Monday, June 18, 2012

La Vie En Rose~ Mais,des Pivoines~

Love The Peonies and Climbing Hydrangeas right now..Their scents are heavenly~ Perfumes are the feelings of flowers. ~Heinrich Heine The little cache-pot I made ..w/ the organza flower..and pink ribbon..turned out to be the perfect cache-pot for peonies~ This one was made w/ transfer medium~ Have a great La Vie En Rose Week~ Ahhh..if we could only see the world like this ..every day!~ PS Not sure if I bought this Ephemera on Etsy.or if it is from one of the best if not the best resource for gracious Ephemera online..Karen.. And if only I could get my paragraphs organized like before:)


  1. I adore peonies, Monique.
    And yes, I pinned the EVOO and rosemary clever!

  2. some fantastic photos in your posts...thank heavens it's summer...

  3. Your peonies are beautiful. You have quite the garden...whites, blues, pinks. Lovely.

  4. Thanks:)

    I agree thank heavens for summer:)
    White..all winter.. we need a little diversion :)

  5. So beautiful Peonies are long gone this year...they came so early and then we had lots of rain which made them not last as long but I enjoyed every second while they were here. Your garden is magnificent...such a peaceful magical place!
    Enjoy the flowers and scents every day...i know you are...
    L xo

  6. Gorgeous photos!
    You've been pinned to my 'fleurs'
    I hope you're painting them...

  7. Les pivoines sont mes fleurs préférées...
    En ce moment c'est la pleine saison et je me régale tout comme je me régale aujourd'hui en admirant tes magnifiques photos ma chère Nana. Alors un grand MERCI.
    Gros bisous à toi.

  8. I love peonies..yours are gorgeous.
    They look beautiful in that little bag....wish Peonies would grow here.
    I use my little cache so often as a centrepiece.
    Thank you:))

  9. :)

    Have a wonderful day everyone.
    I find fluffy flowers beyond my capabilities in painting:) I will leave that to your graceful hands Martine and Carol:)
    I'll try:)

  10. Love hydrangeas and didn't know they came in climbers. Will have to see if I can find them in our area.

  11. The climbers are outstanding and went all the way to our roof almost..My husband got worried and cut it back 2/3rds..:) I love them.. It just loves it's spot there though.I have 2 others that never became such an outrageous grower.

  12. SO very beautiful. Peonies are such a summer treat.
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Wonderful peonies! Fantastic mosaics.
    It is a lovely time of the year just now. I love your butterfly photo too.
    We have heavy rain just now and it'll continue the next 5-6 days. Just imagine what the rains will do to my peonies....

  14. I keep telling Todd we need to plant peonies. Yours a beautiful. But then, everything you show is is beautiful. Methinks it is a mere reflection of your beautiful soul. xxoo

  15. they are all a thing of the past now..until next year~they waved~

  16. Beautiful peonies and photos Monique! One of my favourite flowers...


  17. How beautiful! I wish peonies would last longer. They are probably one of my most favorite flowers and the scent is so wonderful. The nasty little Japanese Beetles have arrived to chomp on my roses :(