Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wishin' and Hopin'

I only had to wish for it... and there it was~Now... if I could wish for the canadian dollar to climb... and the economy to change..and it would..well..then I would WISH it... out loud.I feel sorry for friends who's families have lost jobs.. I would wish for them to get them back. For people to keep their homes.. I would wish out loud for sure. I am lucky my little wish was granted this morning... A few more now please..:)

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I also want to pass my first Blog award onto one of my all time favorite blogs, fabulous fifi. I had the opportunity of meeting Fifi.. and she is a delightful as her blog..Go see It's eye candy galore..I love her site.


  1. Hi Monique, you are the sweetest person I know.

    Fifi's site is amazing, isn't it? I really love her assistants! Nice that you met her... and even nicer that she met you.

    I'm so thrilled to visit your blog!