Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Juice Bar~

Chez Nous.. nous buvons.... souvent...

We drink a LOT of these juices..

A juice machine was first recommended to me by Ju:) I know it's uncanny:)

Out of kindness she suggested this would be a great way to get more greens into our diet..
Our Breville has paid it's way many times over..All late summer the juices flowed~

We missed it while away..We're back on track~

You can put anything in these..
Most of the time..we put..

Swiss Chard
Sweet orange yellow or red~

When I remember Ginger

Really anything..But the above is our standard.
They taste good.. and are so good for you..

Thank you Ju..
A very good investment.

All year long~

Refreshingly healthy..A a natural way~
I appreciate Breville products very much.
We have the espresso maker and this juicer.
One day I may upgrade to the one Martha uses.. where the pulp is collected in a back container instead of the top part..Just less to do after..I saw her use hers one day..I think the one and only whole Martha show I ever watched.
I am not a daytime TV person and regret every episode I nevr well as Oprah.. and now she will be gone..
So try and get more greens in your diet..I just have to LOOK at Ju to be inspired to do so:)


  1. We have a Bréville toaster oven and it is the best I have had; we use this all the time. I really think their products are superior. I have been studying juicers, but isn`t it important to add bulk and fiber to your diet; that is why always hesitated. My son loves his juicer and is always praising it.

  2. It is important to add bulk and fiber.. but this is in addition to the bulk and fiber..It's also recommended because you will eat all those vegetables in one serving:) The nutrients are there..Also juicers are excellent for people who have difficulty chewing vegetables..that can be quite hard,and cooking them..destroys some of the micronutrients..You can see the rich green colors..and feel them going straight to your body:)

    Just a different source..and no additives compared to the juices you buys that are full of salt:)

    It's work..but worth it..I wish I had a genie to clean all the pieces:)I'll rub my magic lantern..:)

  3. I think I need some of this juice...a great little pick-me up for this extreme heat we are experiencing.
    Your photos of the scenery look so calm, cool and tranquil too.

  4. These are gorgeous drinks. Wow and good for you too. I would love to have a juicer, but I hope I have room for it. I'm off now to look at purchasing one. Thanks for the great idea.

  5. forgive me nana, but i rather sit in the pretty green, than drink it~

  6. Tht's why I like your blog..... there's always something interesting to learn ..while watching beautiful pics!!!Hugs, Flavia

  7. Only YOU could make a glass of something green look magical!
    So refreshing looking....this must be your secret to looking like such a hot Nana!
    Love to you Monique!
    btw...I love those glasses...

  8. I love fresh veggie juices, too. I have a cheapo juicer but it works fine. When it kicks the bucket I will definitely invest in something like a Breville. I like their products, too.

  9. Monique, I've been a closet green smoothie fanatic for quite some time.
    I had a mediocre juicer I never liked, so I started mixing all my greens, fruits, and a little water in a Vitamix, and I've been hooked ever since.

    In any case, I thought I had tried every combination of vegetables and fruits known to man, but I hadn't considered sweet bell peppers, until now. Oh, how you inspire.

  10. What an easy way to get all the fruits and veggies I should consume in a day! I've heard such good things about juicing, Monique. You've prompted me to look into it.

  11. I was juice thinking of getting my Mr. Juiceman juicer out of storage and here you are reminding me how wonderful home made juices are.

    I think the only reason I put it away was because I hated the cleaning afterward.

    You are the Jolly Green Genie ;)

  12. This is very popular in France, your glasses look from France..are they?

    I would like to know when your juicing for two how do you measure the amount of veggies or fruits?


  13. Your green spaces are what tempt me. It is gray and cold here. Lovely images, Monique. ~ Sarah

  14. I used to juice a lot and now my juicer is in the basement. The cleanup isn't fun, but the fresh juice is like nothing else. Organic carrot juice is as sweet as candy. I'm not sure what it is, but organic carrots seem to taste sweeter.

    Maybe it is time to upgrade for a new machine. Thanks for the gentle reminder and nudge!

    Beautiful pics, as always.

  15. OH, you put me to shame. I bought one two years ago and we started out really well, but I bet it has been a year since I juiced! Ok, I will start again. We all need more fruits and veggies. Your green juice in those lovely glasses inspired me! Have a green and healthy day.

  16. They are something to clean.. but it really takes 5 minutes.. I let them sit in the sink a bit to somewhat dry off..after washing..because I don't like things in sinks:)

    The pulp I put in my garden in summer..and you can make delicious soups w/ the pulp..great vegetable broth base:)
    The glasses are from Amazon..imagine..The Jill Butler collection..she has lovely items that look authentically French..The green scenes are from the villa we stayed at outside of Assisi,from that stone bench..the sight you see is Assisi..the pergola covered eating area was there also..It was an olive grove..:) That's why I picked the glasses..It was so beautiful and peaceful..all alone we owner even.he came by to let us in..and came the night before we left to make sure we had enjoyed our stay.
    So nice..

    Ginette I would say I use 2 carrots 2 celery 1 pear..and several leaves of swiss chard.. a small piece of ginger..and some parsley..just a bit..that's it..If you read about juicing you will see the value....I have a spot under my a bottom one where this fits..There is the upscale version..and there is virtually no cleaning..the dream machine I would say..Martha's:)

    You can use tomatoes..apples..I like to add one fruit or the sweet peppers to sweeten it.

    A small compartment at the back..That's it..At first you think there is waste..but that's when your creativity comes into play:)

    Thank you.. Enjoy your day..

    Sol my friend in Ottawa has a Vitamix and she told me she LOVES it..

  17. Well, let's be frank, Monique. I HAVE the Breville juicer, but it's in a cabinet until my daughter comes down. She has one of those green drinks each and every day. I think I wrote her recipe down once and put it in a family cookbook. I don't even like to be in the same room when she makes it. But at least she cleans it herself, which looks like a ghastly job, to be honest, and the garbage smells to high heaven the next day.

    I tried, really I did. I just can't do it. :(

  18. M.
    I used to juice a lot....Now that I'm alone more I should get back to it, You've inspired.
    Your little heart puff caught my eye...I picked up some antique keys today in a local shop specifically for Jewelry ...again you've inspired.

    Keep up the good for you.
    Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  19. I just started having a smoothie version of this, but it would taste SO much better if I had those beautiful glasses to enjoy it from & that scenery to enjoy & dream about :-)

  20. Cheers to your good health, my dear Monique! *clink* :)

  21. How did I miss this, now that I just started juicing.
    Supposedly the BlendTec is the newest, hottest on the market but $$$ because if uses up everything. No cleaning or residue.
    My niece's blender recipe works fine for me at this stage.

    I have some red kale sitting in the kitchen looking balefully at me to get juicing a toute a suite.