Monday, January 3, 2011

Josée and Isabelle's Warm Milk Cake~

When I saw Josée's cake(I missed Isa's).. I knew Jacques would love it..So for NYE I made it as soon as Josée posted it I think:)

The white cake is similar to mine.. that I have made for 37 yrs..given to me by a neighbor when I was first married..Mme.Cardin:)

And the topping reminded me a bit of a recipe a lady I met in my pre-natal class 36 yrs ago gave me:)

So the 2 combined..I just knew they would work here..

A nice moist plain cake.. and you add the topping after it's baked..then broil for a bit..
I am glad I had the 7 inch Springform.. as it is perfect.
I had to bake mine longer than 30 mins..every oven is different..

La Recettte~
Courtesy of Isa and Josée~

2 eggs
1 cup white sugar
1 cup flour
1 pinch salt
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup milk
1 tbsp butter

Mix the eggs and sugar until pale and creamy ap.3 mins..
add the dry ings that you have sifted and mixed together
add the milk and butter that you have warmed enough for the butter to melt..but not for the milk to boil..I do mine in the microwave..and watch..

Bake in a preheated 350 degree oven.. in a prepared 7 inch springform pan..


Mix :

6 tbsps melted butter
1/4 cup cream 35%
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup chopped pecans(I was out..used walnuts)
1/ cup coconut
1/2 tsp of vanilla.

As soon as you remove your cake from the oven (test w/ a toothpick..I had to bake mine longer as I said..)add the mixture and broil a bit..

Just lovely..
Thank you ladies~


  1. Is it too soon to break my New Year's resolution because this is just too hard to resist!
    I love those yogurt parfaits too.
    Happy new Year to you and your family.


  2. Lovely cake....looks perfect, sometimes it works so well to mix two recipes.....
    Gorgeous black dish set...... oh how I love black, and french dishes.
    Your post about 2011 is wonderful!!!!
    I know good things are coming this year!!!
    Margaret B

  3. Very nice coconut topping.

    Best wishes for the new year!

    A bientôt!


  4. Oh my - what a lovely cake. Your photos are incredibly tempting. Stunning really!!


  5. How beautifully delicious! The pecans and coconut - oh my. This is going into my recipe file for when my waistline slims down a bit from the holiday excesses. Jacques is such a lucky man but I'm sure he knows that :)

  6. Gorgeous photography!

    Oh Mme. M... you've touched a nerve here. It is so similar to a cake my own Nana used to make, the cake, topping and everything. I think I still have her tattered hand-written recipe card. :)

    Back then it was known as "Lazy Daisy Cake" I believe ~(in San Francisco, anyway.)

    I loved it then, and I'm sure we would love it now, just as much. However, yours is definitely more beautiful, for sure! Thank you for the memory jog... I'm so glad you shared. xo

  7. I could see from the thumbnail on my page that Nana had made something moist and tasty! I had a neighbor who pours warm sweetened milk over her yellow cake...ohhhh is it good.
    Today I made a cranberry almond streudel cake.

  8. Jamais possible de faire quelconque régime en vous visitant ma chère!
    mes hanches vont encore souffrir... rien qu'en regardant vos magnifique photos et en lisant la recette.
    Gros bisous

  9. I am a huge fan of milk cakes! :) The topping really makes the entire cake shine. Love it. It's a simple, elegant cake. :)

  10. Monique this is exactly like my mom's Hot Milk Cake! A real favourite of mine and always has been. The topping is like the one my Aunt Freda always used on her Lazy Daisy Cake. Oh it does look so scrummy!! Now I am wanting cake!! xxoo

  11. This is absolutly wonderful.Moist and milky.Happy New Year Monique!

  12. This lovely cake looks like a hug in every bite! Gorgeous :)

  13. Ahh, there goes my New Year's Resolution already...I know what I'm going to be doing this afternoon!And I know 2 boys that are going to love this. Your photos are exquisite Monique...
    Shel x

  14. Happy New Year M! I can almost taste this cake - your photos are so beautiful.

  15. Really a lovely cake, Monique. A plain white cake has always been my favorite kind (I prefer vanilla ice cream kids have always thought this was so boring) but then you have made a frosting for the top that is similar to one on a German Chocolate cake...which has always been the only part I liked about that cake! What a super combo!

