Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dorie's Lemon Tart ~A special~tea..

There's something about lemons.. and sweet dough.. and tea..special teas:) that warm the ♥

That little lavender hued set is so special to me..A friend of my mom's made it for her..Louise Skully..It's Mother Of Pearl..iridiscent in person..and just so sweet..I gather this little trio set is at least 60 yrs old~I treat myself with it for special days.

I made the tart for Jacques this weekend.. and it just happened to go so well with a chamomile and lemon tea I received as a special gift~
Here is the recipe..I love the tartness of it..very different from my other lemon tarts..
Of course everything she makes is wonderful~

La Recette~

Dorie Greenspan's Tartest Lemon Tart
1 1/2 lemons, scrubbed and dried
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 large egg, room temperature
2 lare egg yolks, room temp
1 1/2 tbsp cornstarch
1/2 c. heavy cream
1/2 stick unsalted butter, melted and cooled
1 9-inch tart shell made with Dorie's Sweet Tart Dough partially baked and cooled

Whipped cream, creme fraiche or confectioners' sugar for garnish

Getting Ready: Center a rack in the oven and preheat the oven to 325 degrees F. Place tart pan on baking sheet lined with parchment or silicone mat.

Slice whole lemon in half and pull out seeds from it and the half. Then cut lemons into small pieces.

Filling is best made in a blender, but you can use a food processor. Take care to work ingredients until they are smooth and to scrape down sides of bowl often. Put lemons and sugar in blender or processor and pulse, blend and scrape down sides until you have smooth mix. Add remaining filling ingredients and pulse and blend until filling is homogeneous. Rap bowl on counter several times to de-bubble filling as much as possible, and pour it into partially baked crust.

Very carefully--tart shell will be full--transfer baking sheet to oven. Bake 20 minutes, then increase oven temp to 350 degrees F and bake tart for an additional 25 to 30 minutes. (total time is 45 to 50 minutes). Don't be alarmed when filling starts to bubble up. (It might even bubble over edge of tart--that's okay.) When tart is properly baked, it shuld be set, although perhaps still shaky in center, and most of top will have formed a light sugary crust.

Transfer tart pan to cooling rack and let cool to room temperature. Chill, if you'd like, before serving with cream or dusting of confectioners' sugar.

I used her sweet crust pastry recipe that I love to bits~

The dough..

La Recette~

Sweet Tart Dough (Pâte Sablée)
From Dorie Greenspan's Baking: From My Home To Yours

1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 cup confectioner's sugar (powdered sugar)
1/4 tsp. salt
1 stick plus 1 tablespoon (9 tablespoons) very cold (or frozen) unsalted butter, cut into small pieces
1 large egg yolk

Put the flour, confectioners' sugar and salt in a food processor and pulse a couple of times to combine.

Scatter the pieces of butter over the dry ingredients and pulse until the butter is coarsely cut in--you should have some pieces the size of oatmeal flakes and some the size of peas.
Stir the yolk, just to break it up, and add it a little at a time, pulsing after each addition. When the egg is in, process in long pulses--about 10 seconds each--until the dough, whisk will look granular soon after the egg is added, forms clumps and curds.
Just before you reach this stage, the sound of the machine working the dough will change--heads up.
Turn the dough out onto a work surface and , very lightly and sparingly, knead the dough just to incorporate any dry ingredients that might have escaped mixing.
To press the dough into the pan: Butter a 9-inch fluted tart pan with a removable bottom. Press the dough evenly over the bottom and up the sides of the pan, using all but one little piece of dough, which you should save in the refrigerator to patch any cracks after the crust is baked.
Don't be too heavy-handed--press the crust in so that the edges of the pieces cling to one another, but not so hard that the crust loses its crumbly texture. Freeze the crust for at least 30 minutes, preferably longer, before baking.

To partially or fully bake the crust: Center a rack in the oven and preheat the oven to 375 degrees F.

Butter the shiny side of a piece of aluminum foil and fit the foil, buttered side down, tightly against the crust.
(Since you froze the crust, you can bake it without weights.) Put the tart pan on a baking sheet to bake the crust for 25 minutes. Carefully remove the foil. If the crust has puffed, press it down gently with the back of a spoon. For a partially baked crust, patch the crust if necessary, then transfer the crust to a cooking rack (keep it in is pan).

