too cute and funny ..we both offered each other April~:)

I will be sharing with you in the future beautiful placemats and napkins.

All prettily wrapped w/ ribbons that I will keep ..she knows I like ribbon..

A frame..Vera B like my backpack..I think I will put us in it:)

4 mugs that J is crazy about..and the cutest little cappuccino stencils! World Market..
Look.. How can you not smile and have a good day?

Thanks for making my day special Jayne...and Jain:)(We chatted after!)


  1. it is so fun my cheeks are aching! ear to ear, i so get it! i am so happy 2 of our nicest met each other!

    that table is beautiful, the exchanges darling and the mugs and stencils beyond cuteness!!!

    beautiful post, i am so happy you had such a sweet visit! next year, count me in!

  2. Bonjour, Monique and Jayne ... How wonderful the two of your were able to meet together. What special memories!

    Monique, I remember Jayne's story about she and DH always saying Bonjour in the morning.

    And I remember the lovely pink VB Jayne sent you last year.

    Special memories about special people.


  3. How fun is this! Monique you are so sneaky going off to FL without telling. Bonjour to all of you! The table is beautiful and only like minded friends would think to both gift AC. I look forward to more stories and PHOTOS of your wonderful lunch.
    Happy Memories all around!

  4. That's great! What a lovely surprise for us!
    I love the table and mats, so pretty and summery!
    And the mugs and stencils, cute cute..
    So glad you were able to get together this year!

  5. My dear Monique... what can I say... the day was beyond wonderful for me! You and J. treated me royally! The table, so pretty. The wine, the fondue, the bread! (so honored to share bread baked by you!) Tres magnifique! The cappuccino and sweet treat, so delicious! I wish I could add a pic in comments of the lovely April from you to me... I will always cherish and adore the BEAU blue/white. Thank you, Monique for making this a very, very special day... I'm still smiling! A truly perfect day in every way!

  6. You lucky ladies! It sounds like you had a such a wonderful time together. Lunch, presents, good conversation - nothing could be better. I'm so happy you got to meet each other this year.

    Those cappucino stencils are adorable and such a pretty blue and white table setting, M! No wonder you like that place ;)

  7. Too cool that you got to meet! and what a lovely day it was! Nice surprises, friendship and special times! What a great day you two got to get together!

    Love the gifts :)

  8. jayne do a post at wfd, let us see your stuff too, don't be shy! and please post a pic of you 2, just for thanksgiving, you both are gorgeous!

  9. Thanks for sharing your visit with us. How fun to meet! I'd love to see a pic of the group. Helps to imagine what it would be like to be there meeting the BOTH of you!

  10. To meet is no nice I am sure...your gifts are lovely! From the heart makes them so special.
    I see those Oneida mugs too :-)