Monday, April 18, 2011

Soul Food #86

Thou shalt not covet~

I have been IN LOVE with those beautiful Pottery Barn cushions ...the Nest ones..

I don't have Pottery Barn here.. so I bought little JPEGS on ETSY of a few favorite designs..and had fun stitching a small NEST pillow for the sunroom~

A little silver heart to dangle..

I used Avery Iron On TShirt Transfer Sheets in Light..
I know the pillow doesn't come close to the onlong beauty at PB.. but the words..are the same~

Have you noticed how in the day..a shamrock plant is open to the world..and as the sun sleeps too? Leaving it's tomorrow buds still searching for the light?And a new day to start afresh?

My friend gave us that plant for St-Patrick's..It's still going strong~

It's a pretty little thing~The Paris Graphic is of course from The Graphics Fairy~ With Thanks~

NEST..I love that means so much really.


  1. Thanks Monique for your reply.

    Nesting means comfort....and being satisfied~


  2. That pillow is wonderful. Even better then PB because you made it yourself.

  3. Thank you for you gorgeous comment dear Monique!
    you blog is also so inspiring and so lovely!...i often wonder how you do it too!
    ...and your post today is gorgeous!!

  4. ...and you cushion is far more cute my friend! ;)

  5. You know, the pillow would've been perfect 'as is.'
    But no. You had to go and embellish it with a little silver heart. It's like I always say, the little bits of romance you add to everything you touch, is what sets you apart.

  6. Monique I tried to find the hen or chick pie on your blog, I'm having difficulty, also, did you make them if I remember they were in chocolate, my little ones eyes would light up?
    Merci again...

  7. Ginette..Here is the full reipe..
    And you can see my pie here..

    But all the instructions are from Ricardo:)

    I hope you enjoy it~

    Thanks made me smile.

  8. I agree, love the idea of the nest. My favorite object is a tiny nest.... the birds made it from tiny twigs and my St. Bernard's hair!! A friend told me to put it out in the spring and I did... it is such a thing of beauty.. the baby birds must have been very cosy!! Lovely pillow, lovely thought!

  9. Love it! I think your version is much nicer then the PB one!!! Your little shamrock plant is so Spring like, just what we need after this last snowfall!!!!
    Margaret B

  10. Ce coussin est effectivement très charmant et engageant sur votre canapé... Belles photos comme toujours...
    Gros bisous

  11. agree with the above, yours is much nicer and more personal than PB.

  12. Love the word "nest" and what it implies. I'm always "nesting" around here. ;-)
    Beautiful pillow, Monique!
    ~ Sarah

  13. Now I know the meaning of your comment on my last post ;) What a beautiful project, M! I love the last two definitions. The heart perfectly furthers the sentiment.

    New sunroom sofa or did you recover again? Love it!

  14. I love the tiny heart attached to the pillow...nest and love...the perfect combination!

  15. Thanks:) And Thanks:)You are all perrty much too kind;)

    Susan..after 25 yrs of uncomfortable sunroom furniture..I finally caved in and bought 2 Ikea white loveseats w/ an extra set of slipcovers...

  16. You just always have so much beauty to share...and even better, all perfectly stitched by yourself...the heart is the cherry on the top!
    Simply Beautiful!

  17. Monique as you already know..I love your souk foods!!! Hygs, Flavia

  18. What I would give to have one of those Pottery Barn in my area. But it is so nice of you to share you treasures with us; I am really taken with your littles nest.

    Of course I also make soupe aux pois the next day.
    Best to you and your for Easter.

  19. Monique your a brave lady with four grandkids and white sofas, I'd be covering them up with plastic????yike...enjoy!


  20. Ginette..I will always have 4 grandsons:)We could not wait forever:)

    The slipcovers wash..our other set..of 2..went to a nice family..Timing was everything I guess..they were on sale..I went nuts and someone ended up being very happy with our others.
    They are washable..what's the worst that can happen?
    I have white sheets to throw on them in dire cases of needed sippy cup days..:)

    That room is small and we are not often all in it:)

    When the wee ones come..the older boys are preferring the basement w/ grandad's lazy boy etc.. now:)

    Anyway I say all that now..Let's see what the future brings:)

    Shel..Hope the heart rang a bell for you~

  21. Monique, I love your Nest pillow. I can't imagine any being cuter than yours. What a fun graphic design. It adds so much interest to the couch.

    We were out of town so I am catching up - no time to read when I was gone!!

  22. This is the loveliest little cushion and I agree there's some-thing lovely about the word ~Nest~
    it conjures up thoughts of home and love and caring. xx

  23. So. Pretty! I love this post so much, since it shows us your home. And that innocent flowers! amazing things!

  24. They are so nice. I love these pillows.

  25. Just found your blog and love it so far!!! I will be off wandering around to get to know you!!!! Will be your newest follower. XO, Pinky

  26. Let alone the pillow your sunroom must be even prettier! But yes Nest does mean a much. The pillow is more precious because you made it Monique.:)

  27. hi..nice to meet you! I love your photos

  28. I was wondering! Didn't want to, even more special....
    Shel xxxx

  29. Que c'est beau ton petit coussin! I haven't seen the other one, but this one is already a perfect touch for a little ambiance, an invitation, a little tongue in cheek play on words..
    Oh, and I DO) love those other thwo pillows on your lovely couch too!

  30. oh wow again you are brilliant what a delightful cushion

  31. Monique you are so talented as usual. Love the pillow and the words on it. I have been absent from the blog world and have so much catching up to do. Little Sara is keeping me busy and our Nest is growing - I'm 6 months pregnant with baby #2 (having a boy this time). Love your posts!! Hugs to you and your grandbabies.

  32. What great news Evi~
    Another Blessing~!So happy for you..Imagine that:)A little brother for the princess..

    Thanks everyone..Have a great day~

  33. Have been away so much lately and have missed stopping here and enjoying your beautiful talents...
    LOVED catching up...
    Easter Blessings to you and your beautiful ones...
    Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  34. oooooooooooooooohhhh je t'aime!!!


    your favorite sparrow.

  35. Oh this is so much prettier than the PB pillow! I love the little heart!

  36. Oh my!!! It is gorgeous!!!! And that little heart- just perfect.
    Monica x

  37. You are honestly so crafty!! I envy your seeing your projects!!