  16. The coconut nut topping is irresistible on this beautiful little cake. Gorgeous photo, Monique. You do magical things with your camera.

  17. Such moistness! I am sure this is perfect with a cup of fine tea! Love the butter tray and cake tray... Such beautiful shots!

  18. It's so interesting to hear about lazy daisy cake..I like that name..

    It's comfort cake for certain..
    And hardly any calories;)
    Thank you..Have a lovely day~

  19. New Year Greetings to you My Dear~ ~ ~ I am so glad to have found your lovely blog. Years ago I made, on a regular basis a cake called Hot Milk Sponge Cake. Lost the recipe but will now try yours and see if it is simular. Looking forward to the results!
    Oh yes, I am a new follower.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  20. Looking at your photo makes one want to dismiss the promise of no sweets! Coconut in the topping...yummy. Lovely, lovely photos!

  21. L'année commence vraiment bien chez toi ! Ce biscuit est de toute beauté ...
    Des bises en te souhaitant une très belle année à venir

  22. I need a slice of this cake to lift my mood up! So beautiful!

  23. Your cake looks sooooo tempting & moist! I'm afraid cake is off the menu at my house until June at least, but I am salivating :-)

  24. Oh my this cake looks so mouth is watering!
    I would love a slice right this very minute!
    Your pics are simply amazing Monique!
    I am coveting your French dishes too...where are those from if i may ask? Because I REALLY need more dishes ,don't ya know!:)

  25. Good morning..These little dishes were found in Florida believe it or not at Homegoods..They have a whole set..bigger pitchers etc,very very affordable,for everyone.I hope you can find them:)

    Thank you for the kind comments..
    Have a lovely day everyone.

  26. first time here. What a lovely cake and love all your pictures!

  27. I am so glad I don't have any New Year's resolutions about not eating sweets! This looks fantastic and I am sure I could eat just the topping off several slices. I will have to try it when we get home.

    To answer your question, we try to get down here once a month during the winter months and then avoid July-Sept., the hurricane months. It helps us keep an eye on it and stay on top of the property manager and rentals. It is only a 3 hour non-stop flight so it makes it pretty easy.

    Oh, yes, Noah's snow man is fantastic, love the hair especially.

  28. Merci! That is my favourite cake and I love this recipe because it makes a small cake Will have to look for a 7in springform. Great picture.

  29. This looks so delicious. I love the topping.

  30. I love cake, and your cake look divine!

  31. What a beautiful cake. Actually I've never seen a cake that gorgeous. It's almost too pretty to cut.

  32. Bonjour Monique, merci beaucoup pour le clin d'oeil et il est vraiment extra ton gâteau.
    Ma mère aussi fait un gâteau très similaire depuis plus de 30 ans avec quelques variantes.
    Celui-ci est plus moelleux à mon avis.

    Je te souhaite une belle journée.

    Josée bisous

  33. That topping looks like heaven, Monique. I love chewy coconut toppings... the pecans make it just perfect and your pictures are... evocative, can I say that? They just make me want to snag a piece off the screen! As soon as I get through my 12th cake I am trying this!

  34. Oh gosh, will the parade of gorgeous tempting treats ever stop? (Not that I really want it to!) This cake, by the looks of it, couldn't be more appealing if it tried. Your photos, as always, are completely elegant and stunning.

  35. Absolutely beautiful. This cake looks so delicious I want a piece now!
    Happy New Year Monique!

  36. Happy new Year to all I missed..And again thanks for your nice comments.:)

  37. Sounds creamy and delicious. I love your French cake plate.

  38. Looks so light and wonderfully rich at the same time. It seems like a white German Chocolate Cake, which is also a little retro.

    Thanks, M!

  39. Ce gâteau me rappelle bien des souvenirs car, comme ma mère, il fut celui que je préparais à toutes les sauces lorsque j'étais jeune mariée : avec des fraises, en pouding chômeur, etc...

    Vos photos sont magnifiques!

    Miss Diane
    Les Carnets de Miss Diane