Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Teacup Cupcakes~

Sweet little things~

My daughter recently gave me these adorable little silicone teacup molds..along with the darling Matryoshkas measuring cups and spoons.. we all knew a little blog post would ensue..:)
I used a chocolate cupcake recipe that came all printed up on a very pretty tea towel that will not see the light as a tea towel yet:)Like saving a great dress..or pj:)

But you can use any cupcake recipe you like..

and any icing you like..Mine happened to come out of a tub:) I keep one on hand if I bake with the boys..It seems to be their favorite icing..I can't compete with it~
The silicone molds work very well..even my husband said they are so cute:)

My daughter was having a little girl a playdate for I made pirates for the boys and brought a teacup for Ava w/ a magic wand:)

I wish I had brought my camera,as Ava was wearing a cupcake t-shirt..PINK:) 4 yrs old..Cuties all of them..

As I can use any recipe..the molds are oven safe,not the saucers..

It's I had liked them at Jacqueline's Purple Chocolate Home~..but no one in my family knew that..they know me though:)~And so do sweet blogging friends~


  1. Ma chère Nana,
    C'est de très bonne heure aujourd'hui, que tu as décidé de me mettre l'eau à la bouche avec les merveilleuses photos de tes petits gâteaux au chocolat dans de si aussi jolies tasses !...
    Elles sont vraiment exceptionnelles ces tasses ! Je ne savais pas qu'on déclinait ces petits moules en silicone sous cette forme-là également. C'est vraiment génial.
    Je te fais de gros gros bisous.

  2. Nana....
    Can i come live with you?

  3. I saw these cute little tea cups on Jacqueline's blog and thought how much fun they would be. Love the way you have decorated your chocolate cakes, Monique. Your photos are beautiful.

  4. So agree with Linda....
    I'd like to live with you too...
    you are such a spoiling nana...
    the cupcakes are adorable and I do love that tea towel ♥

  5. What a perfect gift for you! They are absolutely wonderful aren't they. It just makes food magical for the little ones. I think my grandchildren think I am magical and I just love that! Thanks for the sweet mention!

  6. Those are adorable!!! I would totally bake if I had those!

  7. Anne ta compatriote m'a apporté à Paris les mêmes petits moules ravissants ... je les utiliserai très vite, c'est sûr. Ton si joli billet me dit qu'il faut faire ça au plus vite ! ;o)

  8. C'est un joli cadeau..!Quelle belle aventure pour tous..(Un peu d' ma part.. mais tout doucement):)
    Baking is fun w/ them.. Little keepsakes.:)
    Jacqueline you are magical..From Halloween to Easter to any event! have great taste in teatowels:)x
    Cathy....loved your post today..In awe:)

    Linda you always make me Martine..tu me fais toujours chaud au coeur.

  9. Positively adorable Monique! I love all that you create. You have the sweetest things and are so very talented with all of this!! I love each visit with you!! Now I am wanting chocolate cupcakes served in tea cups! Wonderful! xxoo

  10. Hy, Monique! love these cup cakes.Wonderful idea

  11. all of these would make me smile-I think I found out about the book on your website.

  12. How very special I love these cups and your little cakes came out so perfect. I have not seen these silicone cups yet but will be on the hunt for them this summer.

  13. Pretty, pretty! I saw them last year at the same store where I found the bee tea infusers. I wish I would have bought some. Love the pirate flags :)

    Your scallops below and blues above - tres belles!