Sunday, January 30, 2011

Soul Food #75~

I love writing notes..and everything associated with writing notes~

From paper to envelopes,ribbons,seals,stamps,return address labels,ink,pens,pencils,monogrammed,or mom taught me to write thank you notes as a young girl.. it never leaves's a thrill to get a note in the mail..but I think an even thrill to send if not more:)
I have a few letters going of of sympathy..two w/ old photos in them~
I hope they all arrive to their destination..

The lost art of waiting..there is no instant gratification need the paper..the time to find a mail..then the journey~
Sometimes quicker than a wink;) sometimes slower than a snail..:)

But the pleasure is in touching and doing and thinking~
One of my daughters had a cute recent return mail stamp on her Christmas cards..I spoiled myself and ordered one..
You can find many on the net..I bought mine here.. ..
My Rubber Stamp~

So many cute stamps..I got one for J and I..w/ our was hard to chose~:)as you can see..

Her card is really cute came w/ the stamp and there's a calendar on the back~
Love Etsy.♥

Mine is like this one..This is a photo from her etsy shop:)

Do you still enjoy sending notes?

In French we have a saying:

Les paroles s'envolent..les écrits restent~


  1. Monique, Everything is so pretty! Thanks for sharing the site for the stamps. I, too have been a fan of Etsy for a little while.... A true treasure trove!

  2. I certainly do enjoy writing notes...I also have a great love of pens...just like those you show...
    I love that stamp ..I am going to look now. You little devil!

  3. I enjoy writing and receiving notes in the mail! Technology has pushed many to rely on email....I so think a note is much more personal.

  4. i love to write notes, but i thing i have to do it more often... those are the cutest accessoires. thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Monique, I love to write personal notes as much as I enjoy receiving them. I'm one who keeps many of the notes I receive, especially ones that are little pieces of art. I fear that sending handwritten notes is becoming a lost art. Like you, I adore the papers, the pens, the stamps. Ah, yes!
    ~ Sarah

  6. I love notes and stationary and rubber stamps MOnique. I loved this post! Did you know that I have a very special line of rubber stamps that I have personally designed coming out in March? I do, and it's all very exciting. But shhh . . . it's a secret for now. I can't tell anyone. ;-) xxoo

  7. Beautiful post...I love writing notes and love posting packages too! reminds me of my youth..going to the post office with my mom...lovely inspiration..I think I'll get one too!
    Your French quote is so true.
    Shel xx

  8. Je suis comme toi ... J'aime écrire ... J'envoie encore des carnets de voeux à la main, prend plein de notes, fait plein de listes, dans des petits carnets colorés ... J'en ai plein que j'adore relire des années plus tard ...

  9. There is nothing like getting a personal note in the mail, it's so true. I enjoy making my own note cards so I will be looking at the stamp site you shared! I see Martha :)

  10. With text messages and emails so prevalent a handwritten note is a very special gift. I love to open my mailbox and find a special card inside and enjoy browsing through a card shop hoping to find just the right card for someone else.

  11. I just wrote a thank you note for 12 dinner plates!
    I will go check the site. I like stamps. Bags of them from my teaching days! The gkids like playing with them.

  12. Bonjour Monique - I always love your pretty site it lights up my day. When in Paris I love to visit La papeterie and look at all those pretty note-papers and little address books - so very sweet.

    "All Things French"

  13. Yes Martha is there.. I like her accessories but have not bought many..just a few..

    I see kindred spirits:)

    Marie..I can't wait for you to share your creativity with us..Shhh..I can keep a secret..

    Sarah..your post today..well all I can say is you will smile about a coincidence..

    Kathleen..I have older stamps too..I've always liked them..the newer ones are spectacular..all kinds.. lots of fabulous ones online and even Michael's in The US..and Ontario.

    I like these stamps ..hers because there is a handle..makes things easier..

    Thanks for chatting:)

  14. Ma chère Nana,
    je te remercie pour l'ensemble de tous tes gentils petits mots...
    J'adore ce petit livre avec le monogramme "M"... je pourrais aisément me l'approprier... J'ai visité les tampons... Penses-tu qu'on puisse faire faire un tampon personnalisé ?

  15. Oui Martine~A.. le mien est!Aussi avec un Toucan!

  16. Beautiful post, Monique. Very seldom do I get a hand written note.

    I translated via an online translation service your French saying:
    les paroles s'envolent les escrits restend = does it mean: The words s' fly away.. the manuscripts remain~??? If not, will you tell me the correct words? Blessings, J

  17. It's sad... I haven't written notes in forever...everything is email now. Pity... I love all the things about it... the stationary, my old montblanc pen and its burgundy ink... it all looks soo good, Monique.

  18. I don't know where my answer went but you are right with the meaning..
    It's "Spoken words fly away..the written word remains.."(stays)..~

  19. How lovely, you do find the most enchanting it.
    I want to get some, we should write to each other, I love to write letters!
    Of course it looks so sweet cause it is the letter "M"!!!
    Margaret B

  20. With technology being what it is I worry that we'll totally lose the art of the letter. These are beautiful.

    New to your site. Love it here already. Can't wait to poke around some more.

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  21. Monique, I am sure that a note from you is a work of art. I adore your monogrammed paper in black and white. I love beautiful paper and note cards and I have an embossing stamp with my initials that is fun to add.
    Have a lovely day.

  22. I read an article recently entitled "Death of the thank you note". Very upsetting. I adore getting notes, still send them and agree writing paraphernalia is charming to own. What an adorable Etsy site, Monique. Thanks for the tip!

  23. Jacqueline I have admired those day:)

    I am sending another today..a birthday card..with the new stamp.

    Fun little things to play with.. we get joys out of small things.
    Thank you too Alex~

  24. Yes, I enjoy writing notes and do feel it is a lost art. Years ago I bought an embosser with my name and address on it. I love writing with fountain pens and have to test a pen's point before I commit!

    My 20 year old son and his friends write letters and he uses a wax seal and vintage fountain pens. He just told me yesterday that he wrote a letter to a friend who is sailing around the Caribbean. He carefully timed it so it would arrive during his friends last port of call. I smiled a proud smile.

    Thanks for sharing another of your beautiful passions.

  25. Gorgeous photos. I have to admit that I do not send enough notes. This is a good reminder...thank you.

  26. Personal notes are special. It is a lost art. most people email. I am your newest follower.

  27. Monique i love snail mail, i love stationary, i love parcels tied with string and ribbon there is nothing better than mail hand written and posted with thought and love.

  28. I'm glad we all agree:) Diane your a keeper..I have told you that before:)

  29. Oh yes, Monique! I DO love to write and receive snail mail letters and cards! It is such a simple pleasure. Unfortunately, after I had carpal tunnel syndrome and surgery, I cannot write too much... or I have painful cramps... but a little bit at a time, I manage to.
    I love monogrammed cards and your stamp is fabulous. I had my eyes on them too, maybe I'll treat myself to one.
    Thanks for your uplifting words- they meant a lot.
    Sending hugs and Easter blessings,
    Monica x