Saturday, June 2, 2012

Soul Food # 131~

These are a few of my favorite things~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fifi's heart~An old cemetery marker~ Special pillows:) Whiteware w/ words.. Starfish~ Certain Porcelain dolls..and real ones:) Tea Forte~ Crabtree and Evelyn Duo la have to try it to KNOW..Heaven. Childhood photos ...very few do I have..but..I love my innocence..and a real smile~Special tags from Texas~ Wine from our trip to Provence..where A Good Year was made:)LOVED that movie. Old frames.. my grandfather's. Flower pots w/ words..(Words again:) ) My mom's Nelson book collection~ All my favorites.. Imagine my delight.. I gave 2 of my dolls to my friend who has the cutest grand daughter ever..She is Italian..and English and French..Tri ~lingual at 4..and Bella! Anyway...Bella is not yet ready for porcelain dolls.. look who found them....Glad someone appreciates them:)My friend sent me this photo of their doggie... A smile for you..
Made me smile:) That's Ben..:)


  1. Just lovely dear Nana....
    bisous xo

  2. Makes me smile too Monique! Don't you wish you had the ability to crash like that, with complete abandon??? I do!!! I love all your favourite things. Blessings to you today and always! xxoo

  3. I can hear that song as I write. What a precious picture of the dog and the dolls. Looks like he's found some girlfriends. Must have been love at first sight.

  4. EVERYTHING IS SO BEAUTIFUL! I have missed visiting and what a delight I find upon my return.
    Your taste is the best, be in the kitchen, garden or behind the camera.
    Happy Summer!

  5. ....just lovely! I think I recognize one item on your list:)

    Wishing you the best Spring/Summer - thanks for sharing pics of your garden - a paradise.


  6. Ben did fall immediately in love with the Pink at first sight!

    I agree with Kelley your taste is the best in everything you touch!


  7. Oh boy do I wish I could snooze like that:) Even the pose kills me.I am certain I am thinking decorum even asleep:(
    Judy yes:) Yes:)
    Kelley I have been loving your return to Blogland~

    Bisous blown back~

  8. Oh they are so pretty.
    Love pretty things too,
    like those dolls and charming pillows.

  9. Another heart warming "Soul Food".

  10. I love how dogs can crash anywhere and be totally happy! Love you favorite things!

  11. This is such a nostalgic collage. I love tea forte too, and I also wish I had more childhood photos.

  12. I love those teas too! I think you the first person I knew who drank them.

    Love the photo of the dog with the dolls! He reminds me of our late friend, Kootney :)

  13. I thought of you and K Susan..You were such great doggiesitters:)

    I am so glad you are taking so many photos of the Little Prince:)

  14. I always love your favorite things they could be my favorites too. I feel like we are kindred spirits.

  15. Always look forward to your mosaics...beautiful x

  16. That doggie photo is precious!

  17. Your favorite things are very special and they all they spell softness, tenderness and love. It must not have been easy to give your dolls away; I collect teddy bears and I have a hard time sharing...they are all full of history.

    I have that tube of hand cream on my bureau and use it every day. You are right it is heavenly.
    Bonne semaine Monique.

  18. :) Have a lovely evening daughter gave me the hand cream and children initiate me to neat things:)

    I would love if you shared some teddy bear pics one day:)