To fully bake the crust: Bake for another 8 minutes or so, or until it is firm and golden brown. (Keep a close eye on the crust's progress--it can go from golden to way too dark in a flash). Transfer the tart pan to a rack and cool the crust to room temperature before filling.

To patch a partially or fully baked crust, if necessary: If there are any cracks in the baked crust, patch them with some of the reserved raw dough as soon as you remove the foil. Slice off a thin piece of the dough, place it over the crack, moisten the edges and very gently smooth the edges into the baked crust. If the tart will not be baked again with its filling, bake for another 2 minutes or so, just to that the rawness off the patch.

Storing: Well wrapped, the dough can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 5 days or frozen up to 2 months. While the fully baked crust can be packed airtight and frozen for up to 2 months I (Dorie), prefer to freeze the unbaked crust in the pan and bake it directly from the freezer--it has the fresher flavor. Just add about 5 minutes to the baking time.

And Voilà~ C'est tout!
P.S. The tea service/set was also my mom's~Perhaps even my grandmother's~
When people leave too does the history~

Silver is a lot of work.. wether silver plated or real..
You have to polish a few times a year..
I have never not liked this attention to these pieces and the work my hands do to keep the pieces part of my history..

I actually think dearly of my mom..when I hold and polish the same pieces she once held and polished..
Routines like this are soothing to the soul..and lead to calmness..and memories~


  1. Lovely!! I just love how your photos make me feel, they are always so beautiful....there is just something so comforting in having a moment to stop for tea!!!
    Those are sweet tea bags too, very interesting the way they are sewn.
    Thank you for the recipe, I hope to try this one!
    I am so happy you stopped by to visit and thank you for your words of comfort. I love to come here and feel so much better when I do!!!
    Margaret B

  2. Lemon tart is one of my all-time favorite desserts! Dorie's other lemon tart (the 'Most Extraordinary' one) was featured on my gourmet group menu last summer. I haven't tried this one yet but it looks delicious. How I'd love a piece with my tea this afternoon!

    Beautiful tea service~

  3. I am in heaven with a whole lemon in the tart.. I love the sweet and the bitter together... one of my favorite things. The tea set is indeed beautiful and all the more special for having been made for your mom... I love the iridescence!!

  4. Lovely post. The tart would be a favorite here, we do love the contrasts of sweetness and tartness that the lemon brings to a dish.
    You are right, routines allow time for the mind to roam and touch on special moments.

  5. Such a beautiful post - both in images and thoughts.
    Like you, I like to care for things with a history. Just holding them can bring back a flood of lovely memories of those who had loved and treasured that very item. Your lemon tart recipe will be made in my kitchen very soon. Anything lemon calls out to me. ;-)
    As always your post has offered delights to feed my soul. That very special iridescent trio is ever so special!
    Enjoy your day! ~ Sarah

  6. Si tu savais combien j'aime la tarte au citron ... Sans doute un de mes desserts préférés ... Il va falloir que j'essaye la version de Dorie, alors ...
    Bisous et bonne fin de journée

  7. Such a beautiful post...I love your little set! It looks like something I have from my Grandmother from Occupied Japan...but your is even prettier! I had a set with a tea pot and most of it broke being moved from San Francisco back East....what is left is still packed away.
    I love that tart...I love your pics...and I think that everyone loves you! You shine through all you do Monique!
    Hugs to you!

  8. What a lovely tart Monique. The tarter the better for me. You're so right. Silver is a lot of work. I don't polish as often as I should. It's wonderful that yours bring back such sweet memories of your Mom.

  9. the beauty here really can lift ones spirits~

  10. I'm smiling, BIG!! Some of your props look are Special!! Must make this tart and serve it along with some tea; I have a cup and saucer that belonged to my Mom's Mom - has pansies on it - treasured by me.

    I'm honored.... JB

  11. very pretty! I have lemon tart on my mind as well so this comes handy...

