Monday, March 28, 2011

Soul Food #83~

Sewing mends the soul. ~Author Unknown

A little like gardening..reading and baking~

I had saved an old Martha Stewart magazine..I went through it and ripped out the instructions for ribbon embroidery..

I have finished making all the needlepoinnt stockings for our family....and when I saw this I thought it might be fun..You combine your floss or wool with ribbon..and you are on your way..
I have just begun..and it's so pleasant~

You can make preserve covers..

and even journal covers..the little possibilities are endless.

I think I need more ribbon:)

I think it would be fun to add jewels etc..
I must get Googling to learn more..
I think many of you would like doing this if you have not tried I said this magazine is not new:)
I loved crewel work as a young mom..filled our home with the projects..then needlepoint..thanks to Jain..
these are quick little projects that are easy to personalize.

It would be nice on old linen..old napkins etc..
I used aida cloth.
Had to buy a new ring..where or where are my loved old ones?:(
Only heaven knows at this point~


  1. I have a book on this that I just love. I haven't actually done it, just dreamed over the pictures. I also wanted to thank you for your kind comment about Scrappycat.

  2. Isn't handwork wonderful?! It is so relaxing. I love your flowers.
    The new hoops definitely aren't as nice as our old ones. What fun you are having!

  3. These are really beautiful, so delicate!

  4. Monique, Everything you do is beautiful.

  5. Beautiful Monique, I used to do ribbon embroidery in my car whilst waiting for the boys to finish their activities..yours are exquisite...soulful!
    Many blessings
    Shel x

  6. I do remember doing this and I forgot all about it' c'est tellement beau et délicat. Bonne semaine Monique.

  7. I forgot to tell how much I enjoy blogs that have no word verification.

  8. I bet you have a nice feeling of accomplishment. Great to try something new....with endless possibilities.

  9. Monique, beautiful work. I've done a bit of this. Took a class years ago. Fun idea to make the little tops for jars. Would love to see the stockings sometime. Have you posted about them in the past? ~ Sarah

  10. So nice to share your beautiful work with us Monique.

  11. Hello Sarah..I have..Jain got me all set up after our first grandson was born..she bought everything for me..and sent it here..she even videoed how to:)

    She drew many of my canvases..most..and then my daughter drew some.

    I love them.
    I was so pleased that she took the time to do all that for me.
    We have remained net friends for over 10 yrs and have met.
    WE keep in touch :) A lot.
    The world is a wonderful place with so many kind people.
    I have seen your handiwork's priceless.

    You're all very nice..I am just beginning..found some ribbon on Etsy..will certainly investigate more..
    Have a great day everyone and thanks..Just humble little things:)

  12. Very pretty-they would certainly dress up your lovely preserves.


  13. I also did this little works with the canvas Aida before the birth of my III daughter. When I am just a bit more free I'll start again .... Thank you for these beautiful ideas!

  14. Long time ago I used to swe "silk ribbon"...I have to RE-start...I had a nice book with allk the flowers!!! Hugs, Flavia

  15. Long time ago I used to swe "silk ribbon"...I have to RE-start...I had a nice book with allk the flowers!!! Hugs, Flavia

  16. You are one of the most talented people I have ever amaze me Nana!
    Just gorgeous! I forgot how to do a French Knot! I used to embroider on my ripped up jeans way back in the 70's...I have not in a long time!
    Perhaps when my nest is empty...:)

  17. How gorgeous! I love to do "hand work". I would love to see a tutorial.
    Beautiful job!

  18. I have heaps of books with beautiful pictures and instructions on ribbon embroidry. I had bought the ribbons, the threads, the ring,the special needles. This was almost ten years ago. Heaven help me when I am going to start! Perhaps Ive just been inspired. :) so beautiful.

  19. What a beautiful effect the ribbon makes. It just pops out of the background. Those would make such wonderful jam covers. I have never done anything like this but it is beautiful.

  20. Your "humble little things" are works of art...I would have never guessed you just learned this technique. I have a video for ribbon embroidery and a book that I picked up at a tag sale. If the book has any unusual/different methods I will scan and send page(s)to you.

  21. What lovely projects. I have not done anything like that in a while. I think I need to get my needles and threads out!

  22. Thank you Judy..that would be great..

    I am trying to think of new little projects..I imagine birthday cards too:)

    Or just hello cards..
    Thank you everyone..I see we all ahve so much in common once again.

  23. Precious in every sense of the word!
    I haven't embroidered anything since Sam was little. And after seeing these charming ribbon flowers, I might pick up a hoop and never put it down again.

  24. And I can imagine your hoop work everything you do..beautiful.. au maximum..

    Thank you too Lila..have a nice evening~

  25. So lovely...somehow I must have missed this article, so thanks for bringing it to light again. I used to embroider, cross stitch, and needlepoint, but have been away from it for years. I think I'd have to invest in a huge magnifier now!!

    Yours are so charming...thank you.

  26. I went into your archives and met Henrietta - the cloche for baking your bread. She is gorgeous. I also enjoyed your bread painting, which I had never seen or heard of before and your herbs. I loved it all. Everything was so fun. I am going to have some fun making some of your creative ideas!

  27. This is so pretty mom!

  28. How beautiful, Monique! I love the combination of the fine thread and large ribbons. It has been so long since I've done any needlework. Mack's other grandmother is the needlepoint expert so his stocking was made by her.

    There will be some very beautiful-looking preserve jars Chez Nana :)

  29. You're such a source of inspiration ~ I love this! Absolutely beautiful! Just like YOU. xoxo

  30. Have a lovely day everyone~
    Noah's embroidered as a little girl:) I think I still have a piece~'d love the painted bread technique..Your posts this week about bread baking are beautiful~

  31. I've done a lot of cross stitch and needlepoint, but never any crewel work. I love the idea of working with ribbons, Monique. Lovely work!

  32. You know, Monique, I tried needlepoint once and almost lost my mind. I am just not the right kind of person to do it... it did not seduce me even a little although a friend's mom swears it is the secret to her calm nature... I told her I would become an ax murderer if I had to do it regularly.

    That said... it suits you, and you make such lovely things with it... what a beautiful way to gift a homemade jam... with a little needlepoint top.... so pretty!