Friday, January 14, 2011

Jacque's Artisanal Sausage~

It's that time of year again..we have 7 lovely Prosciuttos hanging in our cold room..all salted .. infused with wine..then herbs.. they are prettily bundled up curing..~

That's not the only thing my husband has taken a liking for.. he started making sausage..and has now branched out~

I think they are beautiful!
He made Polish..Chorizo and Lunagega..Lunagega..are Italian:)

Brought back memories:)

He's a chemical enginner.. started with beer making as a hobby with one of our was a class at CEGEP for her....then he started wine making..and is an expert in my eyes:).. then the prosciutto (which 2 of our grandsons love..he even made it less spicy this year for them..)and now artisanal sausage..We had some Thursaday night and it's delicious.
He made patties also w/ no casings..

I love that he enjoys cooking etc..

He even cleans up:)

He is really really talented.. and organized!~

It's absolutely delicious~
They're all separated now and packed tight Food Saver way~ Air tight:)


  1. You are a lucky girl! It all sounds simply wonderful!
    I love engineers...I have one for a son!

  2. Such a talented family!
    Fun to do it all together.
    Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  3. Uh, any interest in adopting a 42 year old?

  4. Sausages with wine and herbs sound mouth-watering especially for someone like me who loves them.

  5. Yes,yes,yes!! I was wondering about these earlier:)

  6. I love all sorts of cured meat, envy you :)
    I really can stare at your gorgeous photos for minutes... very simple props but they leave big room for imagination!

  7. Oh, I wish I could get my Todd to do things like this, alas . . . his idea of cooking involves a tin opener in one hand and a tin in the other! You are a lucky woman! Those sausages look fabulous! xx

  8. ça vient de son métier, ce sens de l'organisation ! ;o) EN tout cas, ça me fait rêver, tout ça ... Je suis en train de faire de la ginger beer, moi ... mais pas de saucisses ... Il va falloir que je remédie à ça dans les plus brefs délais ...
    Tu étais allée à Bonnieux ? C'est un bien beau village, non ?
    Bisous et bon week end

  9. What a wonderful post! My husband also likes to cook and he is a sausage lover. I will surely show your blog.

  10. Thank you! Some of you made me smile and laugh:) I made an error they are Luganegas..I switched letters:) Not an engineer here:)

    Hélène.. ton ginger beer va être fabuleux..Oui Bonnieux nous avons beaucoup beaucoup beaucoup aiméé..La Co-Op pour les vins aussi:)

    I love reading your comments to him:)

  11. You do have a fairytale life Monique, in all aspects!


  12. Lucky you! I must learn to make prosciutto because it is hardly available in my little city. How long does it keep in the cold room? I mean, if you didn't eat it all up because it is so good!

  13. Lucky you. That's going to be so good.

  14. I never thought sausage could taste so good,until in a village in Spain this year.They had bread ,olive oil and sausage.That was it!Well I was hungry.It was wonderfull so tasty,so I am at awe by this post.Sure this sausage is very good

  15. How wonderful to be able to eat sausages that you know exactly what is inside of them and what a wonderful winter-time hobby when you can't swing a golf club ;) Maybe one day Jacques would do a tutorial for us? :-)

  16. The prosciutto must cure hanging until Spring.. 12 to 16 weeks..then it is ready..:) He makes portions for our family.. Food Saves them.. freezes it.. Then we use a meat slicer to make thin thin slices..
    The sausage is fresh meat that is put through the grinder..and all the additional ingredients are added..these 3 recipes came from Home Sausage making book..3rd edition..Peery and Reavis.The it is put through the funnel attachments w/ the casings attached to it.

  17. You have such a talented husband..your photos are truely inspirational.
    Shel x

  18. Extremely talented COUPLE...I'm always impressed. Teaching my husband to cook this year; he's an eager student so should be a joy for me.

    I, too, was blessed to visit Bonnieux..we got there late in the afternoon so saw some of the sights; gorgeous sunset and also found a secret fairy tree!

  19. I hope you don't mind, but I think I'm in love with your husband. Charlie Gibson (now retired ABC news commentator) said to Paul Child the exact same thing about Julia once. Paul smiled and replied, "me too."

    Have a fabulous weekend.

  20. My husband loves cured meats and sausages. If we had the room, I'm sure he'd love to get into this as well. Wonderful you have this onhand. Delicious!

  21. A fairy Tree:) I missed it:(?

    Oh how we loved Bonnieux..We hope one day to go back~ One day~
    Sam..Jacques will smile.. I know Charles Gibson..always liked him.. never met him..but always liked him:)

    Thank you .. And have a lovely evening everyone~

    Susan..I'm sure Jacques prefers the golf club..:) Deep down inside...

  22. Goodness, I thought it was from a store... what a wonderful thing to have a sausage maker in the house. Living in an apartment, well ,curing is not really a possibility... I can't imagine meat hanging in my pantry.. oh what a mess that would be! I wish I could though. You have a wonderful husband to make such lovely things for you!

  23. Oh my! What a treasure you have in your freezer! This is a skill I would love to learn.
    Make sure you give your hubby an extral hug for cleaning up!

  24. My son is an engineer and I love the way they think (most of the time). How lucky you are, Monique, to have such a talented hubby.

  25. Cathy you made me's an adaptation:) I remember as newlyweds ..and wallpaper was in style.. I was gung ho..had everything out..and then he mentioned "plumb line"..

    That's an engineer..but they bend.. we even wallpapered a ceiling once:)..

    In the long run..plumb lines bring great stability.
    Your son must be that way:)
    I was ready to just start at a corner of the room..not even reading directions,,I am still not an instruction book type..:)

    Thank you for your nice comments..Have a great day!

  26. I *love* this post! My local butcher made excellent saussage too. Plus the kind of raw meat the Turkish use!

  27. I am jealous...that all sounds so delicous! Your husband can come live here for a bit...provided that he makes his prosciutto and sausage that is ;)

    And he even cleans...a keeper.

    Beautiful photos!

  28. Wow, you are such a talented, beautiful family!

  29. Cara Nana,

    Porca miseria! My mouth is watering. We're in Italy, and do not know the hows and dos. Neighbours keep their secrets. Is there any way we could interview your amante? Thanks for the lovely (photo)treat, cara. Bacione, Ingrid in Umbria

  30. Monique, what beauty! Preparing food such as this is a real art. My husband/chef is also an engineer. Interesting! ;-)

  31. If I said I want to eat ... that would sound all shades of wrong.
    I'm laughing that i almost typed it.

    Mostly I imagine a weekend with you and your family, camera in hand, and I believe with all my heart the story I would tell would be the grandest love story ever.

    And the food I would eat ...
    almost as grand as the love.

  32. Oh, Monique, I'm so jealous of anyone who has the chops to make their own sausage! These look amazing.

  33. They look wonderful. I only did it once for that sausage party on the Cooking Forum. I couldn't get the spices the way I liked them. Lots of trial and error needed I guess!

  34. Nothing like an engineer in the kitchen! They read recipes and follow directions (unlike me!) and make special concoctions. I was so impressed by Jacques proscuitto, and now sausage. He sounds so much like my son, Zac. Lucky you!