  12. Quel beau set à thé. Et ce dessert est magnifique!

  13. Such a beautiful post! A wonderful lemon tart...looks so refreshing...I just love your teaset....truely, memories are these cherished items.
    You truely are a special person, Monique.

  14. Have a great day everyone..
    So nice..everyone.

  15. Dear Monique, it's easy to see where you get your good taste.
    I've been sick the last few days, and coming here has elevated my spirits to new heights.

    I love it, all. From the luscious tart to the silver pieces. You put so much love into everything you do.

  16. well you certainly have polished that teapot it is beautiful so lovley that you get to remember your mum again when doing that and the tea set is delightful

  17. I'm saying hi from Singapore monique..I have a few mi nutes on Hartman's computer. . flying back to France this evening.I had a lemon cheesecake this morning, first one in many years and it was delicious. this tarte citron looks as delicious and even more so in that delicate lavender set...all very beautiful and romantic!
    speak to you back home!

  18. arffffffff je crois que c'est ma tarte préféré !!

    bon vendredi gourmand


  19. beautiful as always. Love the tea bag! Ive never seen anything like it. And the tea set is so gorgeously special too.

  20. Dorie's recipes are simply the best! I recently met her, and she is such a gracious and charming personality. I'm intrigued with this technique of cutting up the entire lemon and blending it with the other ingredients. I am bookmarking this recipe for the day when I can eat sweets again. I was chastised by the Dr. for having too much sugar. Se la vie...

    I love your tea cup, this is a good way to make a special occasion of such a wonderful dessert.

  21. You are very fortunate to have met Dorie..and vice versa:)
    Thank you for sharing that..

    You are right of course..there is not one recipe of hers I have tried and not really really loved..

    Have a great weekend~

  22. Quel plaisir de trouver du temps pour revenir me promener sur ton blog, que du bonheur, une tarte au citron !
    Il faut vraiment que j'essaie, tu m'as mis l'eau à la bouche.

  23. We love lemon tarts. I haven't tried Dorie's recipe though. It looks charming next to your lovely tea service.

    I have lots of silver boxes that belonged to my mother, keep them out on display and polish them every couple months. I fear the next generation is too busy to do this and wonder what will become of all our heirlooms.

  24. What a lovely post! your tarte au citron is sounding and looking so good. I really have to try this. I have Dorie's book at home and will try this one when i get back to my kitchen. That tea set is special.
    Bonne fin de semaine.

  25. I love lemon tart, with tea especially; for some reason, I can't picture it with coffee; coffee is good with chocolate and biscottis. Great photos too, as usual.

  26. Lemon with anything - I love it! The tart is so beautiful and on that fabulous handpainted plate with the tea cup - just adorable. Your photos always make me feel like I am visiting another time and place. The chamomile lemon tea sounds wonderful too. What a beautiful moment in time. Have a wonderful weekend.

  27. Beautiful tart and silver ware. Always nice to have things that brings back memories.

  28. Thank you for your kind comments~

    Have a lovely Sunday~

  29. Monique I baked your cheesecakes and presented them in spoons and of course they were a hit!


  30. Ginette..that is great!! Bravo!et bienvenue~

  31. Such a delightful post, Mme. Magic!

    I love everything about it. The exquisite tea set & the story behind it. xo The delightful tea sachet, Dorie's Lemon Tart, and your ethereal photography.

    All beautifully presented... I always feel as if I've received a wonderful gift when visiting your blog. :)

    Thank you for that all you share.

  32. just can't go wrong with a lemon dessert. Especially one from Dorie Greenspan.

  33. Everything is so beautiful. I've missed your lovely posts but will be be visiting more regularly now that I'm back in the swing of things.

    Thank you for you kind comments over at All That Splatters. You are such a sweetheart!

  34. Lemon tarts are like sunshine to me and the tea sounds wonderful with it. It is so nice to have those thoughts of your mother and friend. Such happiness in simplicity.

    Thank you.

  35. You have a marvelous tea time party set up on ur table the tart looks crumbly and delicious.... can I come?

  36. I can never resist anything lemony and this looks divine! I want to head straight to the kitchen now.