Wednesday, March 23, 2011


It's a staple here...pasta..all forms.. sometimes ...more intricate..sometimes easy..

Jacques uses his Jamie Oliver pasta pot and cooks the pasta..while I am in charge of the sauces.. he chose shrimp pasta.. and made his own in a cazuela in the oven and poured on his pasta..
I chose lemon oil.. tuna.. garlic and french shallots..
It's so easy..I use my hot spicy ingredient~

I bought it in Italy and hope I never run out..
It reminds me so much of that trip..
Le voyage extraordinaire de ma vie avec Jacques.

We watched Eat Pray Love again one night last week.. Ahh..Roma:) And Julia♥..
Lest we forget Javier♥ And Bali~

It is really so easy to make a comforting meal in no very little cost.
I love homemade meals..And they don't have to be fancy..ever.


  1. Looks like a beautiful pasta dish!

  2. Cooking with your husband... bliss! There is something so comforting about a beautiful pasta meal.
    xo Yvonne

  3. Pasta is not easy to photograph and that plate of pasta may just be the most beautiful one I have ever seen!

  4. Sounds like the trip of a lifetime; I am also blessed with a man who loves to cook. Have not seen that movie yet. Merci pour ta visite chez moi.

  5. Had pasta with a simple tomato sauce just yesterday. ;-) It's a staple around here as well.
    Love the quote for Soul Food. Beautiful! ~ Sarah

  6. Beautiful dish....such a beautiful part of the world..and I loved that movie and the book!
    You have a marriage made in heaven Monique!
    Shel xx

  7. That's one gorgeous pile of pasta, Monique. I love that you cook with your husband... so romantic. The movie is a delight.. I actually watched several parts over again when I rented it... the healing power of love and food and spirit... remarkable. How I love lemon and pasta!

  8. Ciao Monique...pasta...a delicious sauce..and sitting around a kitchen table with a loved one..there is happiness in such a small thing...Beautiful!

  9. Comfort food = pasta! With any sauce. Just purchased a new product for me: Tinkyada Fettucini Style Brown Rice Pasta..looking at the package it is manufactured by Food Directions, Inc. located in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada...haven't tried it yet but will let you know if it's good.

    Wonderful that you two cook together.

  10. What a beautiful dish of pasta, Monique! It has been too long since I've had a good pasta dish and I love your version with tuna.

    I still haven't seen the movie. I will watch for it!

  11. Pasta is so "flexible"! :-) I love the many different sauces and ingredients that can come together and make a wonderful meal. Your pasta dish looks delicious! Your trip....fabulous!

  12. Bonjour Monique Pasta is such a friendly meal - eating and talking and drinking -just beautiful!
    Have a lovely week

  13. Your meals always look fancy to me!That looks like a great trip.

    Take care,

  14. The forest in the shape of Italy is amazing. Where did you find it?

  15. Castelluccio is where we saw the boot~
    Gorgeous area..

    Thanks everyone..have a great day~

  16. C'est la cuisine que je préfère moi aussi, tu le sais. Simple, terrienne et savoureuse, pas compliquée pour deux sous ! ;o)

  17. This pasta dish looks delicious - I love new ways to use pasta and can see this being a true treat in the middle of the week.

  18. Next time you are going to come to me!!! very good your pasta....CIAO Flavia

  19. Both pastas sounded absolutely delicious. I have just recently lugged back a pasta maker from the US... Can't wait to make fresh pasta with it. Your lemon oil recipe just reminded me of a wonderful recipe I have read recently in a book....

  20. I made similar pasta almost every week ;) It's a KEEPEr

  21. Mmm, lemon oil. It sounds amazing. I lived in Florence as a college student for awhile ... I'm getting the itch to go back.

  22. There is always an itch to go back to Florence~I wish I would have had more time there..The artists:) the Mimes..the architecture..the food..

    Have a great day everyone~
    Shirley..can't wait to see your pastas:) I can imagine lugging back a machine is work..My friend bought hers in Italy and lugged it back:) are a lucky girl:)

  23. Your pasta dish is gorgeous. I really liked that movie. Bon week-end!

  24. Dear Monique, I would love nothing more than to help myself to both pasta dishes.

    Btw, if you ever make another trip to Florence for more of their special spice, I hope you'll consider taking me with you, even if you have to stash me in your suitcase.

    Happy weekend.

  25. Dear Monique,
    I do agree with you about Florence and about a good home made food.
    My mouth waters thinking of a good home made pasta...wish I could eat it too!

  26. Nothing better than a simple pasta dish, Monique.
    How wonderful you cook with your husband. So romantic!

  27. Arrive via Just Me Shel. The recipes in your posts are lovely...count me a new follower. Hope that you'll come for a visit to my spot, too. Thank you for sharing your wonderful edibles. Cherry Kay

  28. Your pasta looks gorgeous!! Delicious.

    I love Eat Pray Love...I get emotional when I watch that movie. But all happy feelings.

  29. Monique, your pssta looks incredible. Your pictures of Italy take me back too. We might get to go in May to visit my husband's cousin who is a purse and shoe designer there and she thought she could arrange some cooking classes. How wonderful!

  30. How I wish that Todd loved pasta like I do and that he cooked. It would be so much fun to do together. I love your pictures of Italy. That is a place I dream of going one day. xxoo

  31. You will get there Marie..with your love of food! It's must if you can..
    Jacqueline..GO Go Go.. Oh how fun is that?!
    Jessica..Eat Pray Love I think will be a staple here.
    It is a feel good movie.
    I bought the soundtrack for a is good:)

    I bet you would be a great travel companion Sol..
    In my suitcase? You obviously have not seen how I pack?:)
    I have not traveled very was an experience just packing:)

    Thank you everyone..again humble post:)

  32. We do the same at our house with pasta...add our favorites to the basic boiled pasta. I think I'll have to look for that spice. I also love hot and spicy.


  33. So lovely! You're right ~ it's true... we were thinking (and doing) something so similar within the past few days. :D ((hugs))

    Your version looks irresistible, I would be very happy to have that placed before me. Very nice.