Monday, April 4, 2011

Soul Food #84~

With a little help from Freezer Paper.. and graphics..from a site that no longer exists:( And The GRaphics below...~ I made a few little gift bags for Easter~ You can add flowers by inserting a vessel for water and blooms..or candy..whatever you wish..They are not well made.. like double hemmed etc..they are frayed and shabby a bit~ Like me:)
You can add glitter ..and ribbon..and those tiny organza flowers I love..
Many of the tutorials are on my blog~ Have fun.

Hope this gives you ideas for Easter crafts~

The above..were done with graphics from the wonderful Graphics Fairy~
Enjoy~I really enjoy her search page..she has made it so easy for all~


  1. What a lovely idea, thanks....they look so sweet.
    I am loving the bread book from your last post.....will try this and let you know how it turns out!!!
    Margaret B

  2. Your tomato baguettes look delicious, Monique. I wish I made more bread. Really must do something about that.

    Your Easter gifts are truly adorable. Everyone loves the "shabby chic" look....

  3. Beautiful. Frayed and shabby - like me too!

  4. it is always a heavy sigh of contentment here...

  5. The Graphics Fairy is one of the many inspirations I have gotten from you. I make gifts often using the same techniques. Everyone loves the results. Thanks again, Monique for yet another creative idea. And I am certain you are not frayed around the edges!!

  6. So lovely....gently worn...I love that look...
    You always have such beautiful ideas Monique.
    Lots of blessings
    Shel x

  7. Tu as toujours des idées géniales et merci pour l'ensemble de tous tes concepts... Gros bisous et merci pour tes si gentils commentaires...

  8. Oooohhhhh!!!Adorable! Now I want my sewing machine :(
    Monica xox

  9. Just delightful and frayed around the edges suits me nicely! I love the violet bag - so... very sweet!!
    Have a wonderful week Monique xx

  10. So charming! I love the one with the Easter eggs on the front and your shabby-chic bunny sniffing the violets. I'm a little frayed too :-)

  11. I love them they are really nice.

  12. Your signature gift bags! Love the one with the Easter eggs and I wish I am as crafty as you, Monique.

  13. How do you make those pictures???? I don't know any of these crafty tricks... your art looks antique and so lovely... well done!!!

  14. Oh someone is going to be so lucky getting one of those beautiful bags!
    I wish I were more crafty!
    Once again you touched my soul!

  15. Your the crafty one M....and the boys I'm sure love Easter with Nana's special treats.
    Yeah!!!! for the Graphics her!
    and You!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  16. Monique, you are always sewing up some little lovely. Everytime you do I feel inspired to try it, but haven't gotten around to it yet. I do love looking at all of her designs though!
    Have a lovely day.

  17. you have so much patience. Beautiful as always :)

  18. Good Morning sweet girls..
    Thank you for looking past the flaws..:)

    The pictures are printed on thin fabric.. fed into my computer with Freezer paper ironed on the the back of the fabric..the tutorial is on my blog as well as all over the net..after it's fed through the printer and your design is on peel off the freezer paper and are left with fabric that has the image you want on it..then you sew on the project of your choice.
    For my printer the fabric has to be quite thin..and I worried a few times..but it worked..

    You are all so talented..these are easy peasy I promise.

  19. wonderful title..soul food! lovely greetings

  20. So lovely your little bag !
    I love your blog.

  21. so pretty Monique and Easter is nearly here already where has the year gone

  22. These are so dainty and would love to make these; very creative. Monique,

  23. Always great ideas !!!Hugs, Flavia

  24. You are so very creative...always thinking up new ways to make us of ordinary things (such a freezer paper)! It's such a joy to visit, always!

  25. Thanks everyone..Hope you try this is so nice to play with fabric that has your favorite images on it.

  26. I am always amazed with each new project. You are so gifted.